I Wish You Enough

I finished up work last Friday and the season is fully launched. We’re off on the run up to the holidays!

I’m not seeing as many tourists as usual but I’ve been lying low and avoiding the shops.

On Friday after work Norm and I joined Paola, Phillip, Retha and Barry at Cheyne’s for dinner.

We were sat at a table by the open patio which was perfect on such a warm evening. The waitress came and we ordered a round of drinks. I ordered a Passionate Buddha. We had an incredibly long wait for our drinks, we eventually had to flag a passing staff member to enquire and then the drinks arrived quite quickly which leads me to think they may have been ready and waiting on the bar and our server was a bit overwhelmed.

Never mind. They eventually arrived.

We had a lovely chat so we were not stressing too much, but we were starving so we asked to order.

They brought our Sea course first.

Norm ordered the Calamari. This is always delicious and this night was no exception.

Everyone else received their first round of food but mine arrived after everyone else had finished eating.

I ordered the Crayfish Tempura which was an extra R25 but was worth every cent.

Usually you are served the Land and Earth choices together but the dishes were served haphazardly which meant people were eating at different times.

Retha and I both ordered the coconut and sweet potato dumplings which were as delicious as always. They were light and crisp.

I had ordered the Mumbai Chili beef which was so yummy. The beef was cut into small pieces so it was crispy and not too chewy. I loved the chunks of coconut and little surprise bits of chopped green chili.

Norm and Barry had the crispy pork topped with a quails egg. Norm absolutely raved over this dish. It’s one of my faves but I decided to revert back to beef that night and really loved my chili beef.

For my dessert I had my usual peanut butter milkshake. I gobbled it up so fast I didn’t snap a pic. Oops.

Norm had the apple pie with ice cream and loved it.

Cheyne is one of my favorite chefs but if that visit had been my first I would not have been very impressed. The service was rather hit or miss and the music was horrendous. Music should accompany your meal, not be an intruding assault on your ears. As a result Norm heard very little of the dinner conversation. At one point it sounded like there was 2 different songs playing at once. I’m not sure what was going on but it was all a bit off. Luckily we are all converted Cheyne fans already and just brushed it off and enjoyed the food.

After dinner we headed to Retha’s house for a coffee. We chatted and laughed and had a great end to a lovely meal before we all went home.

Saturday morning we got up and out as we needed to shop for the party we were attending later that day.

We went for breakfast at Allegria Cafe in Mainstream Mall in Hout Bay.

Norm had an omelette.

I had the Eggs Benedict with bacon.

After we ate we popped into Woolies to get some bits to take to the party. We got carrots, celery and cucumber as well as dips.

Later that afternoon we drove out to Simon’s Town and arrived at Carol’s house. She has such an amazing view of the entire harbour.

There were some people we knew as well as some we that we didn’t.

No idea why the bowl of biltong is so funny.

We sat enjoying the view and talking nonsense.

Carol had bought sushi and Retha bought some roast chickens. Everyone brought a platter to share and we had lots of yummy food.

Norm and I tried to do a ‘selfy with a view’ but the sun was just setting so it was a challenge.

But the sky was a stunning shade of pink.

Norm and I began the long journey home around 10.30pm as I was off to drumming early the next morning.

Drumming began at 10am on Saturday in Constantia so I was up and organized early.

We were supposed to meet a Grandmother who is over from Europe but she fell ill and could not make it. Those of us who are regulars in the circle still stayed behind for tea and cheesecake and communion. It was lovely.

Afterwards I popped by Retha’s as she wanted to apply some feng shui in light of the new moon (pardon the pun) which was happening that night. We created a few items in her ‘money spot’ designed to bring abundance and prosperity into her life. We chatted about gratitude and the fine line between asking the universe that your needs be met and the greed of asking for wealth and abundance.

It’s a conflicting dichotomy.

We decided to ask for enough abundance to bring peace. That seemed an acceptable compromise.

Lily and Josh arrived not too long after I came home from Retha’s. They were down to attend a wedding of one of Lily’s ex-colleagues.

We decided to order takeaway pizza because it’s easy and Norm popped into Papino’s as their Facebook page said they were open. Norm said it was very confusing as the staff seemed different and they said they were only doing takeaway no sit down service.

The pizza wasn’t the same either and we suspect that on Sunday they have a different pizza chef. It wasn’t up to their usual standards.

But even bad pizza is pretty acceptable.

We just had a relaxed night that night as all of my adventures had done me in.

On Monday my goal was to wrap all of my Christmas presents and Lily was kind enough to help me reach that goal.

Lily and Josh were off to a wedding that afternoon and Norm drove them over so they can have a drink and a good party then Uber home. They looked so gorgeous.

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My gorgeous daughter and her fella 😍

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When Norm took the kids to Durbanville I had a pedicure so my toes are red, shiny and ready for Christmas.

Norm was on tenterhooks all day regarding the ANC elections. The results were finally announced on News24: “Cyril Ramaphosa has won the gruelling race to become the new ANC president after receiving 2440 votes against Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s 2261 votes. His supporters celebrated with song and dance, and the Rand strengthened with 4% upon the announcement of the news. A tough road lies ahead for Ramaphosa, however, if he is to stick to his campaign promise and clean up corruption in the ANC. Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza was elected deputy president and Free State premier Ace Magashule secretary general. Both men are seen as allies of President Jacob Zuma and will have a strong voice in the governance of the party.”

I’m so thankful Zuma is going. He must still pay for his crimes, why should he be absolved?

As I feel that Trump should do prison time, so should Zuma. They both treat the presidency like their own piggy bank.

It’s been lovely having Lily and Josh here, it makes a nice energy. They have friends over here right now and I can hear their laughter in the garden.

That makes this Kitten happy.

I’ve been terribly lazy all week. I’ve watched endless holiday films from ‘Home Alone’ to ‘The Grinch’.

I will have to create a new blog in the NY as I’ve exceeded my media limit for my free site. I can’t afford to pay to upgrade so I’ll have to start over or continue embedding my Instagram pics as I did above which is a pain. I can’t do that with another person’s photos. If anyone has any creative solutions please contact me.

Here is me wishing you all a very happy Christmas or Hanukkah or Yule or {insert vaguely named year end celebration} or whatever type of celebration you may be having, spiritual or not. I hope you spend it with someone you love or at least a person you enjoy the company of.

But most of all I wish you an abundant and prosperous 2018.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxo

Silent Nights and Sand Storms

The wind in Cape Town was insane most of this week. The seas were full of white horses.

Image credit.

As we live in a bay which is surrounded by a sandy beach, the wind blows the sand all over the place, even over the roads making them impassable. There was a team of men pulling cars out of the sand over the weekend.

This is a road believe it or not!

Image credit

Even after so many years in SA it is still so strange to think about my friends and family in the northern hemisphere being in midwinter and dealing with piles of snow rather than sand. All of my friends were posting pictures on social media of the lovely Christmas vibe inducing snow while we swelter in the heat. I cannot adjust to a hot Christmas.

I had a message from my Mom in Atlanta last week to say that she was snowed in with no electricity. She was without electricity (or heat) from last Friday so I was very worried about her as she lives in a rural area on her own and is not very agile. Her power was only restored on Monday morning.

I panicked until it was all resolved.

Despite all of the weather chaos, Norm and I had a very chilled weekend after our fun filled Friday spent with Sharlene. But the week has been rather busy.

But let’s pick up where we left off on the last blog……

On Sunday Retha messaged to ask what I was up to and Norm dropped me at her place. The wind was calming down a bit but was still hectic if you were outside in it. We did sit outside though and it was a lovely afternoon.

Norm collected me from Retha at around 2pm and he and I decided to go out for a late lunch & we popped into Woodcutters Arms.

Norm ordered the chicken breast burger with brie and cranberries. Brie and cranberries are a divine combo and I was very tempted by this on the specials board.


However I fancied a ‘mommy meal’ and I chose the Beef Sunday Roast, there was both lamb and beef on the menu. It came with horseradish, gravy, roast potatoes, veggies and a yorkshire pudding (trust me, it is there, smashed flat and hidden under the meat).


The food was good and we watched a bit of the Rugby 7s which was showing in the pub then afterwards we toddled off around the village to run a few errands.

We popped into the newly renovated Checkers in Hout Bay and we were ever so impressed with the look and feel of the place, it looks amazing! The staff still seem totally disinterested in any of your needs as a customer and completely ignore you at the check out tills but that culture cannot not be changed by renovation, that is poor management.

After we left we drove past Ice Dream and the place was so busy we decided we had to join in.


We went in and bought an ice cream and sat out in the courtyard to eat them in the sun. They have such amazing flavours. Norm had the cookies and cream and I had a scoop each of chocolate and coconut.

icedream (1).jpg

Life is made up of these little simple pleasures, the challenge is slowing down long enough to take them all in.

At Checkers we had bought new lights for our Christmas tree, however we only bought one strand as we were not sure how many strings we might need or whether that brand would work well as they were cheap and battery powered.

We needed a lotttt more even for our tiny tree.

Norm went to buy more lights on Wednesday and we finished it off that night. Caitlin came around and put the lights on as I am a bit useless with that sort of thing. The girls usually get annoyed with my decorating as I tend to put all the ornaments in one spot. Oops.

It is a tiny wee tree but it has been around the world with us for decades and I would never get rid of that little tree.

We also put out our stockings and put my reindeer on the mantel, they have also been a part of our celebrations for many years.

Monday night Norm braaied steaks for us. He used his meat thermometer as he cooked a whole fillet. He has been using his new braai mat to cook the veg. He is putting his previous Christmas and birthday presents to good use.

I made a salad to go with it and it was perfect fare for the heat.

Tuesday Norm followed me to the car dealer so I could have my car serviced. December is probably the worst time to have that unexpected expenditure, however it was due for it’s 45,000 km service and so I felt I could not neglect it. After the accident last week I wanted to make sure everything was intact. Interestingly enough the brakes needed replacing, he said they were very bad. So the fact that I managed to stop my car last week in the accident is even more miraculous!

When I arrived at work after dropping my car I received the following announcement from the US citizens alerts I receive via email from the consulate:

“The U.S. Consulate Cape Town informs U.S. citizens that the Al-Quds Foundation and Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa announced plans to hold a demonstration on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 in Cape Town’s Central Business District from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in protest of the United States’ recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its plans to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The march will begin at the Muir Street Mosque and proceed down Darling Street, then to Adderley Street, and end at the Parliament building.”


That orange buffoon has no clue of the damage he does on a global scale or the risk that he puts the country in. Not only that he does not care.

Here is a joint statement by SA religious leadership on increased hostility by Israeli government and Trump’s unfortunate meddling.

Never mind. As long as Ivanka and her pasty faced husband are happy what does the rest of the world matter?

On Wednesday we woke to a bit of rain which cooled down the high temperatures and was a welcome relief. It rained on and off all day and well into the night. The rain also seemed to dampen down the insane winds we had all week. We need the rain with our current drought so I will not complain. I also won’t complain about the reduced high temps or loss of wind!

As mentioned, Caitlin came around after work on Wednesday as her hairdresser lives in Hout Bay and came around to our house to do her hair. She stayed for dinner but ate after we did as she was getting her hair cut when the food was ready.

Norm really hit it out of the park with this meal. He made chicken, baby broccoli, brussel sprouts, stir fried baby zucchini and a cheesy spinach sauce for the chicken.

He stuffed the chicken breasts with Wensleydale cheese with cranberries and then wrapped them in bacon. The cheese stayed intact after cooking and the cranberry added a slightly sweet taste. It was divine.


To try and encourage the growth of a bit of Christmas Spirit I booked tickets for myself and Norman to attend the Christmas Carols evening being held on Thursday at Cape Point Vineyards.


It is such a stunning view from that venue.


They have a regular Thursday market on each week in the summer which gets very busy.


The money earned from the tickets to the caroling event will go to the Valley Development Project which is an NPO that works in Masiphumelele and Ocean View and their mission is to endeavour to facilitate a creative process enabling communities to take responsibility for their own sustainable development. To date they have raised over two million Rand, providing more than 14 000 meals per month, to about 700 children, between the ages of 1 to 17.

It is such a stunning drive over Chapman’s Peak drive.

carols drive there

The market started at 4.30 but as I was at work we arrived only about 5.30 and the place was already rammed with cars! There were thousands of people there! We had taken our blanket and chairs just in case there were no seats and I am glad we did. We found a patch of grass by the lake and settled in.

We had a view of the lake.

After we got our little mini camp set up we wandered off to find food. There was a vast selection of stalls serving everything from fish and chips to curry. We saw a stall which was grilling meat and they were cutting a divine looking beef roast and so we had a beef roll.

carols steak

It was so tasty! They did it up proper with English mustard and carmelized onions.

We sat listening to the carols and watching all of the kids run around in their santa hats and reindeer ears. We watched with amusement as a group of people spent ages trying to fish a kid’s hat out of the lake where it had fallen in.

carols hat

We decided to have dessert and I tried a brownie but it was not worth the carbs, it was very dry and tasteless.

We had a little duck come out of the lake to visit us. He waddled around and stole bits of food from everyone’s blankets. He, on the other hand, loved the brownie. He had nipped under my seat and was busy gobbling up the crumbs when a nearby kidlet pointed out the sneaky crumb theft and we shooed him away. I can’t imagine human food is healthy for duckies.

We packed up just as the sun was setting and started to make our way home.

carols sunsetting

The views are so beautiful on the drive back as well.

carols northbeach

We got home and relaxed a bit before toddling off to bed.

Today was my last day at work until 8th of Jan when I return. As it was my last day I treated myself to lunch from Fat Cactus. I ordered a cheese quesadilla and what I thought was a single taco but it ended up being 3! There was tons of food, luckily I have students to share with as they are always hungry.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight we are dining at Cheyne’s with friends and tomorrow we are off to a Christmas party with friends in Simon’s Town. Sunday I am at drumming. My Sisters Circle are also starting a Grandmother’s Circle (you don’t have to be an actual grandmother to join, think of it more as an Elder Circle). This Circle will meet to work on projects to help the community or environment or whatever we choose. It will be an outreach group rather than a support group like the Sisters group. One of the grandmothers from Grandmothers Circling the Earth is visiting SA from Denmark and we are going to get to meet her and learn from her in regards to starting our own circle. I am very excited about this group and the potential we have to help the community.

It should be a powerful drumming circle as there is a new moon on December the 17th and the New Moon is a powerful one. The New Moon is a great time to manifest your desires and wishes, but this New Moon tightly conjuncts not only the Sun and Saturn, but also the Galactic Center, the single point in space around which the whole of our galaxy pinwheels and turns, opening a black hole of epic proportions (think the power of our Sun x 4 billion) which will suck in everything in its vicinity.

You can read more about this on The Numerologist.

I wish you all everything you need from this moon.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

Two Degrees From Spiteri

The weather has taken a sudden turn in Cape Town and it has been boiling hot outside. On Thursday I had my annual check up at the gynae who is in Milnerton so I set off just after 7am to make my way across the city. I had to use the car’s air conditioner as it was already in the upper 20s and by the end of the day we saw people posting shots of their temperature gauges hitting the 40s!

After the doctor I had to go into the client offices and work late to make up the time I had lost that morning. After work when I got home it was still incredibly hot and so we pulled off the pool cover and had a swim. The pool cover keeps the water a lovely temperature and it keeps the pool full as we are unable to top it up due to the drought. It does not keep all of the rubbish from blowing in however so Norm had to do a quick clean before we jumped in.


Navajo and Pixie go insane and try to bite the pool brush.

Panda just sat next to me watching quietly like a good boy.


After our swim we decided it was too hot to cook so we had a braai. Norm grilled chicken breasts, chicken thighs, corn on the cob and some oepsies which are saucy bacon strips wound around a wooden stick.

I made a salad and some coleslaw.


We ate outside under the patio at the back of the house.

Even after the sun went down it was still so hot that I sat outside for ages.


On Friday our team had their year end function at Basilico in Newlands.

The theme was The Great Gatsby.

However it was about 30*C outside and it seemed even hotter inside. It was like an oven. They had all the doors and windows closed as they supposedly had air conditioning on but we eventually told them we had to have air. The sweat was literally rolling down our faces. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

Nevertheless we carried on.

I ordered the chicken breasts with chips.

But after I saw my colleague’s pizza I was ever so jealous as it looked amazing, crispy thin crust and lots of cheese and proper bacon. I’ll pop in sometime when it’s cooler and try one.

For dessert I chose the chocolate cherry brownie.

The brownie was more like a chocolate fondant in texture as it was undercooked. It was a soft smushy almost pudding like consistency. It needed 5 more minutes in the oven and would have been amazing as the flavours were perfection but it is really rich.

We played several party games. I won a nice bottle of wine as I had 12 of the 14 random items in a list which we all had to have in our handbags. I carry a suitcase, not a handbag. We were all given a few little party treats too, body creams and a nice chocolate.

One of the ladies does belly dancing and so she led a contest with the guys to test their skills.

We had such a giggle.

Unfortunately due to the heat I’m only rating Basilico 3 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Once we finished lunch I shot off home and changed and Norm packed up our picnic gear and chairs and we headed off to Kirstenbosch Gardens for the Texas concert.

We were driving in towards the venue and I started chatting to my angels. I always say ‘Angels find me nice parking’ when I enter any car park, but this venue can be a nightmare so I said ‘Pierre I know you would have had a game plan to avoid crowds, I liked the parking I had last time so if you can arrange that same spot I’ll be ever so grateful. I know that’s a bit of an ask so if you can get one anywhere in that lot I’ll be very happy.’

We drove in to the same area from the last time we were at the venue and the parking was full. We decided Norm would drop me and the gear and go park. He was back in seconds so I said ‘that was fast did you find something close?’

He says ‘I saw a car leaving after I dropped you and swung back around and got the exact same car parking space as last time.’


I had to sit down and catch my breath and we hadn’t even started the uphill trek.

You may call this coincidence but I am 100% sure that my request for help was heard and acted on.

Pierre knew I’m not good with walking long distances. He also knew poor Norm would be laden like a pack animal with me dragging slowly up the hill moaning loudly behind him. Maybe it wasn’t me Pierre was helping after all!?

We gathered our gear and trekked uphill to the gate. We waited only a bit before the gate opened and we then got settled on the slope down towards the stage.

Eventually the space filled so full that it was blanket to blanket.

Norm popped open a cider for me.

We loved our new chairs, it has both a wee bottle holder and a wine glass holder.

How cool?

We were so comfy.

Those chairs are life changers. We were so happy.

We spotted our friend Tom who now lives in Scotland and he told us a fortuitous tale of running into Sharleen at the airport at the moment when she was really annoyed at the long queues and loss of her luggage, including her guitar.

We were delighted to hear a happy ending that the guitar was eventually found.

Norm had packed our picnic basket with chicken meatballs, cheeses, chicken breasts, nuts, seed crackers, pickles, salads and all sorts of delicious tidbits but it was so hot I wasn’t terribly hungry so I just nibbled.

To give the promoter their due the emcee came on stage promptly at 7 as promised. We loved that it was an evening of all female singers.

The first act up was Emily Capell from London.

Image credit.

She was very funny and energetic and we enjoyed her.

She was quite country with a rock twist. I liked her whimsical cheeky vibe but thought her hair a bit too Amy Winehouse-esque.

Next was Henry Ate and they also had a great sound with lots of energy.

Henry Ate was a South African band that came to fame in the mid-1990s. Headed up at the time by lead singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel. It appears she is still the lead singer so maybe they broke up and reformed. I’m pretty sure we saw her years ago when on the bill with Ard Matthews at Cape Farmhouse. She was a bit tipsy if I’ve got the right chick.

The sun eventually set and it got chilly so we wrapped up. Then Sharleen and the band bounced onstage to thunderous applause and Texas were off. The entire audience got up on their feet and danced until the 10 pm curfew when the sound has to shut down as the park is surrounded by residential areas.

They played all of their old hits. This is one of my faves. It hits me in the feels.

She is so beautiful and still looked amazing, of course I was a million miles away.

Imagine our surprise when Sharleen starts to tell a story about having a princess moment over airport dramas and meeting Tom!

A few minutes later she then says she wants to say hi to her long time friend Kate Carin who now lives in Cape Town and was in the audience. Norm and I both whipped round to look at each other.


Kate is our next door neighbour and until this moment when I googled her had no idea she is a famous costume designer! Norm had said vaguely that she “worked for the BBC.”

What a small world! Sharleen tells two stories onstage and they are both about people we know.

We had such a brilliant night. We danced the entire last set and had such a laugh. I sang so much my throat is a bit sore.

We have now cracked the Kirstenbosch best practice. We did have to wait ages to get out of the car park after the concert finished but at least we didn’t walk miles so I can live with that balance.

We had such a perfect night. I give the experience a full 5 Kitten stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This morning we got up and showered and headed to La Cuccina for breakfast. I had the eggs benedict with bacon.

Norm had a full breakfast with low carb bread.

Afterwards I shot off to the city to get my hair cut and coloured. The wind is insane and the coast road was littered with bits of trees and rocks blown off of the mountains along the road.

After my haircut I came home and we just chilled out with the pups.

Tonight Norm has popped out to Massimo’s for pizza for our dinner.

It was rather amazingly delicious.

We are having a quiet night in. We are watching #SLFN.

We finally decided what to do for NY Eve. We booked in for dinner at Foxcroft our fave restaurant. We will have an early fancy dinner of amazing food then toddle off home, climb into the pool and welcome in the bells together listening to some music and sipping wine.

There will be no first footing round the neighborhood for Norm this year like last year in Scotland.

Never mind I’ll be spending it with the love of my life so I can’t ask for more.

What a lucky Kitten I am. I am thankful for my many blessings.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxo

Flying Orchids

What a mad week.

Norm and I were both very grateful for a lazy stress free weekend and we took full advantage of our free diary. We had a long lie in bed on Saturday morning. We only emerged due to my sore back needing to move about a bit. We moved downstairs and contemplated going out for lunch but that seemed like too much effort. Instead we settled in to binge watch Sons of Anarchy and I poked about in the kitchen and found some tidbits for us to eat. I stuffed boiled eggs with tuna and cut up a few bits and bobs to go with it. As it was so warm outside it was just what the doctor ordered.


We completely slobbed about until time for Norm to walk the dogs, when he headed out with the beasties I headed upstairs to shower and get ready to go out.

We chose to head up the Nek towards Constantia and see where life took us. We pulled into High Constantia and decided to check Pastis Brasserie and see if there was a table available for us for dinner.

The place was quiet and candlelit, a very different vibe to sitting outside during the day. We were given a cosy intimate table in the corner and got settled in.

pastis me big eyes

(why do I look so sweaty?)

After examining the menu we both opted for the same dish, the Steak and Calamari, Pastis version of ‘Surf and Turf’. Sirloin strips, calamari and a couple of prawns for R155. The meat was tender and had no icky bits – I am always cautious with sirloin as it can be a bit fatty and gristly. I did think the copious amounts of sauce overwhelmed it all a bit, but I am not a huge sauce fan. The prawns were plump and the calamari tender and the coating was crispy.

We decided to be naughty and have dessert. I chose the chocolate nemesis and it was yummy and oh so rich! The flourless cake was tasty and similar to a brownie in texture, the sauce was very chocolaty. I really enjoyed it but it definitely needed the ice cream to break the richness of the chocolate. It was R65.

Norm opted for the Baked Cheesecake with a berry coulis for R56. The cake was a proper baked cheesecake and it had tons of flavour. I am not a huge cheesecake fan but it was very nice.

Twenty years ago we would have been off to a club or somewhere interesting after a dinner out but these days we seem to have an inbuilt homing device that prevents us taking detours. We were home quite quickly as we were only dining a few minutes away.

We have discovered this new show on BBC called ‘Sounds Like Friday Night‘ which we watch on the BBC iPlayer. We saw there was a new episode available and so we poured a drink and settled in to watch it. We had seen Sigrid perform at Glastonbury this year and we loved her then but promptly forgot about her.

Sigrid performed on the episode of #SLFN we were watching and we were instantly enamored of her.

Sigrid is the sort of artist who you might see perform and think ‘wow’ and then you may not hear her again for ages and then a ‘wow’ moment happens again and only when you see her full body of work do you connect all those disparate ‘wow’ moments and realise just how talented and entertaining she is. She dresses in retro style simple clothing and wears her hair long and straight. Sigrid looks about 14 years old but she has such a strong and powerful voice.

We woke to pouring rain on Sunday and so we stayed in bed with a coffee and Norm searched on YouTube to find some of Sigrid’s work. We were amazed when listening to her songs at how familiar her music is to us considering we would not have been able to pick her face out of a lineup!

We had planned on going to view some show houses on Sunday afternoon and we decided to go out for lunch first. We hit the High Constantia shops again and this time went to Bootlegger’s Cafe and Grill. We again had missed breakfast and the list of choices which are low carb are pretty limited there so we again opted for the Caesar salad.

I was a bit disappointed that there were no anchovies. Usually there are loads on their Caesar so maybe they were out or maybe the chef just forgot them.

We did not linger as we were only stopping so that we could fuel up for our outing. We had 5 houses which were on show that we viewed. All of them had done some jiggery-pokery to their garages. Either converted them to a guest room, living space or an office. Only one of them was a house I could live in without spending a fortune overhauling it.

So in the end it was a rather disappointing adventure.

We headed home and Norm took the dogs straight out for their walkies. Luckily the rain had stopped mid-morning so he did not get drenched.

I sat on the porch and waited on them to come back, gazing at my mountain and contemplating the interesting cloud formations which looked like the mountain had a halo.

After they got back from their walk we all chilled outside. The rain had filled the pool and soaked the garden.

For dinner later that night we ordered sushi from K1 sushi in Hout Bay. They had a special on which meant I got twice what I actually ordered! It was very good except the pieces are a bit large. I like my sushi the right size to pop into your mouth in one bite without choking.

On Monday I saw on Facebook that the City of Cape Town had finally relocated some of the people from the shacks where the victims of the fire have been housed for months.

I think it must be a nightmare for the fire victims to be moved over and over – each time risking loss of their few belongings and possibly ending up in a worse state or environment than the previous place they were moved from. I hope this means that some of the victims will now be able to settle and stay in a safe, dry place where they have access to amenities.

It really puts your own personal issues in perspective and makes you realise just how privileged most of us are.

I have had a busy week. I was back at the chiropractor after work on Monday  to make up for the appointment I had turned up for which did not happen the previous Friday. I hope this calms my back down for the rest of the month but it seems to have made it spasm again. My chiropractor very sweetly gave me a comped treatment to make up for the drama.

We are off to see Texas perform at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Friday.


As we may be still young enough to love music, we are too old to take our backs for granted. Norm and I both struggled with sitting on the ground for hours the last time we went to a concert here so I ordered these chairs for us to try. You are not allowed to take a normal height chair as people behind cannot see but this one is a festival chair so hope it is allowed.


We also have our year end function at the client on the same day as the Texas concert so I hope I stay awake for Sharleen. The theme is The Great Gatsby so how I am going to arrange all of this is a mystery to me – go to work in normal clothes, go for lunch in Great Gatsby gear then go to an outdoor concert in clothes suitable for lolling about the grass? Just as well I always love a challenge. I have checked the weather for Friday and it is supposed to be very hot but at least it generally cools off in SA once the sun goes down so we will just have to cope with being in the sun for an hour or so then it will be all good.

We have been trying to eat healthy all week and so Norm cooked for Josh and I on Monday. He steamed gem squash, baby broccoli and a wee bit of sweet corn. To go with he made baked breaded chicken breasts and melted a bit of cheese on top. It was yummy.

Last night he made the remainder of the gem squash with baked pork chops, baby spinach, roast butternut and fried mushrooms.


I’m so lucky.

The doggies all went to the groomer yesterday as they were all starting to pong. They look and smell so nice after grooming.

clean babies

Last night when I was leaving work I had just left the client car park and was in front of the Mowbray police station when a guy in a large refrigerated truck just randomly turned into my lane and hit my car on the front passenger side. He then backed up and drove around me and took off up the side of the mountain. Luckily (and rather miraculously) there was a police car directly behind me and they saw the whole thing and took off after the guy. Once I recovered from the shock I pulled my car over and the 2 cops then arrived and said they had caught him and I went into the station to log a report. He had no insurance of course. It took a long time to log the report (as do most things in Africa) and then I carried on home. I was very sore and shook up from the event. However my car and my body were both protected from harm. It could have been so much worse.

When I arrived home already stressed and walked into the dining room I saw Cordelia (our cleaner) precariously gripping the container holding the baby orchid that I was given by Retha when Pierre died. He had bought the plant the week before he passed away.

When I gasped, Cordelia said ‘I did not touch it, I promise, it just jumped off into my hand.’


I did not connect the dots at the time, but then this morning I realised that Pierre was letting me know that it was him protecting me from harm. I knew that it was my Angels, I often feel my ancestors around me and when I talk of Angels I generally mean the ancestors and loved ones who are our guides and protectors.

I am so grateful for the love and protection which kept me safe. I am so blessed.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

Every Little Thing, Gonna Be Alright

I have been in such pain with my back all week. Sitting is sore as is walking. Getting up out of my desk takes quite a while and then things have to shift in my pelvis before I can walk.

Getting old is not for sissies. One of my project team is leaving this week however so I had to be on site to make sure everything is wrapped up and handed over to the other analyst.

The wind has been a bit insane blowing a gale! It seems to be hot most days and then cooler in the evenings. Unfortunately this creates prime conditions for the criminals as the banging of the wind covers up the noises from their house breaking activities. Tuesday was the busiest day and night CCP (our local crime fighters) experienced since it launched 2 years ago, with:
– 4 break ins,
– 1 attempted robbery and
– 1 medical emergency, all in under 24 hours.

Yet many locals do not contribute either time nor money to CCP or our local Neighbourhood Watch. They know the local police are under-resourced and our only hope of dealing with crime is by the residents working with the various defense teams, yet so many do nothing to contribute.

Norm was taking great care of me all week and he shopped and cooked healthy low carb meals for us.

On Tuesday he baked chicken breasts with the skin on to add more fat and keep the chicken moist. He steamed gem squash and some mixed veg and made a salad.

On Wednesday Josh came back down to Cape Town and Norm baked pork chops and to go with it he cooked the remaining gem squash and fried some baby zucchini. Norm also made a cheesy spinach dish which is one of my faves.

It is a rather spectacular view that we have for dinner, I will miss this view when we move out of Hout Bay.

On Thursday for lunch I had no left overs and so I decided to use the take away service OrderIn and chose to order from Fat Cactus.


I chose the pulled pork quesadilla called the Happy Hog. It arrives in a pizza box so it was relatively intact on arrival. It normally comes with pineapple salsa but I always ask them to substitute normal salsa.

I had not planned my day very well however as I had forgotten that Norm was out at a meeting that night and I had to cook dinner and as we had mince, cheese, lettuce and avocado and not much else so I decided to make Mexican food for dinner too. Oops.

However due to my back I was unable to bend down. You do not realise how much you bend until you cannot do so. I had to draft Josh to come downstairs and be my sous chef. He got things out of the fridge and cupboards and put things in the oven for me. We coped! Norm only got home quite late from his meeting and then in no time it was bed time.

Thursday was also the day that my analyst was leaving the team and leaving our contract house. I decided to buy a cake to mark the occasion and so I went over to the shops after lunch. I was hobbling along with my painful back, gripping a wobbly cake. I came up to the little spot where the Rastafarians sell their natural medicines on the street.

They were all taking a photo. I politely stopped to wait but they said ‘no sister come and join us’. I quickly jumped into the middle of them and brandished my cake in the air for the snap. I wish I had asked them to send me a copy of the pic but I was laughing too much to even think of it until I was back at my desk. I popped back by there on Friday to ask if I could have a copy of the pic but they were so stoned they could not even remember the interaction. I found that rather hilarious.

That is what I love about Cape Town, people of all backgrounds, cultures and races all interacting together.

Friday was World Aids Day 2017.

world aids day logo

AIDS and HIV are still huge issues in Africa. You can see some of the statistics on the South African National Aids Council web site but here is a set of stats on SA from 2016. The numbers are rather frightening.


On Friday I managed to just miss a major accident on my way into work. A car somehow managed to crash into 2 City of Cape Town road workers, knocking them both down a ravine and causing quite a lot of damage. I have not seen any updates about the victims, I pray that they are all safe.

The roads were blocked for hours. Luckily I left hours before this all occurred.

I left work early Friday afternoon as I had my 5 weekly occurring appointment with my chiropractor. There was no traffic on the motorway and I was there half an hour early. The receptionist never recognizes me and this was no exception. When I told her my name she said I don’t have you down to see the therapist? I told her I was there to see the Chiro and she said “he has gone away for the weekend” and I said “but I have an appointment and have had it for 5 weeks?” To this she replied, we rescheduled all of his appointments and proceeded to brandish a list vaguely in my direction. I could see my name on the list so I asked her what method of communication she used. She blustered as she had no clue, then proceeded to make me feel like an idiot for being there. I was so upset as I had been in pain all week. She said to me if I was in pain I should have come in earlier. But there was too much going on at work, I had a appointment for Friday and so did not phone to move my appointment. I was incredibly upset, that promise of relief had been what kept me going. Her lack of sympathy and inability to acknowledge she had messed me around and not fulfilled her function of managing the chiropractor schedule was what upset me most. Now I’m spending another weekend in pain.

What is it with my chiropractor scheduling issues lately?

I came home feeling so disheartened and sorry for myself. Being in pain affects your moods and how you cope with life.

Luckily I have nothing scheduled that means I have to be on the go this weekend. Norm and I have had a long lie in bed surrounded by cats and dogs this morning. Tomorrow I have a list of show houses for us to view. Maybe we will find one we love. Fingers crossed!

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox