The Kitten Whisperer


This has been another week of turmoil in South Africa. There have been protests over a few different things. Rumours are that there is another taxi strike planned for tomorrow. I will drive around the village rather than risk getting trapped like last time.

Last Wednesday there was a protest against Gender Based Violence held in various towns in SA. It was an Intersectional Women’s March and included in this protest were people protesting the violence done against all women, inclusive of all non-gender conforming people, the LGBTI community and disabled women.

Men were not welcome in the march. There are people of all genders who perpetrate and experience intimate partner and or sexual violence, however men are most often the perpetrators and women and children the victims. Despite the march clearly stating that men were not welcome, until men step up and support the initiative to prevent this violence, there is minimal chance of change or success. Men need to be role models to their children, showing them by their behaviour that violence or abuse of women and children will not be tolerated in our society.

Are you aware of these statistics provided by Safer Spaces?

  • More than half of all the women murdered (56%) in 2009 were killed by an intimate male partner.
  • Between 25% and 40% of South African women have experienced sexual and/or physical intimate partner violence in their lifetime.
  • Just under 50% of women report having ever experienced emotional or economic abuse at the hands of their intimate partners in their lifetime.
  • Between 28 and 37% of adult men report having raped a woman.
  • South Africa also faces a high prevalence of gang rape.
  • Most men who rape do so for the first time as teenagers and almost all men who ever rape do so by their mid-20s.
  • There is limited research into rape targeting women who have sex with women. One study across four Southern African countries, including South Africa, found that 31.1% of women reported having experienced forced sex.
  • Male victims of rape are another under-studied group. One survey in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape found that 9.6% of men reported having experienced sexual victimisation by another man.
  • Non-partner Structural Violence is particularly common, but reporting to police is very low. One study found that one in 13 women in Gauteng had reported non-partner rape, and only one in 25 rapes had been reported to the police.

Structural violence is “where violence is built into structures, appearing as unequal power relations and, consequently, as unequal opportunities. Structural violence exists when certain groups, classes, genders or nationalities have privileged access to goods, resources and opportunities over others, and when this unequal advantage is built into the social, political and economic systems that govern their lives.” Sadly this is a leftover of apartheid and colonialism and is still prevalent in South Africa.

I think that the concept of a Blesser is reflecting these same patterns of patriarchal hierarchy and behaviours. A “blesser” in South Africa is kind of like a sugar daddy. He’s an older man who often has multiple girlfriends he lavishes with gifts, in exchange for sex and companionship. A woman allowing a man to look after her in exchange for sex. The behaviour of women culturally conditioned to not value their body and dignity due to many years of being devalued by a nation. It is heartbreaking.

The current ruling political party does little to change these statistics and despite the ANC being in power for decades, they have not done very much to improve the lives of the poor and uneducated masses in general. A few South Africans benefit greatly from their rule and most benefit not at all.

In fact some people say that not only have they not benefited the constituents in the areas where they govern on a provincial level, but they have also done their best to make the western cape ungovernable.

Many people in the outlying areas rely on trains for getting into the city for work. There has been a rash of fires on the routes going into the city with multiple fires occurring at or near the station, fires people say were deliberately started in order to cause transport chaos as it coincides with the ongoing taxi strikes. More of an attempt to cause turmoil.

This week in a shock address to the nation, President Ramaphosa officially confirmed that the ANC-led government will change the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation. That is pretty horrendous, that the president used a public broadcast to air his views but that this is being treated as a done deal without going to court.

This means that your private property – your home, business or land – could be taken away from you without payment should the government decide that it is in the public’s best interest (whatever that means!).

Meanwhile life goes on, I get up in the dark and go to work hoping I get through to my destination with no dramas.

Norm has been looking after us and trying to keep us healthy. On Monday he cooked a yummy dinner of chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, corn on the cob, green beans and baby spinach.

On Tuesday for dinner he made fishcakes, coleslaw, mashed sweet potato and baby zucchini. That was a nice change! We tend to get into a rut and eat the same old things quite often.

Work has been busy. On Wednesday I had a workshop that lasted most of the day. It exhausted me but we were off that night to Caitlin for dinner so I perked myself up and off we went after work.

When we arrived at her flat we went in to look at her new bathroom cupboard which Norm was going to sort the handles for. While we were in there her boy cat Scout kept going into his litter box. Caitlin said ‘I think he is a bit constipated’ and without thinking I said ‘I think he has a bladder infection and we need to read about it as it can be dangerous for boy cats as they can get crystals in their urethra’. As I have never had any issues with a cat having a bladder infection or crystals I have no idea where this information came from. It kind of startled me that I said it! We then googled it and read that a bladder blockage can be fatal for a male cat and then I rang the 24 hour vet who said she must take him in that evening rather than wait overnight. Caitlin was so grateful that I was there that very night and that I directed her to the vet as she would never even have noticed his behaviour most likely.

Another of my healing whisperer moments. I am no longer questioning them. My hairdresser is Christian and she also gets The Voice and she said that she treats it as the voice of the holy spirit. I have decided to treat it as The Voice of the Great Spirit. I am still learning how to deal with this gift.

Caitlin had already made our dinner of delicious chicken curry and cauliflower rice so we quickly had dinner.

Cait then popped Scout into his carrier and shot off to the vet and Norm and I went home. Scout is still not completely well, his bladder is very inflamed. We would be happy for any prayers and healing you can send him if you are so inclined.

Driving into work on Thursday morning I had loads of police cars passing me, I think they are visibly policing to deter the taxi violence. There were rumours of a protest by the Khoisan over fishing rights being planned, but I did not hear of any evidence of it happening.

On Thursday there were lots of helicopters flying over Chapman’s Peak and we read later that they were searching for the body of the missing woman who was last seen there and had not returned home. They found her body so at least the family have some closure, I do hope it was not suicide but the rumours are that was exactly what transpired. So sad for her family regardless of how she died.

We had another long workshop on Thursday which I was facilitating and mid-workshop the fire alarm went off and we all evacuated. I took my laptop as it is my own, not my company’s. It was so hot and we were standing in the direct sun and I was wearing a giant woolly jumper and boiling with heat. After we were allowed in I ran up the 3 flights to our meeting room, wearing said jumper and carrying my laptop. I thought I might keel over by the time I got back and then had to quickly recover and start leading the meeting again.

Thursday night Norm had a meeting and had cooked chili con carne for us so I ate while he was out. He is getting to be as good at making chili as I am. I was very impressed.

Friday after work I had a hair appointment so I finished work at 3pm. I was home about 6pm and by then Lily and Josh had arrived at our place for the weekend. We let them choose the take away and as Josh was racing on Saturday they opted for Cassarechio so Josh could carbo load. We had a night relaxing and watching serial killer or murder TV shows as Lily loves that as much as I do.

Her and Josh were up and away early on Saturday and I was off to take Pixie to see David the doggy Chiropractor in Noordhoek. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, gulped a coffee and threw on some clothes without showering. I would just get full of dog hair anyway.

When I left there was a wee french bulldog who was waiting to be treated and he had such an awkward gait, I felt so sad for him. There was a dachshund being treated while we were waiting our turn and David said the dog was paralysed when he started treating her. He is a miracle worker. He has transformed Pixie’s life.

After I got home I showered and Norm and I headed off to meet our friend Annette for lunch.

She moved to Johannesburg a few years ago. I was so excited when she said she could see us.

I brought Norm along but we barely let him get a word in edgewise.

We met at The Lookout Deck which is at the harbour in my village.

It is so beautiful there even on an overcast gloomy day.

They had a special on for 1/2 a kilo of prawns with either chips or rice for R165. It sounded nice and both Annette and I ordered it.

The prawns peeled easily, were moist and full of flavour. We both got stuck in and covered in sauce and made the most of it. Yummy. Norm had the hake and chips and ate every bite.

We all fancied a sweet and ordered dessert. Annette had the creme brulee, Norm had the baked cheesecake and I had the chocolate nut sundae which was massive! I love soft serve ice cream and ate it all though!

We spent most of the afternoon there catching up and then Annette went home to spend her last evening in Cape Town with her son and daughter in law.

When we were chilling out that evening in front of a big fire, Norm heard of an issue on the radio, strapped on his bullet proof vest and headed out with the Neighbourhood Watch group as there were 6 men seen trying to enter a property. That has become a normal part of our lives as it happens several times a week. It is a strange way to live but it is necessary to help in the defense of our neighbours and boundaries.

Norm has just left now to go to another attempted break in.

Today we have been very lazy, Josh and Lily drove home and we built a big fire and have been snuggled up with me writing and Norm working until when he had to go out on the call.

I am delighted to read today that Patricia De Lille has finally resigned and the DA can start to move forward in a positive manner.

Navajo sees the doggy physiotherapist on Tuesday and hopefully she can help him with his gamey leg. Hopefully Scout improves as well and both of our babies feel some relief. I have a 4 day week at work and all manner of fun things planned which I will tell you about next time.

I wish you all a great week ahead. Until next time….

Kisses from the Kitten x0x0x0x0x0


The RBF Empath

I have always thought I was afflicted by RBF (Resting Bitch Face) because I often get told to ‘smile’ or to ‘cheer up it might never happen’ by random people on the streets.


But on the other hand I am often the receptacle of people vomiting their feelings, life history and baggage all over me with no provocation. This week I asked a colleague why does this happen after I spent about 10 minutes trapped in the kitchen at work listening to a random stranger tell me all about her issues with her weight, her divorce, her kids, her kids’ friends, her therapy……all I said to instigate this regurgitation was ‘so you are making a smoothy?’ and the flood gates were open and she was off.

My colleague says it is not my face repelling them, it is my energy welcoming them, that I am so open it allows people to feel that they can open up or get close to me. Maybe I need to learn how to shut that gate, or maybe this is what I am meant to be – an emotional dumping ground of sorts? People need to be heard and people need to get things off their chests. The only time it is really an issue is when the person dumping on you is also draining your own energy. I call these people ’emotional vampires’ as they end up sucking all of the life force out of you and filling the empty space with their darkness. I tend to avoid these people or to cover myself with spiritual protection if I know I will have to be around them.

Then another friend reminded me that I am an empath. People are drawn to an empath, what the hook is I am still not clear on – what do they see?

As a Virgo I cannot sit and listen quietly to issues, I have to tell them how to fix their problem. Or maybe it is not my Virgoness but rather the increase in testosterone brought on by Menopause? You know how men cannot just receive info, they have to fix it?

Who knows. So many of us are so damaged by life.

This week has flown by in a blink of an eye! Maybe it was because in SA we were all on a post march high. Social media was full of protest pictures and I was so pleased by the vast turn out across the entire country. The best photo I saw of the protest march was the pic below by Peter Greenwall that was shared on Facebook. This image sums up Cape Town to me, all races and religions in unity against a common cause.

President Zuma as always seemed to miss the point of the protests or at least to pretend to in order to convince his more naïve constituents that they are in danger of apartheid rearing it’s head again. He tried to say that the march was a racist protest. He obviously missed seeing all of the images on social media and the news which disproved his statements, or he blatantly chose to ignore the truth. Even with just a 6th grade education, he could have just looked at the pictures in the newspapers?

zuma protest

But life goes on and corruption thrives.

As always, despite it being Saturday I woke up really ridiculously early, partly due to the intense heat. I dared to venture out of bed to have a wee and was greeted by this when I got back to bed. Cheeky little monkeys.

I had an appointment early on Saturday to get the colour on my roots topped up at Mop Hair. Our house is always rife with chaos and noise on a Saturday due to the dogs barking insanely at every car, cat or gardener who dares navigate up or down our road, or at every leaf drifting around the garden. They were so boisterous I decided to leave half an hour early and sit on the salon sofa reading magazines and sipping cappuccino rather than listen to them. I tootled off and left Norm to deal with the little buggers.

When I got home I was ravenous and the smell of bacon came wafting out to the garage to greet me. My darling hubby had made breakfast for him and Mzudumo and he quickly whipped some up for me too when I got in.

I am such a lucky woman. ❤

That evening it was still so incredibly hot and humid so we decided to go out for dinner somewhere that we could sit outside. We decided to have dinner at The Lookout Deck in Hout Bay at the harbour.


We nabbed a table under cover with a lovely view of the harbour.

They were having a special on a seafood platter and I thought it sounded delicious so I went for that. It was about R250 if you included the prawns, just under R200 without the prawns. The platter consisted of a whole hake fillet, mussels in sauce, fried calamari and either rice or chips.

Norm decided on the grilled Calamari and as he is almost always virtuous in his food choices, he had it with veggies.

We did not have a terribly late night out, we were home in time to relax at home with the pups. We still stayed up far too late just pottering around.

I woke on Sunday starving as always after I have eaten sugar the night before. I also had a Kahlua dom pedro after my dinner so I had carbs and sugar both. Oops.

I drafted Norm to do a shop and Caitlin came to help me cook. I was craving Eggs Benedict but wanted to stay low carb. Instead of using bread or a muffin we made cheesy zucchini fritters, then topped them with poached eggs, bacon and avocado ‘sauce’.

It was so tasty! I used my egg poaching cups from Yuppiechef.


As usual I did not use a recipe for my fritters, I just ad-libbed. I grated 3 baby zucchinis, added 2 eggs, a big handful of grated cheese and sprinkled with almond flour until it had the right consistency then fried little drops of the batter in coconut oil and butter until golden brown.


We had a relaxing day, I sat out in the garden with the dogs watching them be silly.  Pixie could play ball all day should someone be bothered to chase her down to wrestle it from her mouth. She wants it kicked but does not want to let it go. Sometimes Nav teases her by running off with it, expecting her to give chase.


We were invited to a braai with friends later in the afternoon last Sunday. It was a lovely relaxing evening, despite the cool wind that came up.

Obligatory braai selfy while wearing a dozen layers of clothing:

One of the discussions that we had at the braai was around gender roles. Norm and I do not adhere to gender roles, if anything our roles are almost reversed. I do almost no housework other than the occasional kitchen clean up. It is a running joke in our family that I cannot even turn on the hoover or the washing machine (which is more or less true).

My friend Pierre used to say the most used item in my kitchen was the phone which was used to order take out. 🙂 I do probably cook the majority of our meals, but Norm never has an issue if I say I am tired,  he is always willing to cook or pick up a take away. I never get pressure to conform to what society dictates a woman’s role must be.

I had bought a roast to make for last Sunday’s dinner but as we went to the braai I decided to do a pot roast in the slow cooker overnight while we slept. I chucked in a silverside beef roast, a packet of carrots, a chopped onion and a tin of cream of mushroom soup with 2 cups of beef broth, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

When I got home on Monday I made steamed broccoli and fondant sweet potatoes to go with it.

It was delicious and there was plenty left to make into Mexican food the next night. I shredded the meat, removing all of the fat and icky bits, then added the spices and a bit of water and simmered it all. I made the provolone ‘tortillas’ without baking paper but they did not stick to the tray luckily. There seems to have been some international coup on baking paper as the shops are still empty. I just made salad to go with it and fried some slices of red pepper and onion until brown.

Mexican w roast.png

We have had a few days of intense rain in Cape Town, hopefully this starts to top up our empty dams.

The latest update in regards to the twins Maximo and Octavia who were murdered by their Spanish father when visiting them in Hout Bay on holiday is that he has still not been charged as he has been hospitalised with an abdominal injury.  Rumours are that he harmed himself while in custody.

They have finally published the father’s name and that he is a dentist. His name is Mario-César Deus Yela, and he is said to be 48 years of age.

I still feel such pain in my heart for the mother, Julia Engelhorn, and other family members, there is another sibling who was physically unharmed, however the damage to his heart and soul is unquantifiable. How traumatic for the entire family. I wish them comfort and peace and I hope that justice is served.

They were such beautiful children.

octavia maximo

The work to get our local township back on track from the recent fires continues. Part of Imizamo Yethu was declared a disaster area. Relocation camps are being built to replace tents for hundreds of Hout Bay fire families and temporary housing will finally be available for some people affected by the fire. I hope it happens quickly, living in the tents with hundreds of others must be hell on earth.

Today is my last day of work until next week, I have 4 delicious days of relaxation in store for me. I have a few activities planned, but all in all it is a bit of much needed down time.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend x

Hot Child in the City

 I am a firm believer that tempestuous weather leads to tempestuous actions and it’s been a hot week in both temperature and temperament in South Africa. The temps were high and the wind was howling a few days. Add to the mix the movement by the University students protesting the high cost of university education and it’s a volatile situation.

The marching and protests were at all of the universities and across all cities. There was even global support with London and NY marching. On my way to the car after work a cavalcade of police cars raced past and then the next thing I was in the midst of the march.  There were probably a breadth of 10 or more young people striding past shouting, blowing whistles and dancing. They were marching to the Houses of Parliament but were met with very aggressive police action. 

The students were angry at the Universities themselves until a sneaky video was released on Wednesday of the moronic uneducated Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande saying ‘if the students don’t accept this, we’ll start our own movement. Students must fall’ before he burst out laughing. This video was published and went viral. This resulted in drawing the attention to the governing party the ANC rather than the Universities. The ANC have been our governing party since Mandela led the Revolution and defeated apartheid.

The thing that most of the anti-ANC people can’t understand is why people who vote them into power yet who are struggling with poverty do not vote in another party.

The majority of voters are afraid to turn away from the party that freed them from the shackles of apartheid, but they are questioning why the promises made by the ANC are still out of reach, dangling like a carrot on a string held out to keep them voting. 

The people are hungry, they want that carrot. 

Add to the lack of life changes for the majority of the SA population post apartheid, the ‘born free’ generation has a 40-45% unemployment rate. Many companies out source their labour. The high cost of tertiary education means that only 7% of people in SA have a university degree. 

This is the generation to have complete unity in SA, where the kids have grown up in multicultural classes. They had a rainbow assortment of friends, were exposed to many cultures and religions. These students stood together regardless of religion or race. The students made a wall of people to protect the Muslims who had prayers on Friday.


And they held hands in unity.

They were successful of sorts in that they had promises from the government that there will be 0% fee increases next year. However that doesn’t provide a viable solution the the problem of inaccessibility to education for the majority of South Africans. 

A long term goal of free education is needed. The good thing is the people now have their eyes opened to the bloat and greed of the ANC. Let’s hope the DA can win over enough trust to be our chosen government.

Education of our youth is our only hope. 

Of course Nzimande has stated he has no idea how to fund this 0% increase. The ANC really demonstrate they are incapable of governing.

It was a busy week but I popped by and did a bit of a shop on my way home from work last Monday in order to try and make sure I cooked at home at least a few nights. Monday I made pork chops in a rich spicy tomato sauce, baked potatoes, fried mushrooms and artichokes with melted butter. It was really yummy.

Tuesday we had book club at Dawn and she served chicken with wraps and apple crumble. I had already planned our dinner for Wednesday so I ended up having Mexican 2 days in a row. In fact after you add in my usual Friday lunch time treat with my friend Helen at Tortilla Modern Mexican by my office and I was on Mexican overload. But as I love Mexican it’s not a complaint.

Thursday night we had brinner (breakfast for dinner) so I made southern fried potatoes, grilled bacon, an omelette stuffed with spinach leaves and sharp cheddar cheese, and mushrooms for Caitlin. It was a heart attack on a plate but damn it was tasty. 

On Friday morning Lily took Pixie back to the chiropractor again and she seems to be benefiting from it.

Afterwards all 3 of the doggies went to the groomer so we have a few days where the house doesn’t reek of dog. But it doesn’t last. Oh well. I love my beasties. 

Speaking of smells. As you may remember the dogs are on a raw diet. This week they got duck egg omelette when we picked up their food and ohhhh my word we have nearly died of dog fart inhalation syndrome.

Jeez Louise. 

Anyway. The joys.

Friday we just chilled at home after a busy week, Josh came down for the weekend so we ordered pizzas from Mimmi To Go. Norm and I were both pretty much snoozing in front of the telly, I was very tired. 

The dogs hoped a bit of crust might come their way. 

Saturday we had Mzudumo in so we popped into Earthworx Nursery and bought some plants to go in our newly tidied front garden area. 


Of course the dogs were a big help.

It looks nice and soon we hope the flowers will spread a bit and the empty bed fill in with some colour. This was R500 worth of flowers, a whole trolley full, but it all just disappeared in the big bed. We still have to cover it with mulch.


Saturday afternoon we watched the South Africa Vs New Zealand Rugby World Cup game. I expected the boks to do much worse, but they seemed well matched as the scores stayed even, despite the boys losing in the end. 

Today we had a long lazy morning in bed and headed out for a late breakfast about noon. We decided to try the new Allegria at Mainstream Mall in Hout Bay.

  It’s such a relief that the road is now open! The roadworks is still in place but traffic can flow.

We sat outside as there were no ashtrays so we hoped that meant they were going to adhere to the law and not allow smoking. That was why we stopped going to the previous venue, Gabriella’s. If you sat inside you smelled of bacon frying and if you sat outside you were surrounded by smoke. 

Today was a muggy but cool day and perfect for sitting outside. The intense heat of last week has eased up. As always in this wee village we saw quite a few people we know and Norm ran off for a few chats.

We were attended to quickly and we ordered a cappuccino while we looked at the menu. The coffees arrived quickly and were perfection, not burnt, not bitter, just creamy and rich with a sprinkling of cocoa. A really excellent cappuccino. Yum. I almost ordered 2 but I’m so sensitive to caffeine I would have been able to levitate round the shops.

Norm ordered the Grande at R68 which was 2 eggs done as you preferred, bacon, a tasty beef sausage, a fried tomato, fried mushrooms, toast and jam.

I had my usual Eggs Benedict. It was R65 with bacon.
My eggs were done exactly as I asked, soft centre and no slimy whites. My bacon was perfectly crisp. I was interested in how the sourdough bread would work as a base but I really liked the dense texture and it was toasted nice and crisp the way I like my toast. It was as if I made it myself and that is a compliment in that it was exactly how I liked it, not a boast as I would never be able to achieve that perfection myself! I loved the hollandaise, it had a lightly lemon tang, nice and creamy and rich. So divine. 

The owner or manager came over and said hello and made sure we were well looked after, she was a great host.

We really enjoyed our meal and as we were parked there decided to do a shop at Woolworths rather than Pic n Pay. We did a huge shop as we were out of everything and headed home. 

Norm has had a day of ticking lots of items off of my honey do list, on top of all of the gardening he has changed 2 locks and hung a mirror and put up the mask the girls bought for me. 

We will watch the rugby later on as Australia and Argentina are playing. 

I’m going to roast a silverside roast and veggies. I got sweet potato instead of the usual delicious normal potato roasties as I’m going to try and reduce my carbs and exercise a bit as I need to get healthier. So the family must support that and suffer with me.  😉

This weekend has flown by as always – life marches on. Enjoy yours.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I was lucky to have 3 lunch dates this week! My financial investments guy popped by to update me on things on Monday, Thursday my friend Di was in town dropping off her Cushi’s at Spree. She messaged me and I popped down to meet her, then Norm messaged me Friday to say he was in town and could he take me for lunch. I felt very spoiled! It makes the day so much more bearable to get out of that office. We have a wee cafe right round the corner and I can pop out, eat and be back at my desk in half an hour so it is perfect.

Friday I had been told to be on stand by that evening as we were doing a data load and as the BA I have to do the testing. Luckily the team got the data to me early and I had a bit of help from the other BA and managed to get away just after 5. As we are not extracting we shouldn’t be working over but I’m not the lead or PM so not my circus…I am just the monkey,

Norm and I had an evening on our own as the girls were out but as we were both tired we ordered in take aways from Spiro’s and just chilled out watching nonsense on Telly and playing on our iPads. The animals were happy to have us home. It’s cosy staying in with my hubs.

We had decided to hit the Ford and the Nissan dealers on Saturday morning so we hopped out of bed and headed off to town.


We stopped at Jason’s Bakery for a takeaway chocolate croissant for our breakfast and went to the Nissan dealer to check out the Juke. They have one in the range I want but it’s a manual. I want an automatic. I’ve always had a manual, but going up and down mountains is doing my head in. I wanna cruise and not shift! They put my lovely lil Peugeot onto the racks to check her out, and took down the info on what I want. They will email me the details of the deal they are willing to make. We then ended up surrounded by protesters on a march. Apparently there were about 3k people there, it was quite intimidating but the vibe was non-violent, just intense. It was the march in support of Palestine, ‘United For Gaza’.


We then managed to take a back road to get to the Ford dealer. He had a nice lower range of car on the court in the colour I want, dark grey.. But it’s a bit basic. The Juke feels fancier but it’s lots more expensive.

Here’s a nice vid showing both.

juke vs ecosport

By now the march was trailing off.


The salesman seemed to steer me off the idea of an automatic, the fact the Ford Ecosports have a 2-7 month waiting list pretty much knocked them out the running. I like the look of the juke I must say. Very sporty.

We had a few random bits we needed so stopped off and did some shopping at Constantia Village. While there I saw a woman shop lifting in Pic n Pay.. I told the manager who kept an eye on her but ultimately she left without being approached by anyone. Nice. We all pay the price of her theft,

We then decided to stop for a sandwich on our way out of the shops as it was late afternoon. A new place has opened, or else the old place freshened itself up. But the menu is also new and I don’t remember the name ‘Tiffany’s’. It’s cream and turquoise, my favorite colours.

I suspect they called it Tiffany’s just so they could say ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ on the menu.


We ordered a coffee and a soft drink and they took ages to arrive. We ordered sandwiches and fries and then waited about another 40 minutes for those to arrive. Mine was minus fries. So off she went to get more. I had ordered a roast beef wrap only to be told they stopped doing wraps as they kept tearing. Okayyyyy. I ordered it on a baguette and as it was so simple I was surprised it took so long.

It was overwhelmingly coated in huge blobs of pesto. I didn’t notice it had pesto written in the description or I would have asked for it without. It wasn’t nice, but then I detest pesto. The meat was gorgeous however – tender and pink. It was great. The bread was fresh. But overall I would not recommend this place. The function of a shopping mall cafe is to stop, eat, shop, go. You don’t want to linger for an hour to get a basic sandwich.


We decided to do date night Saturday night and booked at our fave burger joint Ragafellow’s. We stopped on the way to order pizzas for Norms volunteers and Norm went in to order but when he came outside to get his phone the phone started to ring. It was Caitlin saying the prepaid electricity had just ran out. I tried talking her through logging onto my iPad, realised there was no wifi then realised I had left my phone charging at home, so talked her through that. But we had a crapberry bad connection and I could barely hear her. So we kept losing connection. It was impossible. We agreed to go and get a voucher at the shop and after he sorted the pizza order we shot off to the shop, got a voucher and sent the number for her to enter.

Crisis over we went off to Ragafellows, by now we were about 25 minutes late for our booking. But as we are regulars we assumed we would get a call if there was an issue. We walked in to be told that our table had been given away. We were so looking forward to a bit of stress free relaxing this was the last thing we needed. But the chefs wife was the host on duty and she made a plan and made up a table, but it was right by her desk and the door so she promised to move us when possible. We ordered and started on our cocktail and wine and then a table opened up.

We moved to a lovely corner for our usual starter of fish croquettes and crispy calamari. Gorgeous as always.


We then had our main, I had the 200g fillet and Norm the 300g fillet. The 300g is R149 with sauce, smashed roast new potatoes, and a few roast veg bits.


Mine was perfectly cooked and incredibly tender. A beautiful consistency. I liked that it comes with a sauce in a cute wee bowl. Comparing this in price to Peddlar’s On The Bend for example, where the fillet is R165 for a 280g, plus an additional R19 for a sauce, the value to me is clearly better at Ragafellows. For us the additional value is it’s closer. And owned by wonderful people. So tick, tick tick of the boxes!

We skipped dessert and stopped off for Magnum bars for ourselves and Caitlin. We came home and relaxed.

Today we were booked into Quentin’s at the Oakhurst Barn. We have tried to get there 3 times, the 1st my friends car was broken into, the next my other friend couldn’t make it, then we were unavailable. Finally today we made it, but almost didn’t as we were greeted at the door by Quentin who looked at his clipboard and said we had only booked for 3. We told him we had booked for 6, but my daughter wasn’t with us so it would be 5. He seemed a bit panicky and said they were booked solid. A waiter came up who checked the list and said we were indeed booked for 6 people. Phew. Glad someone knew what was going on! We were seated and our friends arrived soon after. It was great to see them, it’s been ages since I saw Caroline.

The Sunday lunch is a carvery.

I chose the mussels and they were nice. I could have eaten twice as many as I had but they were tender, not chewy and the sauce was really nice. The bread was heavy and warm and delicious. It almost had a slightly sweet element and we smothered it with the slabs of room temperature butter from a dish on the table. It’s so pleasant to not have frozen butter ripping your bread to shreds so well done on that one whether intentional or just luck of having such a beautiful stunning winters day.

For main it’s all set out on a table and you go up and serve yourself or they serve some things. There is a roast of the day, today was a tender, perfectly cooked beef roast and roast chicken complete with a nice sagey stuffing. As sides there is big fluffy Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, roast sweet potato, creamed spinach, peas and carrots and a delicious rich gravy to top it off. The menu said cauliflower cheese but there was none when we went up. It was all perfectly cooked, the portions ok, I would have liked a bit more meat however. The other issue was that it was a bit tepid in temperature by the time you shuffle along the queue and get seated. Personally I would have people stay seated and let them choose the starter and dessert and just serve people consistent plates of food at their table. More like the Sunday roast at Treetops at Silvermist I liked that set up.

But the food was nicely seasoned and well cooked.

You went up to queue 3 times, once for each course. So up we went for dessert.

I detest trifle so I chose bread and butter pudding and thank you baby Jesus it didn’t have raisins. Raisins are the work of the devil. Who was the first person who was so hungry they said ‘I’ll just eat these grapes which have dried in the sun to a hard withered tick like object’. Yum. Makes me shiver.


I digress.

The bread pudding was slightly burnt and black on the edges and there wasn’t much custard on the go for me but they topped up by the time Norm was being served so I have taken the blog pic of his, it looked more appealing. It tasted ok, but the burnt bits were too hard to crack with a spoon,

I thought it needed a bit more flavour. As Norm sad it was more bread than pudding.

Anyway I will go back on an evening so I can try ala carte as I saw scallops which are my fave thing. I liked the decor it is stunning.


I had a great weekend and I’m trying to be positive on the work front that something shifts there. I’m sending out my cv and hoping for a bite soon. Hopefully this week I will buy a new car. I’m feeling ready for change.