My Sunshine

I can’t believe it is over a week since I fell ill and yet I am still sick. My head is so congested. But the show must go on.

After work on Monday I was faced with my lack of pot roast for dinner thanks to naughty Navajo and had to come up with a new plan. I had aubergines, mince and mozzarella in the fridge so I thinly sliced and lightly fried the aubergines. I fried the mince until brown then added cumin, paprika and lots of garlic and some chili. I fried onion and red pepper then puréed it and added to the meat with some tomato purée and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I let that simmer for a bit then layered the mince, aubergines and mozzarella in 2 rounds of layers then baked. 

Last week in my blog I mentioned that we were having censorship imposed by the SABC and that many TV shows and radio shows have been cancelled when their hosts tried to expose corruption. We’ve been advised as well that the TV and radio stations are being forbidden from mentioning protests or anything else which can cast the ANC in a poor light prior to the elections. 

SA TV History is ironically repeating itself.

The Twitterverse went wild when Jimi Matthews announced that he had quit his job this week.

Several other journalists had written to ask for the recent decisions around censorship to be reconsidered. 

However the decisions are being made by a man unsuitable to fulfill the post he holds. Hlaudi Motsoeneng lied about his qualifications. The SABC did not act on the Public Protector’s findings about his suitability for office. There are other instances where the Public Protector was ignored if you remember my previous blog about our fabulous Thuli. If only she were President! 

The speech made by Mmusi Maimane tells of the unethical changes to try and hide the ugliness and reality of poor governance. Rather than do his job in a transparent, responsible manner, Zuma prefers to hire people to manage to hide the truth or to be his lapdog and do what he needs done. The truth is not hidden, it comes out via Twitter or other social media platforms, today everyone is a reporter. However it isn’t freely available via the national broadcasting channels.

We received a R400 speeding fine in the post this week from when we took our road trip up the coast to Wilderness.  That’s so annoying, the cops hide in the bushes. It seems so sneaky. Taking lessons from the top though, why should we expect clear transparent behaviors. 

Image source.

Several new projects came through this week so I’m busy, busy, busy. I did make great progress on my data rules for my main project so it was a good week work wise.

Wednesday evening Norm and I cooked dinner together. Fillet steak is one of my faves. We boiled tiny sweet potatoes and I had 1 of those mashed with butter, we also sautéed mushrooms in butter and garlic, and fried red cabbage in balsamic and butter to go with the steaks.

Thursday morning was so ridiculously cold. It was 9 degrees Celcius outside when I was walking across the damp, misty foreshore at 730am. I spent all day in meetings talking, but sometimes that means you all set off in the right direction on a new project quickly and cleanly with no faffing about. So we actually are making great traction on the project.

Norm stopped to buy some chicken breasts and we made a lightly curried coconut cream chicken, mushroom and broccoli dish. We served with caulimash.

We never normally cook together so it was fun to be doing so again. We even got on without arguing! And the resulting dinner was yummy.

Thursday was Lily’s last day at work at her current job in Cape Town. She has been down here living with us for over 5 years since I moved back to SA. Going to university for four years then a year working. She will be working for Josh and his Dad’s electrical firm doing admin in Great Brak. She studied so long to do events, I hope she isn’t giving up her career for love but I do know how hard long distance relationships are and they have been together for 8 years now so I do understand. I am going to miss her so much, she seldom goes out and she hangs out with me most of the time so I’ll miss my little sidekick. I just want her to be happy though so her decision needs to be about what she wants, not what I want.

That night we went to bed about midnight. The alarm triggered as soon as we locked up. It was pouring rain and the rain poured under the door onto our upstairs landing and flooded upstairs. It also poured off the front balcony in a sheet, triggering the beams below. It took ages to figure out what was going on and over ride it. 

Friday came round finally, I hadn’t had many 5 day work weeks lately! Josh came down and he and Lily had a birthday party to attend and Caitlin was going for drinks after work. Norm and I decided despite the freezing weather to have a date night so we went to our fave winter venue, Papino’s. They always have a roaring fire. It didn’t disappoint, it was so cozy! We both ordered the Hollandse Biefstuk described as a “Pan-fried beef fillet with mushrooms flambéed with brandy”. I also ordered the side of their yummy sautéed mushrooms. Norm was virtuous but I ordered chips as they used to have amazing crunchy fat chips, but these were skinny fries so they ended up not being worth the carbs. 

It was delicious, to go with we each had a glass of Sauvignon blanc. Norm trotted round the corner to Spar to get a bottle of wine and some nuts to nibble on for at home later that night. We headed out as soon as we finished and chilled out at home for the rest of the evening. We were both due up early the next day. 

Norm was up and out early to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting. As Mzudumo arrived to do the garden Lily made Mzudumo’s breakfast and got him started. 

I was away early too as I had a hair appointment in the city. While she styled my hairdresser and I were discussing the article I had found which validated the fact my hair is thinning. The fact that it is exactly 6 months since I gave up sugar and carbs makes sense according to the info in that article.

It’s also interesting that it seems to be coming back less gray. How can a dietary change act as an age repellent? 

How does my hair look? I can tell its thinner.

I stopped on the way home to get Mzudumo a sausage roll pie and some chicken for his lunch then headed home.

Saturday evening we had a family games night at home to say cheerio to Lily. Caitlin’s fella Wesley came round too so there were six of us. We drew straws for teams and played two games of 30 seconds and ended up with me, Josh and Norm winning the first game and Caitlin, Lily and Wesley the second. We ordered pizzas and some of us had Banting pizzas from Cassarechio and some of us had proper pizza from Mimmi To Go. I had Mimmi half Hot Latina and half Manuel. It was delicious. 

Caitlin made Banting brownies and we all had a brownie. We had lots of fun and laughed so much. I will miss those casual fun noisy evenings with my girls.

Today the kids got up and packed Josh’s truck and Lily’s car. I took a pic of one pile of her bags and posted it on Facebook along with a lovely post. I then got this message.


I quickly deleted it but a lot of people saw it. How embarrassing. This is the censored one. This censorship is best for us all.

They got all her stuff packed up.

We all sadly hugged and off they went. I’ll miss her so.

It was a stunner of a day suddenly after a week of freezing cold and rain. I had breakfast outside with Elvis and my mountain to try and cheer me up.

The dogs tried to cheer me up too and followed my every move.

I had a mooch round the garden. I just pottered about enjoying the sunshine and tugging the occasional weed. My flowers are doing so well with the recent rain.

Lily has just messaged to say they made it safe and sound. I hope her new job goes well tomorrow, but most of all I hope she is happy.


the karmaeleon

I had several conversations this week about the many changes that life throws at us, changes at home or at work, changes in location or fortune. I know I’ve personally touched on all of those so I’m sure there are plenty more challenging situations, in addition to those experienced by me.

My measure of success is our ability to adapt to that change in circumstance, and should it be a detrimental occasion, how quickly do you get back on your feet? And are you able to let karma take its course or can you not let things go? I struggle with that one, I resist change despite choosing a life rife with change.

I really resisted change in my work situation. I didn’t want to leave the project I’ve been on for ages. But circumstances changed and leave I must.

I’m trying to get my head round the change and I’m doing so, there are still logistical challenges which mean working further than the city.

I’ll adapt. I love my job, the client is what defines the level of stress. The project I’m moving to has very technical, switched on stakeholders who know what they want. That direction makes it simple. So there are positives and negatives. 

There were several protests this week, mostly around lack of change or the speed at which it is moving by the current government. The ANC was such a strong party with Mandela at the helm. Now it’s a sham.

Many of their political rallies are poorly attended and the people are finally starting to be unwilling to settle for lack of progress when they see the politicians living fat off their spoils.

 One protest shut down the motorway, one took place at Sir Lowrys Pass another was in Stellenbosch, and a third in the City Centre regarding housing shortages in the Western Cape. Rumour is that the EFF is generating the conflict. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

There were protests for the unfair bail of alleged murderers of a local child.

There were protests by members of the ANCYL over the lack of transformation  of the sport of Rugby. Several sports have been subject to harsh penalties by the Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula which to me is a bit unfair. If the foundation is not laid by the government at grass roots level, then how can professional level sporting bodies magically generate these players as young adults? A sportsman is identified young and nurtured in countries who have successful national teams. Again the government are pointing the blame elsewhere instead of admitting lack of forethought and planning which is the real root cause.

The provincial government is much more progressive and forward thinking. But they have a long way to go.

Monday night Norm picked up some mince and I made a quick dinner for us as I was so tired from our late night out for Mothers Day. I made tacos and cheesy taco shells but I got distracted and they were rather crispy so we had tacos and tostadas. See, I went with that change and flipped it. They were crispy and yummy.

Tuesday Lily’s friend Talya came for dinner. I made mashed sweet potato which I had parboiled the previous night while I was busy making our tacos. I wrapped chicken breasts in bacon and baked them, fried whole mushrooms in butter and made a creamy mushroom sauce, and steamed broccoli to accompany it.

That night I noticed that this small itchy bite on my leg had gotten infected. Lily looked at it and thought it was a spider bite and that she saw “fang marks”. The family decided it looked nasty and made me promise to go to the doctor as soon as possible. With my replaced hip I need to be careful of infection. 

At least I got to sleep in an hour later the next morning. I went down just after 8.30 when the office opened. The receptionist fit me in as the 2nd patient of the day so I didn’t have long to wait. The doctor lanced it and it was all very sore and disgusting. He aspirated a lot by shoving in a needle. Not much fun. He also put me on a kick ass antibiotic and did a blood test. It’s still full of stuff and sore but not bright red and my leg is no longer hot. Hopefully it heals soon. 

As a result of my itinerary of visits to the doctor, the lab and the chemist I only got to work at 10am. I had to work late to make up my time and my darling husband made a delicious dinner for us.

He made pork chops, cauliflower mash, steamed asparagus and fried mushrooms. It was so wonderful to be looked after.

Thursday was my daughter Caitlin’s 28th birthday and we booked dinner at Spiro’s.  We turned over so many different options and changed the booking several times. Initially we were going to Deez for Mexican, but there is very little in the way of carb free options and Norm is not a Mexican food fan. Then last year’s pic of our prawn fest came up as a Facebook memory and we all fancied prawns. Last year we went to Pescarne but they changed owners so Caitlin just decided we would try the prawns at Spiro’s. 

Caitlin’s fella Wesley joined Norm, me, Lily and Caitlin. He is very cute and such a nice guy.

The girls both ordered mussels and Norm, Wesley and I ordered the crispy squid. When it arrived it was really large pieces of squid and I knew they would be chewy. Norm bit into his and confirmed my suspicion. I sent mine back but the boys ate theirs.

The waitress came back and said they had one order of the small squids left. They were delicious and indeed crispy!


Us girls all ordered the 6 Tiger Prawns at R160. My daughters both had chips and salad but I just had the salad.


There was a strongly flavoured sauce on the prawns. I would have preferred a choice of sauces on the side, I prefer peri peri or lemon butter. But the girls enjoyed it. The prawns themselves were fresh, fat and juicy, really nice.

When we got home we sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles and had a bit of carrot cake.

I stayed awake far too late and had a couple of cranberry and vodkas with dinner so I struggled to wake up the next morning. I was facilitating a client workshop that afternoon in Bellville on the north side of town. A few strong espressos later I drove the team out there while delicately balancing their laptop with the jobs open. The laptops died and they struggled to get it ready to show the client. Luckily they sorted it all while I did my rules confirmations and we looked at the data on my laptop. Phew. 

The weather was cold and drizzly. The workshop took 2 hours so I dropped my team off and headed home. 

I had my usual session on the patio to wind down after my busy day. Lola kept me company. It was brisk and cool. 


I was really tired and not up to cooking. I fancied a Massimo’s pizza. I had the Pavarotti which is bolognaise, mozzarella and basil.

Oh my it was so divine.

One night of carbs won’t kill me. I’m still slowly losing. I put no pressure on myself. If I really want something I’ll have a bit.

The weather was so misty when I woke on Saturday. Pixie had a chiropractor appointment in Noodhoek at 9:30am. I drove with my fog lights on through the valleys and up Muizenberg Mountain. Suddenly I came through the mist and it was perfectly clear. I looked out over the side of the mountain and it was like looking out a plane window at a sea of clouds.

After our appointment I needed petrol but first I stopped to draw cash at the Oakhurst ATM. Pixie sat watching me from the window. She’s so cute.

We popped into Hout Bay and filled up with petrol then headed home. I walked in to the house and heard Norm’s Neighborhood Watch radio announcing an attempted ATM robbery at the very same one I had just left!
Thank you Grandma. Just as I had arrived home a little hummingbird was dancing about in the bush outside our gate, Grandma sends me hummingbirds to let me know she is around. She obviously protected me. 

Retha and I went for lunch at our fave, the local Hout Bay gem The Riverway Cafe.

We had a gorgeous shared lunch of the Dragonfly Board platter with pulled lamb, pita bread, tzaziki, hummus, olives, zucchini, fries, and chicken strips with a blue cheese dip. We also shared piggy poppers as their version is my fave thing ever. 


We had a latte, shared a large bottle of water and rounded it off with a gorgeous Pimms cocktail and it was R170 each. Bargain! Such tasty quality in a lovely setting is worth every penny.

We had a lovely afternoon and I toddled off a bit tipsy from the Pimms and sugar. 

Norm and I just had a quiet night in. We were going out for dinner as we were on our own, but we decided to order take aways from the new chippy and rent a movie on BoxOffice. That didn’t go as planned.

Norm arrived at 6:30pm to be told they were not taking any more orders. He said, ‘ummm, so when should I come back?’ Only to be to,d they were not taking any more orders for the night! At 6:30?? 

Damn, there goes that plan.

So as we were all ready for fish Norm popped into Spiro and bought us grilled fish. It was a thick, gorgeous piece of fish in a lemon butter sauce so I was perfectly happy.

However once we settled in with our food, we tried to rent Sisters on DSTV BoxOffice.

So we entered the long assed ridiculous number and sent the SMS. Over and over.

It costs me airtime for each SMS and I spent about half a hour messing around, generating new codes and finally resorting to tweeting to them. They couldn’t sort it and never bothered to respond if they did. I messaged them again this morning and they had no clue what was going on.

What crap service.

Instead of the movie service we decided to try out our new high speed internet that we had installed this week from Sonic Wireless. Norm remembered that the Eurovision Song Contest was on and we streamed that for a laugh. We always made an event of it when we lived in the UK. I fell asleep of course. 

We woke to a thump and our alarm going off. Norm could not get it to engage again. It turned out Navajo rolled into the door and knocked it open and we didn’t notice. The alarm won’t activate with the door open. After it settled down I couldn’t go back to sleep despite it still being dark.

Today I am having a pajama day, I’m making a roast chicken dinner later for us all. I’ve just been sitting by the pool enjoying the sunshine.

Norm is spending the day working in the garden. He is putting down fertilizer to try and get the existing grass growing again and pitting down a bit of grass seed on the bare bits where Navajo runs round killing it. I doubt it works but you have to try, right? 

Pixie’s Adventure

It seems Summer may properly be on the way, or that Spring has properly sprung? Whatever is happening I’m loving the warmth & sunshine! 

All of the greenery has flourished, the roadsides and gardens blooming. It’s been fabulous to go to work in bright light and come home with a few hours of sunlight remaining.  I had been waking in the dark and rushing home before complete darkness hit each night. 

Caitlin and I were keeping us all meat free early this week, we made fresh veggie burgers from chickpeas, coriander, sweet corn, an egg and cumin. We floured and fried them in coconut oil until crispy and brown. We bought fresh rolls from our local Oakhurst Kwikspar which has an amazing wee bakery, we have their savory and their sweet pies often. We did the shopping for our entire dinner from there! 

Caitlin made a tzaziki from the Greek yogurt and cucumber we picked up and I made fresh salsa from a yellow pepper, tomato, red onion and fresh cilantro. I made crispy fried potatoes, pepper and onions and we topped the burgers with slabs of fresh avocado and cheese, a creamy Camembert for Norm and the girls and a sharp pungent cheddar for me. 

Caitlin went for the no bread option. 
Norman had also picked up Malva pudding and custard so we had that for afters and we watched a movie, the last in the series of Night at the Museum films, it is sad to see Robin Williams making us all laugh and now knowing with hindsight just how broken he was. I think of his poor children left to live with that burden. It’s so heartbreaking. 

I can’t discuss the movie itself as I mostly snoozed. As usual. 

I never follow recipes, I just wing it. Hence I’m crap at instructions and used 2 tins chickpeas instead of one, and a whole tin of corn instead of half so we had a lot of mixture left so the next night we went Mediterranean! 

Again, that Spar sorted me with the extras I needed. I picked up some small auberines (eggplants to you Yanks 😉). I also got pita bread and a few other bits and pieces to feed us for a few breakfasts and lunches. 

I cut the aubergines in half and baked them for a bit then topped with crumbled feta and popped them back in the oven to melt the cheese.

Caitlin rolled up the chickpea mixture and we covered the balls in flour and deep fried them. We toasted the pitas and filled them with tzaziki, salsa, onion and feta. It was so yummy! 

Wednesday I hadn’t prepared for dinner and got home late so I chucked in the free arriabita sauce I received in one of my Girl Geek Dinner event goody bags and chucked in some crispy grilled bacon and served with pasta. It was edible and it was cheap! Sometime a girl just has to go for function, without the frills. One can’t always live the caviar lifestyle. (Any local Hout Bay readers will get the tongue in cheek jab I’ve made.) What a load of bollocks exists on the Internet. 

Thursday afternoon I had a meeting in the northern suburbs which finished after 430pm. The only benefit of sitting in traffic in Cape Town is the views. You are driving parallel to Table Mountain.

As I only got back to Hout Bay at 6.30 we decided to get take aways. Lily and Norm had cassarechio ravioli and Caitlin and I had pizza from Mimmi To Go. I opted for a half and half. I got half Salame – tomato, mozzarella, salame, mushrooms, olives and half Manuel – olive oil, mozzarella, cooked Parma ham, avocado, basil. 

As always it was divine, I so love their tomato sauce, you so seldom taste it on a South African pizza but it is a thick base for the slabs of proper creamy mozzarella on a Massimo pizza. 

Luckily after 2 hours in traffic munching that pizza and vegging out with my dogs and family saved my day. And possibly me from death row if anyone crossed me. 

I finally remembered to email the doggy Chiropractor David Black that I had Read about on a random blog. I was delighted when he rang me on my way home and we made an appointment for the next day to take Pixie to see him. 

Friday evening I finished about 4ish and headed home. Caitlin was out and Norm and I fancied a curry. We are so blessed to finally have a decent take away since Indian Oven opened in the bay. We got our usual, a portion of saag aloo with soft potato cooked in creamy spinach and a buttery garlic naan bread to share, I had prawn curry and Norm the chicken korma. It is so divine.

As Lily only eats mine or her mom in law’s curry she asked for a chicken chow mein from K1 sushi. Norm came home ready to scream as they were so disorganized it took 3 attempts to pay. Luckily their food is so good you forgive their idiocy. But they will drown in season if only 1 dude can work the bloody card machine. FFS.

Saturday Lily and I got up and had a lazy morning and then scooped up Pixie to head around the mountain to Noordhoek. The house is in San Michel and love this area and if I didn’t have to trundle into the city every day would love to live here.  Such stunning views.


We were taken in promptly at 12 and Pixie looked so anxious. She kept giving me the side eye on the drive there.


But  she wasn’t stressed once she saw David was only going to rub gel on her with an ultrasound device she relaxed and enjoyed the attention. He thinks a few treatments will help with the spasms. Bless her. She struggles lifting her lower body and falls over at the slightest touch since her accident.
We brought her home and headed to The Riverway Cafe for lunch as we were starving. We grabbed a table outside and ordered their delicious lemonade.
How cute are those bottles? For lunch we each had the special and we shared a portion of their homemade chips. It was fresh prawns wrapped in bacon and grilled and served with warm bread and salad.

We thought the riverbank looked lovely.  All the wildflowers are blooming.

We finished up and headed to Pep Stores to shop for Operation Shoebox the charity we support every year. We bought almost all of it at the one stop! This year we chose a 3 month old girl and a 6 year old girl. 

We got lots of goodies and some clothes, a soft, soft stuffed animal for the baby and 2 Polly pocket sets for the 6 year old as they fit easily in the confines of a shoebox. I love that we make a child happy who might otherwise have nothing for the holidays.

We were so efficient we decided to go and hit the spar again just as the rugby was starting so there were no crowds. We got a filet, potatoes, mushrooms, a bag of spinach and an avo.

We settled in and watched the South Africa and Wales game and then Lily and I made hassle back potatoes, mushrooms fried in garlic and butter, a spinach salad and a yummy sauce. We had blue cheese dressing which was perfect. The steak melted in your mouth and the potatoes were nice and crispy.

We had brought home a lemon meringue pie from spar. It was so creamy and tart. Perfect for a warm evening. We rented the new Jurrassic Park but of course I fell asleep. 

Tonight I’m going to roast the other fillet half in the oven but I’m enjoying having nowhere to rush off to. I’m off now to see what Norm is up to, I saw him wandering off with a paintbrush.

Enjoy your weekend all.

Lights, No Camera, Action!

I seem to have slipped into a pattern of hurtling through life for a week, then blogging on the weekend and this week I will be adhering to that same pattern.

I did try to keep to my vow to cook at home this week but had mixed results. On Sunday I had sliced up the fillet left over that night after I grilled us each a steak as I had bought a huge whole fillet. It’s expensive but it serves us for at least 2 meals to buy a whole roast. I fried onions and peppers and liquidized it for Lily, and fried the mushrooms and left over fillet cubes. I mixed in the pepper and onion mix and some cream and served with pasta. It was divine. A vegetarian can leave out the fillet and it would be just as yummy.

The next night I took fat boneless chicken breasts and wrapped each in two slices of back bacon and cooked in a deep glass dish. I rolled them halfway so they semifried and they were delicious, the best I’ve ever made, the chicken was very moist yet the bacon was crispy. I made baked potatoes and a simple salad of raw baby spinach, avocado and feta. So easy after working.

I had my manicurist Vanessa around to do my monthly pedicure on Wednesday. As we finished so late Norm picked up takeaways for us all. We had Thai Cafe. Norm said they have a new guy front of house and he is fabulous. That makes all the difference,

I finished early on Thursday as I had an appointment with David King the guy who does my Body Reactivation technique treatments. He is brilliant. He worked on my shoulders, low back and did a lot of energy clearing. I felt like I was walking on clouds after.

As I was so late we had pizzas from Mimmi To Go they are just so delicious, thick with real creamy mozzarella and this time I had my latest obsession, the meaty salame with olives and instead of mushrooms I substitute jalapeño. 

Rooowwwrrrr it makes the kitten purr.

Friday rolled around quickly and we had take aways again (oops) from Spiro’s. We decided to rent a movie and chose Life Of Crime with Jennifer Aniston. I chose it as it said it was a comedy. 

It was mayyyyybe at a stretch a comedy noir. The twist at the end generated a legitimate guffaw, I laughed a few times…all in all it was just odd. And the evil protagonist nazi dude is one of the most revolting humans imaginable. 

So…..yeah, don’t bother. 

Saturday we were all looking forward to an evening at Kalk Bay Theatre where we were dining and then seeing Dragging 30. Lily and I had a lazy day but Norm worked hard with Mzudumo all day. He pressure hosed the back patio and they took a giant clump of agapanthus and divided them up and planted them on the little hill of bare earth. 

There was a little clump of something there until last summer but it died and has been looking sad. Our new gardening consultant Melodie gave us some suggestions.

We had our garden cleaned of overgrowth this week by Melodie’s company Ladybird Landscapes it took 3 days to get rid of it all but it is now stripped back to the basics. Now we can see where we can plant things and what is thriving. We will just fill the gaps with some color. I’m hoping Melodie will suggest some things to fill the gaps. 

Everything is blooming already.

After Norm dropped Mzudumo we all watched Scotland and Samoa in the Rugby World Cup. Scotland won which put us all on a high! 

We were unsure how dire the traffic might be as Kalk Bay has had road works forever and I’ve spent hours there previously, so we left ourselves an hour to travel as we were also not entirely sure where it was. Just as well we did as we went to the wrong theatre in Muizenberg. Not sure why some of us thought the Kalk Bay theatre would be in Muizenberg, but well, I wasn’t driving. 

We ended up at the right place finally which is right on Kalk Bay Main Road by Artvark. I love that little spot, it was closed of course as it was evening but it is full of lovely little pieces and some stunning art.

Anyway we arrived at 6.10pm as there was no traffic as we came from the Muizenberg side instead of the Fish Hoek side. We were advised to come at 6.30 to give plenty of time for dinner. 

We took selfies.

And then it started raining so we trooped inside only to be told it was too early to be allowed inside.

So we stood in the lobby and took more selfies.

The host let us pick our seats as we were so early. I think he just wanted us out of his hair.

It’s a charming, rustic little theatre. We nabbed front row centre.

Finally just before 630 we were told we could be seated and we climbed up the stairs to the upstairs dining area. There was a charming little area and I wondered why they didn’t seat us there and offer us a drink when we arrived early, especially as it was raining. But never mind. 

We instantly spotted our table.

I loved that personal touch.

The tables filled up quickly and the place had a great buzz of energy as it was booked solid. 


We were seated and given drinks and the menu to peruse. 

We all 4 ordered the Camembert to start, it was really delicious, but could have used another second or two in the oven as it was not that hot. I like mine melting and oozing. But the fig and sticky syrup were the perfect accompaniment.

All the carnivores had the fillet steak. 

The steaks were so delicious! The meat was tender and cooked to perfection. The potatoes were thoroughly cooked (that’s my pet peeve is underdone potatoes) and the sauce was divine, just a touch of chili balanced perfectly by the cream. The fresh Roma tomatoes and the spinach were perfect with it.

Caitlin had the fritters which looked delicious and she really enjoyed it. It’s nice to see an interesting vegetarian option on such a small menu. 

Usually when you dine at the theatre you only dine there because it convenient as it is at the theatre. The food is a necessary thing to do quickly before the show. This is different entirely. The food really was amazing. 

After we finished we dashed down to our seats as the show was starting. The show was about 2 thirty something women played by Genna Galloway and Natasha van der Merwe who stumble onto a fabulous drag queen. It was funny and well played. The drag queen Cadenza Jones played brilliantly by Alain Fleischmann is fabulous. 

All 3 have great voices. 

We all really enjoyed it.

 The theatre and restaurant is in such a gorgeous old building, it obviously was originally a church.  

We left before 10pm and as Lily hadn’t had a drink she drove us all home. I really had a great evening, we will definitely try this gem again. The theatre tickets were only R125 each so it’s a reasonable night out. The dinner was about R250 per head for 2 courses and a few rounds of drinks.

They had no coffee machine so we were all unable to have a coffee, that was the only disappointing thing about the whole dinner that night. And those who read my blogs know how critical I am and how easily I’m disappointed so that says a lot. 

All in all the whole night was definitely a 4.99 stars so it is to be recommended for sure. I think the shows change frequently so keep an eye out for something that intrigues you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

If you are not a southern suburb dweller (sorry for you) then you could always make a day out of it and shop, and hang out all day then have dinner and the show before trudging back over the mountain but for us lucky enough to be in Hout Bay it was pleasantly easy and a brilliant evening. 

Lazy Days

It has been rather exceptionally lucky to end up with 2 4 day weekends in one month. Even the work week flew by this week. 

Last Saturday we decided to nip out for dinner to Papino’s in Hout Bay. The Rugby World Cup has kicked off and SA were playing, so we tried to time it before the rugby viewers left the pubs and hit the restaurants. We were lucky that Caitlin was free and joined us. Especially as Norm heard a fellow scots on the other side of the restaurant and wandered off to join them.


Norm and I ordered our usual, Hollandse Biefsteak.

That ^^ is from their website. Just for laughs, here is mine of my actual plate.


We ordered mushrooms to go with it and for a change I had Portuguese chips and loved them.

Pescatarian Cait had the calamari with salad and steamed veggies.


By the way, the SA Springboks got their arse kicked by Japan. The less said about that the better. We won’t even draw attention to the fact that later in the week my beloved Scotland caused some cherry blossom damage. 

We won’t mention it. 

Not a word.

Norm and I got up and out of the house early last Sunday. We headed off to The Riverway Cafe.

We grabbed a quick Retro Roll before we did our shopping.
Such attention to detail, I do love it here.

Then once our hunger was sated we did a quick run round Pic N Pay and that night for dinner I cooked a yummy pot roast with carrots and potatoes. For Caitlin I made giant black mushrooms baked with Camembert cheese and walnuts. She threw together some salad. 

It was all rather delicious. 

The next night I shredded the rest of the beef roast and added lots of spices, made refried beans and corn and Cait made up all the toppings. Mmmmm.

 Pulled pork or beef tacos are my fave thing. 

Trust me they were better than they look.

I had another letter left on my car by my crazed religious stalker. This interaction on Twitter when I had a whine about it all made me laugh.


I hope my crazy church stalker doesn’t have Dexter tendencies. 

Tuesday night was my book club evening. It was hosted by Chris and as it was my birthday month I was given chocolate cake and a lovely voucher to a local spa. I felt very spoiled and Chris made a delicious dinner for us all. 

I went to sleep quite late so I struggled a bit on Wednesday. But it was worth it.

As Thursday was a public holiday we treated Wednesday as a holiday and had takeout pizzas. As a family we are divided in our tastes so Norm did a visit to Cassarechio as well as Mimmi To Go. Lily and Norm love the ravioli at the former and I love the unique toppings from Massimo’s via the new take out spot. 

Thursday was National Heritage Day in South Africa.  

 We had a laid back relaxing day doing not much of anything.

We had our morning coffee on the bedroom balcony.

I did make dinner that night but we didn’t do the traditional braai I just threw together some bits and pieces as Norm hates to braai. 

Friday we had plans to meet up with some friends of Norman’s sister who are over on a holiday. We collected them at their hotel in the foreshore and drove round the city to Constantia. Norm wanted to get me fed as my blood sugar was low and I was being a pain in the arse. He suggested Green’s as the food is always good there, but I thought regardless of the food, we couldn’t take overseas visitors for lunch in a strip mall and instead suggested Groot Constantia Vineyards. There are a few different restaurants there and we stopped at Jonkershuis to see if we could get a table in the sunny outside area. We were in luck and settled in and ordered a bottle of wine and perused the menu. As I knew we were going to the market later I didn’t want a big meal so both Linda and I ordered the Caesar salad.

It tasted as dismal as it looks. There was no anchovy present (nor boiled egg which usually accompanies a SA version of a Caesar) it even had ranch dressing. The lettuce was past its best and was chopped so tiny it was more like slaw in texture. The bacon was overdone, the chicken underdone. It really was dreadful.

I was so embarrassed that I had taken the mickey out of Norm for wanting to take our visitors to a strip mall and they ended up eating that?!

The only saving grace was that the men had decent food, Norm had a burger and John had the dorado.

Luckily the wine kept us smiling.


After lunch we strolled around the beautiful vineyard. 


We even saw a guy propose to his girl.


So cute. I hope she said yes.

As it was Heritage Day we were allowed to tour the winery museum for free! That was cool, we have done it before but every time I notice new things. 

After we finished our walk about we went off to Hout Bay. We drove down along the beach while we waited til the market opened at 5pm. We then parked up and wandered round to The Workspace and saw the amazing sculpture there then headed to the Bay Harbour Market and had a wander round all the lovely little stalls then grabbed a cocktail and went outside. 


I love how they have made art from nothing all all. 

The painting of Mandela is surrounded by an old drain cover. 

We hung out here for a few hours then we headed off for dinner. Linda wanted seafood, but as John had dorado for lunch he fancied a steak so we decided Pescarne would be perfect.

There was no musical accompaniment thank god, our last visit was a nightmare. We settled in and ordered more wine (poor designated driver Norm). 

The men decided to go for the special on the Ribeye, R129 for 2 350gram steaks. What a bargain!

I had the 12 queen prawns on special for R109. 
My regular readers will know that Pescarne have had an identity crisis about serving their prawns. This time there was no lemon butter on the prawns, they were a bit dry. I wish they would settle on their preferred method so I know whether to ask for butter or not. But they were nicely cooked.  Just dry.

Linda had the baby platter which she loved. Hake, mussels, calamari and prawns.


I’ve had it before it is divine, just too much for me. 

Norman had malva pudding for dessert which the others fancied so much once they tried his they had then ordered another portion.  It was beautifully and ornately presented but my phone was uncooperative and I didn’t get a pic. But they all loved it.

We had ordered takeaways for the girls and Lily came to collect them so they also had a queen prawn treat, we had home heroes come to take our friends back to the CBD and we ended up home rather exhausted from a long, fun filled day.

Saturday morning Caitlin went climbing and Lily and I hit the Pic n Pay sale, I got a shirt, some cute men’s PJs with a warm fuzzy top and 3 new pairs of pumps for work. I had a huge bag full of goodies all for R350!

We hadn’t stopped home to have breakfast so we popped into Brot the newish bakery in Mainstream mall in Hout Bay. How cute is the presentation of their product when you buy it? 


We chose the peach cake and 2 donuts. We thought the donuts would be best so ate the cake 1st. We were so mistaken, that peach cake was so moist and soft and rich. Really divine! The donuts were ok, but oh that cake! Taught us both you can’t trust appearances, we should know that,  look at my own food! 😉

We chomped away on our way off to Sable Square where we went from one end of china town to the other. I was exhausted! I did manage to find all of my bits and pieces for my Halloween outfit. We then went to Sake Sushi for the R139 all you can eat sushi deal, however every timeI go I forget that I cannot eat that much sushi and I bloody hate seaweed. I couldn’t get the attention of the chefs and the waitress didn’t come near once we were seated. Otherwise I would have ordered what I like. I didn’t fancy a lot of the stuff on the conveyer. 

Meh. I didn’t enjoy it. But it was a lovely day spent with Lily. 

Last night we stayed in and rented Unfriended which was just dreadful. A really horrendous pointless movie. Don’t bother watching it.

We ordered pizzas again (don’t look at me like that I like pizza) and of course I had Mimmi. I had the salame with jalapeños instead of the mushrooms. 

We just had a relaxing evening at home, I was too exhausted for much more!

Today Norm was sweet enough to do a run round the shops for me. I am off now to roast a gammon for dinner and then put a curry into the slow cooker for tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend all I’ve had a brilliant one!