Music & Cocktails

This weekend we really enjoyed watching Glastonbury live via our BBC iPlayer. We try to catch the key acts every year, however until this year it was only available once they were on YouTube. We can now watch real time via streaming. On Friday evening we  loved the set by The Pretenders, it is hard to believe that Chrissie Hynde is 65 years old, unlike many aged artists she has not lost any of her vocal abilities.


We also really enjoyed Radiohead. They sound exactly the same as they always did too they just look a bit older (as do we all).

Saturday we watched some new artists and a few others, but my fave was Katy Perry. Her shows are always so fun to watch. Her dancers were dressed in all manner of silly headdresses which made it interesting. Sunday night we watched Ed Sheeran. I do love Ed Sheeran but am not a fan of his ‘rapping’. It does not sit nicely on him. I prefer his folky / pop songs.

It was freezing cold and I was wearing about 5 layers of clothes, a furry blanket and snuggling an animal or 2 while watching in front of a roaring fire. It felt funny to see people who were attending the festival in shorts and t-shirts looking hot and flustered.

Saturday I had a busy schedule. First thing that morning I had a follow up session at Skin in Hout Bay for the laser treatments I am having. It was a small area we are working on so I was in and out and back home quick sticks.

I had a bit of time before my next appointment so I made a HFLC breakfast for Norm, Caitlin and I. I added feta, cheddar and cilantro to the omelette. I love salsa even though it is not banting if store bought, but I added it to mine. The bacon was preservative free.

Norm was busy painting the pantry ceiling & Caitlin has been busy renovating some tables for her new flat so our house has a lot of painting going on. She had bought the tables on a local Facebook group where people sell off their bits and pieces of furniture and used clothing. She got them very cheap and they are solid wood. She sanded them down and is busy painting them white. She has replaced the glass tops with adorable wall tiles. Her furniture is all white, grey or blue so these will be perfect.

Cait Tables

Excuse my big boot in the pic, oops. They are not finished so this is a pic of them in the garage.

I then had an appointment at the hairdresser Saturday afternoon. My hairdresser Leandra has moved to a new venue in Cape Town city centre and I was not 100% sure where it was so I gave myself an hour to get parked and find it. I am glad I did as the street signs were very misleading. I cannot parallel park so I parked up a few blocks away from Church Street and walked down. I knew I was looking for number 66 and the street sign pointed towards the mountain for numbers below 84 so off I trudged in that direction. I got into the 1st bit of road which was quite dark as the sun was blocked by the buildings and I came face to face with a dude with his penis in his hand. I think he was having a pee, however I did not stop to find out. I crossed over to the other side of the road but he had already seen me and he shouted out to me and waved his willy in my general direction, looking rather disappointed that I was not keen on a close up. This was rather frightening as we were the only 2 people anywhere to be seen. If he had pursued me I would have been in a spot of bother. I kept moving quickly and he went off in the direction I had just come from and so we went our separate ways. I got to the main road and realised that I had ran out of buildings and was obviously going the wrong way, so I turned around and headed back in the direction I had come from but luckily he had moved out of sight.

Eventually I found the spot for the new salon and climbed upstairs and settled in.


I had my hair coloured and trimmed and then I offered the hairdressers assistant Thembi a lift home. Thembi shared with me that she is so excited that her daughter was coming soon for a visit. She has been living in the Eastern Cape with her grandfather and aunts. She had been getting in with a bad crowd when living here in Cape Town and so Thembi sent her off to school there. It is so hard for parents who work to keep an eye on their teens and all it takes is getting in with a bad crowd and then there is trouble. We discussed how her kids have been so much more privileged than she was growing up and how they take this for granted. I think if you have never been hungry, you cannot conceptualise it or appreciate how blessed you are to not have to worry about your next meal.

Norm and I had a date night on Saturday and went out for dinner to Papino’s which is one of our faves in the winter. They had a roaring fire and it was nice and cosy.

We both ordered our usual, the Hollandse Biefstuk which is a pan-fried beef fillet with mushrooms flambéed with brandy at R172. We had Portuguese chips with it which are like thick home made potato chips (or crisps to you brits.) We shared an order of their fried mushrooms.

We even had a bit of dessert and squeezed in a cheeky Malva pudding. Described as ‘Served Home-made, warm Cape pudding served with vanilla ice-cream or cream’ it costs R45.

On Sunday while Norm was continuing working on painting the kitchen I lazed about and finished the last few episodes of OITNB which left me emotional and wound up so I then watched a couple of films while slow cooking a pot roast for dinner that evening. I picked random films I thought would not interest Norm as I prefer to save those we both are keen on to watch together.

First I watched Brain on Fire which is based on a real life event.

brain on fire

It was pretty good, if a bit intense. I give it 3.5 Kitten Stars.

Next I watched Captain Fantastic just because I was intrigued by the cover pic.

capn fantastic

I did not even look at the cast list beforehand and I only realised the lead was played by Viggo Mortensen when he shaved his beard about 3/4 of the way through the film as he is thin as a whippet in this film and far from his usual handsome self. I really loved this movie. I laughed out loud, I sobbed with heartbreak and I sat amazed and breathless. It was riveting and very emotionally gut-wrenching.

I give it a full 5 Kitten Stars.

Once Norm finished painting he joined me in the lounge and he built us a big cosy fire.

By then my beef roast was ready.

I had cooked carrots in the sauce with the roast and to go with it I steamed broccoli and made fondant sweet potatoes. It was rather delicious if I say so myself.

The following night I started our dinner before Vanessa arrived to do my pedicure to save a bit of time later. I cleaned the fat layer off of the roast from the previous night and shredded the meat, chopped the carrots and put it with the sauce from the pot roast into a casserole dish and heated it in the oven. Norm peeled and thinly sliced the remainder of the sweet potatoes and layered with cream and mozzarella cheese and we baked this too. It was delicious and perfect for a cold night.

Roast 2nds.png

It even stretched until lunch on Tuesday!

Monday morning I had an appointment to see the ENT specialist my GP had recommended. She is in the new Christian Barnard Hospital at the foreshore so I walked over from my office. It is about a 10 minute walk so was very easy. The new hospital is stunning, bright and clean. I hope it stays that way.

I liked the ENT. She was very approachable and seemed to find me funny. She did an ultrasound check of my ears and discovered my middle ear is full of fluid. She sprayed a bit of anaesthetic up my nose followed by a scope and discovered I have a deviated septum. She could see the scar tissue from all of my childhood issues with my ears. I missed so much school as a child due to chronic ear infections. She also noted the scarring of my oesophagus from acid reflux. It was like a psychic doctor asking about stuff from my past which I had not mentioned. She has given me a list of things to do twice a day. First I have to wash out my sinuses with a salt water solution, followed by a nasal spray to open my sinuses, then turn my head upside down and drop in a steroid and antibiotic mix which is actually eye drops. Then I must do the Valsalva manoeuvre. The Valsalva manoeuvre is performed by moderately forceful attempted exhalation against a closed airway, usually done by closing one’s mouth, pinching one’s nose shut while pressing out as if blowing up a balloon.


All of this will be done twice a day for 2 weeks and then I must go back to see if it is resolved. It is a mission and rather awkward to achieve in the mornings before work as I leave so early.

After work last night we were invited to a cocktails evening at Retha’s. She has a friend Jennifer who is working on the yachts in Europe who wanted to practice her cocktail skills. Here is our lovely bartender with a round of cosmos.


I was willing to be a guinea pig as I love cocktails.

We got to choose a few different cocktails for Jennifer to make and I asked for a pina colada. They were divine!

She made a few different ones. I am not a fan of mint so I skipped the mojito round.

We had been nibbling on cheese and nuts and homemade bread but eventually we decided we needed proper food and we ordered Thai food on OrderIn.

We ended the night on a round of chili chocolate tequila drinks.

chili choc martini

It was so delicious.

cocktails me.jpg

Dunno what Norm is up to in the background? Trying to drag me off home most likely as he was driving and not cocktailing.

We did not stay late but all those different cocktails meant I suffered a bit on Wednesday morning. But it was worth it as it was a fun evening.

I have a few fun events coming up this weekend. We are going to the winter warmer special at La Mouette on Saturday so I am very excited about that.



It is one of our favourite restaurants in all of Cape Town.

Sunday I have a drum circle to attend. I have booked to attend a workshop late July to make my own drum which I am so excited about. I have asked for a hartebeest skin rather than a goat skin as the colour is much richer. I thank the animal who shall give his skin to my drum.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend. Much love.



This has been a rather eventful few days in South Africa. None of the events were good, in fact it felt a bit like Armageddon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing on the agenda of the gods is a Zombie Apocalypse. I refuse to eat brains, I only have a tazer and an axe for defence, and I am the slowest one in my family and therefore first on the menu so I certainly hope it does not come to that.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Caitlin and I worked from home on Wednesday as the storm due to hit the Western Cape was expected to be fierce. The predictions were correct as the wind howled, the sea churned and the rain poured down.

The damage we suffered was minor compared to many people. Norm had spent the day moving all of the garden furniture and garden ornaments into the flat at the back of our house so that they would not be airborne. Late morning Caitlin’s bedroom window started rattling and we realised that one of the panes was about to fall out and we had to call in an emergency repair guy which cost us R850 for 10 minutes work. That is only a temporary measure as they could not safely get onto a ladder to repair it and just secured it until the weather clears. We did not want to leave it though as the wind was howling into Caitlin’s room and it was really icy cold.

We are having someone in to quote for repairing the putty around all of our wooden framed windows. Wood framed windows look lovely but require a lot of maintenance, especially by the coast.

The day before the storm hit the sky in Cape Town was spectacular.

Image Credit.

The sky was dark and dreary from my balcony.

our storm

Later we saw on social media that  some of the new shacks which were still being built for the people who had lost their homes in the recent fire in IY were damaged.

Then we heard that a tree was down on the only road out of our suburb.

It was removed quite quickly by the local garden centre, Earthworx Garden World.

I settled in to get some work done but we had no wifi for sending or receiving emails, but luckily I had all of my data on my laptop and did not need to connect to a database or communicate with the team.

I did have my faithful companion Panda as my work colleague.

As the day went on and the storm built up in strength we saw many pictures & videos on social media of the chaos that was going on along the seafront.


This is the beach nearest my home, it is about 5 minutes from our house.


Three Anchor Bay slip way disappeared under foam & water. Everyone was advised to keep away from the Sea Point /Mouille Point Promenade. (photo credit from Jacques Weber JDW)

But typical of the South African resilient spirit, there were some people such as windsurfer Jake Kolnik who chose to risk their lives and ride the waves.


By the end of the day we heard that 8 people had died.

Later we heard the horrific news that a fire was raging out of control in the Garden Route where my son and daughter both live and that the entire area was being evacuated.

We saw some terrifying images on social media.

We saw heart-breaking photos of animals running from the heat of the fire and later those who survived but seemed to have lost their families. I hope this baboon is not injured and that his troop just scattered and that he finds them again.


There are still wild elephants roaming the Knysna forest which has mostly burned down, I hope they made it to safe ground.

We later heard that a family had been killed in the fire. Madre Johnston, 33, her husband Tony, 34, and their son Michael all perished. Madre, the mother was 8 months pregnant and they were celebrating their 3 year old child’s birthday. So tragic.


Today the news is that a fire-fighter has died from damages sustained in the fire and another is in critical condition with 50% burns over his body. This brings to five the number of fatalities as a result of the fire.

There is a suspicion that the fires were a result of arson as there were at least 26 different fires that were being fought. What type of person does this knowing the devastation it will cause?

The after pics are so sad. So many people have lost everything.

The fires were near my son’s house but luckily he is safe. The fires are still burning and the firemen and women are still fighting to keep them under control. I pray for all of those who were affected and all of those who are still in danger. 

Meanwhile, life goes on. Norm has been doing a bit of painting in the newly renovated kitchen. And then yesterday the electricians from Thomas Electrical in Hout Bay came and installed my new light fittings. There are 2 of the smaller 3 light fixtures on the upstairs and downstairs landings and there are now 2 of the 5 light fixtures in the dining room and the lounge. They go so well with the curtain rails and the stair railings. I did not like the old fixtures that were there when we bought the house so I am very pleased to have these which match.

lights all.png

The weather is freezing cold but despite this menopause overruled my senses and I slept with my fan on Wednesday night and I woke with my neck literally frozen. I could not move my head and so after work I managed to get an appointment to see an acupuncturist at the Hout Bay Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic. He did both acupuncture and cupping which did give me a bit of relief from the spasms in my neck but it did not resolve the locked neck. Now I am even struggling to open my mouth as well as turn my head.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my chiropractor in Noordhoek and hopefully that will sort me out properly.

Tonight Norm is looking after me and we are relaxing in front of a roaring fire.

In the meantime please keep the victims of the Cape Storm and Knysna fire in your thoughts and pray for the fire-fighters and the homes still at risk.


Finally An Angel

This has been such a stressful week for me. Like most introverts I do not enjoy change or new situations. I know I do not behave like your typical introvert as I am bolshy and opinionated, but I cringe at people asking me questions about myself or trying to communicate with me if we do not have an existing relationship. My Mom has said that I just spent too long out of Georgia and too long with the typically stoic Brits and it made me snobby. Southerners will chat to perfect strangers, no problem. I can do so depending on my mood, so maybe I am just a moody cow?

This week I had validation of one of my ‘messages‘ from the Universe/Spirit Guide. The friend I recently ‘heard’ in my head was looking for a new job has resigned. It wasn’t a surprise seeing as the Universe had already told me this was going to happen. However it was a surprise because I DID hear it in my head. Crazy heh? I wish her well as she got a huge increase with her new job and it is a great opportunity for her.

I saw an interesting article about healers. It gave the following list as ‘Signs you might be a healer’ and I tick the majority of them, I have added comments on some of these:

  1. You are highly sensitive to energy.
  2. You feel other people’s emotions and physical ailments as your own (empath). (This really affects me – I absorb other emotions and it really stresses me out, this is hard for non-empaths to understand.)
  3. You are intuitive and can read others very easily.
  4. You are a “big picture” thinker and don’t concern yourself too much with the details. (Not this one, my Virgoness overrules this as I am indeed a details girl.)
  5. You have gone through bouts of existential depression. (If I allow myself to feel the crisis of our globe or the pain of the masses, it drops me to a place I struggle to get out of.)
  6. You have felt like an outcast for most of your life.
  7. You think differently from others. (One of my best skills as an analyst, I approach problems differently than the other people on my team.)
  8. You get overwhelmed in public easily. (I can panic if surrounded by too many people, if they are touching me due to crowding I go a bit crazy. Concerts can be a nightmare for me but I try not to let it impact my life.)
  9. You have struggled with anxiety or panic before. (Regular readers hear allll about this often.)
  10. You are the natural peacemaker between people. (Not usually, I might be the one stirring it up.)
  11. You are the confidant that people turn to in times of need.
  12. You experience digestive issues, lower back pain or gain weight around the stomach (solar plexus chakra disorders). (All of the above.)
  13. You feel drained after spending too much time around people
  14. Sensitive beings like animals and children gravitate towards you.
  15. Other people tend to “dump” their emotional baggage onto you to deal with. (refer to many previous blogs.)
  16. You think in shades of grey rather than in black and white.
  17. You are very aware of the interconnectedness of life and deeply respect it.
  18. You believe in synchronicity more than coincidences.
  19. You have a history of healers in the family, e.g. nurses, psychologists, massage therapists. (I do not – however I do believe I am descended from White Buffalo Woman, the greatest healer.)
  20. You’ve experienced a major trauma in your life, e.g. loss of your family, life-threatening illness, near death experience, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, war, mental illness. (I tick a lot of these unfortunately, but what did not break me has only made me stronger.)
  21. You’ve gone through a spiritual awakening. (It is happening NOW.)
  22. You’ve experienced the dark night of the soul.
  23. You tend to use the right side thinker more than a left side thinker. (I am a balance between the two.)
  24. You experience chronic pain in your body or an autoimmune disease (energetic blockages). (I work on energy rebalancing and unblocking.)
  25. You are EMF sensitive (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).
  26. You tend to attract people who need “fixing” but often get trapped in self-sacrificing roles. (Nope, I am not a co-dependant sort and have little patience for those who dwell in their misery or pain.)
  27. You’re an excellent and compassionate listener. (I need to work on this, my attention span is too short.)
  28. You are naturally drawn towards healing professions that help others experience balance and wholeness.
  29. You can feel, distinguish between and alter the energy within and without yourself.
  30. You have had numerous mystical experiences. (More than most for sure!)

I know I am going down the path that The Great Spirit and my ancestors wish for me.

Norm shopped for us and on Tuesday he cooked dinner as I was not feeling great. I felt so exhausted and achy.  As Caitlin was at Wes that night Norm made pork fillet as she does not care for pork but I love it. He baked it in coconut oil and covered it with peppers, onions and mushrooms and then steamed asparagus to go with it.

On Wednesday Cait was home and I cooked chicken as that is her fave. I wrapped it in bacon and baked it. I sliced zucchini and fried it quickly in butter til browned and to go with it I steamed cauliflower. I attempted a lazy Banting cheese sauce. I grated cheddar cheese into a pan with some butter and double thick cream, stirred like mad and hoped for the best. It was nice! We just drizzled a bit on the cauliflower.

As always my food pics are rather dire sorry about that lol.

I heard on Tuesday that I had made it to the next stage of the interview process for the job I recently applied for and I was expected to create and give a 5 minute presentation of my analysis results from the exam scenario provided to us.

On Thursday I arrived at the interview venue 30 minutes early. I chilled in my car for 15 more minutes, then walked across to the venue. I was still unable to wear eye makeup due to my eye infection which makes me feel a bit underdressed. I miss my eyeliner.


On my way there I had asked the Great Spirit for a sign that I was where I was meant to be and when I arrived they put me into a meeting room to wait. The walls were covered with indigenous art, horses, cattle and bushmen. Very much like this painting.

It was so similar to Native American rock art, it made my soul feel comforted and ‘at home’ and it instantly started to relax me.

I had rehearsed my presentation over and over to get my timing to less than the specified 5 minute limit. They finally called me in to a large room with a screen where a panel of 5 members of staff were waiting to interview me. I was very nervous but I started to relax when I got into my flow and I could tell that they were very impressed with my analysis and recommendations. However after my presentation, they went around the table for each of the interview panel to ask me questions. It was an experienced based interview where they expected me to give examples of various scenarios, for example, ‘can you give an example of how you had to win people over to your way of thinking and how you went about it?’ I went into a panic and can’t remember very much of anything I said for any of my responses. I gave a silly example for the first question and said ‘I just bully people into submission’. I laughed but it is somewhat true! But I get results in a project and hopefully that message came through. Overall though I felt the presentation won them over. They rang the following day to say that they want me to join them however it can be arranged via my contracting house. That made me feel great!

I headed home and worked from home the rest of that afternoon rather than drive into the city for a few hours.

For dinner that night I was craving chili con carne so I fried up mince with onion and yellow pepper until browned. I added a tin of red kidney beans, a tin of tomato purée, a splodge of tomato paste and lots of chili and spices and left to simmer. The beans are not allowed on Banting but one tin among a whole pot is acceptable by my standards.

To go with the Chili I made baked provolone ‘nachos’. I topped it all with grated cheddar, guacamole, salsa and fromage frais.

Caitlin had a couple of friends come down from Johannesburg to stay with us for a few days and they went out for dinner that night but when they came back Carmel gave us a huge box of Iranian candy in a lovely box. It looks like stained glass windows.

Carmel and her boyfriend had come down to Cape Town on the Shosholoza Meyl train. They said it was quite affordable and comfortable and was a cool way to see the country.

Lily and Josh also came down for the weekend, and on Friday Caitlin invited Wes around and I invited Retha which meant we had nine people for dinner. I was still not feeling quite myself and Norm offered to shop and braai for us all and Carmel made some gorgeous salads and I didn’t have to do anything except pour myself a cocktail.

Again, my pics are rubbish but in my defence it was dark outside.

It was also quite chilly outside and as I was not 100% well once Retha went home and Lily and Josh headed to bed I went to snuggle on the couch with the pups and watch a bit of telly.

The next day I was off to get a laser hair removal session at Skin in Hout Bay. It was 2 hours long but hopefully the torture is worth it. They have the latest equipment however and the pain is nothing like the previous salon’s machines which hurt so badly I needed pain meds beforehand and it ended up scarring my forearms due to burning me. I am going to try and see if they can treat the burn scars at ‘Skin’ after the hair removal is complete.

The kids were all off out for the day. Lily and Josh went to race his quad in the northern suburbs and Caitlin and her friends were off to the Hout Bay Harbour Market. Caitlin treated me to a small lemon meringue pie from the Nap stall and Norm to a banting chocolate cake slice.

In the afternoon I started watching “This is Us” on LookTV and 5 minutes in I was already tearing up.  This is such a emotionally raw show, I am really loving it. I am both laughing and weepy in every episode and it is so well written how the lives of these people all intertwine. It touches on many topics, such as homosexuality, obesity, adoption, body shame, rage, fear, spousal abuse and pretty much any family or human dynamic possible. This series gets a full 5 Kitten Stars. Watch it!

While I was being a couch potato Norm started painting the base coat on our kitchen walls.

Painting the ceilings and walls is the only thing left and then our kitchen renovation is complete! It has been a long haul. Next we are going to remodel our bathrooms, we were going to get some quotes on the bits and pieces on Sunday but I did not feel up to going out.

We had bought tickets a few weeks ago to go to Theatre on the Bay for a dinner and theatre evening. Even though I was not feeling 100% I had no intention of missing it.

Caitlin and her friends were having a night in after a day of beach walks and festivities and she snapped a pic of me and Norm when we got ready.

The drive along the coast road takes 15 minutes at most and it is such a stunning route.

The Theatre on the Bay is my favourite venue for shows and is quite pretty.

We had booked to have dinner at the Sidedish Theatre Bistro restaurant which is in the upper floor of the theatre building, it is so convenient! It is a lovely, elegant setting as well.


We were the first people to arrive and they were playing Drake‘s music. I love his music and was disappointed when they looked at the 2 old white people and made an executive decision to put on Rihanna. But the Rihanna song ‘Stay‘ which they chose is one of my faves and I was not too upset. Then mid groove on that song they changed it again! I shouted to the staff who were fecking about, ‘come on guys, I loved both of those songs, just pick one’ lol. We all had a laugh and Drake went back on.

There were only a few choices of Sauvignon Blanc on the menu and I picked the first listed, the False Bay (Waterkloof) Sauvignon Blanc at R99 a bottle. When the waitress, Naomi, went to open it the top kind of came off in her hand. We took a sip and realised it was oxidized. It was foul. The manager of the restaurant came over and agreed it was off and suggested we try another brand. Norm chose the Lomond Sauvignon Blanc at R145 a bottle. It was divine and we settled in to relax and enjoy our evening.

The dinner deal is for 3 courses and we both started with the Calamari misto. The calamari was divine, but the salad looked a bit sad and the little piece of toast was so hard I could not bite it but I don’t need the carbs and was happy with my calamari.

Norm and I both chose the chicken for our main. It was crispy outside and stuffed with feta and spinach. It was nice but I would have preferred veggies rather than chips. I did not eat many of those as they were just your average frozen chips – I won’t waste my carb allowance on mediocre chips. The chicken was enough to fill me up though.

For our dessert course Norm chose apple mousse in a crispy phyllo pastry basket.

I chose the Decadent Velvet layer cake. It was indeed decadent, the topping was rich white chocolate and I could only manage a bite or two. It was tasty, just very rich.

The play we were going to see was called ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’.

It was brilliant!!! It was such a farcical bit of nonsense and the actors had to be on their game as there were so many physical challenges in the show. The lead female character was played by Nicole Franco and she had visible bruises on the backs of her upper legs due to being thrown about the stage (either that or she has a rather mad personal life). Sacrificing for her art I guess!

We laughed non-stop for an entire 2 hours. The play starts with one of the cast members roaming about and asking the people sitting in the first row questions. We were on the 2nd row and I was so confused as I was thinking ‘how unprofessional, what are you doing?’ But the other people next to me in the theatre told me it was part of the show after they saw my dropped mouth and confused face.

I give the dinner 3.5 kitten stars (the service was fabulous, however the food was just above average.)

I give the play a full on 5 Kitten Stars. If you are in Cape Town readers, you MUST book to see it if you can still get tickets. There are 3 weeks left of this run.

When we left the theatre it was drizzling rain which made us so happy, the drought in Cape Town is getting dire with us only having a few weeks of water left in our dams. We are desperate for rain.

When we arrived home, we popped on the news and I was devastated to hear that Gregg Allman was dead at 69.

I have loved Gregg’s music since I was a kid and in the 70s I was lucky enough to meet him in Daytona as my Dad’s cousin was his friend.

RIP Gregg, your music will be sorely missed. I know you were a kind, good hearted man and I do believe you are indeed finally an Angel.

On Sunday when Lily and Josh were packing up to leave, my doctor rang to say my lab results were back and that I have a bacterial chest infection which explains why I have been feeling so dizzy and rubbish. I had blamed exhaustion as I seldom sleep more than 5 hours a night.

He told me he was ringing in antibiotics and I needed to start taking them immediately. As I have had a hip replacement any sort of systemic infection can be quite serious. Even before I have my teeth cleaned I have to go onto antibiotics.

It was cold and damp outside and after Lily and Josh headed home I wrapped up on the couch and Cait made us all some broccoli cheese soup which was delicious.

That evening Norm and I watched the film Get Out.

Oh my word this is a crazy film!! I was on the edge of my seat and shouted at the screen on a few occasions, therefore just based on the emotions it generated I give it 4 Kitten Stars.

This week I booked for Norman and I to go and see the Scottish band ‘Texas’ who are appearing for the first time in SA in December this year.


The show is at Kirstenbosch Gardens. It is such a stunning open air concert venue.


Image credit.

I cannot wait to see them. This is my favourite of their old songs. Lead vocalist Sharleen Spiteri is so beautiful and has such a gorgeous voice.

I went into work as normal yesterday but my doctor emailed to say I was contagious and so I was sent home. I felt so dizzy and short of breath that I just went to bed and stayed there. Today I have worked from home as well and I probably will do so again tomorrow just to be sure my infection is under control. I am glad that at least I know what is wrong with me and hopefully the antibiotics will sort me out. I hope you all have a great week.

Much love to you all.

Hypochondria By Proxy

For our Blue Boy this has not been a great week. He got into a tussle with another neighbourhood cat a few months ago and his face was scratched quite badly. When one small spot just at the corner of his wee nose did not appear to heal we kept an eye on it and when it seemed to be getting bigger we started to worry he might have skin cancer as he has a white face and a pale pink nose and loves to lie in the sun. The African sun is so harsh that it is a real risk for animals with pink noses.


On Wednesday we finally convinced Norm to take Blue to the vet. It took hours to catch him and get him into the travel box and he was not very happy, in fact he howled the entire journey. I should clarify that Blue howled, not Norm.

The vet put Blue on the exam table, looked as his nose, and when he poked around the ‘lesion’ on his nose it fell off.

The lesion, not his nose thank goodness.

The vet said it was nothing at all and definitely not cancer.

I cannot count the number of times that the girls and I insist Norm take one of our animals to the vet and the vet says they are perfectly fine. You may have heard of Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) which is a relatively rare form of child abuse that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker.

Maybe instead of MBPS I have Hypochondria By Proxy as I do not cause the illnesses or symptoms I just imagine their existence.

Ironically I have to be near death to take myself to the doctor or to take medication. Obviously I love my beasties more than I love myself?

Caitlin was out at the Justin Bieber concert on Wednesday evening and so I cooked pork chops for dinner as she is not a fan of pork.

I kept it simple and just baked them with a bit of seasoning. I fried whole mushrooms in butter until brown, roasted butternut in coconut oil and steamed asparagus to go with it.

On Thursday I had a client presentation and workshop which I facilitated. We were getting requirements in order to be able to scope the work to allow us to put together a proposal. I always stress out so much when I have to present, once I get going I am fine, but the build up of anticipation really knocks me for six. The meeting was booked for an hour but lasted over 2 hours. We still did not finish and have organised a follow up session. I had not had time for lunch before hand and I felt a bit woozy due to hunger but I managed to make it through without collapsing in a hypoglycaemic heap. #Winning.

I had such an intense headache after, possibly due to the carbs I had for lunch as I just grabbed a sandwich after we finished and wolfed it down hungrily. The bread had dried cranberries in it. Who does that to an innocent loaf of bread? I detest sweet things hiding in my savoury things. Meh.

When I got home I lay down in a dark room hoping my headache would settle but it did not. I was so stressed out and was rather an anxious nightmare for poor Norm as I could not shut up with obsessing.

Today I was scheduled to take an exam for yet another role that I have been put forward for as I have been shortlisted and part of their recruitment process is that the applicants take a written exam. It was being held in an area of town that I am unfamiliar with and it is quite a technical role, so both of these things combined to cause me such anxiety I was a blubbering eejit. Norm is the sweetest man and so late last night he drove me across town to the location I had to go so that at least I could stop panicking about getting lost. I was so glad of that this morning as the traffic was horrific. It moved at a snail’s pace and I made it with only minutes to spare despite leaving an hour and a quarter to get there.

The exam was based on a case study and was divided into 3 parts which were weighted according to the importance of the responses:

  1. They provided a list of hypothetical customer problems and I had to classify them into an issues list, define the root cause then make a list of actions I would take to investigate a resolution.
  2. They described a system enhancement proposal and I had to create a data dictionary and a data lineage diagram.
  3. They provided the text of 2 emails and I had to decide which mail should be prioritised, write the full proposed email responses and make an actions list defining what steps I would take to deal with the issues.

We had 2 hours to take the exam, I finished in just over an hour and a half. I have not written anything by hand other than meeting notes in ages and those get transformed into an electronic version before anyone has to consume the information, so I hope they can actually read my answers. There were some technical bits I could not answer but those were minor. Now we wait and see if I make it to the next step, if so I have to present the information which I have written in the exam to an interview panel.  The role that I tested for is until the end of 2017 so it is a meaty project which I would like to sink my teeth into. I am in line for 2 different roles, we just have to see which client bites back.

We had builders in today to finally get the bit of wall plastered in the kitchen where we had removed the old tiles. When I got home it was all sorted and looks fabulous. Next week Norm will paint the ceilings and walls and then that is the kitchen pretty much completed.

wall skimmed.png

When I got home from the exam I was starving and so Norm and I popped out for a bit of brunch. We went to Dario’s Café which is a bit of an icon in Hout Bay. They have a porch area where you can sit and watch the world go by on a sunny day so we grabbed a seat there and ordered a coffee.


I chose my usual fave Eggs Benedict. I had never had Dario’s version but it was really delicious. The eggs were soft and the bacon crisp exactly like I requested. Their hollandaise is creamy and just the right amount of tartness.

darios eggs benedict.png

Norm had a cheese and mushroom omelette.

darios omelette.png

We didn’t hang about afterward as I needed to get home and start work as I was working from home this afternoon rather than travel into the CBD for just a few hours.

After I got home I received a message that the sentencing had been handed down for Juane Jacobs and Brent Henry who murdered my children’s friend Carl Schoombie. Both of them received the sentence of life in prison. I am so glad that the family have had justice for their brother, it will not bring him back but at least they know someone has to pay for the crime. Carl’s brother Lee has worked diligently to ensure that these animals did not get away with the murder. He is going to set up the Carl Schoombie Foundation. It would provide a platform for victims’ families who did not have the ability to voice their opinion in the journey to justice.

Lee gave an interview on the radio if you wish to listen, the link is here. It is hard to listen to, it breaks my heart even though I know all of these facts it does not remove the trauma of hearing them again.

I hope that justice will also be served for the deviant who murdered the 3 year old Courtney Peters whose murder I blogged about recently.


The news has revealed that not only was Courtney murdered but she was also raped twice by the 40 year old pervert Mortimer Saunders. Saunders was a ‘friend’ of the family who rented a room in their home, the family thought he was a very nice guy. However this is often the case with paedophiles, they not only groom the child, they groom the parents into thinking they are harmless. Saunders has requested that he be placed into a hospital rather than be sent to Pollsmoor. Pollsmoor is a maximum security prison here in Cape Town, one of the prisons where Nelson Mandela was held for part of his incarceration. Pollsmoor is a notoriously dangerous place rife with gangsterism and extreme horrific violence, including sexual violence. Child rapists are the lowest of the low and Saunders knows that his chance of being raped himself is incredibly high.

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

Karma will be served for this man, I suspect he will not even survive long enough to go to trial. Or if he does, he will not enjoy sitting on those hard benches.

The numbers of rapes and murders of our women and children in South Africa seem to be on the rise, or maybe they are just more visible with the increase of exposure from social media. However when your President is himself an accused rapist what message does that send to the men in the country? The sooner that we get rid of Zuma as the president the sooner our country can begin to heal from his damage and pilfering of the coffers.

ON a more positive note, I am very excited about a Drum Circle which is happening tomorrow with the group I have recently discovered in my search for a teacher in Shamanism.

The host posted the video of the song we are going to learn.

This song speaks to my soul of memories of my past lives. It is so familiar to me. When I looked up the lyrics on YouTube I was astounded.

‘Our hearts are full
and our minds are good.
Our ancestors come
and give us strength.
Stand tall, sing, dance
and never forget who you are
or where you come from.

A hundred years have passed
Yet I hear the distant beat of my father’s drums.
I hear his drums throughout the land.
His beat I feel within my heart.
The drum shall beat
so my heart shall beat.
And I shall live a hundred thousand years.’

As mentioned in my last blog about my search for my true calling as a healer, the message that I get told in my visions is consistent and it aligns with the lyrics I highlighted above:

‘never forget who you are
or where you come from’

I am exactly where I need to be and the path is opening up before me. My soul memories of my previous incarnations are rising to the surface. I will try to keep up with the flow of my destiny.

But for now, I am logging off and I am going to sit on my balcony in the sun and drink a little Friday afternoon cocktail in celebration of life and as a tribute to those who are no longer with us.

Hold your loved ones close. ❤




The Roundabout 

It has been over a month since my last blog. I don’t even know where to begin with getting you all up to speed! Get a cuppa tea it will probably be a series of a gazillion bad photos. My apologies in advance.

Mom had given us the date she departed rather than arrived and as we were preparing to head to the airport she rang to say she was leaving Atlanta! After a baffling exchange we figured out she hadn’t missed her plane, it hadn’t left yet! Once they did arrive Mom and Joy were very tired after the long journey so they were happy to relax as Caitlin and I had to work and Norman was in Switzerland. However on their second morning in SA Mom had a pain in her back when she was lying down and from that point was in agony. We were afraid her osteoporosis had resulted in another spinal fracture. I asked if anyone knew of a health care provider who could do a home visit to do acupuncture to at least help with the spasms. We hoped it would pass but my friend Retha suggested I contact her friend Kevin Lentin who had helped her. Kevin kindly came round to the house to see Mom and ordered X-rays to check for a fracture. She went for X-rays at Constantiaberg Clinic and I mentioned this to a colleague who rang Dr Peter Polley who had treated her son. Dr happened to have a cancellation for the following Monday. Dr Polley ordered an MRI and this proved Mom did have a new fracture. They managed to book her into theatre but as Mom is on blood thinners due to her arrhythmia they were unwilling to operate until her blood iron levels were at a decent level. Finally by that Friday the levels were acceptable and the op was done. They insisted Mom stay a minimum in hospital overnight but we were eager to get her home to look after her ourselves and she came home as soon as possible.

We carried on with the kitchen renovations through it all . My baskets were put in. I love them for storing veggies.

We installed new lights in the kitchen and the pantry. It’s so lovely and bright now. We also bought the tiles and Norm has done several sections.

We felt guilty that our visitor Joy was spending her holiday nursing Mom and took her on a few little outings when Mom was either too ill or recuperating from her surgery.

We went to Simonstown for her birthday to see the penguins.

Norm took Joy up Table Mountain.

They had lunch afterwards at the V&A Waterfront.

Joy also joined me to celebrate my friend Retha’s birthday with our friends at Cheyne’s in Hout Bay. 

We had a lovely evening with gorgeous food. 

We took them all manner of places to eat so they got a broad taste of Cape Town and we had some dire experiences and some delightful ones.

The worst was unfortunately on Joy’s birthday. Mom was too sore to come with us and we didn’t want to leave her for long so we went to Green Vine Eatery located at nearby Silvermist Estates.

It as a stunning day and we had high hopes. 

Every time I have eaten here we have had lovely meals. There was a guy playing guitar and singing which was pleasant. However there were some incredibly badly behaved seemingly feral children running around him and playing with his equipment and he had to stop his show and ask the parents of the little darlings to rescue him from their grubby little clutches.

We ordered starters and the waiter brought one order as opposed to the requested 3. Just as well as they were huge and not what we expected. Both Caitlin and I found a hair in ours. It was a beautifully presented dish.

Joy and I both ordered fish and chips. It came with no tartar sauce or mayo.

It had been over seasoned and was so peppery it was inedible. It was also full of bones. The batter was so thick that it was sticky and doughy in places. It was a lovely piece of fish, it was just poorly prepared.

We asked to speak to the manager. She was so inappropriately dressed in a tiny ill fitting silk halter top and her untethered breasts were bouncing everywhere as she stomped up and frantically and patronizingly told us ‘our tastebuds are probably not used to Cape Town cuisine.’ I told her you could roll down Constantia Nek and arrive in my house in 5 minutes and that I came to their venue often. I also lived in the U.K. and know EXACTLY how fish and chips should taste. We asked did she taste it and she advised she is allergic to fish.

Meanwhile I look up to see the manager’s daughter has followed her mom to the table and is busy hitting Joy on the head with a feather duster. 





We went off. 

We were quite calm when the manager arrived but after her launching in to tell us how wonderful their fish is and not letting us even voice our complaint, to her patronizing comments and attitude to her horrendous offspring and her feather duster, we both lost it. We reminded her she hadn’t tasted the fish and had no defense, that she had been incredibly insulting and Joy’s birthday meal was dreadful.

As compensation she offered dessert. It was divine. At least it ended on a good note.

We were incredibly surprised when they comped the entire meal! That never happens in SA. 

One of our best afternoons was at Blue Water Cafe located at Imhoff Farm in Noordhoek.

It is a rustic, charming venue with a gorgeous view of the vlei.

The food was beautifully presented and ever so tasty and the service was attentive yet unobtrusive. The cake was to die for.

We also loved Constantia Glen vineyard where we lucked out on a fabulous private table. The view is stunning.


It was a shame that Mom wasn’t up to our planned trip to George but luckily my son Trevor and Amber were able to visit us in Cape Town. 

It was wonderful having my loved ones together.

We put up our Christmas tree finally.

Wednesday we took Mom and Joy to the airport, they flew at midnight but we spent as much time as we could even though we were at work the next day. 

The house was so quiet after Mom and Joy left. I’ve now finished work and am on leave for almost a month. I’m feeling very blessed. 

The Whole Hog

On Friday I worked from our head office in Century City and when our workshop finished and we left work early I was starving so I headed to Allegria Cafe for a bite to eat. I ordered my fave Eggs Benedict.

It looked beautiful but the bacon was way too underdone for my preference. Norm likes it like that but I left most of mine uneaten. Their hollandaise is gorgeous. I just pushed the English muffin to the side.

The painter had been busy distressing the cupboards.

I hung out in the garden with the dogs for a bit that afternoon.

That night we went to Retha’s and got dinner from The Kitchen Takeaway in Hout Bay. Retha and I both got the free range chicken burger and Norm had a beef burger. It was delicious and certainly not low carb, but sometimes you just want a burger! We watched some movies and I passed out as always. Oops.

We had a huge chore list for Saturday but first I had to take Pixie to Noordhoek to see David Black our chiropractor. We got there early.

It’s a stunning drive, I pulled over for pics on the way home. All the wildflowers are in bloom.

I got home about 10.30am and collected Norm and off we went to Canal Walk. There was a bar fridge on special at Game and we managed to get the last one in Cape Town. We are getting a new bar top and mantel piece done in a nice dark wood and will kit the bar out properly. With a decent kitchen I hope we will entertain more often. The same joiner who fitted our kitchen is doing the wood work. He does quality work at a good price.

Norm had gone to Kenilworth the previous afternoon to take back a recently purchased vacuum cleaner we had for a week when it started smoking. It is a tiny cheap one as Cordelia is very heavy handed and has broken about 4 of them, starting with our very expensive Dyson so each time we spend less. The girl at the shop said the reason it burned out after a week is that we used it as a vacuum. Ummmmm. It IS a Vacuum? Should I use it as a blender? A deep fat fryer? She said it had burned out because we used it every day.


We had it a week. Are you telling me the shelf life of this product is a week?

So they sent it away for repair instead of giving us a new one. Now we have 3 long haired dogs and no vacuum. And we are renovating our house. I can’t believe they didn’t give us an exchange? We have to wait?

We asked could we purchase the fridge at the Kenilworth branch and then collect it the next morning at Canal Walk or could they at least hold it til we get there. No.

The worst customer service ever.

After Game we went for lunch at Mugg & Bean in Canal Walk. It was hectic busy as always.
I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Yes I’m predictable. I like what I like.

Again I knocked the stack from the muffins and pushed the bread to the side to manage the amount of carbs. My eggs were supposed to be soft but they were hard. The bacon however was perfect.

Norm had an omelette filled with cheddar cheese and mushroom and bacon on the side.

He seemed pleased with it.

After Century City we headed to Northgate shopping area. We went to Arora Lights and found 2 light fittings for the kitchen and scullery. These are not exactly the same style I bought but this is very similar. Mine have rings with ridges around the silver part.

Then we went searching for tiles for our kitchen renovation project.

We didn’t get any as we couldn’t decide. The 2 on the left are the top contenders. We have to blend with the terra-cotta and blue floor tiles.

We went home and relaxed a bit then Norm took the dogs out for their walk and we went to collect Retha. We were heading out to The Hogshouse Brewery in Ndabeni.

It was our friend Elmari’s birthday celebration.

I was pleased to see some old Twitter pals.

The food is served ‘family style’ on shared platters. We ordered a variety of starters.

Chilli poppers, black pudding scotch eggs, home made tortilla chips and guacamole and Arancini di Riso which are beautiful rich balls of mushroom risotto deep fried in a crispy coating. All were excellent quality.

Some pics are compliments of my friend Hila aka Add To Taste on social media. Some are from Retha. I took a few. I can’t remember who took which. Oops. Rest assured the good ones probably aren’t mine. 🙈 thank you ladies.

For mains it’s the same concept, they brought platters of meat and we selected various sides. We just made our own trays, the ribs were melt in your mouth.

I had the Pulled pork which was prepared SA style, not Southern American style. But it was still delicious. We had a crispy deep fried miso mushroom, spicy corn, onion rings, a vinegary cole slaw salad and all sorts of yummy tidbits.

For desserts I had the most divine Portuguese egg custard tarts called Pasteis de nata. Wow. Just wow. One of the best desserts I’ve tasted. Light, creamy I want more.

They also had a variety of sorbet or gelato. It was served in a sweet crispy waffle cone. I had the salted caramel. Both the cone and ice cream were gorgeous.

We waddled out happy!

Today Norm made our first meal on the new Smeg cooker.

It was yummy!

We have had a lazy day and late this afternoon I am going to a BBQ/braai at Retha. Norm is supposed to be working but he is snoozing. So he will work later while I play. Such is life.

My mom arrives one week from today. I am getting very excited!


As promised I have some pictures of our Halloween party last weekend to share with you all. We had such fun. It was held in the back room at Spiro’s in Hout Bay. We had some very large parties in the past in our homes where lots of things got damaged, broken or barfed on and we decided rather to move it to our fave venue.

We arrived at 7 and some of our friends were there already.

Each year we have a theme. This year’s was ‘Disney or Animation’.  I was Tiger Lily from Peter Pan.

My daughters and I snapped a quick pic on arrival. Caitlin was Belle and Lily was Velma from Scooby Doo.

I ordered 6 of Spiro’s large platters and put them on the tables. There was different contents on the various tables but there was calamari strips and crispy squids, zucchini ribbons, fish cakes, meatballs, spicy chicken livers, Haloumi, Spanokopita (classic spinach, feta and dill pie), Dolmades (hand-made vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs) and a variety of other bits as well as decadent dips like Taramasalata (creamy cod roe dip), Hummus or Tzatziki (tangy cucumber, garlic and mint dip) and my personal fave the aubergine dip which are all served with Pita bread. It was all divine and it served to line the tummies of the guests before they got stuck into the cash bar.

We then lowered the lights and moved out tables to make room to dance.

I thought Belle and Johnny Bravo (Caitlin and her fella Wesley) looked brilliant. Wes made the perfect Johnny Bravo and Caitlin is a beautiful Belle.

We had friends show up in all manner of crazy outfits. We had such fun.

Lily and Josh as Velma and Shaggy were adorable.

My book club girls mostly all made it this year and we had a laugh dancing.

Even Chris came late after a work party she had to attend.

We booked a DJ via the venue and didn’t have to manage him, when he veered off of the crowd faves and people sat down he caught on to the shift in mood and redirected. We danced all night! My legs were killing me on Sunday. As was my head. The problem is it is hot and you are dancing so you end up drinking far more than is good for you.

The night flew past and we staggered home just after 1. I woke up covered in lipstick as I was not able to remove my makeup the previous night. Oops.

But Monday was back to normal. Our client’s offices are being renovated and the building is covered in scaffolding. Outside our windows are men dangling from ropes – brave fellas 14 stories in the air. The homeless have taken up residency under the cover of the scaffolds so our walk through reeks of urine. Yum.


Monday evening I popped round to Retha to catch up since we haven’t had a chat since she returned from  her trip to Paris and Corsica. She brought back a sweet little mirror for my handbag.

I love it.

The protestors were out again this week – this time protesting the suppression of the State Capture report. The march was coordinated by the Economic Freedom Fighters or EFF. The leader of this party was previously very involved in the ruling party , but they realised that the ANC was purely interested in bettering themselves, not in addressing the plight of the struggling masses.


This week has proven to not be a great one for our President or some of his puppets.

On Monday, Shaun Abrahams the head of the National Prosecuting Authority (aka the NPA) finally dropped the ridiculous charges against Pravin Gordhan, our finance minister. The charges against former SARS officials Oupa Magashula and Ivan Pillay were also dropped. South Africans are now calling for the resignation of Shaun Abrahams who is one of the many puppets under the control of Zuma.

The Report on State Capture which was produced by our recently departed and well loved Public Protector Thuli Madonsela was finally released. President Zuma and his cronies had tried to stop this being published as it clearly shows how much the Gupta family control South Africa. We all knew that the Guptas had a lot of influence but I do not think any of us realised how endemic and pervasive it actually is. So much of our countries finances are being mishandled and misappropriated.

The report clearly shows that Eskom, our parastatal energy supplier, has been favouring contracts with the Guptas and that the board did not put South Africa’s interests first, it made decisions on what was financially favourable for the Guptas. Eskom has also been misleading us on the need for a nuclear reactor. This coupled with the lack of care and attention and basic maintenance of the existing infrastructure by the ANC has led to mismanagement and the inability to provide SA with the energy we need. The Eskom board is so corrupt it should be dissolved.

We have also gone to another stage on water restrictions which is also due to incompetent management of the existing infrastructure as well as lack of control of the corporations and businesses which are dumping waste into our drinking water supplies. The government try to blame it on the drought, which is indeed compounding this issue however it is certainly not solely responsible.

The other area of mismanagement of funds due to incompetent leadership is our state owned airline SAA where billions of rands have been wasted. This money could have been used to assist students, provide housing or fill any of the other areas which could benefit the disadvantaged.

On Tuesday the NPA dropped fraud charges against Robert McBride, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate head. This was all again done for devious means.

It all makes for interesting dinner conversations as it’s like the script of a low budget soap opera.

Tuesday evening Norm did fillet steaks on the gas grill. 

He made fried mushrooms on the eye. I love that grill. It has saved us during the renovation project.

It was a lovely evening.

The public protector’s office confirmed on Wednesday that its chief executive officer, Louisa Zondo, has handed in her resignation. This story in itself smells of corruption. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions but the timing is just too suspect.

On a more personal note, my kitchen renovation project is making fabulous headway. The quartz countertops went in on Wednesday. Kitchen cupboard knobs were also put on that day. They look fabulous.

We just got a Posticino pizza on Wednesday and it was so yummy.

The plumber came today and installed the taps.

The electrician also fitted the extractor hood. 

Norm was working this evening and popped into Primmi to get dinner on his way home.

We had mashed butternut and spinach with grilled Mediterranean chicken.

It was delicious and lower in carbs than my usual chicken and pasta. It’s all about choices, I had a tasty dinner but didn’t choose pasta. I can cope with this if it’s considered a diet! 

We have a busy weekend ahead. I’m busy at work as well as I am now PM on a new project. It’s not long until Mom comes and the next thing you know it’s going to be Christmas. Life rattles past so quickly.

I hope you had a fun Halloween- it’s my favorite holiday. This year was pretty brilliant I must say.