Lucky Kitten and The Mongoose

Norm and I had quite the adventure again this weekend. Last week seemed to drag however, maybe because of our anticipation and chomping at the bit to get away for our longish weekend? Or it could have been lingering exhaustion from the previous weekend’s festivities?

Norm had shopped during the week and one of us cooked most nights, however I had no leftovers to take to work for lunch on Thursday and I used OrderIn to get Sakura Sushi delivered to the client office.

In line with my new sense of adventure I ordered a different type of sushi than what I normally try. I ordered the following:

  • 1 X Prawn, Avo & Mayo Salad @ R48.00
  • 1 X Salmon Roses @ R64.00
  • 1 X Salmon Sashimi Flower @ R48.50

The new item I tried was the salmon sashimi flower. I had carefully examined the description of the dish as I bloody hate seaweed and always stick to things I know do not contain it. Guess what? The pretty little sashimi flower is wrapped with seaweed. Did the menu mention seaweed?



I managed to unwrap the seaweed and chuck the rest of the ‘flower’ into the prawn and avo salad so it all worked out in the end. It took a bit of ducking and diving but no seaweed touched my mouth.

When I got home on Thursday evening I had all good intentions to pack my suitcases for the weekend away but I was just too tired to function.

On Friday afternoon I was like a kid about to go on summer holidays and could barely sit still at work. I left the office at 12 and headed home to pack and get organised and try to get on the road early. Instead I faffed about and by the time we got the car packed up we only left Hout Bay at 2pm. Traffic out of the city was a nightmare and I am a very nervous passenger. I tend to yelp and shriek when cars stop in front of us or get anywhere near us. Imagine over two hours on a motorway. Poor Norm.

Anyway after about 2 hours or so we finally arrived at the Airbnb accommodation where my friend Retha had arranged for us all to come and stay to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

It is an absolutely stunning house in a very special location. We did not even bother to unpack or even have a tour on arrival, we needed to chill out a bit and so we had tea and biscuits out by the pool with Retha and Barry.

Another couple were joining us on the Friday night and after they arrived we all got settled into our rooms. A bit later we were all called into the kitchen. The staff had prepared dinner for our first night in the villa. The sun was just starting to set and the view of the sea in the background was amazing.

The staff had made a large simple salad which was on the table for us to get started with.

For the starter they served Ravioli. It had a gorgeous spicy sauce on top.

For the main we were told Venison pie was on the menu and as I am not a huge fan of venison or pie, I was feeling a wee bit of trepidation. However this was one very special pie! The venison was tasty and full of rich flavour, but it wasn’t a gamey taste. The pastry was crisp, light and dry and not at all soggy. It was served with oven roasted veg.

It was all rather divine.

For dessert there was malva pudding and custard. It was lovely as well and we all felt very spoiled!

After we finished with dinner we went to the lounge and settled around the bar. It was great hanging out with my bestie.


We played pool and listened to L.M. Radio which broadcasts out of Mozambique. They play oldies, new music, jazz, pop, rock, reggae, african tunes, disco, you name it, they play it! They even came out with a Edith Piaf tune at one stage! It is a nice mix and the perfect party soundtrack for our pool playing.

We stayed up playing pool and drinking and talking rubbish til quite late. I was feeling a bit of pain when I woke early the next morning. I went down and made a coffee and waited for breakfast to be served and hopefully to revive me.

I had a bit of a wander around the house, it went on an on! The entire house is just stunning and is full of lovely furniture and art.


We had asked for breakfast to be served at 8.30am and promptly at that time we sat down to enjoy the fresh fruit, juices and yogurt.


We were all fascinated with the mirror on the kitchen ceiling.

After the fruit and yogurt were consumed we were served a delicious cooked breakfast of toast, eggs, fried tomato, bacon and sausage. We sat chatting after breakfast and some of us toddled off on walks and some of us just relaxed by the pool for a bit.

Late morning we decided we would all go and explore the local market, The Hermanus Country Market which is held at the local cricket grounds.

hermanus market best pic.jpg

There were mostly food vendors and as it was so hot and we had just had a huge breakfast we were not hungry, but the perimeter of the market had various hand-crafted items for sale and so we had a wander around those stalls. We bought a lovely bright red African print waterproof picnic blanket from a woman with the most beautiful plump cheeked baby sleeping on her back. I spent ages poking about the steampunk and leather stall. I could have bought all of the owner’s stock.

After the market Norm and I went into the town and wandered through a few art galleries. It was a really hot day and I had not packed much in the way of cooler clothing so when we saw a Mr Price we decided to see what I could pick up there to clothe me in the heat. I found a loose mid-calf length thin black cotton dress which was perfect for me and so I grabbed that and we headed back to the house to join the others.

Later on after we had some nibbles for lunch Norm and I decided to go upstairs for a little rest as we were expecting a hectic party that night. We had a lovely sleep for a few hours, then we showered and went down to join the group. While we were snoozing Dave and Lauren had arrived to join the party. They were spending Saturday night at the house too. The house was massive and had 5 bedrooms which would sleep about 14 people.

We sat chatting and waiting for everyone to get ready and then all 8 of us headed out for dinner to a local restaurant. Norm and I decided to drive as my arthritis is making my knees rather uncooperative, the rest of the group walked as it is just a wee bit up the road.

Lizette’s Kitchen is set in a grade 3B listed Heritage Farmhouse which has been lovingly renovated.

The decor is quirky and charming, modern yet nostalgic. I adored the vibe and the furnishings. When we arrived the staff offered us a choice of tables, we had booked in advance but they wanted us to be comfy. We chose a table at the back as it was very private.

The art was very amusing.

Every item on the menu sounded so tasty that I struggled to decide. Our waiter Gift made it even harder! I thought I had decided but when Gift came and lovingly described all of the offerings I changed my mind.

Norm and I both started with the Prawn Wontons. I had expected more of a mince texture like a standard wonton, but each wonton contained a whole prawn tail. The filo pastry was crisp and it was really tasty. It was served with a hoisin sauce.

Norm decided to go for the Moroccan Lamb Shank for his main. It was R175 and was described as ‘Slow Roasted for hours in North African spices, served with tabbouleh, almonds & Greek salad.’

I had been going to try something spicy and adventurous but the Fish and Chips is legendary (according to Gift) and so I decided to give it a go.

They served it with a little dish of soy sauce and vinegar and that combo is a life changer! Who would have thought to put those tastes together? Not me. Obviously Lizette did and I thank her for it! Hands down the tastiest fish I have ever had.

The chips were rather ordinary skinny frozen chips, I had expected a plate of thick hand cut chips and was a bit disappointed. But the fish made up for it.

We were all too full for dessert and so we paid up and headed off to the villa.

We played a bit more pool or hung about outside by the pool. Pool was the theme! We had a few drinks, and Norm and I even had a bit of a dance while some of the others were playing pool.

Norm and I were in the middle of playing a second game and the music was cut off and the telly was turned to the rugby. As there were several televisions I was confused as to why the music had to go off for those of us not watching, but the blokes pretty much just took over. As blokes do.

So they watched rugby.

Then they watched more rugby.

Then they watched people on telly talking about the rugby.

Then we all noticed that Retha had disappeared and we discovered she had gone to bed!

Norm and I spent the evening sitting outside by the pool chatting and drinking and then eventually we heard music inside and we drifted in to join the others as the rugby was finally over. But by now it was late and everyone’s energy was rather flat from drinking and sitting around so everyone just drifted off to bed. So much for our anticipated frivolities.

Never mind.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and did not feel terribly hungover as I had tried to make sure to drink plenty of water and less vodka than I had managed to suck down on the Friday night.

When I was making my first coffee I looked out the window and saw a gorgeous fat wee mongoose scooting along the edge of the bushes. I did not have my phone to snap a pic so I stole one from the internets for you.


The next morning we were again treated to a bang up gorgeous breakfast. Norm was a bit grumpy as he was at the end of the queue and only got one piece of bacon but he did not starve as there were plenty of eggs and tomatoes.

After breakfast Norm and I went for a stroll down to the beach which was just outside the back door.

We sat watching the waves crash and enjoying the serenity.

We then walked along the coast a bit and saw a little lizard with an orange tail and legs scooting across the path and off into the bushes. He was ever so cute.

After we finished our walk we went back to the house and relaxed a bit before we got showered and packed, ready to make the excursion home.

We finally packed up about 12 and headed out, we decided to take a drive along the Whale Coast back home.


It was a stunning drive!

We stopped for lunch at Spier wine farm. We decided to just grab a few picnic items and sit outside at the Farm Kitchen.


They had a few prepared sandwiches so we picked a chicken and mayo.

I also indulged in a bit of potato salad.

For dessert Norm chose an apple cake type thing. It looked like an upside down cupcake. It was stuffed with bits of apple and had a sort of toffee flavoured icing on top.

I played it safe and got a couple of cookies.

The sandwich was not very nice, there was half cooked bacon generously layered on top and the fatty consistency was rather horrid in your mouth. I also found a large piece of bone in my chicken so I was rather unimpressed. The ciabatta bread was lovely as was the flavour of the potato salad.

The peanut butter cookie was nice, but the chocolate chip one tasted too wheaty and not chocolatey enough. Norm enjoyed his dessert.

All in all I give them 3 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Considering it was a Sunday afternoon the place was rather quiet.

It was a really nice drive back and it was lovely to spend time with Norm and Retha and to make some new friends. I really enjoyed Lauren and Dave and think we could have a lot of laughs hanging out with them. We were planning our next event already when we left.

We had a great weekend and now it is back to reality.

However there is nothing quite like home.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox


Take it Slow on the Peace Train

Last weekend on Sunday afternoon we had a show day for our house which is on the market and after a morning of ferocious cleaning and tidying we were so exhausted we decided to find a quiet corner where we could grab a late lunch and relax with the dogs for a few hours while the agent was showing the house. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it was far too hot for my Scotsman to be out and about in the sun.

We arrived at Deli Delish and I asked if we were able to sit there outside in the shade with the dogs and the staff were so welcoming. It turns out the owner also has a Pomeranian so we had a lovely chat about the cheeky wee things.

Pixie spent the time glaring malevolently at pigeons and barking if they landed on the roof. Pixie hates pigeons.

I held Panda in my lap but Navajo was on high alert, watching carefully in case some marauding human decided to approach our table in order to steal a chip.

I thought the plan through and ordered something easy to manage with one hand. I had the calamari and chips.

Norm had a burger and fries and somehow managed to eat this with one hand while the other was busy trying to keep Navajo from chasing kids on bikes who were riding past en-route to the beach.

We finished lunch and we were so exhausted from a busy weekend and all that cleaning that we went home at 5, fed the dogs and crashed in front of the telly.

There were only a few people through for the show day and no offers were made. We will have to be a bit more patient but the right buyer should come along at some point.

I also had quite a busy week with my client. I’m trying to finalize requirements for our first work parcel but had a few stumbling blocks this week. Add to that there was a water leak on Main Road and they diverted traffic or had a stop/go in operation all week which made traffic a nightmare.  It added at least 20 minutes to my journey in each direction.

I had such a stressful day on Tuesday that Norm spoiled us with fillet steaks, fried mushrooms, stir fried spinach and roast butternut. It was so divine.

I cooked Mexican food on Wednesday night and kept it low carb. I made proper crispy corn shells for Josh but did provolone cheesy crisps for Norm and I. We had ours as a spicy mexican salad.

On Friday I left work early as we were off to see John Legend in concert at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

Norm was clever and had planned ahead and bought a roast chicken and salad so that we could have a quick meal at home before we left. That is always the challenge at GrandWest is getting pre-concert food. The venue is crowded on a normal weekend with gamblers and other day visitors, so if you add in the influx of concert goers it is a nightmare. It is always a hassle to even get a seat in a restaurant so you arrive at the concert with indigestion and high stress levels from rushing.

Instead, we arrived early, got parked and went to the piano bar in the casino area and settled in with a few drinks to get us in the mood.

me john.jpg

There was some annoying eejit who fancied himself as a good singer who started ‘performing’ with the pianist. He was dreadful and annoying and eventually stfu.

There is always one.

Eventually we queued for our armbands and went in to find our seats. We were on the 5th row from the stage and had such amazing views of the stage and performers!

As it was the Darkness and Light Tour John dressed in all black for the first set then changed to bright white for the second.

The concert was absolutely brilliant. John was probably the most professional entertainer I have seen. He arrived on time, he had a quick break to freshen up and he was back on stage quick. His production was slick and full of energy. I loved the clips of his beautiful and down to earth wife Chrissy and their daughter Luna.

Chrissy Luna

Image credit.

Mr. Legend gets a full on 5 Kitten Stars.

5 Stars

We were also seated in a prime spot for escaping the venue and getting out of the car park. The parking angels were smiling upon us. We were home by 11 and we had a drink and a snack and were asleep by midnight.

The next morning we had a lovely long lie in bed. Norm got up to feed the dogs at 8, made a coffee for us and brought them back to bed. The dogs and the coffees that is.

We put on sky news and each read on our iPads. It was rather heavenly.

The dogs love it when we hang out in bed as do the cats.

Eventually hunger drove us out of bed and Norm made us a low carb breakfast of streaky bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs, avocado & tomatoes.

We relaxed all day and then on Saturday evening we were invited for dinner at Retha’s. Her beau Barry was there as were her brother Louis and his wife Patty and the kids Robin and Naomi. They are such a lovely family and it was a great evening. The weather was still pretty warm and we sat outside for much of the night. Norm and Robin were making origami which was fun. Norm is so good with kids, I will be glad when we finally get some grandkids. 🙂

As one does at all good dinner parties, I both drank too much and ate too much. As a result I awoke at 6.30am feeling queasy. This was enough movement to wake the dogs and they insisted on Norm getting up and feeding them early.

However he came back with a coffee for us and we put the telly on and we lay in bed til late morning on Sunday. We were off that afternoon to yet another concert. This time to see Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens. The tour was called the Peace Train Tour.

It was being held in what must be one of the world’s most stunning concert venues, Kirstenbosch Gardens.

The gardens extend over many acres of land so parking can be a bit of a schlep. We had a plan to drop me at the gate with our bags and then Norm was going to park but there was no place to stop and so he just carried on with the flow of congestion and we ended up in the main car park. There were signs every where saying the parking was full, but the day visitors were pouring out of the car parks so we decided to risk it and once again our angels came up with a great plan and we got parking right outside the front entrance! We joined the queue into the venue and trudged up the hill with our cooler and blankets and picked a spot and got settled in.

me norm cat.jpg

I cannot imagine how many more concert tours Yusuf has under his belt, I felt so privileged to see him considering how long he went without performing at all. I have been a fan since I was a kid.

Just after Yusuf came on stage the clouds started to roll in over Table Mountain. It was a wee bit chilly as the sun started to set but we brought sweaters and a blanket to wrap up in.

We were quite far away but could just see Yusuf and the band from our seats. Eventually the sun dropped completely and it got very dark so the stage glowed brightly.

I give Yusuf a full 5 stars as well, he was brilliant. He told his life history in music and he obliged us with all of his old favorites and it was like an old time sing along. Great fun. 

5 Stars

After the concert finished we managed to skirt around the perimeter of the venue and get out quite quickly. We got our car out of the chaos and shot off home.

I was wide awake when we got in and so we only sloped off to bed after 12.30 last night, but what an amazing weekend we had.

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.

Kisses from the Kitten. xoxoxox

Past, Present & Future

On Thursday night Norm and I pretended we were hipsters and attended a gallery event for a newly discovered artist, Ana Kuni. Her work is absolutely stunning.

She has a character that is very prevalent in her work and which I strongly identify with. Ana’s website says: “There is a strong character, constantly featured in her work- The Warrior Woman, who Ana describes as “Conscious, Compassionate, Creative being living in harmony with the inner and outside world”.

ana kuni.jpg

I hope that I have a piece of her work for my very own coming from Santa. 🙂

There was a guy there from Woodstock Gin Company who was showcasing a local craft gin.


I am not a huge gin fan but I did try a glass of the High Tea one which is distilled with rooibos and honeybush.


We had a wander around and enjoyed the art and vibe. Even the courtyard had some fun whimsical art pieces.

After the exhibition we went to The River Club for a bite to eat at The Slug & Lettuce pub. There was a bit of an odd vibe as there was a private function going on, many of the tables and chairs were removed which made the noise rather deafening. But the service was good and the food was delicious. We both had a fillet steak and of course I had some onion rings.

The steak was very tender, it melted in your mouth.

It was nice going out somewhere different for a change, it seems we go to the same venues and see the same people so it was lovely.

However eating out meant I had no leftovers for work the next day so on Friday I ordered Japanese food from OrderIn. My usual place, Sakura, was closed so I tried Hong Restaurant in Claremont. My food looked a bit of a mess so I did not take a pic of it. Their salmon roses were twice the price of Sakura so I will not change my loyalty to Sakura when they are available. I ordered prawn tepanyaki as well as the sushi and it was tasty but oh so messy as the prawns were unpeeled and in a sauce. You ended up covered in prawny sauce. NSFW.

After work on Friday I stopped by my Chiro Kevin for a treatment. My back has improved so much since I started using the insoles in my shoes. It has made my knee pain virtually disappear unless it rains, then my knees act as a barometer.

Lily and Josh came down on Friday so it was lovely having that energy in the house again when I got home. Josh has stayed on this week as his project in Simon’s Town finally seems to be moving along. As our big annual Halloween party was this weekend Caitlin also came to stay on Saturday night.

On Saturday Lily and Norm had errands to run and Josh went quad biking. I just relaxed in preparation for a night of dancing and fun. Lily did my hair and Caitlin did my make up so I was the first one ready.

hall me home

We booked an Uber to take us to the party and there were already a few people there when we arrived. Everyone started arriving quite quickly after we did and we ordered platters for each of the tables. We ordered 5 platters but as we were seated on a long table none of the food made it to our end so we ordered 2 more platters of food as a few latecomers had also missed the food. However the waiter put our 2nd platter at the same end as the 1st platter and so we ended up not getting any food from that one either! I nibbled a bit here and there but did not want to be drinking copious amounts on an empty stomach.

The DJ was asked to make sure he had music from all decades to go with the theme of Past, Present and Future and he delivered on that front and from the point of the platters getting cleared he got us all up and dancing and many of us barely sat down all night!

hall dance.jpg

I love it when the music crosses generations and appeals to all – we had everyone dancing with everyone else, all the attendees mixed together very well.

I dressed as post-apocalyptic, Caitlin & Wes dressed as 1950’s and Lily and Josh as 1920’s.

Everyone wanted my goggles on for the pics. I could see absolutely nothing with them on.

hall me cait

We managed to round up the entire family for a shot. Norm was a knight but he forgot his helmet at home. Oops.

hall all

The kids invited their friends as well so we had all ages there.

hall all bar

My friends Jesse and Neyo both looked amazing and I was so happy to have them make the party for the first time.

hall me jess.jpg

We had most of the regular crowd there, Karen and Scott have only missed one of our parties. They both always make such an effort at dressing up.

hall scott karen

I loved this pic, it really shows Karen’s zest for life. She is such a happy soul.

hall roller queen

Retha invited a few friends to keep her occupied but we managed to have a wee boogy or 2.

hall me retha

1920’s was the most popular time period and we had a bevvy of beautiful flappers.

hall 20s

Everyone seemed to have such fun, I know that I did. The beauty of having it at Spiro’s is that we have no clean up, we just stumble home and wake to a clean tidy house. If you want a brilliant party venue then this is the one for you! The staff are amazing, you can book a DJ through the venue and they do really tasty food.

Every year we lose something and this year was no exception. When we got home we realised we had somehow lost one of the house remotes. This has access to our gate, our house alarm and our garage (which has direct access into the house) so we were all in a panic. We were hoping it was left at Spiro’s but Josh went down and the staff remembered giving it to Caitlin. Oops. It took a few days but eventually Josh got hold of the Uber driver who told him he had it! What a relief. Josh popped over to meet him on Monday and collected it.

It was after 2am when I finally went to bed. We all felt a bit fragile when we woke on Sunday. Lily had to drive back to Mossel Bay but Caitlin Norm and I went out for lunch and to attend a few show houses.

We popped into Bootlegger’s coffee shop in High Constantia. I had the divine Caesar salad and it was as yummy as last time, maybe better as the egg was softer.

bootlegger salad (2).JPG

We saw 6 houses and 2 of them were really lovely. I could move right into them and be happy. But we do not want to offer on anything until we get an offer on our house.

It was a sunny hot day so when we got home we sat outside and Norm cleaned the pool with help from Nav and Panda.

sundaydogs pool.JPG

We had a quiet evening and relaxed as it was back to work the following day.

On Monday I was facilitating a workshop at my client and I was not on top form. I was still a bit fuzzy and knackered. Age, booze and dancing all night can lead to 3 days of down time at my age.

On Tuesday I again had nothing to take for lunch and so I ordered sushi from Sakura.

  • 1 X Salmon Roses @ R64.00
  • 1 X Open Prawn Tempura @ R48.50
  • 1 X Golden Rolls @ R39.00
  • 1 X Spring Rolls (2pcs) @ R17.00
    • Vegetarian (R0.00)

sakura friday.JPG

It was really tasty and reinforced my decision not to stray from them when I order from my client offices.

There was plenty of chaos at the offices all week with the lectures suspended due to the #FeesMustFall protests. We are pretty safe at our office but it is very unsettling.

There is another march planned for tomorrow. I hope our country finds peace and balance.

I cooked dinner last night as Norm did a shop. Food prices are ridiculous at the moment, I do not know how some people survive financially. Last night I cooked pork chops with roasted butternut and steamed broccoli. I also made a pasta sauce for tonight which I will serve over low carb noodles as I am trying to get back onto eating low carb.

The rest of this month is a bit mad, we are seeing Cat Stevens and John Legend, we are going on a long weekend away and we have our show house on this Sunday. Wish us luck with our house sale and in return I will wish you every happiness possible.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox




Trigger Warnings

Every year I sign up to donate to Operation Shoebox. This year I signed up for 2 newborns and I did my shopping on Friday. As the babies may not be born yet I do not know whether they will boys or girls so I did boxes which are suitable for either. I used yellow and green as my theme.

They provide a list of the items you must include as well as a list of things which are optional. I put in a yellow babygro (aka a onesie in some countries), a pair of booties, a baby blanket, baby soap, baby cream, a facecloth, baby powder, a rattle/teething ring, some nappies, baby wipes, earbuds (or QTips for you Yanks :)) a stuffed animal and some chocolate treats for the new mom. I used a hard plastic see through box instead of a shoebox as the mommy will be able to use it for storage afterwards. I chose Nessie as my stuffed animal in tribute to Norm’s Scottish heritage.

Making these boxes and thinking of how happy I may make someone really makes me feel great. I know that baby goods are so expensive and many moms will have been out of work with no pay due to pregnancy and these treats may make a big difference to them. I usually choose toddlers to do a box for but this year I decided to look after a couple of mommies by providing for their babies.

On Friday night Norm and I were both a bit tired so we decided to stay in and get a take away curry from Indian Oven and binge on Sons of Anarchy.


Sometimes we just need to chill out and be a couch potato, but we are at such an exciting part of the series that we sat on tenterhooks rather than relaxing. In the episodes we are currently watching they are in Belfast so we take the piss out of the American actors trying to do the Belfast twang and shout out when we see a familiar setting.

We really should get out more I guess.

Saturday morning I was up and out of bed in a rush to get myself and Pixie off to the chiropractor in Noordhoek for 9.30a.m, which meant leaving by 8.30a.m. to allow for traffic. I just washed my face and threw on clothes as I planned to shower later before I went to drum circle.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the view of the mountains and sea on my way there.

ou kaapse weg.jpg

Image credit.

When we arrived at the chiropractor’s house I thought it a bit odd that there were no other cars outside as parking can sometimes be a challenge as I do not know how to parallel park. (Stop laughing).

We were a few minutes early and we just sat outside and watched the world go by.

me pix chiro

I put Pixie’s leash on and we went off to the gate. David has 5 dogs, 2 of which are large loud Newfoundlands and they were all barking at poor wee Pixie and she hid behind my legs. The dogs are not normally out when patients are coming in so this added to my confusion. I rang the bell and there was no reply, I rang the landline and there was no answer. I decided to check my last email from David and I saw that he had not replied to my mail requesting a confirmation of our usual appointment but as I go every 5 weeks at the same time I keep my diary blocked out to avoid double booking. I was so annoyed but there was not much I could do so I just popped Pixie back in the car and headed back home. That is 2 hours of my life wasted and a chance for a long lie in bed gone.

On my way back home I was going around the traffic circle at the top of Constantia Nek and there was a cyclist entering the circle to my right from Kirstenbosch, however he was far away and so I entered the circle and carried on down the hill into Hout Bay. He started shouting at me to ‘wake up’ and so I gave him the finger. This seemed to enrage him and so he caught up to me and drove next to me while shouting angry abuse at me. I then rolled my eyes and made the universal hand gesture for ‘you are a wanker’.


This made him go full on psycho. He punched my side mirror and continued to scream at me even louder. His face went so red I thought he might have a heart attack.

Due to the violence of my first marriage, aggressive men really trigger me. As soon as a man shows any sign of aggression or anger it puts me into self-defense mode and makes me puff up and goad him on. I know that this situation is my trigger and it is almost as if I have no control over my reactions.

Norm later pointed out to me that all of my road rage incidents are after I have made this hand gesture at an already aggressive man. I know it is a trigger for men, so why do I do it?

I pondered this a lot and I ended up saying ho-oponopono prayer and apologies to the cyclist. I hope it calmed him down and he did not go home and beat his wife or kick his cat.

I am working on maintaining serenity and sending out positivity but it is not my natural go to position as a cynical reality based Virgo, but I think awareness of our shortcomings and trying to change is half way to success, right?

When I got home Norm was busy making us breakfast. I am so lucky.


I relaxed a bit and had another coffee and then got ready to go to Eagle Owl Lodge for a drum circle.

There were lots of us there and it was fun. I took my own drum and this allowed those without their own drum to use the large communal group drum.

There was a sweat lodge being held after drumming but I did not stay for that. The lodge looked fabulous though.

sweat lodge.jpg

While I was out Norm started tarting up our garden shed.

The blue paint is peeling and he’s busy trying to make things more appealing for the upcoming show day.

I got home late in the afternoon and Norm and I decided to see if we could snag a table for dinner at Cheyne’s as he has moved locations to the building which previously held Ragafellow’s before they closed. It is a prime spot with much more room than his previous location. We have now out lived the old Luigi’s, Ragafellow’s and now restaurant number 3 in this same venue.

I booked online as Cheyne had posted on social media that their phone line was not yet in operation and I was pleased to get a booking for 7pm.

We arrived promptly at 7pm only to be told they had no record of my booking despite being sent a confirmation of my reservation. Not again! Last time we tried to go to Lucky Bao they did not have a seat for us despite our booking. I told the host that I had proof of my booking and he asked us to go through to the lounge until he could sort out a table for us. I told them I did not want to eat in the lounge as the tables were awkward for eating and he said he would try his best.

Luckily he managed to get a table for us in a matter of minutes and off we went to settle in. I was busy absorbing all of the changes Cheyne has made and enjoying the vibe in seconds.

Norm was only interested in the menu.

We ordered drinks and chose 4 dishes each as there is a ‘4 dishes for R260’ deal.

I chose the baby shrimp tempura from the Sea section of the menu which comes with red pepper caramel and garlic truffle aioli.

The flavours were divine, it was like the fanciest scampi you can imagine in a sort of salt and pepper batter. Really yummy.

Norm and I decided to add an extra dish to share from the Earth portion of the menu as we were so in love with the duck fat fries when we last ate at Lucky Bao (one of Cheyne’s other restaurants.)

However they were different than the ones we had at Lucky Bao, these were more like wedges than fries. As a result they were not aligned to the delicacy of his other dishes and they were a bit discordant.

Tasty but a bit too chunky.

Also from the Earth portion of the menu I chose the Potato and Coconut Dumplings with tom yum lemongrass cream and peanuts. I love these dumplings so much, they are light and fluffy and so full of flavour. I could eat about a dozen of these babies.

From the Land portion of the menu I chose the Crispy Pork and Quails egg san choy bau with chinese mustard and roasted nuts. I have had this dish before and it never fails to disappoint.

I saved my fourth option for dessert – a choice from the Happy Endings portion of the menu. I really deliberated drifting from my usual choice but at the last minute reverted to form and had the double thick peanut butter shake with toasted peanuts and 70% choc soil.

It is nice to see that Cheyne has expanded his menu somewhat but he has kept his old faves. We really enjoyed our evening and think the new venue is stunning. The large lounge may become a new summer hang out for cocktails.

On Sunday we had a lot of things we should have been doing, but we opted instead for a long lie in bed, watching CNN and drinking frothy coffees while surrounded by the animals.

sunday pets.jpg

Eventually hunger drove us out and we decided to head out for lunch. We stopped at the High Constantia shops and went to Bootlegger’s Coffee Shop.

We were pleased to nab a table outside in the shade. We have never eaten here since they took over what used to be Green’s. We had missed breakfast so we ordered a salad. I ordered the Caesar salad with Bacon. I love a good Caesar salad but very few places do an actual proper Caesar, they usually omit the anchovies or use some other type of lettuce. However I was ever so impressed with their version. It was pukka!

bootlegger salad

Freshly grated parmesan, proper cos lettuce, anchovies and a boiled egg. It was so tasty and the service was great. We will be making this a regular visiting spot.

After lunch we headed off to Meadowridge and Tokai to hit a few showhouses. We saw six houses, one which Norman loved but the traffic noise from the nearby motorway was much too loud for me. None of the others were suitable for us however so it was not a very successful venture.

We decided to stop for dinner at Woodcutters Arms and when we got out of the car we were struck by the intense smell of smoke in the air. Norm told me he had seen on social media that there was a huge fire in Glencairn which is across the bay from us.

glencairn fire


Image credit.

I read today that the fire is now out, I hope there was not too much damage. We desperately need more rain to put a damper on these recurring fires.

At Woodcutters we grabbed a cosy corner booth and ordered drinks. We had our usual starters, Norm had his scotch egg.

woodies eggs.jpg

And I had my jalapeno cigars.

woodies cigars

For our main we both had the buttermilk chicken breast burger which was juicy, tasty and dripping with cheese.

woodies burger.jpg

There are only a few more days until our big Halloween party which we have every year. I am so unprepared in regards to my outfit but I am sure it will all come right on the night!

Have a great week.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxox


Please Forgive Me

Forgive me readers for it has a been a long time since my last confession. I do not think I have been doing any vast amounts of sinning, I have just been a bit busy.

This message is what is upper most in my mind at the moment however, the concept of the power of forgiveness.

Grandmother Robin Youngblood is the elder who has trained the ladies who I have been eagerly following to try and absorb some of her teachings. She has started a meditation which she wants to go world wide that is based on Hoʻoponopono (hoo-pono-pono) which is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The purpose of this meditation is to tell Mother Earth we are sorry for the damage and harm we have done to her.

The video Robin posted on Facebook is included below.

Ho’oponopono has 4 steps.

Step 1: Repentance where you start by saying ‘I am sorry’. You can choose to specify why you are sorry, who you are apologising to or you can do a general repentance directed to the Universe and it’s inhabitants.

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness by simply saying ‘Please forgive me’.

Step 3: Express your Gratitude by saying ‘Thank You’.

Step 4: Express your Love by saying ‘I love you’.

As with Step 1 you can direct these messages to a person, a thing, a situation, the Universe or even just to yourself. The purpose of the prayer is healing.

To those who have never heard of the concept of ho’oponopono, here is a link to read more about it, but the art of Ho’oponopono gained attention when Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len healed a ward of criminally insane prisoners at the Hawaii state hospital with his cleansing meditation, without ever going to the facility or meeting the people he cured in person. He reviewed each patients’ files, and then he healed them by healing himself. He not only improved the prisoner’s behaviour patterns, but also the atmosphere of the ward personally over a period of four years. He did all of this by repeating the Ho’oponopono prayer.

ho oponono dr len

The meditations which have been done by the spiritual community that I have watched so far are all slightly different but the main message includes the Ho’oponopono prayer.

I have been practicing this daily by repeating this mantra to family members, to the Universe and even to drivers who cut me up in traffic.

This makes me feel at peace and calm. Whenever I think about the chaos in our world, the corruption of our politicians, the recurring hurricanes, wild fires and other symptoms of our disrespect to Mother Earth it makes me anxious. The prayers make me feel less filled with despair.

Another reason why I have not been posting for the last few weeks is that Norm has been away for three weeks and we always keep his absence off of social media for security reasons. He was in Budapest, the UK and Malaysia on work. I had Vanessa my manicurist and her daughter Robyn come stay with me to help me manage the dogs and to provide me with a bit of company at night.

I cannot be home to feed the dogs at 8am and to let Cordelia in when she arrives at 9 and still make it to work and home again to deal with the dogs in the evening. Also the dogs need to go out midday for a wee on the days when Cordelia is not there and Vanessa works in the village so she could pop home from work to let Navajo have a wander around the garden. She fed the dogs in the morning and waited for Cordelia to arrive and I dealt with them when I got home around 5-6pm. It worked out perfectly and Vanessa and her daughter are both so sweet so it was a great plan.

Norm came home this Monday and it was so lovely having him home. It makes me appreciate him when I have to do everything he normally does for me.

Usually when he goes away we have some sort of drama or catastrophe but this time all seemed to go smoothly other than a fire in our village which raged for days. It started behind a 5 star hotel on the coast road.

This meant that the road was shut during the peak part of the fire so that the firefighters could work without traffic obstructions. The road was closed also due to the lack of visibility for cars passing by. That meant the entire valley had to exit via the only other road into our village and it took me 2 hours to get to work.

Eventually the fire crossed over the mountain into Hout Bay due to the shifts in wind. It was on the opposite side of the valley from my house so I was safe but it was very near Retha’s house and the smoke was horrendous. You could see it from my house.

smoke my house.JPG

On Friday night it was raging very near Retha’s house.

fire jane ann

Image credit.

I stayed home mostly while Norm was away other than one or two ventures out and about. Retha and I went out for breakfast to Pastis last Saturday to escape the smoke from the fire.

pastis me

We both had the eggs benedict.

Pastis Eggs Benedict

After we had brunch we popped into Sacred Ibis to collect the drum bag that Michelle had made for me. I cannot say how much I love this bag. Birds are so significant in my life.

drum bag.JPG

The level of detail is so intricate. Even the zipper is lovely.

bag zip.JPG

When I got home I decided to pray and drum for rain to both fill our drought ridden dams and to put out the fire which was still raging. Later that afternoon the heavens opened and it poured with rain and extinguished the fire.

I hope that I helped to contribute to that rain.

With prayer anything is possible

I thank you Mother Earth.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxo

Listen to the Coyote

This past weekend I barely feel as if I caught my breath! It was non-stop from start to finish.

In fact since my last blog I have been really busy. Maybe this is due to the warmer weather erratically arriving?

On Wednesday after work Retha came for drinks and afterwards I cooked dinner. I made Mexican salads with spicy beef and they were yummy.

I did not have any leftovers for my lunch the next day and the girls at work naughtily persuaded me to use OrderIn to get sushi from Sakura Sushi Bar.

It was divine! I ordered:

  • 1 X Prawn, Avo & Mayo Salad @ R48.00
  • 1 X Salmon Roses @ R64.00
  • 1 X Open Prawn Tempura @ R48.50


That day Norm sent me a message to say that my cousin ‘C’ had posted ‘RIP to her  sister ‘T’ who was ‘transitioning” on Facebook. Norm is C’s friend but I unfriended and blocked her years ago due to her random bizarre harassment on Facebook.  My Mom is still friends with T and so I messaged Mom to say that T had passed away. For some reason my Mom decided to ring T’s phone and got the shock of her life when T answered. Mom told T what C had posted online and then C starts harassing my Mother on a continual basis. I had to show my Mom how to block a phone call, what is wrong with someone who harasses a 75 year old woman for caring about her sister?? The crazy is strong in my family. One reason why I am quite happy to not be in the states.

Our house pictures went up on Property24 late on Thursday night. Several of the pictures were terrible and it really upset me. It upset me so much I could not sleep. I probably had 4 hours sleep on Thursday so all day Friday I felt dreadful. I messaged the agent and he took down the worst of them but none of them are great quality. They are blurry and yellow. The view and the outside of the house look amazing but none of the inside pics do the house justice.

Image 66.png

Here is a link to the full advert: My House.

What do you think?

After work on Friday I went to Kevin, the Chiro who is coaching me on Mindfulness and working on my knee and back issues. He reminded me to focus on the now and to not obsess about whether the house will sell or what may or may not happen.

He took my blood pressure and it was 165/82 which explained why I had been feeling so rubbish all day. I had thought it was lack of sleep and stress. The question is did the stress or sleep interruptions cause the blood pressure issues or did the blood pressure issues cause the stress?

I am sure it is a cyclical chicken/egg type response.

I cooked baked chicken breasts, steamed cauliflower and spinach for dinner and settled in with a wee vodka to relax. I was so tired so I did not want to go out. I started watching Lucifer a series I had not watched before and it kept me amused for a few hours. I am really enjoying it.


I loved the lead actor, Tom Ellis when he was in Miranda and he is very funny and sexy in this show.

I was up early on Saturday as Caitlin and I were going to collect the pottery we painted on my birthday at Clay Cafe. The plates look so stunning!


After we collected the plates and my mug we had eggs benedict and a coffee.

Then we headed over to Earthworx garden centre to find a new plant for Caitlin’s flat. We had a little wander around and discussed all of the plants and then enjoyed gazing at the Fairy Garden they have set up.

Caitlin bought a plant and a new pot to put it in and then we parted ways. She went to the house to pick up some things she had left and to sort a few things before going to lunch with Wesley.

I headed into the city to the hairdresser to get my roots done. I snapped this when I got home.

Grey begone!! 


It was a gorgeous sunny day so I sat on the porch while Navajo and Panda had a mooch about.

panda nav

Retha messaged me to ask if I wanted to come for a braai at her place and then she came to collect me. There were only a few of us there, it was such a warm day but in typical South African style once the sun set it was freezing so we layered up and tried to stay out of the wind.

me at retha braai

I had far too much vodka and got to bed a bit late. It was made even worse when Navajo woke me at 5 am to go outside and then wanted to go out at 6 am again as well. He seemed to be feeling poorly.

Eventually I got up and started getting ready to go to the Introduction to Shamanism course that Michelle (Dancing Heart Spirit Woman) was putting on at Soul. I was very happy that Norm had driven me there before and I could follow my instincts to get back there as I am not very good with directions or new places I have never been before. I set off in plenty of time and was there a bit early. My friend Carol also attended. We sat outside in the garden in the sun until everyone arrived and was ready to start.


Eventually we all entered and got seated in a large circle around the room. There was a cloth in the center which Michelle had set up as an altar and we were all invited to place our items onto the altar for blessings.


I brought my new drum and drumstick as well as some crystals. Other people brought photographs, beads, cards and all manner of personal items they wanted to be blessed by the energy that day.

The altar had an item to symbolise each of the four elements:

  • Feathers for Air
  • A lit candle for Fire
  • Rocks and crystals for Earth
  • Seashells and a bowl of water for Water.

We all took a turn holding the talking stick and telling why we were there and what we hoped to gain from attending the workshop. Then Michelle began her teachings. She taught us about the Medicine Wheel and what the 7 directions represent. I’ve found a few different images to give you an idea of the different elements represented in each direction.

I do not have my notes with me so I got the following info from another site.

The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree—all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life.

Different tribes interpret the Medicine Wheel differently. Each of the Four Directions (East, South, West, and North) is typically represented by a distinctive color, such as black, red, yellow, and white, which for some stands for the human races. The Directions can also represent:

  • Stages of life: birth, youth, adult (or elder), death
  • Seasons of the year: spring, summer, winter, fall
  • Aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical
  • Elements of nature: fire (or sun), air, water, and earth
  • Animals: Eagle, Bear, Wolf, Buffalo and many others
  • Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar

The one which stood out to me was the Coyote, who represents the South. He is known as a clown and a trickster and is there to remind us to laugh and play. I know as a Virgo I need this reminder often as it is not in my nature to be frivolous of spirit. I am a serious person and I need to remember to enjoy life.

The other 3 ‘directions’ were also discussed, Above to represent the ancestors, Below to represent Mother Earth and the Within to represent the here and now, the centre of self. The colours to represent these directions are:

  • Above: Blue
  • Here / now / centre of self: Purple
  • Below: Green

We then had a gorgeous soup made from the vegetables that Michelle and Gordon grow at Sacred Ibis. There was also some divine fresh bread and a fruit salad for dessert. Simple, nourishing, healthy food.

We then did a few drum journeys. The first was to find your power animal. I was unable to go into a trance and did not see any animals at all. I had the same issue I have with meditating, my mind will not be still. I kept seeing pictures of hearts. Hearts everywhere but no animals.

We then had a second round where we were supposed to build up the energy of our newly discovered power animal and then blow it into one of the crystals or stones we had brought with us. We had to ask permission from the crystal to store the spirit animal there. However as I had been unable to connect with mine I just let my mind roam free. The word ‘All’ kept running through my mind. Was this supposed to combine with the heart from my 1st session to tell me to ‘Love All Animals’? I do not know.

The third drum journey was to connect with our Spirit Guides. I have always felt that one of my spirit guides is White Buffalo Woman. She has come to me in visions and in symbolism in so many instances. Even before I knew of her story, I would have mediums and psychics describe her to me and ask if I know who she is? Her message to me is always ‘do you know who you are?’. She has been trying to get me onto the Red Road for a long time.


I saw her in various forms in my visions, I saw her as the beautiful maiden, I saw her as the elder with white braids. But I knew it was her. She had a golden light surrounding her.

I was sad that I could not see my animal totem but seeing White Buffalo Woman was a privilege and it validated what I have felt for many years since I saw her and the other native women in my first vision which took me back to my roots. In that vision she handed me a pile of animal skins and said to me ‘Do you know who you are’? This is always her question to me.

I am finally trying to discover who I am spiritually.

Michelle had brought along some beautiful Smudge Wands she had made. I was drawn immediately to this one.


I bought it and Michelle told me that she had been gifted the Hawk feather and that she was glad that I had chosen to take it home with me. I love it so.

After the workshop was finished I headed home. Navajo had been sick a few times in the evening, I think he was objecting to the richness of the chicken gizzards he had eaten. I mopped up rivers of dog barf.

That will ground one back to reality pretty fast.

Josh came down on Sunday evening to stay for a few days of work on his project. Lily will be coming down to join him later in the week as they are going to a wedding this weekend.

Yesterday we woke to the horrendous news of the Vegas shooting  in the US and closer to home the shooting in Phillipi.

It is so sad that our world is so full of so much hate and pain. I pray for the victims and their loved ones.

Last night Retha and I went to meet her friend Lauren for dinner in Sea Point.

wonderful girls

We went to Wonderful on Main Road. They have a special on for R89 where you get a bowl of soup, a spring roll, a main course and dessert. What a bargain!

I had the chicken and sweet corn soup.

wonderful soup.jpg

Then a vegetable spring roll.

wonderful spring roll.jpg

For my main course I chose the crispy beef with fried rice.

wonderful beef.jpg

It was not the BEST crispy beef I have ever had but it was certainly not the worst. The beef was lean and tender.

For dessert we had the banana spring roll with ice cream.

wonderful dessert.jpg

It was a nice evening full of laughs and busy conversation.

Tonight I am having a quiet night in as I am exhausted! 

The coyote will have to find someone else to dance with him tonight.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxo

Is There A Doctor in the House?

This past weekend was a lovely long 3 day weekend as Monday was Heritage Day in South Africa. It was made even better as Lily and Josh were down for the weekend. I cooked for us all on Thursday but on Friday night Lily was out with her childhood girlfriends for dinner but Josh had been working all day so he was happy to stay at home and chill with me and Norm. We ordered ribs and chicken burgers from The Kitchen Takeaway.


We started watching a new show called ‘Better Things‘ which I really enjoyed. I thought it was very funny. It stars Pamela Adlon who is very cute yet sexy and quirky and odd and she is perfectly cast for the part.

better things

Of course she is one of the creators so that makes sense that she is perfect for the part. She collaborated with Louis C.K. who I am not always a fan of, I think he uses crudity in place of humour sometimes. But I am often edging onto the crude side myself sometimes, but then my prudish Virgoness pulls me back from the abyss.

We got up early on Saturday as I had an appointment at Skin in Hout Bay for a laser treatment. Norm and I popped in to La Cuccina for a quick breakfast before my appointment.

Norm then went off to do some errands in town and then he came back at 12:00 to pick me up.

Regular readers will know that we are downsizing and have taken the difficult decision to sell our beloved house and leave Hout Bay. After Norm collected me we drove over to Constantia to view a house which looked appealing on the brochure. We quite liked it but it does need a bit of work done to make it suitable for us, such as putting in a shower in the en-suite and removing some cupboards so my cooker could squeeze in to their kitchen layout.

After we had our viewing we went home and started on our plan to ‘house-doctor’ our home to make it more viewer friendly as the agent was coming to make the brochure photos on Tuesday. This is also called ‘Staging’ your home. Basically we removed all of the ‘personal’ items such as family photos and just did a general decluttering.

There were some items which I have kept for ages as they were gifts, or some which were mementos and had memories associated to them. Time to let that all go.

I had gone through a ‘Chinese’ themed decor phase a few years back where I had a bright red dining room and a lot of Chinese style artifacts and items, but this is no longer my style so out they went. I had other mementos of our past holidays such as a rusty little statue from Sardinia and a pottery plate from a trip to Portugal. The platter has a chip on it and I still have my memories, so out they went.

Lily had a look through the box and she took the Chinese artifacts and some of the other items. The rest will go to DARG to be added to their fundraising garage sales. I have another big bag of jewelry which will go as well once Caitlin has made sure there is nothing she wants out of it.

We packed up CD racks and gave away a CD player to a friend as we have several CD players and never play any of them. Norm took some winter jackets down to the homeless men who do car guarding in Hout Bay as they are outside in all elements and it is still cold at night. They were very happy that he thought of them. He is a good kind hearted man. I hope that it helps to balance out my own nasty selfish side. A couples group karmic score sort of thing.

The house is so empty it almost echos. But it looks so spacious.

That evening as we were on our own we decided to pop down to Woodcutters Arms for a wee bevvie and a pub dinner.

We are never very adventurous and we both had our usual starters, the jalapeno cheddar cigars for me and the scotch egg for Norm.

He does love these scotch eggs.

Norm was somewhat virtuous and had the Blue Cheese Burger on special and he had it with salad and did not eat his bun.

I was very naughty and had chips with my chicken burger but I also did not eat my bun.

I had an order of onion rings to make up for not eating the bun however.

After our dinner we headed home and decided to watch a film. I randomly chose ‘Nocturnal Animals‘. I do love Jake Gyllenhaal.


That was one weird hard to follow film. I could never tell what was reality and what was part of the screenplay the lead actress was reading. I won’t even go into whether the lead was played by Amy Adams or the other one.


We had more house viewings on for the next day but first we got up and carried on getting the house in a state for the brochure photos. Norm pottered about endlessly fixing and tidying. He is a demon when he sets his mind to a task.

Lily and Josh headed off to their hen party and bachelors parties.

Norm and I headed out late afternoon and viewed 2 houses both in Constantia, just around the corner from the one we viewed on Saturday. The 1st property we saw on Sunday was perfect for us. It was in a quiet cul-de-sac and the only thing we need to do is add a shower in the master en-suite. A lot of the older houses do not have an en-suite at all and when they do it often does not have a shower. With our current drought one cannot even contemplate filling a bath to luxuriate in.

The 2 properties were just a few minutes away from Cait’s new flat and she had just returned from her weekend away with Wes and his friends so we popped by to see her. She has made a lot of progress with unpacking.

After we left Caitlin’s house we were starving so we popped in to Peddlars for an early dinner. Once again they have completely changed their menu. They have now opened up what was 3 different restaurants on the same site which previously had 3 different menus to be one open room and only 1 single menu. However it now seems to have lost it’s identity, decor wise. There are completely different styles in the 3 seating areas and it seems a bit of a design fail.

But I wasn’t there to enjoy the decor I wanted fed.

Norm settled in with a glass of sauvignon blanc.

We decided to have a cheat night (ignore I had one the night before *cough*)

I ordered the Panko Crumbed Chicken Breast for R98 which was described as Parmesan and herb crusted with chips. I chose to add cheese sauce for an extra R20 and was glad I did as it was a bit dry without it.

Norm had the Beer Battered Hake and Chips for R115 and he enjoyed it.

We decided to push the boat out and have a dessert to finish off our day of debauchery.

We decided to order 2 and to share so we had a Chocolate Brownie at R48 which came with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce as well as the Chocolate Nemesis at R65, described as a flourless chocolate cake, mascarpone and berries.

I preferred the brownie and Norm preferred the chocolate nemesis. But they were both delicious.

We headed home and Lily arrived soon after we got in. Josh was still of partying with his pals until later that evening when Lily went to fetch him feeling a bit worse for wear. The girls had a pamper party but the fellas had played footy on the roof of a building and he ended up with raw knees and a bruised rib.

His blood pressure has been very low so I was worried about him playing sport, but I am a bit of a paranoid mommy sort. He was fine, just a bit banged up.

We had a chilled out evening as we were rather knackered from the House Doctoring and tidying.

On Monday morning Lily and Josh were up early and off back to the Garden Route as they both had work the following day. Norm and I carried on pottering about.

I made us an omelette out of the bits and pieces in the fridge. I fried peppers, onions, mushrooms and chorizo and then made it into an omelette. I served it with avocado and tomatoes.

I reheated my left over onion rings and had those with my omelette.

After I ate I went out and started on tidying the garden. I worked at trimming all of the bushes around the pool as that is what you see when you are on our patio looking out and it was full of dead bits from the last time it bloomed. We do have a gardener but he seems to be busy doing other things….not sure what.

We set up our back garden patio area which was still in winter mode. We put the couches out and put on all of the cushions, we rearranged the tables and chairs and did a general tidy up.

We were so exhausted after it all but it feels great to get rid of clutter. Our house looks fab. Hopefully it will sell quickly and we will find the perfect house to move to which is smaller and without the stairs which are giving my arthritic knees such issues.

We were back at work on Tuesday and today I facilitated a client workshop delivering our first work item. It went really well and they are happy with my progress.

A Cosatu strike occurred today. The strike is in protest against corruption and state capture.


Cosatu national spokesperson Sizwe Pamla said the country was struggling with a 38% unemployment rate and about 10 million people who were without jobs, while more than 17 million were on social welfare.

“This is happening while South Africa is losing roughly R147 billion a year from the money illegally taken out of the country,” he said.

There is such corruption across all political parties and branches of our government. It saddens me as South Africa is such a wonderful place, if only it was not being pilfered by our government. It is over 20 years since apartheid ended yet nothing has changed for the vast majority of the people here. Crime is prevalent, unemployment is rife and millions still live in shacks.

The ruling government should be ashamed of this continued oppression.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. I am looking forward to my Introduction to Shamanism course on Sunday. We are taking a break from viewing properties until we gauge how our house performs on the market.

Kisses from the Kitten. xoxoxoxox