The Bare Facts

Like so many things which go viral, the no makeup selfie trend went a bit awry. In many cases it lost it’s meaning completely as most never donated. It was so easy – just SMS ‘PinkDrive’ to 40158 (in South Africa) to donate R20.

In the UK millions were mistakenly donated to UNICEF due to someone sending out the wrong info. I guess as long as someone benefits, but it won’t be Cancer Research for a large chunk of sterling.

I published mine, and I never go anywhere without at least a bit of lippy! I took this late at night after Girl Geeks Dinner. And I’ve included my thank you text for donating. I hope others do too.



The Geek Girl Dinner was held at The Wild Fig. I love their food and the venue is lovely but there is no decent wifi there or even 3G reception, so holding social media type events there is rather frustrating to say the least!

There was no starter, the main was a lovely big chicken breast, stuffed with a red pepper and feta type mousse, served on a bed of mash and spinach.


The dessert was a tropical fruit roulade in a coconutty meringue. It was average to me, I found the texture off putting, but everyone else seemed to gobble it up!


There were the usual fab goody bags with gifts from the sponsors, chocolates, biscuits, Moroccan oil, magazines and other bits and pieces.

My little Pomeranian Pixie has injured her back. She went tumbling down a hill chasing an ibis, they are called hadedahs in SA as the noise they make sounds like that. Haaaadeeedahhhhh. It’s loud!

Anyway she fell on a huge rock and badly bruised her back. She can’t stand on her back legs so we took her to the vet and he kept her. She was there for 2 nights and now we have to keep her in a confined space to keep her from jumping or moving too much.

I’m very worried about her. The vet thinks she has just bruised a nerve not broken anything as he did X-rays. He thinks she will be fine but it’s so hard to see her suffer.

Work has been hectic, on Monday I have to deliver the Data Rules document, Data Issues log, the Data Migration Requirements document, the Data Quality report and Cleansing Strategy all to the client. Needless to say I’ve been busy 🙂

Tonight I’m meeting some of the George bookclub ladies at Peddlers On The Bend for dinner. The Italian there is lovely and we have such a laugh so it should be a fun night.

Enjoy your weekend all.


Soul Connections & Sinns

This week my friend Retha and I attended the Girl Geek dinner which was held at Restaurant in Wembley Square. I had never been to Wembley Square and certainly not to Sinn’s. I think it is a good test of a restaurants’ skill to see how they cope with catering an event as plating and serving over 100 people must be a huge challenge.

The theme of the evening was ‘how to find and secure a job in digital’ and there was a panel of experts to ask questions.

One of the fab things about the Girl Geek dinners is the goody bag! They have some fabulous sponsors and we were greeted with a cupcake on arrival as well as the complimentary glass of wine. I am not sure who sponsored the wine but no one enjoyed the white – it was a sauvignon blanc but was so tart and sharp that even after a few sips my palate could not tolerate it.

So I ate my cupcake 😀


The starter was a choice of a tomato and red pepper soup or a garden salad. As it was bloody freezing that night as well as a bit drizzly out I chose the soup. It was really lovely, full of flavour, a bit heavy on the garlic, but palatable. I would have like a tad more chilli but some of the women found it a bit too spicy so I understand they have to cater for all taste buds.


The main course was parmesan chicken on a bed of butternut risotto and creamed spinach.


The chicken was crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside, very nice indeed. The risotto was very flavourful with big chunks of butternut, except my butternut was rock hard so it was shoved off to the side. The creamed spinach was divine. I could have eaten a bowl of just that! All in all I think the main was very good.

Dessert was described as Sticky Toffee pudding with custard (or was it Malva? I forgot to bring home the menu). There was a bit of fruit on the plate and a bizarre long thingy which tasted like a macaroon….ish. But it was nice.

The next day I had a friend coming through to Hout Bay for a meeting so we made plans to meet up for a cocktail. We went to my usual fave for sushi, the Lookout Deck. I ordered my usual frozen strawberry dacquiri and we started chatting.

I always find it interesting how you can find with some people that the conversation just flows, even if you do not know each other that well. Some people I have known for years I still struggle with keeping the conversation flowing as we just have so little in common. Or is it just a soul connection that makes some people feel as if you have known them your whole life?

We talked about Brian Weiss and past life regression, hypnotherapy, the present, the past, religion, I think we covered it all! And never in a debate of who is ‘right’ or who is ‘wrong’, just in a sharing of information and belief systems. I think that we have soul sisters – those women we meet and feel instantly drawn to, who always make you laugh, who make us feel valued, and we trust with our secrets. It is not about the amount of time you spend with them, it is the quality of that time.

I really enjoyed our little visit and chat, the fact it was accompanied by sushi and cocktails has no bearing at all *wink*.