You send me right round the Peninsula

This week has been full of both fun and stress, ironically both primarily related to work. We are now running three work streams at the client: Data Reconciliation of the migrated data to the staging area, a Data Quality Assessment of the HR source data and a Data Governance audit. I am involved in all 3 for one thing or another. I do the project management, the mentoring, the reviews of any deliverable and testing of the outputs produced by the developer. For the Data Quality work stream I am the only analyst and I am documenting the data rules, the data mapping and managing the client liaisons to determine the requirements. Phase 1 is due to go live on Monday and then I will have a lot of documentation to prepare for the data recon of that phase. It seems I need about 12 hours a day to be on track. The mentoring I am doing on the Data Governance work stream is taking up about half of my day and causing me challenges with delivering my own work, so I am very behind.

On Thursday we only had a half day in the office as we had our work year end function at Cape Point Vineyards. We started out doing a wine tasting.

We had a stunning view from our tasting table.

We tried 4 different wines: a Sauvignon Blanc, both a wooded and an un-wooded Chardonnay and a red. I do not drink red so I did not note what sort of red it was. I preferred the Sauvignon Blanc, but that is what I usually drink so no surprises there! You can order their delicious wines online via their website.

It was lovely seeing some of my colleagues that are based at different locations. Tamarin is our office manager and she is such a sweet and helpful young lady. Norm said she looked like my sister, but he is too kind, she does however look a lot like she could be my daughter!

I sat by Guy whom I have not seen in ages. I really like him as well, he is a very clever man and is ever so patient when you ask him questions. We had a lot of giggles, he said he missed my irreverent sense of humour.

Next we moved down to the picnic area and they brought our picnic baskets to us. They were for two people to share and contained 2 of each of these items.

I thought the food was perfect for the situation. It was tasty and easy to eat. The ciabatta was soft and delicious and went well with all of the bits and pieces, the tomato compote, the cheese and the charcutery. My least favourite was the vegetable quiche.

I did not take a pic of the actual basket so I knicked this one online. It contains different items than our basket but it gives you an idea of the presentation. The food comes in a proper old school wicker basket which contains 2 racks of food, you pop them out onto the table to share. I was starving and my basket companion eats like a bird so it worked out great!

The views are amazing, you can see across the lake to the sea.

From the other angle you can see the lake, the mountains and the sea.

We all mingled and caught up with everyone’s latest news and the various projects they are involved with.

I had traveled there with my colleague Darren and he booked a Home Heroes driver to come and collect his car and drive us back. Two drivers come to you and one drives your car back with you in it while the other one follows to collect the driver once you are dropped off at home. Our driver looked like Nelson Mandela right down to the freckles. We had to pay for both cars to come back through the toll road on Chapman’s Peak and we managed to scrape up R100 to get through only to have one of the notes rejected as it was Jersey currency. Oops, we managed to find R10 in coins to get us through.

Norm came to collect me at Darren’s house and when I arrived home I could not find my keys. As I was rather tipsy I was in a panic as I thought I must have left them at the vineyards which is a schlep to get to. Darren would not answer his phone so Norm went around and knocked the door. Luckily Darren found them in between my seat and the center panel between the seats. Phew. Drunk Kitten strikes again.

It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed it but I was suffering a bit on Friday at work. I wanted to leave early as I was so hungover but I had to help a colleague and so I had to stay late again.

We had a bit of drama this week when one evening we were chilling out and Blue brought in an entire bird nest complete with a tiny baby bird which looked like it had recently hatched. We only realised it when we heard the gruesome sound of him eating the baby. It had no feathers and it’s eyes were still shut so it could not even make a sound of distress. I wanted to choke him and refused to speak to him for several days. I know he was just doing what nature dictates but it made me sad.

Regarding our own dietary habits, we are hardly vegan so maybe I am a hypocrite. We have tried to stay low carb this week but again failed miserably. It started out well, I made a chicken curry in the crock pot which was low carb. I served it with cauliflower rice fried with onions, curry powder and coriander and the only carbs were from the poppadoms. It was so spicy Norm could barely eat it. Oops. I thought it was perfectly seasoned. Norm says it is because I am Indian but I reminded him I am not THAT kind of Indian. Silly Norm.

One night Norm made Kassler chops with pureed cauliflower cheese, fried red cabbage & steamed asparagus. It was delicious, I love a nice Kassler chop. For any American readers it is like frying a slice of ham shaped like a chop.

We derailed a few days with take-away meals and then I had my usual sushi from K1 in Hout Bay on Friday night.

I ordered 2 portions each of Prawn roses, Salmon roses and Cucumber roses topped with prawns. Unfortunately for me they got my order wrong. My fave is the cucumber roses topped with prawns and they only sent one portion of those and instead sent 3 orders of salmon roses. I can only eat so much salmon, however I can eat prawns until they come out of my ears.

On Saturday I had a long lie in bed and Norm made us a delicious brunch of poached eggs, crispy bacon and avocado.

When he was in the UK he discovered these little bags for poaching eggs. We both love poached eggs and have tried various egg poaching products but they all have some issue. These were so easy to use, the eggs did not stick to the packet and there was minimal mess. We cooked them for the time recommended but my eggs were medium rather than soft so next time we will cook them less time. I really recommend these little gems and give them 5 Kitten Stars. Pick them up HERE from YuppieChef.

In the afternoon we went into the city to collect Alec and Anne, some friends who are over from Scotland. We took the scenic drive around the city and showed them the Parliament buildings, the entrance to Company’s Garden and the view from the top of District 6. Norm knows so much about South African history and he told them about the impacts of apartheid and the city’s dirty past of oppression. I told him I am going to book him some side gigs as a tour guide.

We drove up Ou Kaapse Weg, a curvy mountain road which has a stunning view.

We drove through Simon’s Town and stopped off at Boulder’s Beach to view the penguins. We did not go into the actual sanctuary as it is expensive, crowded and a penguin is a penguin, so we skirted around the various other viewing sites.

We saw a big group of penguins chilling out on some rocks.

We then walked a bit further and spotted more rock dassies (aka Rock Hyrax) than I have ever seen in one place. There were loads of babies with them.

They were so cute! They were all over that bush like it was a jungle gym.

Alec and Anne seemed to really enjoy it.

Norm and I also enjoyed it and were ever so pleased that it stopped drizzling rain while we were wandering around.

After the Penguin Colony we drove to Cape Point Nature Reserve. It was so expensive to enter, R350 per person! But it is a lovely drive with gorgeous views and if you are lucky you can see various animals. There are no predators there, only bucks, a few zebras and ostrich.

We saw quite a few ostriches, both males and females. This male looks quite young still.

We saw a few springboks and we were ever so lucky to see a herd of eland!

Unfortunately they were very far away from the roads but it was still fabulous. You can see them up close via this google link.

We saw a few gemsbok. Here is a link to see them up close.

We saw a few tortoises in the road.

We drove down to Cape Point, where there are some stunning remote beaches.

And then we drove up to the top to the visitor’s center.

You can see the light house at the top of the mountain.

We then left the Nature Reserve and continued around the peninsula.

We drove home across Chapman’s Peak which has the most amazing views.

We could view Hout Bay off in the distance.

There were some very stupid young people who climbed over the safety barrier and hiked down the mountain in the exact same place where a young woman fell and died last year. Norm shouted at them but they just ignored him and when he persisted they cheeked back at him. I told him to leave them alone, it is an opportunity to cleanse the gene pool of ignorance. Callous but true. I tried to distance myself from the drama by taking selfies.

We drove around Hout Bay beach and then went to the Hout Bay Harbour.

We chose the The Lookout Deck for dinner.

Alec and I ordered the prawns.

Anne ordered the prawn and calamari combo and Norm ordered the hake and calamari combo.

Anne and I treated ourselves to a chocolate nut sundae for dessert. I forgot to take a pic so here is a pic from the last time I had this sundae just to make you drool ❤

We sat chatting for ages and then left just before 9pm. Norm dropped me home and Anne and Alec popped in for a minute while Norm fed the dogs. As it was so late the pups were ravenous, bless them. Norm then took Alec and Anne back to their hotel. It was a very long day but we had such a lovely time. I have enjoyed sharing the beauty of my gorgeous city with our guests and with all of you.

Today is a lazy day, I slept in until 9.30am which is so not like me. I was exhuasted and needed the sleep. Norm made brunch and is now pottering around while I write. The rest of the day will be spent slobbing about in my jimjams.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and that your week ahead is stress free.

Until then, kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

The Value of a Woman

September was Women’s Month in SA and I wrote about some of the women who were murdered during that month. One of those victims was Jesse Hess who was raped and murdered and her grandfather also murdered. The Police suspected Jesse’s cousin was the perpetrator but felt they did not have sufficient evidence and so they decided to wait until the suspect committed another crime with the same pattern. He did.

The man has been arrested and appeared in court charged with rape, aggravated robbery and attempted murder following an attack on a 16-year-old this week. He is suspected in the assault on another woman as well. The police decided it was worth sacrificing another woman yet sacrificed at least two. He is finally in custody, now we must hope our criminal justice system can manage to convict him.

It says so much about the misogyny endemic in SA that the death of other women was an acceptable trade off for his capture.

In that same blog I also mentioned the rape and murder of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana. Her murderer was convicted last week and has been sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences.

If you can stomach it, here is a link to a transcript of his confession.

I hope he rots in jail.

This misogyny does not only affect South Africa, it is international. The police in Minneapolis just announced that an internal review of sexual assault cases turned up an estimated 1,700 untested rape kits from as far back as the 1990s, a backlog that officials say could take at least two years to clear.

The revelation of the untested kits comes one year after the discovery of widespread failings in the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault in Minnesota which spurred changes by police departments and county prosecutors throughout the state. Minnesota police frequently struggled to investigate cases of sex assault in the years reviewed, often failing to interview witnesses, collect evidence or even assign detectives in cases in which the victim was drinking, the months long investigation found.

But I assume that most of the victims are women and the majority of the police are men who either did not value the safety of these women or feel they deserved justice.

The world has a long way to go to reach equality between genders.

In fairness the violence and crime in SA is not always against women. I read a post on Facebook from a man who was hosting friends for dinner on Friday night when one of the couples there received a phone call from kidnappers who had their 19 year old son and two other lads as hostages and were demanding R8k in ransom. The police were completely ineffective but the guests contacted a Muslim security firm and despite it being the time they would normally be in Mosque they arrived in minutes. They were still wearing their religious garments but they were so effective and clued in to what they were up against. They hacked into the boy’s phone. The boys were left on their own briefly and managed to escape and were rescued. It must have been terrifying for all involved.

I have written many times about the dire state our State Owned Enterprises and this has definitely not improved. Last Friday the employees of South African Airways declared they were going on strike and rather than deal with the potential chaos of managing with a skeleton staff or bringing in untrained temporary staff, SAA cancelled all flights on Friday and Saturday. International flights resumed today.

SAA estimate a daily loss of R50 million per day and that if the strike continues then they will fold. The airline is more than R40 billion in debt, and it’s failing to generate enough revenue to launch a recovery. The recent strike action now has the potential to finish the company off for good. It’s understood that SAA will struggle to pay worker salaries at the end of the month.

On Monday the Springbok Rugby team did a bus tour through Cape Town and some of the suburbs.

Much of the city turned out to celebrate their success.

Their World Cup success has made so many people feel positive about the hope of our multicultural society being more tolerant of each other. Hopefully it helps in that regard and the magic lasts.

Work has been very busy and stressful. We had several workshops and I am now involved in 3 different work streams. We are also doing a bid for another client and had to spend a bit of time giving input to that. I had worked a lot of overtime and intended to leave early on Friday but we had a meeting which ran over and then I still had to do my status reports so I left about 5 despite getting in just after 7am.

On Saturday I had a pajama day and did absolutely nothing. Lola woke me at 6am. That is when my alarm goes off during the week and she obviously wanted a cuddle like she gets most mornings. I was not best pleased.

Norm got up very early as Navajo had a chiropractor appointment at 8:45 and it’s a long drive there. Norm has been working with Navajo to get him to use his new ramp to get into our new truck. We were worried that Navajo would refuse it and he was a bit wobbly going up but he used it!

We had no milk for a coffee so I decided to lie in bed with the Pomeranians and cats. On his way home Norm bought milk and croissants and when he got in he cooked breakfast and we had a yummy bacon and egg croissant.

I decided to watch a film in the afternoon while Norm was having a nap.

I randomly chose the film ‘Fractured’ as it was on the recommended list on Netflix.

I don’t want to give anything away, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster! It was nothing like I expected. The acting was a bit sketchy but I still really enjoyed it. Don’t get distracted at the end, it has a major twist. I give it a strong 4 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

We started out the week trying to keep it low carb but that failed miserably. Norm cooked chicken kebabs and sweet potatoes with fried mushrooms and coleslaw and it was yummy.

The rest of the week was takeaways. I had sushi on Friday night but it arrived so discombobulated that it wasn’t photo ready. Oops. It still tasted delicious once I reconstructed it.

Today I was supposed to go to drum rehearsals but the dogs woke us at 6am and Norm and I both managed to fall back to sleep and only woke at 10am so it was too late to shower and drive there for 10.30 so I gave it a miss. Norm brought me coffee in bed and Lola and I snuggled.

We have a super king bed and she chose to balance on top of my bent knee. Why do cats choose the most awkward spots to sit?

Pixie sprawled across my lap while I played games on my iPad.

You can barely tell which end of her is which. I almost always have at least one animal perched on top of me.

Today is a stunning day with very little wind. We have had insane winds most of the week and the calm is nice.

In the afternoon Norm went to the shops and I put a chicken curry in the slow cooker for tomorrow’s dinner. Norm tried a new low carb recipe tonight.

It was delicious but next time we will use fillet as it was a bit tough. I suspect he used stewing steak. Nevertheless it was very tasty.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, mine has been very lazy and relaxing.

This week we are off half a day on Thursday to attend our year end function. It will hopefully make the week pass a bit faster.

Have a wonderful week. Until next time Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxo

Good Vibrations

From mid-September to early November The Veil is thinner than normal. The Veil acts as a barrier between the physical world and the spirit world. Think of it as a sort of spiritual bridge that the spirits or mortals must cross over in order to communicate freely.

As I am able to see and hear spirits and have empath abilities this energy has had a strong effect on me. On Sunday and Monday I had virtually no sleep. I could feel a strong vibrational energy coursing through my body. I half expected to experience sleep paralysis but luckily I did not.

Work was very intense but the lack of sleep only tired me, bizarrely it did not affect my ability to function. We had many meetings to kick off the new work parcels and I was on-boarding our new analyst so I had a lot of things on my plate. As she still does not have access to the database I had to send her the metadata she needed to do the mapping. This obviously impacted my own progress.

This week we held a workshop with a female executive and after the meeting some of the men on the team were slagging her off and insinuating she was stupid. I suspected that it was because she is a woman and I got very annoyed. I blurted out ‘well she seemed far more intelligent than anyone I have met on this project’ and turned to flounce off dramatically but unfortunately my laptop was still plugged in and it caused me to get yanked back to my desk. It sort of ruined the drama of my exit. Bloody typical.

Misogyny is rife in many South African cultures. By African culture I’m not limiting this opinion to only the various tribes, I’m including many other cultures and all colours. This is part of the root cause of the high levels of gender based violence.

Norm also had a busy week of meetings and he attended the launch of the newly formed Africa Scotland Business Network. ASBN is “a dynamic, Scottish diasporic network based in Africa connecting the fast-developing African continent with the progressive spirit and booming industries of Scotland”. It is described as a fully independent membership network of businesspeople and companies founded by a diverse team of successful Scottish and African entrepreneurs.

As we were both so busy we had a lot of takeaways. I had sushi from K1 on Monday night.

I always order it with no ginger but the prawns must have been next to the ginger during prep as it tasted strongly of ginger. But it was still edible.

Norm cooked many of my favorites on Friday night: fillet steak, onion rings, chips, creamed spinach, butternut and coleslaw and it was delicious.

Norm bought a ramp for Navajo to use to get into the back of his new truck. Navajo can’t jump due to his back and leg issues. We tried using the Pomeranians as examples but it wasn’t a success as Panda nicked the treat we were using to tempt them.

Excuse my rubbish video skills.

We will keep trying until he’s comfortable and next time we will keep the other dogs out of the way to reduce the chaos.

Norm was up early on Saturday to catch a flight to Johannesburg. He brought a frothy coffee to me in bed and headed off about 9am. There was a protest planned in Hout Bay from 9 to 11 but he was going the opposite direction and got through with no issues.

I was scheduled to perform at a Sacred song circle marathon and I was so tired I almost decided not to go, but I didn’t want to let everyone down so I dragged myself out of bed.

I had my second morning coffee on the porch with the dogs. It was a beautiful, hot, windy day.

I had breakfast and showered and packed my drum, rattle and a sarong to wear over my trousers. In our culture you wear a skirt or a dress in a mixed ceremony or if you wear trousers you cover them with a sarong. We had each chosen a colour of the medicine wheel to wear. I chose black as I have loads of black clothing.

My friend Michelle came to my house then I drove us through to Scarborough. It is a gorgeous drive along the southern peninsula and the coast is so wild and beautiful.

The song marathon was held in a large bell tent laden with thick blankets and had a large alter in the center.

There were many different performances over the weekend and songs and chants from many different spiritual cultures.

A group was just starting when we got settled into a section of the tent. They were singing songs from the natives of the Brazilian shaman culture and most were in Portuguese but you eventually manage to join in as they are sung a few times and we were all given song sheets. This is the type of sound but not necessarily the same songs. It’s just to give you a flavour.

Our drum circle was on next and Gerri had brought our large communal drum. We sat in the central part of the tent.

There were 7 of us performing. Jess was the drum leader and we sang some songs in several African languages and in many of the languages of various North American Native tribes. We had passed out sheets of lyrics and many people sang along with us.

We started welcoming in the directions with the Cherokee morning song, WE N ’ DE YA. We then sang many different songs. The Women’s Honouring Song is one of my favorite songs that we sing.

We sang in Yoruba, a Nigerian language.

And in Lakota. I also love this song.

It was incredibly warm drumming in a closed space and I was dripping with sweat when we finished. I was exhausted yet pulsing with the energy of the spirit.

We did not stay long after we performed as the dogs were inside the house on their own so we headed back up the coast road. It was even more stunning on the way home!

There were lots of kite surfers as the wind was blowing a gale.

After Michelle left I popped down to the shops for something for dinner and once I fed the dogs and ate myself I showered and then collapsed on the sofa to veg out. I was exhausted.

I saw there was a new series of ‘End of The F***ing World.

It is full of murder, intensity, black humor and all around bizarreness. Just my cup of tea. I love it!

It has a brilliant soundtrack of a lot of retro music. If you are on Spotify here is the link.

I give the series and the soundtrack 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Today I am relaxing with the dogs and resting up for another busy week at work. Norm flies home this evening.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Until next time Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxo

The Hypocritical Kitten

One thing about keeping a blog is that you often have moments of self realization. Before I write I always read the previous week’s blog to remember where I left off. Last week I was having a whinge about clients hiring a specialist (i.e., me!) and then not listening to my advice. Then I proceeded to note that I did the same thing at my hairdresser! My too short fringe taught me that lesson. Listen to the experts! Such a hypocritical Kitten.

Work has been full of the usual stresses. This week my colleague and I were called to a meeting with several C-level executives and neither our MD or the programme manager were in Cape Town to support us. We invited our other company director and on the morning of the meeting her partner was bitten by a bush pig and admitted to hospital.

Yes, that was not an autocorrect mishap.

A bush pig.

We toddled off on our own to the meeting and managed to get through it with minimal trauma. Basically they want us to pick up two additional work parcels so we are recruiting another developer to join the team. My friend Sakshi joined us on Friday so that will mean we will have a team of four on site. If we succeed this could result in more work in the future as they desperately need our skills.

When I left the office someone had parked so close to my driver’s door that I could not get in the car. I had to get in the passenger side and climb over. I was wearing a tight fitting dress and I am not very flexible or bendy and ended up knocking every dial or control enroute to the drivers seat so when I started the car the radio blasted, the windscreen wipers and turn signal came on and the high beam lights were knocked on. I’m too old for all that exertion.

Last Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night and was ill. Something I had eaten was too acidic and had triggered my hernia and I felt dreadful. I had no antacids and I could not get back to sleep as the acid was burning my esophagus so on Monday I was a bit of a zombie.

Norm went away to the UK on Monday and is flying home today. My friend Michelle has been staying with me and helping with the dogs. The animals love her and I would struggle to cope without her.

I cooked for us every evening. I made a bolognese sauce on Sunday night and we had spaghetti and garlic ciabatta on Monday. I then used the rest of the sauce to make a lasagna for Tuesday dinner.

I just made some nice tempura hake, chips, baked beans and cole slaw the next night. On Thursday I stopped at Spar for a baked chicken and salads.

Thursday was Halloween and the first time I have not held a party in many years and it made me so depressed. I love Halloween and I love dressing up. I decided to dress up to hand out candy to the kids. My outfit is a bit of a hodgepodge but I was happy.

Friday I made good progress with documenting data rules for one of the new work parcels and I left at 3 and got home early. Michelle and I used OrderIn to have pizzas delivered from Posticino and they were delicious as always. We just chilled out with the animals that night.

The weather on Saturday morning was very misty and overcast. You could not even see the mountains.

I sat on the patio with the dogs all surrounding me and had my morning coffee.

Michelle went off early that morning and so I watched a Netflix documentary called “Tell Me Who I Am”.

I had not read anything about it, I just picked it as it came up on the screen as a suggestion. It was a very difficult film to watch. I don’t want to give away the ending so will just say that it is about identical twins from an aristocratic family. One brother, Alex, had a motorcycle accident at 18. His helmet flew off and he hit the ground with his head. He was in a coma for 3 months and when he woke he had lost his entire memory except that he recognized his twin, Marcus. He did not remember his parents, his home, his friends or any of his past history. The other twin manufactures an imaginary past to avoid telling Alex about their real, traumatic past. In the film Marcus finally tells Alex the truth. It is an emotional film but very good. I give it 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

When Michelle got home we settled in to watch South Africa vs England play in the Rugby World Cup finals. I had set up a UK streaming account using a VPN. Except we could not get the UK app to load. We spent about an hour frantically searching for an alternative but finally settled for listening on the radio.

It was so exciting when SA won! I think it is just what SA needs for morale.

The Boks get at least 5 Kitten Stars!


However it does not mean that there aren’t still many reasons for despair in SA. More police were arrested for corruption last week. Three police officers, and an ex-officer were arrested on charges of extortion, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice for attempting to solicit a bribe from arrestees for the release of a panel van full of marijuana from Swaziland.

At least once a week we hear a corruption related story.

But we won’t let that burst our bubble of patriotism, pride and elation.

Last night Michelle and I decided to watch a film. Michelle had brought home popcorn and we chose to watch ‘The Laundromat‘ purely because it stars Meryl Streep.

Neither of us knew anything about it and both assumed it was your typical drama. It so wasn’t!

It also starred Antonio Banderas, David Schwimmer, and Gary Oldman with a cameo from Sharon Stone.

The film is a series of interwoven vignettes about various characters involved or affected by the Panama Papers. “The Panama Papers consist of 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities. The documents, some dating back to the 1970s, were created by, and taken from, Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca, and were leaked in 2015 by an anonymous source.

The documents contain personal financial information about wealthy individuals and public officials that had previously been kept private. While offshore business entities are legal (see Offshore Magic Circle), reporters found that some of the Mossack Fonseca shell corporations were used for illegal purposes, including fraud, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions.”

It was filmed in a fly on the wall, tongue in cheek manner. I enjoyed it but it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. I give it 4 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When we woke today the mist had cleared and it was gorgeous.

Our drumming circle met this morning so Michelle and I went off to Muizenberg. The traffic lights near Gerri’s house were out due to protest action. The protestors had burned tires at the intersections last week.

Recently there have been several busses set alight in this area. I am not sure if the events are related but neither of these protests punish the government just the citizens.

Anyway. We did manage to get there with no trauma.

We were smudged in the back garden.

We did our calling in the directions outside then moved inside to drum.

Drumming was fabulous fun as always and I left on a buzz. We are performing next week at a Song Marathon so we needed to decide what to sing and to rehearse.

Afterwards Michelle and I popped home to let the dogs out to wee and then we headed down to the Harbour. It was a beautiful day so it was very busy. All of the market stalls by the ocean side were open. We managed to get a table right by the window at The Lookout Deck.

The view from our table was so breathtaking.

I was so hungry as it was almost 3pm. I ordered salmon roses to start.

And for my main I ordered the prawns. I love that they are served in a pan.

Michelle had the fish and chips.

There was live music on and so we hung out for a bit to listen to them. Eventually we fancied dessert and we both ordered the chocolate nut sundae.

The food was all fabulous as was the vibe. We left at 5pm so that we could get home for the dogs.

We strolled back to the car enjoying the beautiful bay that I am so blessed to dwell in.

We spotted the infamous seal of Hout Bay. There is a guy who feeds him and expects the tourists to tip him.

I snapped my pic and legged it as he started shouting at me. He’s a bit of a violent nutter.

When we got home Michelle took the dogs for their walk and fed them their dinner and now we are all relaxing. I am so grateful for her support and companionship this week.

Saying that, I am looking forward to seeing my darling hubby. He had a very successful trip and got some leads on other consulting opportunities so it has been great for him.

I’ve had a lovely relaxed weekend and hope you have too. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Until next time, Kisses From The Kitten xoxoxo.