Gratefully Aware

I leave for work in the morning at approximately 630am. Now that it is heading into colder weather it is still dark out when I leave. I use a flashlight to get downstairs to avoid waking everyone up. But then when I get onto the roads I struggle with the glare from oncoming lights from the other cars and the many bikes on the road.

My lovely bestie Retha gave me these glasses which she bought online which are yellow and supposed to help with reducing glare. It sounded a bit far-fetched but they really do work! I have Posterior Vitreous Detachment which means that I struggle with light and glare.


I have been wearing the glasses this week in the mornings and find that they do work! I may look a bit like a giant yellow fly-woman, but the glare from the lights is no longer painful and I arrive at work far less grumpy.

For the perpetually grumpy menopausal among us, every little bit helps.

I made a lovely dinner of gem squash stuffed with pork fillet and spinach in a mascarpone sauce on Tuesday evening. I started with steaming the gem squash as I am rubbish at timing how long these things take.

I took a whole pork fillet and removed the icky bits, then chopped it into bite size pieces. I stir fried it in a bit of butter, then once cooked through I added in a huge bag of raw baby spinach. I kept stirring through until it was wilted, then added about 2 tablespoons of mascarpone cheese, a dash of milk, a teaspoon or 2 of tomato puree, a few dashes of thick soy sauce and quite a lot of lemon juice. I sprinkled it all quite liberally with pepper, pink salt and paprika and let it simmer a bit.

For the zucchini I was worried there would not be enough for all 3 of us so I chopped an onion and browned it in butter then added the sliced zucchini to stir fry for a bit – we do not like squishy veg so I kept them al dente.


To serve it I scooped out the squash and mashed it up with butter on the side of the plate, then I spooned the pork mixture into the empty squash cups.

It was delicious. Caitlin and I had both thought that the dishes I have previously added mascarpone to were a bit too rich, so this time I kept tasting and tweaking it until I got it balanced.

Wednesday felt so odd, it was more like a Friday as we were all off for 5 days after we made it through Wednesday. It rained during the night and the next day we had major thunderstorms and pouring rain.

I had not taken in lunch as we had wolfed down the previous night’s dinner, so I had a wander up the road when the rain had stopped for a bit. On the way there (it is about 2 blocks) the rain started again, so I thought that I would eat my lunch there and wait it out.

It did not lessen however, it got worse and worse. The lightning and thunder were booming loudly and the rain was coming down in huge droplets.

My hair and head got drenched. But I did discover that I have an inbuilt Boobarella. Barely a drop hit me below my rather generous boob area.

boobarella.pngAt least there are some benefits to compensate for the back pain!

And before you think me a bit of Mutton dressed as Lamb with a pierced belly button that is the button of my Mom jeans sticking out.

After work on Wednesday I went home to collect Norm and then we headed off to meet Caitlin at the flat she put an offer in on. It is lovely, it will be perfect for her. It has lots of space for the price. She has had a few offers of loans from her broker and should be in within the next four month or so.

After we finished we headed home. Caitlin had her friend coming around to colour her hair and she had agreed to do a razor cut on my hair to resolve my split ends in order to deal with the frizz. That took up our entire evening but my hair was like silk afterwards! 

Thursday was a paid day off for Freedom Day.

It started out pretty fabulously. 

Once I fought my way out from under Pixie who had decided to sleep on my head.

When Norm brought me a milky coffee in bed, I woke to a sunny bright day, a bed full of cuddly animals, an SMS that I had been paid, and a notification that I had won a TL in Covet, the little game I play.

Once we got up and showered Norm took me for lunch at Barney’s. How do you like my new hair cut?

We both had the Mediterranean Salad.

I’ve heard a rumour that they are closing Barney’s as the landlord won’t renew their lease. The turnover of restaurants in the bay is so high. We really liked their food so we are sad if those rumours are true. 

After lunch we popped to the shops and ran some errands and got food in for the next few days.

When we got back home Lily and Josh arrived down from Mossel Bay where they live. The pups were over the moon with excitement.

Nav had been a bit whingey since he woke that morning so we thought it was his ear as he yipped if we touched his ear or jaw. But as it was a holiday the vet was closed so we decided to just keep an eye on it.

That night for dinner Lily and I made a giant pot of chicken curry. I did cauliflower rice for us low carb eaters and proper basmati rice for Lily and Josh.

I’m a bit lazy and buy the cauliflower already ‘riced’ and if I am having it with a curry I fry chopped onion, add fresh cilantro/coriander and spices then add the cauliflower so it has more flavour.

Navajo’s ear seemed fine the next day but was whingey if you touched his back and ribs, so we just decided he wanted attention and was creating phantom illnesses. After Panda went on a solo trip to the vet on Tuesday Navajo decided that he must also get treated to a road trip and every time Norm went out into the garage Nav raced around to sit at the back of the car expectantly. 

We were awake early on Friday as Panda had an appointment at the vet first thing to get a tumour cut out of his mouth. It is due to his beating from the dog up the hill. Even though it happened years ago a granuloma is almost always due to prior trauma. As this was where his little face was slammed on the ground I am sure his current issue is related.

My baby was at the vet all day to recover but he was still high as a kite when he came home.

Lily and I made a very late brekkie for the gang after Norm came back from dropping Panda. We did a sort of open faced Egg McMuffin for Lily and Josh but Cordelia and I shared an English muffin and Norm was virtuous and did not have one at all. We toasted them first, then topped with cheese and baked so they were nice and crispy.  We made crispy bacon, eggs with runny centers and served with sharp rosa tomatoes and ripe creamy avocado.

We had a lazy day as it was so hot outside. Josh brought his video games and he played while Lily and I watched a few light hearted animated films. We watched Sing which I give 3.5 Kitten Stars and then Trolls which I give 2 Kitten Stars, unless you are under 5 years old then it is a corresponding number of stars. 

Cause that’s how five year olds roll yo.

Lily and Josh went out that afternoon to see friends and they went out for dinner. Caitlin was working on Friday and on her way home she stopped to pick up sushi for me and her for dinner. Norm went to his fave Spiro but I had a sushi craving. 

After we ate we decided to play games. We played Bananagram which was lots of fun. This was the tiles I had the round I won.

We also discovered that LookTV has lots of music options so it is so easy to find great background music. No faffing with CDs as we have none of our music online so it’s such a treat for us oldies. No more nearsighted peering at our CD rack only to discover the one we choose is in a different case which is in an unknown location.

Lily had invited some friends around on Saturday and it was so hot! The temperature was already in the 30s by 630am. We girls tidied up outside and Norm cleaned the pool.

Caitlin and Wes made cocktails from scratch, even muddling the mint properly.

The kids were having their friends round because their friend Talya was home after 11 months working as a scuba instructor in the Maldives.

It was up to 35 deg that afternoon so they all had a swim.

Later on once the sun went down the kids went to start the gas grill to cook the meat but it hadn’t really cooled off at all so Norm swam and Panda and I kept him company.

The food was plentiful so we have lots of leftovers for the remainder of the weekend. The kids seemed to have a great day based on the amount of laughter. Norm and I just tried to stop turning into puddles of sweat, sitting outside periodically to catch a breeze. Panda was still recuperating so I kept him close. 

Today we are all feeling lazy after a day of festivities. We have just relaxed, munching on a sausage or a rib here and there. Later we will have leftover curry and play games. It is lovely being surrounded by family, I just wish my son Trevor was here with us.

I still have tomorrow off work and Lily and Josh will drive back home. I’m grateful for both the restful break from work as well as the time with my kids. 

I’m trying to be more positive and focus on being consciously aware of the many, many items on my gratitude list.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend my friends. ❤️

Belle of the Ball

A ‘normal’ two day weekend always seems like you are being short-changed when it occurs after a lovely lush long 4 day weekend of fun. But at least I had a nice one even if it was a short run. We only have a 3 day work week again this week as Thursday & next Monday are both public holidays and I have taken leave for Friday. So I get a full 5 days off by only using up a day of my annual leave allocation. Lily and Josh are coming down for the long weekend and I am very excited to see them. I love having that energy in the house.

Caitlin and I had planned a Mommy – Daughter night on last Saturday evening. Caitlin had gone off to volunteer at a local home for the disabled in the township very early on Saturday morning. She went with some friends and the group treated the residents to a Movie Day. They showed the film ‘Shrek’ and they took juice and popcorn to hand out to those who wanted it. Caitlin said it was so rewarding as the residents all were having such fun and were so appreciative of the efforts the visitors made to give them a treat.

On her way home she ended up getting stuck in traffic due to a truck that had turned over. The truck was carrying sand which ended up spilling all over the road and that all had to be cleared before they re-opened the road, it took over 2 hours for Caitlin to get through it.

truck crash

Caitlin had suggested we go to a sushi place she often visits with Wes as it was on our way to the cinema. Trying to find their info to link on this blog was very confusing as on Facebook it seems to be called ‘Tai Chi Restaurant’ and on the SMS sent with the payment info from the bank it is called ‘Nihao Kitchen’. The sign outside says ‘Sakura’ as that is the parent company I think so look for that on the building window if you decide to try them out. Regardless of their identity crisis, it is my fave new spot. They were quite busy as they have an ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet on Saturday evening.


We were lucky to nab a table and we settled in to decide what we fancied.

I have such a beautiful daughter don’t I?

We just ordered off the ala carte menu as we knew we were going to have snacks at the cinema. Much of the Sushi was half price.

I ordered the salmon roses, the bamboo rolls and the open prawn tempura. It was all delicious and all half price. Our entire bill for both of us was only R280.

We finished up a bit early to go straight on to the cinema but as it was so busy we did not want to hold the table just to chat and faff about so we decided to drive past Caitlin’s flat she has made the offer on. It is such a handy location for her, it is only 4 kilometres to her office so she could run or cycle to work easily. I am so excited for her, she will have that flat so nicely decorated as her room is packed so tightly with all of the furniture and kitchen items she has been buying, refinishing or receiving as presents and saving for filling up her own place. Once she moves out and takes it all with her the style level in my own house will decrease by about 50% as all of the cute (e.g. ‘coordinated’)  stuff is hers. None of my own stuff matches or is even of the same style. I easily mix Chinese style with my South African and North African Art. There are even a few Moroccan pieces and a didgeridoo that Norm bought for me when he went to the Australian Olympics thrown in for good measure.

red chinese

It works for me – almost all of the pieces I have in my home are linked to a memory of a place or a person. Whenever Norm and I travel we always buy a small piece of art from our trip. We have art from Italy, Paris, Spain and many of the other places we have been.

After our little excursion we went to Blue Route to the cinema.

It was pretty busy so we got our snacks and went to find our seats. We only had a few minutes to wait before the film began luckily. We had chosen the 815pm showing hoping that this would mean no noisy children but the place was still riddled with kids. Luckily the film soundtrack was so loud that even I could hear it and it muffled the noisy kids as well as the woman to my right with the rustling packet and the 2 women to Caitlin’s left who chatted in Chinese non-stop. Caitlin said there was a guy singing full voice behind her who was tone deaf but luckily he must have been in a key my ears no longer register. 

There are some benefits to old age.

I absolutely adored this film. Our family are huge Disney fans, but this film surpassed them all. I was not sure how Emma Watson would carry off the singing but she has a lovely clear tone. She is such an intellectual that it is easy to imagine her being seduced by a library. (Yes, BY a library, not IN a library, that was Gone With the Wind where Scarlett was first intrigued by Mr Butler’s cheeky demeanour in a library.)

I have to say my favourite character was Lumière who was played by the lovely Ewan McGregor. I did not read up on which actor was providing the voices for which characters so I was not influenced by WHO was playing but rather by the skill they applied in the part. Lumière had a fabulous French accent and I loved his singing voice. The fact that Ewan’s wife was born in France maybe gave him a better ear for the role but I had assumed it was a French actor doing the voice. 

But heck, I am a Yank and think Pepé Le Pew sounds legit.

Pepe le Pew.png

Luke Evans was playing the role of Gaston, his cheeky grin and insolent eyebrow made him perfect for the part.

LeFou was divine. The microsecond long scene where LeFou danced with another man was over so fast as to be barely noticed other than by the hawkeyed oppressed conservative nut jobs who boycotted the film. To focus on that second rather than allow your child to absorb the magic of the film is short sighted and sad to me.

We both absolutely loved the film.

The next morning it was again incredibly hot. Caitlin was off out for the day but took time to show me how to use Snapchat so we could send a silly pic to my Mom. Don’t look too closely behind the mask as we had both just woken up.

It was such an incredibly hot day, the dogs kept trying to find a spot with a breeze to keep them cool.

Norm and I got a bit of cabin fever later in the day and we decided rather than attempt to cook in the heat, we would rather go out for a late afternoon visit to Woodcutters Arms Pub in Hout Bay.

It was a bit windy in the beer garden so we grabbed a booth inside the pub.

Norm loves their Scotch eggs and so he ordered that for his starter. It was wee bit overcooked as the yolk should be runny, but he still enjoyed it.

We are nothing if not predictable as I also ordered my own favourite of their starters, the Jalapeno Cigars, phyllo pastry stuffed with chopped jalapenos and cheddar cheese.

For his main Norm had the Fish & Chips with mushy peas and tartar sauce. It was a nice fat piece of fish and he enjoyed it. I love mushy peas and would have wanted a bit more than that tiny puddle, but Norm is easier to please than I am. 🙂

I ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger with chips. It had a spicy jalapeno mayo on top and a few crispy onion rings. It was yummy yumm yumm. The chips were spicy and nice and crispy on the outside.

We’ve decided our Sundays should be spent like pensioners, eating our main meal at 4-5pm. What they call the ‘Early Bird Special’ in many places. Eating that late means you aren’t hungry for an evening meal. Not that we are avoiding meals, I just like my Sundays to be as lazy and responsibility free as possible. 🙂

On Monday Caitlin went to the courthouse to support her friend Carl‘s family during the sentencing which was supposed to occur. Those of you who are regular readers will know that Carl was murdered by 2 local thugs due to mistaken identity. The sentencing has been dragging on now for weeks. It was postponed again yesterday until the 15th of May. Let us all hope that justice will finally be served and Carl’s family can start to move forward with their lives as best they can.

Please keep Carl’s family in your thoughts and prayers and hold your own babies close and tell them that you love them.



Last night we watched an article on Trevor Noah about the issues with access to clean, uncontaminated water in the United States. I am unable to view the video in that link here in SA, but hopefully the link will allow you to see the video as it is both terrifying and fascinating and worth viewing. We were astounded that there are several cities in the USA which do not have access to a clean and safe water supply. In fact, data CNBC obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency reveals that only nine U.S. states are reporting safe levels of lead in their water supply. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee. Now with Mr Nasty Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA the USA is up the river without a paddle.

Of course we were aware of the crisis in Flint Michigan as it has been in the international news, however like most we assumed it was due to the sneaky, financially driven poor decisions made by government officials such as Governor Rick Snyder. It is beyond my comprehension how this man was re-elected after showing such disregard for the lives and health of his constituents. But as Trump has demonstrated it is very easy for an idiot to come to power in the US as there are many other idiots who vote them in.

But I digress.

Here in South Africa we are having a water crisis as well. Ours is due to several factors: the first is our useless government who are so busy raping the country they cannot be bothered to plan ahead or do maintenance on the water supply infrastructure, the second is that we are having a long term drought.

In the Western Cape our dam levels stand at 22 per cent, with only 12% of usable water left. There are restrictions on the amounts of water each household should be using. Many people have implemented a grey water system which recycles their household water into a storage tank which is then used to water their gardens and wash their cars or even fill their pools. Grey water is water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines / laundry. Water from other sources (such as from toilets, kitchen sink, dishwashers and bidets) is considered to be black water (you wouldn’t want to swim in that!).

Our own grey water system consists predominantly of Norman tracking up and down the stairs to empty our buckets and containers of saved shower water. Waking up at 5.45am and climbing into the shower when it’s chilly in our unheated house without waiting on the water to get warm is not much fun, but I do it. I tend to get into the shower, lather up and then only put the water on at a trickle, quickly rinse and jump out.

This time of year in South Africa is very unpredictable in regards to weather. We recently had a bout of chilly weather with strong winds, resulting in us all digging out our boots and jackets. We even had a few downpours of rain which gave us a bit of hope. But then this week it has been incredibly hot and dry and whatever moisture the gardens managed to absorb last week was promptly dried up leaving the ground again gasping for water. The grass has come back a tiny bit just with the miniscule bit of moisture it had, but it is a strain of African grass, so it is resilient. 🙂

If we get a wet winter it will bcome lush again. 

I hope. 

Today Mzudumo is coating the grass with horrible smelling fertilizer which isn’t great in this heat. 😷 But the garden needs it.

In our kitchen we keep a jug under the tap and wash our hands over the jug. Veggies are then washed in the same grey water and then after we have finished dinner the jug is emptied into the garden. We apply the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’ approach in the loos as a single flush can send loads of valuable drinkable water sloshing down the drain. You could save between 7 and 10 litres a day by just doing that small change. 

Our system is basic but our plants are doing pretty well from it.

The issue with the aging infrastructure seems to be relevant to both the USA water crisis and the SA water crisis. In both instances the governments say they cannot ‘afford’ the investment in the infrastructure, but if you look at the money spent on the resulting healthcare issues triggered by the lead in the water in Flint, I cannot understand how they can risk the potential lawsuits and increased healthcare costs? We won’t even go into the increase in military spending. Spending more to kill than to heal and nurture?

Access to safe, clean water is a basic human right, so how is it that so many of us do not have that access? 

On 28 July 2010, through Resolution 64/292, the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights.

Humans must have water. We are dependent on it to survive much less to keep clean and provide us with sanitation.

The other item which I have been thinking about a lot is addiction. A different sort of dependency which leads to huge levels of crime and various health care issues.

I watched an interview with the author Johann Hari and was transfixed by his points. You can view his TED Talk video for yourself and tell me what you think? Have you addiction in your family, or has it affected a person in your life or even you?

Hari has done a study on addiction and the ‘War on Drugs’ and has published a book called ‘Chasing the Scream’.  His theory is that addiction is linked to pain, disconnection, loneliness and trauma rather than solely based on a genetic tendency towards addiction. Most children of addicts live a life of uncertainty and chaos. My theory is that this corresponds with his analysis, the damage and insecurity of a childhood spent with an alcoholic or addict parent can cause it’s own trauma. I suspect there is a bit of both nature and nurture, environment and genetics both at play.

The shame and punishment that an addict receives from most of society perpetuates the cycle of loneliness and despair and the cycle of addiction continues. By removing the criminalization and spending that money on rehabilitation the possibility of reducing the number of addicts increases and the crime which results from that addiction also reduces. 

The book contains reference to Billie Holiday and so I reasearched her life and death. The story of the tragedy of Billie Holiday’s life is heartbreaking. I knew she was an addict but didn’t realize what a horrible childhood she had. The attempted rape at age 10 alone, much less her teen years spent as a prostitute would have given her enough trauma and shame to result in her need to escape reality.  

I have always found addiction a fascinating topic. It’s clear that it is not 100% related to genetics or all children born of two alcoholic parents would inevitably be alcoholics, however that is not always true. Interestingly, children of alcoholics often choose to be sober due to their fear of losing control but marry an alcoholic as they are familiar with and somewhat comfortable in the role of care taker.

If the world wide issues with addiction were resolved just imagine what it would do to heal our society as a whole.

Our four day week flew by. Norm was working in Johannesburg on Wednesday and flew out really early, so poor sick Caitlin had to feed the dogs. She was very ill and could barely leave her bed for days. We had Cordelia work all week and hired Charles to walk the dogs. He brought his little sister to walk the Pomeranians. It was very cute.

It was so hot all week so we barely cooked inside. Norm braaied chicken kebabs on Tuesday night and I made a salad. The dogs wanted some of my chicken. Nav turned his back on it all. I love his little rabbit like tail.

I was up early the next morning as Norm woke me when he left for the airport. It meant I could get away a bit early from work that afternoon to deal with things at home. 

That morning on her way to work Cordelia saw some guys almost rob an old man, but they got a fright when she arrived and they ran off. Norm was conducting the Neighborhood Watch operation from the airport in Johannesburg.

That night Caitlin felt up to a bit of organic chicken sausage so I cooked sausages and just made a salad for myself as that was too much roughage for Cait’s poorly tum.

I added a bit of yummy mango.

I worked at our Canal Walk offices on Thursday and went through really early. My colleagues told me I need to buy new clothes as my trousers are so baggy that they look like clown pants. How rude.

They didn’t know that I had tried on a different pair which were so big they literally fell off as I walked across my bedroom. the clown pants were the second option. 

Cordelia thought I was funny taking a pic of my pants. 

I worked from home that afternoon but it was unbearably hot. I was glad I was wearing my baggy linen outfit. regardless of how unflattering it was. 

Norm arrived back home late Thursday afternoon and he had a very sore shoulder. He had been seeing a physio a while back which had brought a lot of relief but it had seized again after his trip.

Friday Caitlin felt up to going into work and Norm was off to the physio and I was back in the office in the CBD. At least it was air conditioned. I walked over to Food Lovers Market at lunch time for sushi, it was too hot for cooked food, but the walk over made me feel faint it was so hot. They were removing the burned out cars by the Artscape which were left over from a film set and that diverted me for a bit. 

I left work at 3pm as I had started so early. I popped by Retha’s place on my way home and had a few glasses of wine and then Caitlin messaged us all to say her offer on the flat was accepted. So exciting! She now has to meet with a broker to get a loan hopefully. She has a decent reliable salary so she should qualify.

Norm came to take me home last night as Retha and I had a few drinks and I also can’t see to drive in the dark. We decided to go get takeaways rather than use OrderIn despite Norm’s sore shoulder as Norm had no wine at home and so he popped straight back out after dropping me at home. Just at the end of our suburb he hit a rock in the road which is a common method to get people to stop, but as he wasn’t mugged I assume it was from the construction going on at the nearby school. He drove off towards Massimo’s and realized once on the main road that he had a blowout. The area is a bit too close to the high crime areas for comfort and Norm hadn’t taken his phone so couldn’t phone me to rescue him. Luckily he had his radio and could request assistance and his friend JJ came to change the tire as Norm’s shoulder is so bad he is struggling to use that arm at all. I’m just glad he is safe. Once again JJ is our local hero.

Norm eventually went off to get us dinner. We munched and had a relaxed early night trying out our new Look TV which is so superior to DSTV. We will be cancelling that service. 

At least Norm can amuse himself watching British shows tonight while Cait and I have a mom and daughter night. We are going out to dinner then to watch Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend. x

The Kitten Bunny Hop

I have had such a lovely long weekend with the perfect balance of fun, fabulous food, family, friends and chilled out down time. Considering I had nothing much planned, it all fell perfectly into place with zero effort. I did miss being able to get away for the weekend to see Trevor and Lily however.

Caitlin has been looking at property for a while now and she has decided to make an offer on a flat. She had planned to meet the realtor at Tasha’s in Constantia on Friday so Norm and I went along for moral support and then the three of us planned to have lunch after.

Once the paperwork was done the realtor headed off and we ordered. Caitlin and I both had quesadillas.

Cait had the Brazilian at R98 which is strips of grilled chicken in a lemon, chilli & coriander marinade with cheddar, and is served with a side dish of yoghurt.

I had the American quesadilla with pulled pork. It costs R92 and consists of pulled pork, jalapeno peppers, coriander & slaw, served with guacamole. It was nice but more like what we would call ‘barbecue’ in the south. Either way it tasted of ‘home’ and I gobbled it up.

Norm had the chicken Caesar salad.

The Tasha’s Caesar comes either plain or with Chicken or Anchovy. If you order it plain then the half portion is R74 and the full portion is R98. The ‘plain’ version consists of baby spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, croutons, boiled egg or cold poached egg, crispy parma ham & parmesan shavings with a Caesar dressing.

Or if you add chicken it is the following prices: half for R96 or a full at R128. Or if with the anchovy it is priced for a half portion at R86 or the full for R114.

After our lunch we headed home for a bit, Norm had to walk the dogs and Caitlin offered to feed them for us later that night as we were going out. I had a wee catnap while Norm was busy.

That night we had plans to meet up with a friend from back in the days when I lived in George 25 years ago. Jenny was over visiting from the U.K. where she now lives and I was lucky to get a bit of her time. I know what it’s like to be on holiday and want to see everyone but to have such limited time to fit everyone into. Norm and I said that next time she should try our trick of doing an open invitation night at a pub. Then whomever makes the effort can spend a bit of time with you. I always find it surprising the number of ‘friends’ who don’t make the effort and those ‘acquaintances’ who do!

We went to the Backyard Grill to dine with Jenny and her daughter Vicky and her daughter’s fella Roderick.

I was so surprised when Jenny brought out some gifts she had made for me. How gorgeous are these necklaces? Jenny is very talented. She makes the most adorable painted stones for the garden and all manner of cute bits and pieces.

I wasn’t sticking to Banting for dinner that night as I heard their potato salad was to die for. I had that and corn on the cob with 500g of ribs.

We had a lovely night, it was great to catch up with Jen. She reminded me of the days in George when we used to play strip Pass The Pigs when we were married to our ex husbands.

If you have never played, basically you toss the wee piggys, then depending on how they land you add or gain points.

Or clothes apparently.

The crazy thing is that I don’t remember this unclothed version at all!! I was very unhappy at that point in my life so I guess my memories could be fuzzy from that. But I was also tanned, thin and long legged back then so wouldn’t mind being naked in public.

Bitches, I was Baywatching before Baywatch.

*Sigh* I miss those lithe limbs.

And those earrings.

After a great night laughing, talking and chowing on BBQ Norm and I headed home and then we had a cosy late lie-in the next morning. It was the day of the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon which means we cannot get out of our village as they close the roads for the race to use, so we could not have gone anywhere even if we wanted to.

Norm went downstairs to feed the dogs, then made us a coffee and came back up to bed. The OMTOM filming is done all along the beautiful roads in and around our village.

With our bedroom balcony doors open it’s quite surreal to lie in bed and listen to the bands and cheers going on outside and to also see and hear it on the telly. I love the bands who arrive every year to encourage the runners.

Image source.

People in the village also go out to line up along the route to cheer on the runners. However I think the best way to watch #OMTOM on such a chilly day is in bed with my love, my Pomeranians and the cats. Covet, coffee and my pets equals a Happy Kitten.

We stayed in our bed until the need for food drove us out. We had a low key lazy day and once the roads opened in the afternoon Norm went to do a shop.

That evening I cooked Parmesan chicken, fondant sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and a sauce of mushrooms, spinach and cream.

It was so delicious. The Parmesan was really strong and the creamy sauce was a nice balance to the intensity of it.

To make the chicken I simply flattened some boneless chicken breasts with my rolling pin, dipped them in beaten eggs, then rolled them in finely grated fresh Parmesan. I put them on a tray in the fridge to set for about an hour and then pan fried them in butter and coconut oil.

We were very excited to see that SNL was back on DSTV. It is so exasperating that it keeps coming back on and off their play lists. I have sent in multiple queries to ‘DSTV Care’ – but ironically they don’t seem to Care! I’ve been waiting for about a month to the reasons why it keeps going on and off their schedule.

We woke to news that Imizamo Yethu here in Hout Bay had been hit by another fire during the small hours of Saturday night. Estimates are that 150 homes were destroyed and up to 400 more people are now homeless. I read that there was one fatality. It seems it will never end.

We were invited for lunch at my work colleague Darren and his partner Julie’s house on Sunday. They also live in Hout Bay.

Darren made the most amazing Burgers. Oh. My. They were so good. Impossible to eat without wearing a good bit of it, but they were so delicious.

For dessert we had Key lime pie brought by Darren’s friend Dave.

We had such a laugh over this wine label, typical of SA’s sense of humour.

Darren & Julie have just added this lovely entertainment area. It was such a hot day but the cool awning kept us comfortable.

When one of the couples arrived after us and came in to be introduced to me she and I realised we have actually met before as we attended the Girl Geeks Dinner together previously. Hout Bay is such a small village.

We had a lot of laughs and great food, it was not a traditional Easter lunch but we really enjoyed the afternoon, it is always nice to meet new people. As we are not Christian all of our traditions are around food rather than church or fellowship.

The only problem with having such a lovely wine filled afternoon is that the rest of the day and evening is a write off. So on Sunday night we were happy to settle into the settee and watch the evening film ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

It required no thought or effort which was about the full extent of our abilities that night. It was a rather lame film, the presence of Liam Hemsworth alone is the only thing which brings it up to a single one Kitten Star rating. I am pretty sure I snoozed through a lot of it. The last thing I remember was saying ‘I cannot believe I am still awake’, then BAM I wasn’t.

On Monday afternoon Norm and I were booked for lunch at one of my favourite Cape Town venues, Foxcroft in Constantia. It was a very hot day.

We were given a seat on the patio when we arrived which was exactly what I requested on their website when I made the booking. Comparing this level of customer service to my recent drama at a local wine farm who had confirmed the specific table I requested weeks in advance and then pretended the discussion had never happened when I actually arrived and my table was occupied? No contest. Foxcroft is the dogs danglies when it comes to class. 🙂

Booking is a pleasure with Foxcroft, you can book online, you then get an SMS confirming your online booking and then a second SMS the day prior to your booking asking you to confirm.

And it is not my fave just due to the ease of access, the food is always so divine. I have been before and always blog about the fabulousness, here is a link to my previous reviews.

We decided to go for the full lunch special at R395 per person. That is just under 30 USD for those who want to compare.

We chose a bottle of Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc to share with our lunch.

foxy wine

My 2 choices of tapas were the Mussels and the Squid. The mussels were served with bacon crumbles, confit lemon & soubise. Soubise is a creamy, buttery stock based oniony sauce. The calamari squid is served with Chorizo, ajo blanco and wild garlic. There were little bits of pickled red onion and grapes.

For my main course I had the Chalmar Beef served with duck fat chips, carrot, brussel sprouts & a gorgeous rich café au lait sauce. I found it interesting to read about Chalmar Beef, the hyperlink will allow you to read about it too. I had assumed it was a cut of beef, but Chalmar is the farm that produces the beef.

For dessert I chose the Pineapple dessert. This was described as roast pineapple parfait, rum-braised pineapple, mango and coconut. This was so light and refreshing and a perfect end to my amazing lunch.

The only differences in Norm’s choices were that he had the Korean Fried Chicken instead of the mussels. The description of the chicken dish said simply ‘Buttermilk espuma’ which I assume was the sauce that came with it? Norm is averse to eating with his hands and would not have ordered this if he knew it was the wing of the chicken, but he said it was very tasty and full of flavour if fiddly to consume.

foxy chicken

For his afters course Norm decided to pay the R45 supplement and ordered the cheese platter. This was a cheese platter to exceed all cheese platters. The thin, thin slices of toast were an unimaginable feat of their own. How could they slice it that thin and not crumble it to smithereens when plating? It was served with apple and fennel chutney and slices of apple. Norm raved about this platter.

foxy cheese platter

I had decided to push the non-Banting boat right out and order some Macarons to take home without even realising it was #MacaronMonday! Foxcroft have a special on Mondays where if you buy 3 macarons you get one free.

I chose 2 of the Cherry and Tonka Bean and 2 of the Ferrero Rocher flavours. These are so light and delicious, crispy and sweet. I shared with Caitlin as I felt a bit nauseous later when I pigged out on 2 of them.

The food was so divine and beautiful as it always is. We also had an excellent server. It was faultless from start to end. A full 5 Kitten Stars.

We really had such a brilliant weekend. Today I was back at work bright and early and it felt like I had been off for a week at least. 

Poor Caitlin woke up with a dreadful tummy bug or food poisoning. She had planned to go to court to attend the sentencing of the 2 men who have been convicted of murdering her friend Carl Schoombie. I’ve just read that the sentencing has been delayed again due to a report from the social worker not being available. 

Please keep Carl’s family in your thoughts and continue to count your own blessings. 



The RBF Empath

I have always thought I was afflicted by RBF (Resting Bitch Face) because I often get told to ‘smile’ or to ‘cheer up it might never happen’ by random people on the streets.


But on the other hand I am often the receptacle of people vomiting their feelings, life history and baggage all over me with no provocation. This week I asked a colleague why does this happen after I spent about 10 minutes trapped in the kitchen at work listening to a random stranger tell me all about her issues with her weight, her divorce, her kids, her kids’ friends, her therapy……all I said to instigate this regurgitation was ‘so you are making a smoothy?’ and the flood gates were open and she was off.

My colleague says it is not my face repelling them, it is my energy welcoming them, that I am so open it allows people to feel that they can open up or get close to me. Maybe I need to learn how to shut that gate, or maybe this is what I am meant to be – an emotional dumping ground of sorts? People need to be heard and people need to get things off their chests. The only time it is really an issue is when the person dumping on you is also draining your own energy. I call these people ’emotional vampires’ as they end up sucking all of the life force out of you and filling the empty space with their darkness. I tend to avoid these people or to cover myself with spiritual protection if I know I will have to be around them.

Then another friend reminded me that I am an empath. People are drawn to an empath, what the hook is I am still not clear on – what do they see?

As a Virgo I cannot sit and listen quietly to issues, I have to tell them how to fix their problem. Or maybe it is not my Virgoness but rather the increase in testosterone brought on by Menopause? You know how men cannot just receive info, they have to fix it?

Who knows. So many of us are so damaged by life.

This week has flown by in a blink of an eye! Maybe it was because in SA we were all on a post march high. Social media was full of protest pictures and I was so pleased by the vast turn out across the entire country. The best photo I saw of the protest march was the pic below by Peter Greenwall that was shared on Facebook. This image sums up Cape Town to me, all races and religions in unity against a common cause.

President Zuma as always seemed to miss the point of the protests or at least to pretend to in order to convince his more naïve constituents that they are in danger of apartheid rearing it’s head again. He tried to say that the march was a racist protest. He obviously missed seeing all of the images on social media and the news which disproved his statements, or he blatantly chose to ignore the truth. Even with just a 6th grade education, he could have just looked at the pictures in the newspapers?

zuma protest

But life goes on and corruption thrives.

As always, despite it being Saturday I woke up really ridiculously early, partly due to the intense heat. I dared to venture out of bed to have a wee and was greeted by this when I got back to bed. Cheeky little monkeys.

I had an appointment early on Saturday to get the colour on my roots topped up at Mop Hair. Our house is always rife with chaos and noise on a Saturday due to the dogs barking insanely at every car, cat or gardener who dares navigate up or down our road, or at every leaf drifting around the garden. They were so boisterous I decided to leave half an hour early and sit on the salon sofa reading magazines and sipping cappuccino rather than listen to them. I tootled off and left Norm to deal with the little buggers.

When I got home I was ravenous and the smell of bacon came wafting out to the garage to greet me. My darling hubby had made breakfast for him and Mzudumo and he quickly whipped some up for me too when I got in.

I am such a lucky woman. ❤

That evening it was still so incredibly hot and humid so we decided to go out for dinner somewhere that we could sit outside. We decided to have dinner at The Lookout Deck in Hout Bay at the harbour.


We nabbed a table under cover with a lovely view of the harbour.

They were having a special on a seafood platter and I thought it sounded delicious so I went for that. It was about R250 if you included the prawns, just under R200 without the prawns. The platter consisted of a whole hake fillet, mussels in sauce, fried calamari and either rice or chips.

Norm decided on the grilled Calamari and as he is almost always virtuous in his food choices, he had it with veggies.

We did not have a terribly late night out, we were home in time to relax at home with the pups. We still stayed up far too late just pottering around.

I woke on Sunday starving as always after I have eaten sugar the night before. I also had a Kahlua dom pedro after my dinner so I had carbs and sugar both. Oops.

I drafted Norm to do a shop and Caitlin came to help me cook. I was craving Eggs Benedict but wanted to stay low carb. Instead of using bread or a muffin we made cheesy zucchini fritters, then topped them with poached eggs, bacon and avocado ‘sauce’.

It was so tasty! I used my egg poaching cups from Yuppiechef.


As usual I did not use a recipe for my fritters, I just ad-libbed. I grated 3 baby zucchinis, added 2 eggs, a big handful of grated cheese and sprinkled with almond flour until it had the right consistency then fried little drops of the batter in coconut oil and butter until golden brown.


We had a relaxing day, I sat out in the garden with the dogs watching them be silly.  Pixie could play ball all day should someone be bothered to chase her down to wrestle it from her mouth. She wants it kicked but does not want to let it go. Sometimes Nav teases her by running off with it, expecting her to give chase.


We were invited to a braai with friends later in the afternoon last Sunday. It was a lovely relaxing evening, despite the cool wind that came up.

Obligatory braai selfy while wearing a dozen layers of clothing:

One of the discussions that we had at the braai was around gender roles. Norm and I do not adhere to gender roles, if anything our roles are almost reversed. I do almost no housework other than the occasional kitchen clean up. It is a running joke in our family that I cannot even turn on the hoover or the washing machine (which is more or less true).

My friend Pierre used to say the most used item in my kitchen was the phone which was used to order take out. 🙂 I do probably cook the majority of our meals, but Norm never has an issue if I say I am tired,  he is always willing to cook or pick up a take away. I never get pressure to conform to what society dictates a woman’s role must be.

I had bought a roast to make for last Sunday’s dinner but as we went to the braai I decided to do a pot roast in the slow cooker overnight while we slept. I chucked in a silverside beef roast, a packet of carrots, a chopped onion and a tin of cream of mushroom soup with 2 cups of beef broth, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

When I got home on Monday I made steamed broccoli and fondant sweet potatoes to go with it.

It was delicious and there was plenty left to make into Mexican food the next night. I shredded the meat, removing all of the fat and icky bits, then added the spices and a bit of water and simmered it all. I made the provolone ‘tortillas’ without baking paper but they did not stick to the tray luckily. There seems to have been some international coup on baking paper as the shops are still empty. I just made salad to go with it and fried some slices of red pepper and onion until brown.

Mexican w roast.png

We have had a few days of intense rain in Cape Town, hopefully this starts to top up our empty dams.

The latest update in regards to the twins Maximo and Octavia who were murdered by their Spanish father when visiting them in Hout Bay on holiday is that he has still not been charged as he has been hospitalised with an abdominal injury.  Rumours are that he harmed himself while in custody.

They have finally published the father’s name and that he is a dentist. His name is Mario-César Deus Yela, and he is said to be 48 years of age.

I still feel such pain in my heart for the mother, Julia Engelhorn, and other family members, there is another sibling who was physically unharmed, however the damage to his heart and soul is unquantifiable. How traumatic for the entire family. I wish them comfort and peace and I hope that justice is served.

They were such beautiful children.

octavia maximo

The work to get our local township back on track from the recent fires continues. Part of Imizamo Yethu was declared a disaster area. Relocation camps are being built to replace tents for hundreds of Hout Bay fire families and temporary housing will finally be available for some people affected by the fire. I hope it happens quickly, living in the tents with hundreds of others must be hell on earth.

Today is my last day of work until next week, I have 4 delicious days of relaxation in store for me. I have a few activities planned, but all in all it is a bit of much needed down time.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend x

The Joke is on Us

It has been a week of volatility and chaos in South Africa. In my last blog I mentioned the protest that we in South Africa were calling ‘Black Monday’. Norm and I were both participating by wearing all black and tweeting our support of the cause. I tried about a dozen times to get a decent pic of Norm in his protest gear that evening but his dog pack would not eff off and leave him alone so we have a Navajo rump shot included for free. As always Panda has his eyes locked on his love, that dog adores Norman.

One thing that the protesting does is it opens up lines of dialogue with other people of all races which might normally not occur. I work with a very wise young African lady with whom I can openly discuss issues around race and other history which I may not fully understand as an American import. She knows my heart is in the right place and I can ask ‘why is this considered racist’ and she answers me from her heart, explaining the history behind the feelings of the people who have lived their entire lives here. These dialogues are necessary if we are to bridge the gaps between the races and the socioeconomic divides which are still so prevalent within SA.

I was saddened when saw on Twitter that many people were criticising the #BlackMonday protest and calling it #WhiteMonday as it was predominately white people who were protesting even though the corruption probably affects the poor even more than it affects the middle class.

I was utterly disgusted this week when my friend told me about a racial issue she had experienced with a local Guesthouse. She is busy buying a flat and as there are still tenants in the property it was not quite ready to move in on the first of the month, so the lawyers arranged for her to stay in a local guesthouse. She was given all of the booking info and she only had to phone to confirm with the owner what time she expected to arrive. She did so and the owner was very friendly on the phone until she asked for my friend’s name. My friend’s accent does not distinguish her as any specific race, but once she gave her name, her name is very obviously of African origin. The woman asked my friend to confirm her ‘nationality’. As she already had my friend’s SA ID number she knew my friend was South African, so what she was actually asking was ‘are you African?’. When my friend confirmed she is indeed African, the woman went quiet and terminated the call. A few minutes later the agent who had booked the guesthouse rang to say to my friend that ‘there is a double booking’ at the guesthouse and they must change where my friend will stay.

My friend very calmly told the agent that she knew the woman had refused to accommodate her because she is black.

The agent then sputtered and panicked and said that she would phone back and resolve the issue, but my friend said she did not want to force the woman to accommodate her and she would not feel comfortable staying there after the owner’s feelings about non-white guests were known. She also told the agent that if she did not sort things out quickly with her flat she would be suing them for breach of contract as well as taking the guesthouse to court for breaking the constitution with their discriminatory practices.

I was so upset for my friend. I was ready to blow things up about the guesthouse on social media, but my friend is far more mature and rational than I am (despite being almost half my age) and she asked me not to. I am also not mentioning her by name to preserve her anonymity. But I want to drive to the guesthouse and punch the racist beast of a woman in the face. Because that will make a difference right? No, it won’t. But it would make me feel better.

A nice bit of local news that I saw this week from the Thula Thula Charity was that one of the haunting photographs that was taken during the recent Hout Bay fire disaster  was made into a painting and auctioned off and the proceeds will be put towards helping both the local animal shelter as well as the actual child in the photo.

At least one positive item came from the devastation of the fire.

On the subject of Art, I recently mentioned in one of my blogs that my artist friend Carol Phillips is looking to part with a few of her beloved pieces. If you would like to look at them, you can view her website here. Carol is a photographer and an artist and has a brilliant eye and talent.  She recently had an exhibition in Vienna and has been invited to exhibit her work in New York next year in collaboration with Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery. So if you want to get a piece of art from her before she blows up even more in notoriety, this is your chance.

This is my absolute favourite of all of her pieces, it is just so stunning!

Sandton Skin 950X1500mm.jpg

Many of her paintings have such depth and texture. My friend Retha bought one of Carol’s pieces herself recently.

The bad news for those of us who live in SA just continues, we heard on the news late Monday that S&P downgraded SA to junk status. This was a direct result from Zuma’s late night cabinet reshuffle that I recently blogged about.

A ratings downgrade will lead to lower access to credit and‚ potentially‚ an interest rate increase‚ which would affect many South Africans because they would be paying more to borrow money. Higher interest rates increase the cost of families financing things like home loans and vehicle finance payments. The Rand has already started to decrease further in value‚ causing a rise in the price of imported goods.

But Zuma cares not at all as long as his own pockets are full.

Today we hear that more rating agencies have downgraded SA to junk status.

Speaking of ‘jokes’ that no one finds funny, this week I received a rather alarming email message from a travel company called Travelstart.

It all started with an email to notify me that I should verify my departure information prior to travel. It advised me of the amount spent on the tickets to Rome which I had purchased:

travelstart booking

The confusion was strong as Norm and I have been looking at trips for our 20th anniversary and I thought I had maybe near-sightedly clicked on something and a transaction had inadvertently occurred. Then I started to panic that someone had stolen my card information and I was a victim of fraud. I frantically logged onto my banking app and checked my bank account, and then my credit card account and saw that no money had left either account for this booking.

I emailed the company and asked them to confirm the card number which had been used for the booking but I received no reply. Then when I went into work on Monday I notice a second email from Travelstart.

travelstart 2

What a ridiculous idea, to make a joke about someone spending over R6k on a trip! Especially with the high numbers of fraud cases that are so prevalent in South Africa. The company obviously panicked when their customers did not see the humour in the marketing ploy and their founder, Stephan Ekbergh issued a tweet saying oops, my bad.

travel ceo tweet

As if the world (or even their customers) know who he is and follow him on Twitter and notices what he says?! What arrogance. I would have far preferred a prompt reassuring response to the query I raised directly with Travelstart – a reply I still have never received. The company obviously received far too many complaints to actually respond to them! I will never use their services and I strongly suggest that none of you use them either. If they are capable of such poor decisions regarding how to deal with their customers, why would you? What utter imbeciles.

The 4th of April was  “Equal Pay Day” but it isn’t a holiday that we women should celebrate. It’s the day that marks how far into the current year a woman has to work to make the same amount a man made in the previous year. Because women who work full-time, year-round in the United States are paid just 80 cents on average for every dollar men earn, it takes them over fifteen months to make what a man makes in twelve. Women – regardless of which country they are living in – do not earn the same wages as men.

If you add in race to the mix then the pay gap is even wider as black or Hispanic women have an even greater pay discrepancy. We have a long way to go to reach equality.

On Tuesday evening Norm had a sports tribunal to attend so I was responsible for managing the evening household duties. I got home from work and tried to figure out what I could create for dinner while trying to get Cordelia home to the township and the hungry boisterous dogs dealt with. I dropped Cordelia home, then fed the beasties their raw mix of meat and then tried to plan something for dinner. I had beef mince in the fridge so I thought I could do low carb tacos so I started frying the meat. However I discovered that I had no lettuce to make a salad base and I had no baking paper to do my cheesy shells in the oven. A dilemma.

I had already started down the Mexican rabbit hole, so I decided to make an alternative plan on cooking the cheese ‘shells’ without baking paper. I had watched a cooking show where they put tortillas in a muffin pan and made crispy little baskets to hold their Mexican food. Cute heh? In my rush I had not thought it through and did not consider the fact that the cheese would just drop to the bottom of the pan when hot and melt into a cheesy puddle. Duh.

I mentally wrote off the provolone cheese as a failure but left it in the oven to cook and the little gems actually came out as crispy cheese cracker type things! Thank you baby jesus for spray & cook as they did not stick.

I still can’t believe it worked.

I was still left without a salad for a base, and I decided to chuck into the meat the single can of kidney beans I found in the cupboard and rebrand it as chilli con carne with cheese crackers. I fried onions and peppers in a separate pan and prepared the toppings and it all turned out just fine. It was actually rather delicious if not banting compliant as I used beans.

I ended up with Chili con carne topped with fried onions & peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, salsa & fromage frais ❤️

On Wednesday I delivered my latest project to the client and the executive head of the team was to be in attendance. I was receiving last minute changes to my presentation slides 10 minutes prior to presenting. In what felt like a microsecond I created a potential road map for any subsequent phases and packed up and started sprinting. I was wearing a suit and had 5 minutes to make it over to the client offices. It is not terribly far but it was incredibly windy and hot so I arrived dripping in sweat with my hair looking like I had been dragged backwards through a hedge.


Not a great look.

I was so stressed out! Then there was no projector in the room and that took a bit of dancing around to find one. Luckily the exec was late and by the time he arrived I had touched up my lippy, combed my hair and cooled off. The presentation went brilliantly, the exec wants us to do a large piece of consultancy work next. I left work on a buzz!

That night all of the family contributed to making dinner. Norm shopped the day before and bought zucchini noodles and we decided to do a pseudo pasta with chicken and bacon in a creamy sauce to go with them. Norm chopped the chicken breasts then he had to nip out to the shops again as we discovered that the zucchini noodles bought the day before had gone slimy and icky already. While he was out I grilled the bacon and seasoned the chicken and Caitlin came home and took over and she put it all together and added the broccoli and coconut cream.

It was all low carb and high fat and was tasty and nutritious. But I am starting to get a bit burned out on the taste of these zoodles. Meh.

We woke to insane winds on Thursday. When I was making my coffee that morning I was chatting to the lady who cleans the office and she said to me that she barely slept the previous night. The wind was rattling the door to her shack and so she kept being startled awake, thinking it was criminals or the ‘tsotsis‘ as they are called locally, trying to break in. She said even though she has a padlock, a good kick would take the door off. There are still millions living in poverty in South Africa. A poverty so deep that most of us middle class people have no comprehension.

Despite the howling wind I went for a walk at lunch time to The Lunch Depot  as I hadn’t taken lunch in with me that day. The sun was out so it was not cold but it was difficult to even navigate in the wind. On the positive side, once I arrived I had a pulled pork wrap so good it would make you wanna slap your mama. I have no idea where that strange saying comes from, ironically I picked it up from my own Mom! But I would never smack her just to celebrate a wrap no matter how divine it was. Promise.

We had another heart-breaking tragedy in Hout Bay this week but I have minimal info on the details of exactly what happened. We heard rumours and then we read an article about a father who killed his twin children on Thursday afternoon. It was a girl and a boy, aged 3 years old who were murdered. The father was Spanish according to reports and was staying in his holiday flat near the beach, the children’s mother came to collect the children and found them strangled to death by their father. The father took off in the mother’s car but as they had the license plate and we have camera license plate recognition in this area he was quickly caught and arrested. I cannot imagine how the mother of those babies is coping with this tragedy, it would break your heart beyond recovery. RIP to those precious babies.

The week has been building towards the planned protests which were scheduled across South Africa today.


We saw on the news and on Twitter that the city was feeling the impact of the march and roads were being blocked off.

We also saw plenty of intimidation by the police and army.


Why did dozens of MKMVA (Umkhonto we sizwe military veterans association) members feel it was necessary to form outside of Luthuli house? Were they protecting the rotten Zuma?

But we were not intimidated and slowly the people came……

And they came…


And they kept coming….

march crowds.jpg

Image credit.

Norm and I went to Tokai to join the other people forming a human chain down Main Road, from the southern suburbs through to the city.

march norm me chain.png

We linked hands with everyone, there were protestors of all ages and races attending and it made me feel such unity.

march human chain.jpg

Many ANC supporters tried to brand it the ‘DA March’ which implies it is led by mostly white residents of SA, however the truth was evident. All political parties were protesting the corruption which is endemic in our political ‘leaders’.

COPE, DA, ANC and EFF members all stood together as one.

march unity

Image source.

And the attendees showed that we have not forgotten the sins of Zuma’s past and that we will no longer tolerate his current games.

zuma rapist.png

For me and many others, the words from Mandela echoed in our ears:

“If the ANC does to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” – Nelson Mandela, Cosatu Conference, 1993

The ANC has done very little to better the lives of their constituents. Keeping the voters uneducated and poor suits their aims, ignorance usually results in malleability and compliance. We will no longer be neither ignorant nor compliant.

After Norm and I left the protest we hoped to find somewhere open for lunch as many businesses shut completely to allow their employees to participate in the march. We spotted that there were a few people on the patio at Green’s Constantia so we popped in there and were lucky to snag a table out in the shade.

me at greens.png

I had eggs benedict and it was perfectly cooked with crispy bacon and a soft centred poached egg.

Norm had an omelette. It looked more like a frittata but it was nice he said.norm omelette greens crop.png

After our quick bite we headed home as I had promised the office I would work this afternoon to prep for a workshop booked first thing on Monday.

I am off to the city tomorrow early to get my hair done and then we will see what the weekend has in store for us. I am still on such a buzz about the unity shown today in South Africa, it gives me hope in a period of such despair about our future.

Today I choose to focus on the love that unites us rather than the hate that divides us.