Soul Mates

When you are twenty, twenty years seems like a life time. I guess that is because it is. Even when you are old AF twenty years seems like a life time. Hence my surprise every time mine and Norman’s anniversary rolls around and I add up the duration of our years together. (Much like my age, I have to add it up every time, but at least I remember the YEAR I was born, unlike the year we got married which tends to be elusive to my memory.)

Twenty one years! We have certainly had a lot of fun (and a lot of fancy dress parties).

I have had past life regression and know that we have been married in past lives as well, and know that Norm is my soul partner. I have been very lucky to have even found him considering that I grew up in Georgia and he grew up in Scotland, but it was meant to be that we met. We met in Johannesburg South Africa after my first marriage ended. We were introduced by a common friend and when we met we recognised each other. Call it crazy but we were meant to be.

Saying that, we are both rubbish at remembering dates and the only reason I realised that the 5th of July was our anniversary was that the posts from our 20th anniversary safari trip last year came up as a memory on Facebook.

This year will be a bit less dramatic than our wonderful safari trip, we just booked to go for dinner at Foxcroft in Constantia this year. I love this restaurant, the food and service is always outstanding.

We booked for 7pm and arrived a bit early for a change.

We ordered a bottle of Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc from a nearby vineyard and settled in to peruse the menu.

Norm had promised to keep his beard until after our anniversary because I love it but it drives him mad as it is itchy.

The server brought some gorgeous olive ciabatta and some sort of fancy butter. It was so nice and was very charmingly presented.

We were given menus which offered a choice of 2 tapas, 1 main and 1 dessert course for R495 per person.

I chose the Tuna Tataki as one of my tapas dishes. It was described as ‘Seared Tuna Tataki: Chipotle, avocado, cucumber and rice puffs’. It comes with a wee vial of sauce / oil which you drizzle over. This was a gorgeous taste combination.

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Tuna tataki

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Norm started with the Sunchoke Mille Feuille which did not photograph well as it was flat, covered in a thick dusting of cocoa powder and was served on a black plate. However he really loved this dish and raved about it all night. It was described as ‘pickled mushroom, naartjie, hazelnut, burnt onion’. A naartjie is a local nectarine type fruit. The funny thing is there is no mention of artichoke in the description, yet apparently that was the main ingredient and we discovered that a sunchoke is a Jerusalem artichoke. Nevermind. Now we are educated on our artichoke varieties.

I have to confess to not being very adventurous overall in my choices as I had 2 pork dishes. I love their pork. Norm and I both had the ‘Free-range pork collar: Gochujang, white cabbage, sweet potato, kimchi’ for our second tapas choice. The lighting was a bit dark so apologies for the quality of the pic but you get the gist. This was a very tasty dish.

For my main I chose the Pork again, this time it was billed as ‘Oak Valley Pork: Butternut, sage, spiced apple and pecans’. The pork belly was very tender and the flavours were divine.

Norm had the linefish as he wanted to experience as many varieties of tastes as possible. The fish of the day was Angelfish. It was described as ‘Yakiniku Linefish: Aubergine, sweetcorn, chicory, puffed rice, nori’. He said this was a very nice dish, tasty and well cooked.

For dessert I chose the ‘Toasted Carrot Cake: Pecan ice cream, carrot ganache, cream cheese espuma’. It was very tasty and yummy. Of course I bit that crispy pastry tube without noticing it was chock full of the foamy espuma mixture which of course ejected out of the end of the pastry shell but luckily landed on my plate as opposed to my boobs where most things usually land.

Norm chose the ‘Mango, Chocolate, Madras: mango jelly, 55% itakuja, passionfruit and madras curry’. This did not appeal to me at all but Norm loved this dish.

After dessert they bring little treats of sweets to the table to have with your coffee but we avoided coffee as it was late. They specialise in macarons. The other little blocky was a coconutty yummy thing. Dunno. It was almond flavoured. Other than that I have no clue what it was but it was delicious.

We had a lovely night out together and counted the many blessings we have had and reminisced about the wonderful things we have experienced in our lives together. It has been an exciting adventure.

Josh has come back to stay with us for a few more weeks as his project in Simonstown has picked up pace again.

Norm has been great about cooking for us. On Monday he cooked a gorgeous pork fillet roast, spinach and roasted root vegetables. I ate it in front of the fire with Pixie drooling at my feet.

On Tuesday night he made chicken sausages, mashed sweet potatoes with chicken gravy and home made coleslaw. (He burns my sausages because I like them like that.)

Then on Wednesday night he made a rich, beefy, tomatoey sauce and served it with roast butternut and a delicious cheesy potato bake.

It is so lovely to have yummy leftovers for lunch at work each day, or else my options are to go out in the winter chill and rain to forage for food or settle for a crappy toasted cheese.

I mentioned the ongoing taxi wars in South Africa in my last blog. We keep receiving mixed messages in the media, that the battle has been resolved and then we hear of yet more shootings, injuries or deaths. Five more people were shot in Pretoria on Thursday.

We had another fire in Hout Bay on Monday. After the fire they discovered the body  of a 6 month old baby in one of the 15 shacks that burned. The news is not clear about whether the baby was at home alone or whether the mother & father were home during the fire or why the baby did not get rescued. It is such a tragedy, RIP to this beautiful baby girl. My only hope is that she died while sleeping and did not wake. Heartbreaking.

I left work early today as I went back to the doctor. My cold symptoms have just not gone away and I am coughing constantly and my throat is so sore. He has given me a list of things to do, salt water up my nostrils to cleanse my sinuses, nose drops and something to dry me up to stop the coughing so that I can sleep. He says there is no infection just inflammation.

We had a quiet night in last night, we ordered pizza and just chilled out with a big fire.

We woke up this morning and headed out. Before I went to my drumming session Norm and I popped over to Constantia to Mugg & Bean.

I had the M&B Classic with poached eggs, bacon, tomato, a hash brown, chips and toast.

Norman had the All American breakfast with scrambled egg, bacon, tomato, beans, sausage, chips and toast. I find it funny they call it the All American. I never had beans for brekkie in the USA but it is a constant item for a British fry up.

I was supposed to drum and sing at a Spirit Dance today but it was cancelled as we did not have enough dancers booked. I would say it is because of the dubious weather we have been having but today was stunning! As the dance was cancelled we had a rehearsal at Owl Lodge in Constantia. There were lots of us attending as it was a good bye party for Jesse and Neo who are off to Europe indefinitely. I will miss them both, they have such great energy in our drumming sessions and Jesse is the drum master.

Here is a pic of all of us after the last Spirit Dance.

We have tentatively rescheduled the dance for September when the weather might be more reliable.

Tonight Caitlin is popping round for dinner which will be lovely. The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing. I hope you enjoy the rest of yours.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxo



Rose Petals & Thorn Bushes

On Monday morning I woke early and when I checked my phone I saw a message from a friend telling me that our street was closed due to chaos from the riots. A fire had been started in the middle of the only street out of our suburb and a barricade put up. I then checked our local Facebook group and saw that the rioters had also cut down a tree and placed it across the road. We were totally blocked in.

The problem was that we had a flight to catch and I panicked that we wouldn’t get out to get to the airport. Our flight was at 10am and we decided to keep to our itinerary and hope the police managed to clear the roads by the time we had to leave.

Navajo was desperate to come along with us.

We left the house at 9am and when we got to the intersection shown in the top pic the road had been cleared and was being manned by Neighbourhood Watch members as well as the police. We got out of our road and then once we got out of Hout Bay we knew we would make our flight. It was so stressful! We also were worried about Caitlin being left home alone for a week but we knew she had a good support system what with the neighbours in our street, Neighbourhood Watch, Navajo and the police.

Later when we checked the Facebook groups we saw pics of the malicious damage done by the protestors. Offices were vandalized, cars turned over and torched. A retirement village was targeted and the residents terrorized. Bricks were hurled and rubber bullets fired.

We had not had any breakfast due to the stress and chaos of the morning so we stopped at Mugg & Bean at the airport for a muffin and a quick coffee.

Once we were on the plane I took an aspirin and tried to relax and get into holiday mode.

We arrived at Port Elizabeth airport, rented a car and drove 100kms to Kichaka, the lodge where we were booked for the first three nights.

The accommodation is in the actual game park so you arrive at the reception building and leave your car there and they put your bags into a Safari truck and drive you through the park to the lodge.

We saw a herd of buffalo on our trip to the lodge.

We checked in and they gave us a tour and took us to our room. It was rather spectacular.

We had an amazing view of the water hole from our room. There were 3 hippos swimming around.

We even had our own little swimming pool if we chose to swim, but when we arrived it was freezing cold.

We unpacked and changed into warm clothes for our safari drive and went for afternoon High Tea at 2:30pm.

It was served in the main lodge in front of a roaring fire. We were the only people in the lodge and we felt very spoiled.

At 3pm we were off on our first sundowners safari and we saw a Warthog as soon as we left the gate.

We saw more Buffalo (or the same ones which moved?), a lonely wildebeest and loads of different types of buck.

Then we drove all the way across the park and we saw a whole herd of Elephants including several babies.

Very near to the herd we saw 4 Rhino: a male and three females.

The drive finished at 6pm and we went back to the lodge. We went to our room to get ready for dinner and then we were treated to a local African children’s choir. They sang in Xhosa and did some traditional dances for us. They are the children of the hotel staff. I really enjoyed this special treat.

After the choir finished we went in for dinner. They have 3 choices for each of the 3 courses. You place your order for that night in the afternoon at tea time.

My battery on my phone had crashed so I did not get any pics but I had the Baked Brie with berry compote, the kingklip, and bread and butter pudding for dessert. It was all very nice. The fish was thick with a crispy coating and was divine, it was served with sweet potatoes and veggies. All drinks are included in the deal so I had a few cocktails and Norm had a few glasses of wine. We were both very tired so we moved off to have a last round of drinks in the main room and then went off to sleep.

Jonty our guide gave us a wake up call at 630am and we went to the main lodge to have coffee, juice, croissants and fruit before our drive.

Then at 7am we set off on another 3 hour game drive.

Straight out of the gate we saw a herd of giraffe.

We drove a bit and saw a large troop of monkeys grooming each other in the sun.

We saw another group of giraffes munching on thorn trees.

We saw more warthogs and various other animals and then headed back to the lodge for breakfast at 10. There was a buffet of meats, cheeses, breads, fresh fruit, juices, yogurts, cereals and all sorts.

Then they brought a menu to choose a hot cooked breakfast. I had eggs benedict. Norm had an omelette stuffed full with cheese, bacon and mushrooms.

After we ate we sat in the sun outside and relaxed by the waterhole.

While we were drinking we watched some warthogs drinking in the pond.

We were so full from three rounds of breakfast we went off and had a wee nap after we sat on the balcony for a while and decided to rather skip lunch.

We woke up and went down at 2.30pm for High Tea.

At 3pm we set off again on a Game drive. We saw some more warthogs and another group of giraffes. Then we missioned across the park as Jonty our guide had heard on the radio that there was a lioness hiding in the grass watching some buck.

We found her and sat watching her hoping that she was hungry enough to hunt.

We watched her for ages and then moved off a bit of a distance and Jonty served us cocktails and snacks on the plains while watching the animal world go by.

We then went back to check on the lioness and we stayed longer than we were scheduled to and the sun had started to set. I looked up on the horizon at the sun going down and saw a huge bull elephant coming straight towards us at a hell of a pace. We had our engine off and as he walked past a nearby land cruiser from a different camp which was full of people he stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at the truck and lifted his trunk and sniffed the van. He was inches from them. He then just turned and sauntered casually off.

If I had been in that truck I would have peed my pants! By now it was pitch dark. In the bush when the sun goes down it is so dark you cannot even see your hand in front of your face. We rattled quickly back to the camp and just as we got near the gate we saw a tiny buck called a duiker. But it was too dark for a pic.

After every game drive we were always greeted on arrival back to camp by a concierge holding hot towels to wipe the dust off our hands and faces. Then when we got to the front door of the lodge another staff member greeted us with a cocktail or a hot drink. This night it was hot chocolate and amarula, it was so delicious.

We freshened up and went through to the dining room where there was the usual cosy fire waiting.

That night for dinner I had spicy prawns on curried lentils. This was my fave dish of the week, the prawns were done in a marmite coating which sounds odd but it was so tasty.

Norm had mushroom soup.

We both had fillet steak for our main course. I felt this needed something like some crispy chips or mash. Something…but the fillet was tender and tasty.

For my Dessert I chose the chocolate pancake stuffed with amarula mousse. The mousse had a touch too much gelatin and was set too firm. But it was tasty.

Norm had the Cheese plate which was served on such a cute platter with a silver meerkat lying chilled out on the edge.

We had a few more drinks then headed off to our room, that 6.30am wake up comes early and it is amazing how exhausting bouncing around in a land cruiser for 6 hours a day is.

The next day was our 20th wedding anniversary which was why we had planned our trip. We woke at 6.30 as usual and headed off for our fruit and croissant tummy liner before we went on the morning safari. We went straight off to where the lioness was last seen and were lucky enough to find her again.

I was ever so chuffed.

This time she got up and strolled across to sit and stare out across the valley.

We sat watching her for a while, she was such a beauty.

Then we headed off to see what else we could find. We saw zebra, various buck and some red hartebeest. We drove further and we spotted our friends the rhinos again!

We sat so close to them, listening to them graze and snort their way around. With so few of these magnificent beasts left in the world we felt very privileged to spend so much time with them.

We headed back to camp at 10am and the staff had set up our breakfast table on the veranda as it was a stunning crisp sunny winter day.

We both had some fruit and yogurt followed by a cooked breakfast of bacon stacked on hash browns, mushrooms, grilled tomato and two fried eggs.

We then sat by the waterhole for a bit and relaxed and at 11am I went for a facial and massage.

It was heavenly even if the massage was a bit painful over my always sore back. After the massage I went for a shower and Norm and I then relaxed until time for a late lunch. We opted to skip High Tea and rather have our lunch later.

I had an avocado salad.

Norm had broccoli and cauliflower soup.

We relaxed in the main lodge until time for the next game drive. It’s a stunning lodge.

We headed off at 3pm again. We tracked two large male lions but even though we could see them, we could not get very close to them.

We saw lots of other game from giraffe & hippos to a large solo eland and then we stopped for champagne and snacks on the plains again.

We continued driving and viewing and then just before we arrived back at sundown we saw a young caracal, also called a Rooikat. They are nocturnal and it was too dark for a photo.

When we popped down to our room to freshen up before dinner we were so surprised to find that they had decorated our bed with rose petals, ran us a bubble bath, lit candles and left a bottle of champagne for our anniversary.

We felt so spoiled.

We went down to have dinner. We had the butternut soup to start.

We then had very tender kudu fillet.

For main we had the chocolate fondant with ice cream.

After dinner we went back to the room to drink our champagne and relax in our bubble bath together. We could hear lions roaring across the valley and it was magical and ever so romantic.

It was a pretty amazing anniversary.

We woke up again at 6.30 for our final day at the resort and we had our croissants and headed off. We saw our friends the rhino and hung out with them for a while.

We then saw a gorgeous tiny giraffe with her mommy.

Then we heard on the radio that there was a pride of lion nearby and we raced off to see them. There was a large male and 3 young males.

We watched them for a while and then we searched across the park and managed to find a herd of elephants.

We then headed back very happy for our last breakfast and when we went to our table looked out and spotted a large bull elephant cavorting in the water hole!

He stayed for most of our breakfast. We went and packed and showered and then headed out to the main reception to check out and collect our car.

We headed off to Grahamstown where there was an arts festival on.

We found a beer garden and sat listening to reggae in the sun.

Then we walked around town and went to many art exhibitions where Norm bought me a lovely statue of a rhino.

We thought he was the perfect remembrance of our holiday.

We spent the day wandering about the festival and then headed off to Port Elizabeth late in the afternoon. We checked into the hotel and were so surprised to find more rose petals and champagne awaiting us!

The view from our room on the 15th floor was stunning.

As it was late and we were exhausted we just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. We then took a drink back to our room and relaxed. We had a slow morning the next day and headed out to the Boardwalk for breakfast.

We had breakfast at Mugg and Bean and then went for a wander round the waterfront.

We then went off to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum and after that we went to the mall where I bought some new boots and a few new tops as it was so hot and I had only brought heavy winter items. We went back to the room to relax a bit and then phoned an uber to go out to dinner.

We went to Fushin. We had such amazing food. The sushi was delicious. We also had prawn ‘toast’ on aubergines, crispy schezuan prawns, pepper fillet carpaccio, salt and pepper squid, dim sum, and tempura vegetables. It was all fabulous!

The next day was our last and we had a lazy morning then checked out and went down to the beach for a stroll and some breakfast.

I had jalapeño eggs benedict which was so nice.

After a leisurely breakfast we went for a walk then stopped for iced coffees.

We flew home that afternoon and got back to Cape Town about 4pm. The dogs went crazy with happiness when we got home.

We have had loads of rain since last night which Cape Town desperately needs. Today we have stayed in just relaxing. I made a chicken and butternut curry for dinner tonight which I served with cauliflower rice.

I made a chilli con carne for tomorrow as I am back at work.

I had an amazing week but reality comes soon enough.


A Weekend With Bryan

This weekend Norm and I had a relaxed agenda. On Friday I got home from work quite early and it was nice to not have to worry about dinner as I had been organised for once and had made it the night before. I pureed butternut and put it on top of curried mince. We just served it with salad and it was simple but yummy and low carb.

On Friday night it was only me and Norm at home and we decided to watch a film on Netflix. We chose the film Small Crimes which sounded like it would be violent enough to appeal to a bloke and hopefully contain enough black humour to appeal to my twisted sense of humour.

I thought this flick was rather dreadful and if there was any of the promised black humour I am definitely colour blind. I would guess that it was written by either an addict or someone who has experienced the chaos of life with an addict. Because this dude’s life was completely unmanageable. I got frustrated with his constant stream of bad decisions. I mean FFS dude, hello?? But then again, that is an adequate representation of life with an addict. None of the characters made you give a damn about what happened to them. 

I give this film 1.5 Kitten Stars. And that is me being a generous kitten.

The next morning we had a lazy morning planned, we were going to take the dogs on a walk in the forest. But then while lying in bed sipping a latte brought to me by my darling hubby, my phone chirped to remind me I had an appointment in the CBD to get my hair done. Oops. I jumped up and showered and headed into town. But from originally being a bit late I somehow managed to end up early when I arrived. Thank goodness for the Virgo over-estimation of travel times. It saves me over and over.

I spent a few lovely hours getting head massages, my hair treated and coloured and sipping coffee. Sometimes I think about letting the grey grow out but Norm talks me out of it.

After I got home and Mzudumo finished in the garden Norm and I decided to go out for an early dinner at our closest local pub, The Woodcutters Arms.

It was quite warm all weekend after last week’s bout of cold weather but it was just starting to cool off outside by the time we arrived at the pub so we grabbed a booth inside. You can never predict what season may be in residence in Cape Town from one day to the next.

I am nothing if not predictable when it comes to food and I had my ‘usual’ starter.

Jalapeno Cheddar Cigars (v)

Pastry Wrapped Cheese and Jalapeno, Served with Tomato & Onion Chutney

Norm also had his fave starter.

Scotch Egg

Smoked Paprika Sea Salt, Pea Puree and Pea Shoots

For our Main, we both decided to try the Hunters Chicken which was on the specials board. I had forgotten that Hunters Chicken comes with a sauce or I would have asked the chef to not include it. I asked for chips but they forgot so I had to wait a bit, it came with baby potatoes as pictured below. It was tasty but I found the sauce overwhelming.

We headed home for Norm to sort out the beasties and take them for a walk and feed them their dinner. Later that evening we decided to watch a film.

When we first got our LookTV installed we had started watching the movie ‘Split’. At least we thought we were watching Split. It did not seem at all like a horror and there was no sign of James McAvoy well into the film so we kept going out of the film and checking the name but it kept saying we were watching Split. We later discovered that this sometimes happens with the open source software Kodi which LookTV uses. It gets some sort of crossed message and loads the wrong film. We wasted about an hour of our lives which we will never get back. We did not enjoy the ‘wrong’ film at all so luckily I don’t have to try and find out what it is to watch the end of it.

Friday we managed to get the correct film to load for Split.

I absolutely loved this film!!!! I thought that James McAvoy did a brilliant job portraying all of the personalities that his character ‘Kevin’ exhibited. I never check for viewers’ or critic ratings on films and I now see that Split only scored a 6.4/10 on the Rotten Tomatoes website. I totally disagree, I would give this film 4.75 Kitten Stars. The missing bit of the 5th star is based on a few things in the story which seemed a bit incomplete, but that could be due to me wandering off to the kitchen or something.

I thought I would check the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for Small Crimes and see how they compared with my views on that one and that film scored 5.5/10 so obviously I am not aligned in my opinion to the Tomato lovers. I like what I like. I don’t reallllly like tomatoes very much though so maybe it is a tomato karma payback.

This week I listened to a woman on the radio talking about a project she is running in some of the challenged areas of Cape Town. She described the issues concerning children in some of the communities she works in. The group she was representing do ‘knock and drops’ which means that they go into these communities and they go to the local shops and hangouts and they collect the children they find there and escort them to their homes, knock the door and ask the parents whether they knew their child was out and if so why do they allow them to roam the streets in the dark with all of the crime going on? Not as a criticism of their parenting, but as a way to raise awareness of the risks of these behaviours. The DJ said it was more of a challenge to raise kids in these tiny shacks and homes as the kids cannot just be sent to their rooms to play on their computers and iPads as a middle class home does, they often do not have a room, much less an iPad. There may only be a single ‘room’ in their entire home that is used by the entire family for all functions, living, eating and sleeping.

National Child Protection Week is commemorated in South Africa to raise awareness of the rights of children, this year it takes place from the 25th May to the 1st June. The local organisation Living Hope and various other groups are dedicating the entire month of May to Child Protection however there is still such a high rate of child rape in SA. 19 children have been murdered in the Western Cape already in 2017.

The most recent data from the South African Police Service shows that between April 2016 and December 2016, there were 30,069 reported cases of rape – down from 32,161 cases over the same period in 2015.

This data shows that South Africa’s rape statistics are double the country’s murder rate over this (275 day) period at 53.8 cases per 100,000 people in the country. This equates to one person getting raped every 13 minutes.

Assuming that The Economist’s estimate that one in every nine cases go unreported, that figure gets even more alarming, rising to someone being raped every 2 minutes.

More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day, two-thirds of these deaths occur in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Recently we heard the story of 3 year old Courtney Pieters who disappeared while playing outside her home in Elsies River, a suburb of Cape Town.


Everyone was hopeful that she had just wandered off and would be found safe, but as time went on our hope diminished and then on Saturday we heard that Courtney’s body was located in a shallow grave near the Epping Industrial Centre. Later that same day a man was arrested for her murder. This week the suspect will be brought before the Magistrates Court. My heart breaks for her family and especially for her Mother. Her body was found the day before Mother’s Day. Please spare a thought or prayer for her family and loved ones.

When we got home on Saturday we watched a few episodes more of Breaking Bad, our new addiction. I love the part played by Bryan Cranston. In my opinion he is such an underrated actor. We are now starting series 3 already.

Afterwards we were going to watch a film but we decided it was too late to start one and moved over to a bit of light hearted comedy and ended up staying up far too late anyway. That is the problem with weekends, we stay awake late, but my body does not know it is a weekend and still wakes before 6am where I lie quietly messing about playing games on my phone, trying not to wake the household (specifically the dogs).

Sunday was Mother’s Day in South Africa and the USA. None of my 3 children were in Cape Town. Caitlin was away for her birthday redeeming a prize weekend away in Plettenberg Bay, Lily was in PE and Trevor was in Wilderness. Norm was lovely to me though and went to buy pastry and served me pastry and coffee in bed. I spent until noon lying in bed with my animals, munching pastry and drinking coffee and then finally got up and got moving. Norm took a nap so I curled up on the couch with a blanket and watched a few episodes of the Netflix series I am watching called 13 Reasons Why.

13 best pic

It reminds me of how horrid teenagers are to each other and how painful high school is for so many kids. I know it was for me, I hated high school. But the series is riveting viewing. It is not the sort of thing Norm enjoys though so I watch it when I am on my own. As it was Mothers Day I was going to do whatever I fancied and I fancied doing not much at all!

Caitlin and Wes arrived back in Cape Town about 7 that evening and I was given my Mothers Day presents that Caitlin had brought from all of the kids. They gave me a beautiful wooden cookbook holder and a new mixer as mine is over 20 years old and rather disgusting as the beaters are covered in rust. We are also going to the garden centre to get a plant for my garden this weekend. I want a bougainvillea to plant in the hopes it grows along the wall at the front of the house.


Later Norm and I went for dinner at my fave place, Massimo’s in Hout Bay.

As our starter, we both had the fried baby calamari. I love the coating Massimo uses on his seafood, it is light as air.

I love their pizzas so I had one of my favourites of their offerings, the Hot Latina with tomato, mozzarella, chorizo, red onions & fresh chili for R128.

Norm ordered the Chicken dish that was on special.  Free range chicken breast stuffed with Italian garlic sausage, parmesan & peas, served with boulangere potatoes and green beans 125.

The delicious potato dish was so yummy and I was rather envious Norm got it and nicked a wee bite. Norm really enjoyed this dish and almost licked his plate.

Massimo’s have a brilliant concept called ‘Pay it Forward‘.  Massimo’s clients can buy one or more R10 ‘virtual’ slices of pizza and for every 6 slices sold Massimo’s will deliver one pizza to a local charity. We added 2 pieces to our bill. ‪#‎shareMassimosLove‬ ‪#‎payitforward‬

After we got home we decided to watch a film. We wanted something light and frivolous and as we have been spending so much time with our current Breaking Bad obsession we chose ‘Why Him?’ with Bryan Cranston and James Franco. It also starred one of my fave comedy actresses Megan Mullally, formerly ‘Karen’ of Will and Grace. She and Bryan had a hilarious scene where she was high on weed and trying to seduce him.

I had expected a light chuckle at best but we laughed our legs off. Not literally of course, don’t be silly. But we had a lot of laugh out loud moments and really enjoyed it. I would give this film a solid 4 Kitten Stars for amusement value.

We had a Chimney Sweep around on Monday to try and sort our blocked chimney for winter.


He said he had never seen so much ‘stuff’ in a chimney. (umm yay us? #Winning)

Eventually he ended up with 3 full black bin bags of bird nest debris!

chimney bin bags.png

Maybe it was storks trying to finally bring me some grandkids?


I am surprised we did not catch out house on fire when we tried to make a fire previously. Such a risk! Everything is so dry as the drought continues in the Western Cape and it has been announced that level 4 water restrictions are being implemented.


We cannot save more water than we currently are doing in our home. However a lot of other households need to start doing so based on the levels in our dams.

dam levels.JPG

This week I finally booked the last 2 days accommodation in Port Elizabeth for our upcoming 20th anniversary trip. After we leave the safari lodge we have already booked we will then drive on to spend 2 days in PE. We will stay at the Radisson Blu. It looks lovely as it has sea views from all of the rooms.


One of the prizes that Caitlin won in her package that she took for her birthday weekend was a couples photographic shoot by Sharyn Hodges Photography. We were given a sneak peak of the pics and they are so stunning!! They are such a beautiful couple.


Last night Caitlin and I went out for a belated Mother’s Day dinner at Grill Under the Milkwood.

me milkwood

We were seated and given our menus, we were one of only 2 occupied tables at the time we sat down. We decided what we wanted to order but when the waiter came and Caitlin ordered a chicken dish they said they were out of chicken. Out of chicken?! It was only 6.30pm and there was a shop open literally across the road. How can a restaurant be out of chicken? Caitlin does not really like red meat and she did not fancy fish.

Now I remember why we have not been to this restaurant in ages.

I ordered the 200g fillet steak with chips and onion rings as an extra side because I love onion rings.

dinner milkwood.png

Caitlin ended up just having a beef burger which looked pretty good, she said it was fine. We were not out late as Caitlin is at the Bieber concert tonight and didn’t want two late nights in a row. Not that I was chomping at the bit to go clubbing myself as I get up at sparrow’s fart.

This week I made contact with a woman who has various circles, both a Sisters and a Drumming circle as well as performing sweat lodges for the Solstices. I found her via an acquaintance and when she mailed me I got a feeling like an electric current racing through my body. I think I may have found my Shamanism teacher.

When the student is ready, the Universe will provide. I am so excited to begin this journey – I hope you are looking forward to walking this path with me?

Life Goes On

The last week or so has been challenging. I seesaw between normality and sadness. But one has to keep on keeping on…it is the nature of life.

My friends rallied round while Norman was away. Retha came and collected me on my 1st night alone and we went to the harbour for take out sushi from The Lookout Deck (yes again. I like sushi OK?). While there we had my fave – a frozen strawberry daiquiri. We had such a charming and devoted waiter even though we were getting take aways – his name was Tonic and he was indeed a tonic for my mood and had us laughing over our cocktails. We took our goodies back to join Pierre and we watched a film and had a laugh. It was just what I needed and I spent several hours with no tears.

I had booked a girls weekend away with the ladies in my bookclub ages ago and even though I was not feeling very sociable I packed up and went. I am so glad I did as we had a brilliant weekend. These ladies always make me laugh, all are brits and that is my sense of humour so we all chattered and giggled like schoolgirls.

We went to Aquila Game Farm and we were so lucky on our game drive, we saw elephants, rhinos, zebras, peacocks, buffalo, lions, hippos, ostrich and many types of bucks.

But to me the cherry on top of the whole weekend was our horseback safari. To be on such a majestic beast while riding in the most stunning country looking for animals was just so special.

I came home feeling like life was good, and I am blessed. I also came home to Norm and that made life complete.

Tonight I am off to a birthday party of someone I have only met online – nothing new there as I am used to that from my twitterati events and other networking events but I am still looking forward to it. There are so many people I chat to who will be there and I look forward to getting to know them in 3D. Enjoy your weekend and count your blessings.