Courage over Comfort

This week we had the National and Provincial Elections in South Africa. Considering the corruption the ANC has been proven to be guilty of and how much embezzlement they have done by pilfering money from so many areas I had hopes that they might be knocked from their perch but unfortunately the masses have again voted them into power.

I think that some people continue to support the ANC because they feel that the party saved them from the horrors of apartheid. They vote out of fear that if they give another party power, things could revert back to that repression.

Contrary to the fear of SA returning to the days of apartheid I overheard several old white toppies at work yearning for ‘the old days’. They reminisced over when SA was a safe place to live, where the shops were closed on Sundays and families went to the beach and had barbecues. What they are neglecting to remember was that those beaches were restricted to white use only and the black and colored populations were banned from the beaches and so many other places where whites took their privilege for granted. You can understand how some of the Africans who lived through that horrendous time are afraid of going back to that, but conversely the ANC have done nothing in their 25 years of governing to better the lives of the majority of their constituents.

Change is badly needed in SA. Our state owned enterprises are limping along having been badly managed and plundered by corruption. There have been so many politicians who have been proven to be involved in the state capture debacles and these people need to be prosecuted. The economy is struggling and needs uplifting. I only hope that Ramaphosa can turn the country around.

I am happy that the DA party has retained control of the Western Cape at a provincial level, now that they have gotten rid of Patricia De Lille I hope that they can also turn themselves around as I think she was as corrupt as the ANC politicians.

The benefit of the election was that most of the country had the day off to allow them to vote. As I am not a citizen I cannot vote but I fully enjoyed the paid day off!

Caitlin had a bit of drama on the holiday as she had a car crash. She works for a company with a mostly American client base so she had to work. On her way in to the office she had a guy turn directly in front of her resulting in her swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting him. She hit the verge in the center of the road and it caused her tire to burst. Her bumper and rims were badly damaged. Luckily she was not injured but the driver kept going and did not stop so she has to claim on her insurance and pay her deductible and it will cost her thousands.

She had assistance from several people who stopped and changed her tire for her. There must be some chivalry left! I am just so grateful she was not injured, it could have been really bad if someone had been coming in the other direction.

Road safety in SA in general is a bit dodgy. Coming home last Friday I came around a blind bend to find an articulated lorry stopped in the middle of the road with no safety cones or any warning at all. I then drove on a bit to find a man frantically trying to pick up a load of broken bricks which had obviously fallen off of the back of the lorry. The poor guy had no protection or warning signs behind him for any traffic which came upon him, he was very vulnerable. You would never have that situation in Europe. The lane would be closed while it was all cleaned up.

We have tried to stay predominately low carb this week. Norm cooked where he could.

One night he did a ‘one pan’ meal of baked chicken, roast cauliflower, broccoli and butternut.

He also boiled some sweet potato and served it all with mashed sweet potato. It was delicious.

I also cooked a few times, I made a Mexican ‘Taco Salad’ by frying mince, adding spices and then serving it on a bed of lettuce. I topped with cheese, salsa, sour cream & guacamole. It was rather yummy if I say so myself.

To go with it I attempted to make some ‘cheese’ taco shell substitutes using provolone cheese. We used to get thinly sliced provolone from Woolworths but they no longer stock this and so we bought a block and I grated it and baked it. I did not leave them in quite long enough and they were a bit chewy rather than crispy but they were OK.

The following night I used the left over spicy mince to make a chill con carne and to serve it we topped it with cheese, salsa and sour cream.

On election night we decided to go out for dinner and I was craving prawns so we went to the Lookout Deck at the Hout Bay harbour. It was a cold night and there were only a few other tables of people there.

We chose to sit out on the deck as it was cold but not too cold.

As a result of it being such a quiet night the staff in the kitchen were obviously bored as the noise they made was incredibly loud and a bit off putting.

I ordered the Prawn Pan for R198.

Norm ordered the catch of the day which was Dorado. It was a nice meaty piece of fish and he said it was nice.

We had a moment of weakness and fell off the low sugar bandwagon. We both ordered a sundae. I had the chocolate nut sundae and Norm had the caramel fudge one.

The next day I felt sluggish and my joints were killing me, it reminded me of the toxins of sugar and that it is not compatible with my chemical make up.

One night we ordered Banting pizza from Casarecchio. It has a cauliflower base so it is low carb. I had it with mexican beef, peppers and onions and it was very tasty.

On Friday night I had my usual treat of Sushi for dinner. I had Crab salad, Cucumber Roses topped with fat steamed prawns, Salmon Roses and Butterflies.

Saturday morning I slept late and Lola kept me company. In fact I woke up to her sitting on my chest and she then refused to move for hours. I had a long lie as it would have been rude to disturb her, right? #ThatsMyExcuse

It was an absolutely stunning day.

When I finally got up I discovered a dead mouse deposited right where I usually sit in the lounge. I hoped it wasn’t Lola who killed him and then came to kiss me with that mousey mouth. Bleh.

Norm made us a late breakfast and I watched the Brené Brown Netflix show ‘The Call to Courage’. She referred to this quote from Theodore Roosevelt.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

I have always felt that I am courageous but I think maybe I am just aggressive and volatile. I am not at all good at being vulnerable. In fact if I feel hurt I attack. I cannot express feelings of vulnerability. I’m not very good at expressing anything except in writing actually!

Saturday night I had booked tickets to go to our fave live music venue Cafe Roux to see a performer we had never heard of, Cat Simoni. Many of her YouTube videos are a bit cheesy but this one has sound only and is a song I love, just to give you an idea of her voice.

It was a tribute to Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, James Taylor and Carole King, I chose to go as I love all of their music.

We arrived about 7 and we were shown to our favorite table.

We were quite hungry so we ordered some dinner. I chose the chicken salad which came with grilled chicken breasts, avocado, fresh Parmesan slices, toasted pine nuts, rocket and a fresh light salad dressing.

This salad was so delicious! I really enjoyed it. It had turned into a really warm day and evening after our week of cold and misty weather so a salad was the perfect choice.

Norm had the braised chicken fillet with mushroom sauce and steamed vegetables and he really enjoyed it.

We both give our food 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We settled in and waited on Cat to come on stage. Another couple were seated next to us and then shortly after that Cat came on. Usually the staff announce the performers and at the same time remind the audience that they should not talk during the performance but this time it did not happen. Maybe the couple next to us were not aware of this rule and they talked loudly throughout the entire show. The man even sang full voice along with Cat. He was out of tune and it really spoiled the evening for me, I found him so annoying!

When I wanted to confront him Norm reminded me of all of the concerts where I have misbehaved. I threw a girl across the tent at George Ezra and shoved a woman so hard I nearly chucked her off of the bleachers at Rodriguez and I threw a drink on a woman at Kings of Leon. I have an anger management issue. I am not good in crowds and I am not good with arseholes. Sometimes it goes a bit awry when those things are combined. His reminders calmed me down and I sat passively even though bristling with annoyance.

However Cat had a lovely voice and I loved the songs she sang. Funny enough my favorite was the unplanned track she sang as an encore, Landslide by Stevie Nicks.

Despite the obnoxious arse next to me we had a brilliant night.

The next day was both Mother’s Day as well as my daughter Caitlin’s birthday and she came around to collect me about 12:30 and we went down to the village to shop for some tidbits. We tried to keep the carb count low but had a few exceptions.

We had chicken meatballs, mozzarella arancini, a few different types of cheese, ham, dips, crudités, low carb seed crackers, onion marmalade and a low sugar cranberry iced tea. It was easy and delicious.

For dessert we had low carb brownies and Banting ice cream.

I loved the brownies but Norm did not like them at all. That is fine, more for me!

I gave Caitlin one of her birthday presents as the other gift had not arrived yet.

I had bought some succulents in a little metal teapot at the Vintage market from Potted Up.

I love the teapot and it is so heavy that it won’t blow around in the crazy Cape Town winds.

The children gave me a lovely little stone bird which goes on a metal rod and will go into a flower pot in my garden. How adorable is he?

Caity also painted a lovely little purple butterfly for me. I am going to frame it as it is so special.

Apparently Lily is bringing another little gift for me this weekend but the phone calls from Lily and Trevor and spending the day with Caitlin made me feel greedy to expect anything more. I am so blessed.

Caitlin and I were going to make some pewter designs and she brought us each a little notebook and a wooden box to decorate. I chose a few designs and Caitlin drew them to size.

I traced the first design onto my pewter and outlined it with the tools, then puffed out the design to make it raised. We melted beeswax to fill the back of the design to stop it being flattened.

We then rubbed it with a liquid which gave it a patina and then polished it.

After we finished we glued it to our notebooks. I did a Celtic design.

Caitlin did a protea.

I think they turned out rather fabulously. I am so chuffed with our efforts.

We packed up after 8pm as we were finished, tired and hungry. Norm went for takeaways and Cait and I shared a Banting pizza and salad.

We rang my Mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day and had a laugh about all sorts. Norm and I are hoping to go visit this year or next. I really miss having her near enough to pop round for a visit. I sent her a little parcel of things for her fairy garden. They arrived today.

We all relaxed a bit then Caitlin headed home. It was such a lovely day.

Today I was back at work. This is the first full week we have worked in ages as we have had a public holiday every week for the last 4 weeks.

I hope I cope. It’s going to be a busy week. Norm and I are going to the Opera on Wednesday to see Bellini’s I Capuleti e i Montecchi. I am ever so excited. I adore the emotions the opera triggers in me. Here is a little taste for you.

Lily and Josh arrive on Friday and we are going to Hudson’s for burgers to celebrate Caitlin’s dinner as a family. Pixie has a chiropractor appointment on Saturday morning and I have drumming on Sunday so it will be a busy weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend and here is hoping for a good week ahead for us all.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxo


Launch of the Season

Even though it is not quite December, the season seems to be fully launched. The week flew by and it was the weekend again before I caught my breath.

On Thursday night we had a work function in the city centre. I left my office in Mowbray promptly at 3pm and shot off to Hout Bay to leave my car at home and then Norm kindly drove me in so I could have a drink. The traffic was insane! The function was at The Park Inn at the Foreshore. They have a roof top bar and restaurant called Harald’s Bar and Terrace. The view of Table Mountain is spectacular from there.


It was a bit overcast and at one stage the dark clouds rolled over the mountain and we actually got rained on and had to dash inside for cover.

haralds clouds.jpg

Our lovely office manager Tamarin and I raced off to the bar when it started to drizzle.


I got a lift home with my colleague Darren so I did not stay terribly long. As it was a work night I kept to single vodkas and avoided the deadly wine. As a result I was able to function on Friday at work without too much pain, just a bit of tiredness.

As Norm and Josh were home alone Norm bravely decided to make low carb spaghetti bolognaise. I sent him brief instructions and he managed it all on his own. It was delicious. We had been given tidbits to nibble at the work function so I did not have any that night, but I did take some to work the next day.


On Friday afternoon Norm messaged me to say that a truck had rolled over on Rhodes Drive. I did not think much of it until hours later on my drive home when I came up on a long queue of traffic. There was a traffic cop redirecting everyone. A cement truck had rolled over onto a car. Luckily (and unbelievably) no one was killed.

cement truck

Photo credit.

We were all redirected back onto the motorway and then eventually we could drive the long way around and get home but it added a while onto the journey, not what anyone wants on a hot sunny Friday afternoon. But I guess it is better than being under a cement truck! #Winning

Norm and I decided to just get a take away for dinner that night as it was hot and we were both rather tired. I had been going to go out with Retha for her birthday but her plans changed and quite frankly I was happy with having a night at home.

Norm popped down to Indian Oven, our local Indian food take away spot.

We started with a shared order of Spinach bhajees.

indian oven starters.jpg

I had my usual prawn curry but it was a bit spicier than usual, it was still divine. We also shared an order of saag aloo which is cubes of potato cooked in pureed spinach. It is so tasty.


We had a quiet cozy evening in. The dogs were being ridiculously cute. Pixie was chasing Navajo around and nipping at him. He would jump on the sofa with her ball in his mouth and she was then unable to reach him. Then he would jump down and run around the sofa with her in hot pursuit growling and yipping at him.

dogs cute.jpg

I woke up early on Saturday as Pixie had an appointment in Noordhoek at the doggy Chiropractor.

It is such a stunning drive.

chiro view.jpg

We were lucky with the traffic and arrived early.

me pix chiro.jpg

Lucky for us he had a no show so we got to go in early and so we finished earlier than planned.

I was meeting the George Escapees NoBooksNOurBookClub members for lunch at 12. We have all been friends for about 25 years and meet up whenever we are all in Cape Town.

We were booked at Bistro 1682 at Steenberg Farm. Janine had already nabbed a table outside in the shade by the time I arrived.

1682 me janine.jpg

We had to wait about 30 minutes for Nicola who was late.

1682 nic janine.jpg

The waiter helpfully suggested that she might be lost until I told him she actually lives on the estate! She had an exhausting week and after getting dressed had sat down for a second to just rest her eyes and fell asleep.


We forgave her.

The menu at Bistro 1682 is mostly a Tapas based menu so we all decided to choose 2 starters. They do have main courses but it was a hot day and it was a bit too much to try and gnaw through a steak or something large and heavy.

I chose the Baby Patagonian Calamari for R92 which was described as: Avo pulp, tomato & jalapeno jam, aioli, coriander salsa. I loved the little phyllo pastry basket in the middle to add a bit of visual interest.

This was perfection! The tangy sauce and the coriander all joined together to create a celebration in my mouth.

1682 calamari.jpg

For my next course I chose their version of a “Caesar” Salad for R94. It was described as ‘Parma Ham, white anchovies, artichokes, marinated peppers, cos lettuce,
soft quail egg, curry oil’.

1682 salad.jpg

Now regular readers know how calling a salad a Caesar just because someone chucked on some ‘Caesar dressing’ is a good way to wind me up. This one was adequately described so I did not really expect a proper Caesar. I found it a bit heavy on the dressing and not very much like a Caesar at all other than the anchovies. But it was tasty enough. I just found all of the sauces combined a bit overwhelming for what should be a delicate salad.

I did not take a snap of the menu on the day and the online menu only has this dessert dish which sounds vaguely like it could be what I ordered: Dark Chocolate Marquise R82 Raspberry Ice Cream, Chocolate Soil, Orange Foam, Chocolate Cigar.

However I do not see any raspberry ice cream or a chocolate cigar on my plate below, do you? Who knows what I ate but I can tell you I would have it again and again!

It was divine!!

Whatever it was.

1682 dessert.jpg

We did not stay out terribly late as Nicola was going to the Johnny Clegg concert so we wrapped it up about 2.30 and I rang for Norm to collect me.

We went home and pottered about getting ready for the open house on Sunday. That evening we had planned on going out for dinner but we decided rather to stay in and continue to get things ready for the show house.

Norm went to the fish and chip shop and bought calamari, prawns and fish then he went to the Thai place next door and bought salads. We split it all and had a rather delicious (low’er’ carb) dinner and did not miss the chips at all.


On Sunday we got up and got moving with the cleaning and sorting of the house. I had a wander around the garden and decided to dead head my strelitzia. It was looking a bit straggly. (It is also known as a Bird of Paradise due to the bird like blooms.)

I got into the midst of it and tried to avoid losing an eye to the sharp leaves. I cut out quite a lot of dead growth.

Left pic is after, upper right before.


Unfortunately I forgot that I am old and rather unfit and I put my back out due to all the contortions to avoid eye loss. I was in agony and this meant Norm had to do all of the rest of the show day preparation on his own. Not that I do much at the best of times, but still. I usually at least pretend to help.

I hobbled about until 3pm when the estate agent arrived then I took her on a tour so she knew where things were and what to promote to any potential sellers.

Then we bundled all of the dogs into Norm’s car and headed off to Deli Delish as they were so welcoming to us and the dogs when we went the last time. It was a terribly windy day and so we sat out on the patio area. This time Panda insisted on sitting in Daddy’s lap.

pups at delish.jpg

We were both ravenous as it was 3pm and we had not had anything except coffees. As it was so warm I opted for a salad and had the soy-sesame chicken salad. It was OK but there was a bit too much sauce for me.

delish me.jpg

Norm opted for breakfast.

delish norm.jpg

We even indulged in dessert and I had a piece of Pineapple tart.

delish pie.jpg

After we finished we popped over to drop off Retha’s birthday present. I gave her a voucher for Skin in Hout Bay so she can treat herself to a pedi or something nice. Norm took the dogs for a walk and I hung out with Retha, Paola and Philip chatting for a bit.

Just around 5pm Norm headed home to relieve the estate agent but I stayed a bit longer chatting.

I am still hobbling about with my back pain. Norm treated us to a lovely dinner last night, he made fillet steaks, veggies and roast pumpkin.


There is nothing quite so nice as having someone look after you when you are not quite feeling yourself. I am very blessed.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

Sofari So Good

This was our last 4 day week for a while. The week went quickly but I suspect next week will drag.

The drought continues in Cape Town. I can’t embed this video but click HERE to watch recent footage of the dams. It is so frightening. More so that the government seems to be doing nothing about it.

It is getting cooler in the mornings and getting in the shower without warming the water actually takes my breath, much like walking slowly into an icy pool in the blazing heat. I gasp and lose my breath and just quickly get wet, turn the water off, lather, turn it on quickly to rinse and do it all again, leaving the shower stall with my teeth chattering. No idea how I will cope mid winter. We have had a few downpours and a few sprinkles of rain, but it is instantly soaked up. We need a wet winter to top up the water levels in our dams.

I have spent a lot of this week looking for a holiday to book for mine and Norm’s 20th Anniversary in a few months. We wanted to go on a safari as that was the first real holiday we had together when we met. We took the kids to Pilanesberg and to Sun City.

I asked for suggestions on Facebook and I have sent a query to ask about prices for several different lodges in various locations. We were considering Pilanesberg, Namibia, Kruger or a few in the East of SA. Some require a flight to Johannesburg and then a second flight on a small charter plane. That quickly adds up in cost. We have had a quote from one place which sounds amazing. It is in the Eastern Cape so is in a malaria free zone which is a bonus. It is owned by one of Caitlin’s friends’ parents so we get a friendly rate.

It is called Kichaka. It is like my dream holiday.

There is something so special about being on safari, I just love it. To do it in a five star setting is so exciting to contemplate.

We will fly into Port Elizabeth, rent a car and drive an hour or so to the park. We will spend 3 nights there and after our anniversary we will drive to the coast and rent a hotel or apartment there for 2 nights and then fly back.

I am so excited I almost hyperventilate when I think about it.

It is still a bit away so I need to calm down.

On Friday evening Norm cooked for us as he is wanting to seriously watch his carb intake for a few days. He made a perfectly cooked fillet steak and served it on cauliflower mash, fried brussel sprouts and steamed asparagus.

We had a relaxed evening as I was so tired. I was in my pajamas by 4pm and watching the sun go down from my bedroom chaise lounge.

I had a busy day planned on Saturday. First I had an appointment to go with Pix for our chiro visit. You never know what the traffic will be like so I try to leave an hour to get there. It’s a stunning drive but mostly uphill so if caught behind a horse trailer or delivery truck it can take ages. I got there quickly and we just relaxed outside til our turn.

We drove back around to Hout Bay after we were done and I showered to get ready to go out to lunch. Retha was collecting me and we were meeting our friend Bennii for lunch at the Hout Bay Harbour.

We met at The Lookout Deck.

I had the Tian of prawns and salmon roses as I wanted some thing to pick at rather than a big meal.

Retha had the fish cakes and sweet potato fries.

Benni had the ribs which looked yummy. The portion was massive, enough for lunch and dinner later.

We all shared an order of jalapeño poppers.

Retha and Bennii both opted for dessert. Retha had the creme brûlée.

Bennii had the Strawberry Meringues.

We chatted and caught up with each other it’s been ages since we all hung out. We all met years ago through our Xtraordinary Women Network. After we said our goodbyes to Bennii Retha dropped me at home.

Caitlin had been out shopping all day and came home to show us her bits and pieces for her new flat. She dug out all her stored bits to take stock. I’ve bought her house things for years now so she has a starter set of most kitchen things she will need.

That night Norm went for takeaways and I got to choose and as always I chose Massimo’s.

Norm had the Lamb and beef topless ‘gastro’ burger, stuffed with chorizo, topped with melted cacio cheese and red onions, served with Greek side salad for R105.

I had the pasta dish on special, ‘Granchio’ pasta – flaked crab meat, prawns, mascarpone, chilli & garlic, with a squeeze of lemon for R169.

It was divine. Last time I had this dish there were fewer prawns, this time there were just enough.

I also had one of Caitlin’s deep fried artichokes. They were really delicious. She had the meatball tapas with them.

We finished off the series “Stranger Things”. I loved it and can’t wait for another series. Those children are great actors.

We chatted excitedly about our holiday and looked on airbnb for places to rent in Port Elizabeth for our two extra days and I think we have decided on a place near the beach as well as bars and restaurants so we have entertainment in the evenings and the beach to walk on in the day.

Today we had a slow start as Norm had a Skype call at lunch time and after that we headed out.  We needed a shop so we decided to give the Hummingbird Cafe another try as it is handy for Pic N Pay. I ordered Eggs Benedict with bacon and asked for my eggs to be runny in the center.

They were not, they were solid and over cooked. I’m not sure if they always put their Eggs Benedict under the grill or if it was being kept warm while they finished Norm’s, but the grill dried up the hollandaise so between the overcooked egg yolks and dried up hollandaise it missed out on the rich creamy joining of the delicious yolk and hollandaise which is why I choose that particular dish.

Norm had the full English.

He said it was ‘ok, nothing special’.

We did our shopping and headed home. We have just pottered about. Now we are settling in to pick a film to watch to finish off our weekend.

Work comes early tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone. 😘❤️

What Doesn’t Kill You

Our family have now been on the Banting diet for 6 weeks and there are many noticeable changes in our bodies. The obvious one for me being the 8.5-9kgs weight lost, but we all have noticed other things, loss of cellulite, stomach bloat going, our dry hair and skin is better, my joint pain went, the swelling in my hands and feet went away.

There were some unpleasant things such as intense thirst which luckily eventually went away, tiredness and headaches were an issue for a few days. But mostly, I felt great. 

On Sunday we went out for Valentines dinner and decided to enjoy the food and not follow Banting. 

We indeed enjoyed the food, it was amazing. But my body reacted rather viciously to the first instance of sugar it had encountered in 6 weeks. I had an upset tummy both that night as well as the following day, my feet and hands swelled and my joints hurt so badly. To me it seems like a reaction to something, chocolate or sugar or gluten or whatever that may be.

However we jumped back on the horse the following day, I cooked dinner but it was very late when finished and we ended up eating at almost 9pm.

I sliced up some aubergines and baked them on a tray in a single layer til mostly cooked. I chopped up a yellow pepper, lots of garlic and an onion and fried in butter. Once cooked I put it in the blender with a tin of tomato and puréed it. I fried a chopped up packet of bacon, then when brown added a chopped punnet of mushrooms, then added a bag of spinach and the puréed pepper mix. I let it simmer a bit then layered the tomato mix with the eggplant. I topped it all with mozzarella and baked.


It was delicious. If you want veggie just leave out the bacon and add coconut oil.

Tuesday I hosted our book club. There were 6 of us and I decided not to stress myself. I asked Norm to shop and I just carved up 3 woollies roasted chickens, sliced 2 loaves of fresh bread, steamed some broccoli and made a giant salad. That meant all I had to avoid was the bread and all I had to ‘cook’ was the broccoli.

It was Chris’s birthday month so we celebrated with an apple crumble and custard. Luckily I’m not a fan of either so I resisted. I didn’t even have a glass of wine, I stuck to water.

The next day I gave Cordelia the leftover breads, pie and custard.

All week I had the same breakfast of full fat yogurt with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a few mixed nuts and cinnamon. My lunch the following day after book club was a bit of salad and chicken. I tend to take a small lunch.

Wednesday night I was home quite late and Norm just grabbed a takeaway from Spiro’s. We had grilled chicken kebabs, tzaziki, salad and grilled halloumi so bar the occasional bit of sauce on the chicken we were Banting compliant.

 I had my manicurist coming round to my house on Thursday after work so I left the office a bit early. I enjoy our sessions, gossiping, laughing and getting a pedicure in the comfort of my home with my dogs milling about. 


Luckily they went to the groomer on Thursday. They were filthy, stinky and tangled. No matter how often we groom them it’s not enough. I asked Norm to take their pics when they were clean as by the time I’m home they are a mess. 

He tried bless him. Norm’s animal pics are as bad as my food pics.


He said they kept moving.

After Vanessa left I just threw together some bits and pieces for dinner. I asked Norm to get pork chops but he was too busy (aka forgot). I made my friend Guy’s stuffed gem squash recipe. I steamed some gem squash, cut them in half and scooped out the seeds, then put the squash and full fat cream cheese into the blender til smooth, then added chopped crispy grilled bacon and stuffed the empty shells with the mixture topped it with cheese and popped them in the oven. I made a huge pan of red cabbage, frying it in butter and lots of balsamic vinegar and then putting a bit of boiling water over to make sure it cooked through. 

Friday morning I woke to a fine drizzly mist of rain. And lots of clouds.


We had our usual Friday Mexican salad for lunch and we got quite wet walking over town to the Icon building. The rain is badly needed, the ground and plants are struggling. 

That night Lily had her friend Talia over so we rented Pan and ordered pizza. Norm and I got Banting bases but the girls got normal bases. I just ordered cheese and tomato and jalapeño and at home I fried onions, chorizo & green olives and then popped it all in the oven as the cauliflower bases don’t hold the heat for the journey home.

It was a lovely family night in, the cooler misty weather meant snuggling under blankets.

Saturday I had no commitments and opted for a pajama day. We watched a few movies, messed about on our iPads and Norm worked.

Pixie and I played frisbee.


I made us a Banting brunch of chorizo, onion and cheese omelettes with fried tomatoes. The sky was overcast all day, misty and occasionally a bit of rain,

Lily had to open a new bank account and while out she popped into Pep Stores and got the cutest fake Converse for me. Only R99!



Norm popped down to the shops and got in some things for dinner. I fried a mix of red and green cabbage. I cut up 3 pork fillets into bite size chunks and sliced up a huge punnet of mushrooms and fried them both in butter. I fried an onion and an orange pepper in a separate pan and once cooked I popped them in the blender with a container of double thick cream and paprika and liquidized. I then added to the browned pork and mushrooms. I left it to simmer for 15 minutes. I just stir fried the cauliflower rice and served it all with plenty of the creamy sauce.


Trust me it was a million times better than it looks. 

Today we got up about 9 and had a slow morning. We eventually made it to our fave venue The Riverway Cafe for a late breakfast. 


I love the charming decor such old world charm!


I had the Eggs Benedict with Banting bread.


Norm had scrambled egg & Banting toast.


After we finished eating we did a run round Pic n Pay and a full shop at Woolworths. We were going to the harbour as I wanted to get Banting pizza bases at the market and some fish to cook on the grill at the fishmonger but the traffic was queued back for miles! We decided to give it a miss and headed home.

It’s a gorgeous day today and I didn’t want to spend it in traffic.


Tonight I’m going to make a lasagna for tomorrow’s dinner and a pork roast in my slow cooker for tonight. I’m really enjoying my lazy weekend. Next week is going to be busy.

I’m attending the Xtraordinary Women Networking Awards Gala Event on Tuesday. It’s formal and I hope that now I’ve lost weight I will fit nicely into one of my existing dresses. I certainly have no chance to shop. 


The following night I see David to have my body re activation session.  Keeping working on clearance of my deeper issues

I’m also very excited about going to Cape Farmhouse next Saturday as we are going to see several very funky local bands.

It should be brilliant! 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I hope your week is full of fun.

Painting in the Dark

On Saturday morning Lily drove back to George to spend her last week as a lady of leisure with Josh and Norm arrived home from his trip to the UK on Tuesday. We were all very pleased to see him as we missed him and it also means one more body to share the load of our household!

Sunday night we had another night of load shedding so no electricity from 8-10.30pm. After our busy day exploring Hout Bay Harbour, Cait had gone on a mountain trail run with Navajo who arrived home sweaty and filthy but happy as could be. It was his 1st venture off trail and he was a bit nervous but eventually started to have fun.

After they were home we had a quick simple dinner of a toasted cheese before the power went off and then we played scrabble by candle light.

Monday night Caitlin and I cooked the lovely piece of yellowtail we had bought on Sunday from Fish4Africa. I cooked organic spinach and made cauliflower mash from our box of goodies from Harvest of Hope.


It tasted much better than it looks. It tasted like only freshly caught fish can taste. This is less than half of the yellowtail fillet, the entire piece cost about R118 and it could have fed about 3 people. We were so pleased that our entire plate of food was either grown or caught so near our home. Not only healthy for our bodies but a reduced carbon footprint? Try not to be blinded from the glow of our halos. 😀

Tuesday I was very happy to have Norm home, but as Lily was in George and Caitlin was at the cinema we had a quiet night in, he was exhausted from traveling. 

I had an appointment for body Reactivation after work on Wednesday and on my way home was stuck in roadworks for 2 hours. It’s a beautiful view but I can’t last 2 hours without a wee. I was ready to jump out and shove the stop sign up the dudes rear once I saw that there were only 4 cars waiting on the other side. How many brain cells does one need to realise that if there is a 2 hour tailback on one side of the roadworks and a random smattering of cars on the other side it might make sense to open the side with the tailback for longer? No? Apparently not. By the time I got home it was almost 8pm and I was starving and exhausted. 

Thursday we were due again for load shedding and I had Vanessa my manicurist coming to the house at 5 for my monthly pedicure. We hoped to be done by 6 when the lights were due to go off but we didn’t. She was just starting to polish my tootsies when the power cut. We ended up surrounded by candles and a lamp while Vanessa painted my toes.

Only in Africa. 

We couldn’t cook, so we sent Norm off to try and find some food. He ended up at Massimo’s which is just around the corner. I chose the ‘John Wayne’ – pulled bbq beef, smoked mozzarella, jalapeno chilies, red onions. It was amazzzzzzing!  

Caitlin chose the Mafiosa – garlic butter, mozzarella, pancetta, Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, basil for R115. 


We ate in the dark, a few candles and lanterns so we could function. 

There is no loadshedding scheduled tonight, Lily, Josh and Caitlin are all here. It’s lovely having them here. Nothing beats time with those we love. 

Keeping Watch

Tonight is date night. I’m not sure where we are going yet but we have plenty of options in Hout Bay.

It’s been a bit overcast and chilly today. The weather has suddenly shifted in Cape Town, one week it is so hot we are still sitting by the pool and wearing flip flops and then the next so chilly we were in boots and sweaters.

We only have 2 routes into the CBD from Hout Bay so I was really dreading the road works starting this week as it closed one of them. Camps Bay Drive is a busy road which has not been renovated in about 30 years and due to the new tourist bus route coming from Table Mountain to Hout Bay and Camps Bay as well as the new MyCity bus system, this road gets far more traffic than it was designed to support. It’s a rather gorgeous view to travel to work though isn’t it? 


Funny enough the traffic has been better! The usual stream of drivers who take this direct route have now been trickle fed via many other well marked diversion signage routes. 

Lily took Amber the birthday gifts I got for her and she liked them! I gave her the turquoise owl pot, the cupcake and the tray with pinup and cat.



Tuesday after work I went to David King the Body Reactivation  practitioner I’ve been seeing. He has done great things for me both physically and energetically. He’s helped my posture and back pain as well as my digestive issues. Energy wise he works like kinesiology does. I find him very effective. 

We had load shedding when I arrived home Tuesday so I lit candles and played games on my iPad. Norm went to get a pizza for us as you can manage to eat that even in the dark. At least when there is no electricity I have an amazing excuse for not cooking. Not that I ever cook, but at least I have an excuse without electricity. 

Wednesday lunch we went to Me ‘n u pub restaurant by our office. Vera had the roast vegetable salad.


I had a steak and mustard sauce wrap with chips. The steak was tender it was sliced thinly and in bite size pieces.


It was good. Certainly a new option for when friends meet me for lunch.  

Wednesday night Norm and I drove up into Imizamo Yethu to drop Cordelia. It is now getting dark so early. Cordelia arrives late and moves at a leisurely pace as she can’t leave unless someone is home from work to let her out. 

I am always apprehensive to drive up into the rabbit warren of streets that is IY. 


We headed to La Cuccina for the Hout Bay Neighborhood Watch awards dinner. We saw some friends and had yummy finger foods. I had a few vodkas but poor Norm was driving. It was a good night and we enjoyed ourselves. Norm was even nominated for an award! His friend JJ deservedly won it. He devotes so much time to HBNW. 


Thursday we again had load shedding from 6pm-830pm. Norm collected grilled fish from Spiro’s so at least that was covered! It was quite lovely in the candlelight don’t you think?


Friday night Caitlin had some friends round for board games. They made a lot of noise but I love hearing laughter so it’s all good. They played board games out on the back patio and Norm and I just chilled out inside. We had delicious black bean noodles and light, crispy fried wontons from Thai cafe

I’m now off for a shower, it’s a 3 day weekend and I’ve been so lazy! I’ll make sure and take pics of whatever we get up to and update you tomorrow. Have a great weekend!