Tourist In My Town

I’ve had a weekend of Kitten Adventures.

Saturday I had a long lie and then just after noon my friend Franziska came to collect me for a little tour around my own village, Hout Bay. Franziska and I ‘met’ in a Facebook group. She comes here to Cape Town to visit her family so I offered to show her where I live when she let me know she was here at the moment.

First we went to the Harbour as the area there has been completely renovated and has an amazing vibe. We had a wander around the charming, vibey and busy Hout Bay Harbour Market.

Image credit.

Franziska didn’t need any gifts and we were going for lunch so I resisted buying my fave milk tarts and lemon meringues from Nap.

Image credit.

We then had a walk past the  Urban Brewing Company which looked enticing but we had an itinerary so we didn’t stop. They are celebrating their anniversary this upcoming weekend so pop in to see what is on the go.

We walked into the yard and saw some cool art. I so love these animals made of various bits of metal. I would love one for my garden.

We had a wander through to Robin Kitinyu’s amazing studio. You cannot take photos there so I pulled one from his FB page.

His work has such energy. I have been watching many of his pieces evolve for years. Every time I am at the harbour I make a point of peeking at his studio.

We then headed to the beach to Dunes Beach restaurant for lunch.

It was rammed as it always is on a sunny day. We sat by the wall at the corner right next to the entrance and we had a stunning view out over the beach.

But it was soooo windy and I forgot a hair tie.

It was hot on Saturday but the howling wind kept you feeling chilled. I was partially in the shade of the tree but still got a bit burnt, below is what I looked like when I woke on Sunday.

I wasn’t aware I was even catching the sun.

Back to Dunes………..Franziska ordered a pizza and I had the mussels.

They were plump, juicy and tasty. I loved them. Service was really good as well, it seems that maybe Dunes has tightened up their service issues as I have had great experiences my last few visits.

We had a latte to warm us up and then headed up to Chapman’s Peak Drive for a look at the view.

We then came back to my house and I made a coffee for us to have on our balcony. We sat enjoying the view and relaxing and chatting. Considering that Franziska’s first language is German and that she is trying to improve her English we did a lot of chatting! Or maybe I chatted and she listened? Either way we had a lovely day.

Franziska headed home late afternoon and I relaxed and played games until Norm went to collect a curry from Indian Oven for dinner. I was quite knackered from running around and being in the sun so I was happy to chill for the rest of the evening.

Regular readers will have read about all of the spiritual activity happening on Friday evening. There was a small amount of rain on Friday night. It was over in minutes but it happened! Was it due to the Islam community praying for rain (Salat Al-Istisqa) or was it coincidence? We will never know for sure will we?

The binding spell against Trump appears to also be working. He has tweeted that he is not going to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I suspect he is too cowardly to attend.

The worst thing ever for a narcissist is to be made fun of. There is no chance he could take a real roasting as that is the usual format of the event. He is too thin skinned.

Or bound.

I guess we will never know for sure will we?

I had a spooky little incident yesterday afternoon. We were sitting in the lounge when a tiny feather drifted all the way across the room, rising over the couch where Norm was sitting, and then bobbing along in the breeze drifting right over to me and dropping to the ground in front of me landing directly at my feet.

Feathers are my spirit signs as birds are my spirit animals, so I got goose bumps while Norm just sat and thought about air currents. Norm noticed that it spooked me however and he knew I took it as a sign. A bit later when Norm told me about the Chief Cheetoh pulling out of the Press Correspondents’ event I said ‘the witches are working’ and as I did the feather suddenly lifted up and started tumbling across the carpet.

I’ll take that as a sign.

I will be watching to see if there are any changes in the behaviour of The Mango Mussolini.

We are all watching you 45.

Caitlin and I were booked to attend Romeo and Juliet at the Maynardville Open Air Theatre on Sunday evening.

We were a bit worried about being out so late on a Sunday night as it only started at 8.15pm. In reality it was even later than that by the time they got the crowd seated and could begin. We had dressed warmly in layers as it is an open air theatre and when the sun goes down in South Africa it can be quite cold. But it is such a lovely venue, I love the giant trees growing in the middle of the stage.


The venue was packed, I think it may have even been sold out as it was the last night of the run. We arrived at 8 and eventually found parking, grabbed a hot chocolate and went to find our seats just before the show started.

We were very happy to see that the handsome and talented young Revil Yon was dancing the part of Romeo. We were lucky enough to see him dancing the lead recently  when we went to see Peter Pan. He is brilliant.

The part of Juliet was danced by Rosamund Ford. She was a stunning Juliet, she was like a butterfly, so light and delicate. She was able to convey the emotion and despair and heartbreak needed for the part.

The choreography by Robin van Wyk and the costumes were fabulous. We really enjoyed it but it did finish quite late and by the time we got home and de-stressed enough to go to sleep it was after midnight.

This morning when I headed off to work I could see the sky was still bright pink and when I came around the Sentinel I could see that the fire which started last week is still burning. Today is day 5. The pic below is from yesterday.


Image Credit.

I did not stop to take a pic this morning but I could see flames licking all the way up the mountain behind me as I drove towards the city. The wind is still blowing pretty hard and I am sure this is making things even harder to control.

Keep the fire fighters and the residents in your prayers and thoughts please.

Enjoy your week everyone! x

Crash & Burn

Last Sunday’s dinner was roast chicken cooked in butter and tons of garlic, mushrooms roasted in the pan with the chicken and red cabbage fried in butter and balsamic. I also made sweet potato fondants, parboiling them first and then frying in butter until crispy.


After dinner we watched the previous week’s Saturday Night Live. Melissa McCarthy is my new hero. Then we watched the Sunday movie which was The Last Witch Hunter.


I would tell you all about it except as always I fell asleep. But Vin Diesel is not one of my faves so I doubt I missed much. If I am wrong please tell me dear readers and I will download it. In the day time when I can attempt to stay concious 🙂

The traffic when I went home on Monday was busy and at one point there were cars pulled off the road with dozens of people hanging over the railings and staring at the sea. I had assumed it was whales or dolphins but it was a car they were staring at and photographing. A guy in an Audi was seen just before the crash driving like a lunatic up Suikerbossie Hill and as a result he shot right off the side of the cliff.

Image credit.

South Africa can be a deadly and dangerous place. I often experience this up close and personal as my hubby Norm is the area head of Neighbourhood Watch and he is a first responder to many of the issues in our suburb. Any day or night of the week he may be directing traffic from an accident, doing patrols, tracking someone down because their gate is open or dogs are loose, helping with stakeouts or chasing bad guys after a break in. It is sometimes a bit like the old west. This week there was a stabbing in one of the robberies committed, he wasn’t involved in that call luckily, I worry every time he is out on one of these calls.

On Tuesday there was another fire on Signal Hill Road near Lion’s Head. Four fire vehicles, four water tankers, 3 choppers and 24 fire fighters were dispatched. The choppers finally managed to put that one out.

Then on Wednesday there was another 2 fires much closer to home in our village, it was on Karbonkelberg hill on the other side of the bay from our house.



Image credit.

Taken from another angle from the beach you can see how pervasive it is. These pics are compliments of my friend Suzy.


We have had insane winds here which does not help with these fire related issues. A spark or a ciggie out the window and boom inferno. The fires in our village were allegedly started deliberately by small children for whatever reason. Thankfully we have amazing volunteer fire fighters.


This fire raged for several days. I feel so bad for the little animals who will have perished in these fires.


Image credit.

The community pulled together and dropped off food, drinks and ice for the fire fighters. 

One of our biggest issues at the moment (besides the on-going issues of our dodgy president Zuma) is the drought. It is estimated that our dams have only approximately 120 days  of water left in them. They are our main water supply in all of Cape Town and the western part of the Cape.

This is another issue that is due to our government not doing forward planning since they took over more than 20 years ago. The locals say that the issue is partly due to many African languages not having a concept or words for future tense, you live for today. This is a wonderful way to live if you are not responsible for the well being of your constituents and in charge of government planning! Now there are whispers of desalination plants which would be sensible as we are surrounded by water, however we do not have the time to implement these to help with the current crisis, this planning should have been done years ago. The entire water infrastructure has now been barely maintained for decades.

Ironically it is pouring with so much rain in the north near Pretoria that there is flooding.

We are saving every drop of water we can at home. I now wash my body in the shower with the water turned off and only put the water on to rinse. (Therefore most of my showers are cold as it takes ages to heat the water.) I only wash my hair every few days. That’s the only benefit of menopause, my previously oily hair has become dry.

We have buckets in our sinks and showers to catch the grey water and we distribute it over our gardens and plants. Blue Kitty decided that he needed to check this new situation out.


Our pool is very low  as we cannot use our limited precious resources to fill it. We have applied these tube-like devices to each of our drain pipes and if we do get a drop of rain we can funnel it to the garden or pool. 


The pool is now so low we shall have to turn off the pump soon.  Many people are converting their gardens to stones or plants that require less water and are planting succulents which can thrive in drought. You can see mine in the pots above are coping fine whereas my grass is dead.

Norm had a swim on Thursday evening as it was so hot! We struggled to get to sleep.

I went off the Banting wagon to have a wee vodka, passionfruit and soda.

I had made sauce for lasagna on Wednesday so I just had to slice the zucchini and the mozzarella for layering. It was delicious.

Norm was kind enough to cook dinner for us on Tuesday as he did a shop. He did chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, with gemsquash, zucchini and other marrows and steamed broccoli. 

On Wednesday I got home by 5 so I cooked. I just grilled pork chips, and served with lots of steamed veggies.

One good news item is that our dodgy SA Prez Zuma had applied to withdraw from the ICC but this has been deemed unconstitutional. Zuma has been ordered to revoke the notice of withdrawal. Thankfully we have the courts to balance out at least some of our insane presidential decisions in both the US and SA.

This week the trial for Carl, my children’s childhood friend who was murdered continued. Caitlin took a half day off of work to go and support Carla and the family. On Wednesday one of the accused (Juane Jacobs’) wife testified. She had given a completely different description of the events on Tuesday and the judge challenged her and she confirmed she had perjured herself and ended up getting arrested. I hope these 2 horrid evil men spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The trial continues on Monday. Spare the family a thought please. 

Tonight there is a lot going on in the spiritual realm. I had heard on Facebook that there was a big movement of witches joining together to cast a binding spell on Twitler. It originated on a blog I follow. I wish them success in binding him from doing any further harm. I won’t risk participation as that much power could repel back and cause me issues. I would hate to be unable to go visit my mom. 

I had also heard on the radio that the Islamic Community in South Africa was going to hold a prayer vigil for rain as we have such a drought. There is a specific Islamic Prayer for rain called Salat Al-Istisqa.

I will spend my evening relaxing and in silent support of both of these endeavors. 

I need to relax as I almost got taken out by a taxi today. I left work and I was running across a 3 lane road when my bracelet flew off! I heard it clatter and stopped to pick it up. Bending over all the way to the ground from a jogging position while wearing a heavy laptop back pack and handbag in howling wind is not high on the list of skills of an old bird like me. I’m glad I both lived and saved my bracelet. 

Tomorrow I’m taking a overseas visitor on a tour of Hout Bay. I’ll have some lovely pics for you I hope! Meanwhile I’m off to have dinner! Enjoy your evening. Xxx

The look of love

This has been such a busy week. Considering that I started out in a bit of a #StillHungOverFromSaturday state I am impressed with the fact I survived it all.

I had to rush home from work on Monday to meet Vanessa my manicurist. Vanessa still comes to my house despite the fact that she is now working from a salon in Hout Bay and is not purely mobile. She is such a sweet girl and I enjoy our little chats. I love that I can have the dogs running round and can relax in my pyjamas in my own home rather than in my work gear in a salon. I mostly wear skinny jeans to work so I have to change for her to do my feet anyway.

As it was late when we finished my pedicure we just got take aways from Spiro’s for dinner on Monday. I chose the chicken souvlakia as it is a huge portion and I always have plenty for lunch the next day. Lately having to trudge off to Food Lover’s Market and stand in those ridiculous queues is just too soul destroying. The tills are around the corner from where I was standing when I snapped this pic, from here there was still a Disney style convoluted queue through barriers before one gets to the tills.


This is an every day event – I take 15 minutes for lunch and I spend 10 of them in this queue. When I tweeted to Food Lovers Market to say that if they stopped making card payers who use a PIN to also sign it would save a lot of the delays at the till point they replied to blame the Payment Association Board.


I am not sure what makes Food Lovers any different to most other vendors in SA? Basically they are trying to protect themselves from invalid payments. It is a tiny little food market, so basically in order to avoid the risk of losing at most a few hundred rand due to a possibly stolen card (which would require that they also have stolen the PIN), they would rather inconvenience the hundreds of people who have to queue for ages every day?

But whatever Food Lovers until you sort your issues out, I will have my own form of protest, I will simply sign my slip with imaginary names. Depending on my mood I choose my identity for the day, Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump, even Donald Duck. Some days I just sign ‘Noooooo’.

Speaking of food for lovers, (like how I did that segue?) all lovers of course know that last Tuesday was Valentines Day. We had booked to go to Massimo’s  which is a local Hout Bay Italian restaurant which creates the best pizzas in the Bay (some might argue in all of Cape Town).

They put on a 3 course menu for R298 which sounded divine so we decided to give it a go, especially as it is literally 5 minutes from our house it seemed the perfect choice.

I decided to wear the new shoes and one of the new dresses which Norm gave me for Christmas.


Dinner at Massimo’s was as yummy as always. We were offered a selection of cocktails on arrival. I chose a sweet berry and Gin cocktail.  

We were starving and we got our food orders in quickly. I started with the fritto misto. It came with a lovely lemon and dill aioli, I thought it tasted as if it also had a wee touch of mustard in it but not sure. The seafood dish was crispy, light and divine. I had never had mussels breaded and fried, they reminded me of the fried oysters we had back in Georgia, a dish I have not had outside of the US. It was so gorgeous.


This is my happy Kitten face after shoving it all in.


Norm had the ‘Opera’ which was 3 large slices of juicy melon wrapped in parma ham. It was massive and he really enjoyed it (so much so we forgot to snap a pic). We had a funny moment when he ordered his food and he said he wanted the ‘parma ham’ and the waitress said ‘The Opera’ and I did not realise that was the name of the dish, so I thought she could not understand his Scottish accent and ‘peehrrrrrmuh’ had been interpreted as ‘opera’. Oops. I had a giggle.

For my main I had really struggled to decide, I felt like it was Valentine’s so I should have something ‘special’, but my eyes had locked on one of my favourites of their pizzas, the meaty & spicy Hot Latina. I buckled in to the pressure of my salivating mouth and ordered it even though I have it often when we are having a ‘cheat night’ and eating carbs. It is so tasty, and it is hot, hot, hot. One bite caught me badly and I nearly choked on a chili. Can you imagine my epitaph? ‘She died for the sake of a Hot Latina.’ Rather confusing as I am married to a Scotsman.


Norm loves lamb and I never cook it as I cannot bear the gamey, fatty taste of it, so he was delighted to see lamb shank on the menu.


I sampled his Boulangère potatoes and they were so divine, rich and crispy on top and creamy but not overly rich. I wanted to steal them. The meat literally fell off of the bone and the portion was plentiful. Norm really enjoyed this course as well.

This is his happy face. That’s as merrry as he gets.


For dessert I chose my favourite dessert, crème brulee.


This was a perfect crème brulee. creamy, smooth, the topping brittle, crispy and sweet but not at all burnt (so many have a charred bitter taste from over browning the topping). The hazelnuts added a nice touch. I adored this little plate of heaven.

Norm had tried to stay as low carb as possible in his choices and he virtuously chose the cheese plate as his ‘dessert’. It had mozzarella, blue cheese, goats cheese and another bit which he could not identify. He thought this was OK, but thought the milder cheeses were a wee bit overpowered by the blue cheese. It would have benefitted by a bit of fruit compote or preserves or a sweet fig or something. 


Dinner event music is one thing that is difficult to crack. The volume needs to be such that guests can still chat and converse, also the playlist needs to be suited to the vibe of the type of event and we expected something gentle and romantic when we saw that there would be music. There was a duo singing and when the dude was singing on his own it was very pleasant. He started out with a few nice relaxing songs including one of my all time faves,  ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline and we were really enjoying it. But after he sang about 3 tunes the girl joined in and sang a few songs. Oh dear. She was so off key. The volume seemed to get louder as well which made it hard to chat for two half deaf people like me and Norm so we just tucked into our food. The couple at the table next to us kept catching our eye and giggling when the girl would hit a bad note. The duo took a long break and we could chat again and then our waitress and another member of the staff grabbed the mike and belted out a couple of impromptu songs. The waitresses were fabulous!!

The food was so brilliant and we just giggled over the music and still had a fabulous evening. All in all I give the night 4.5 Kitten Stars.


We also had a late night on Thursday as we were booked to attend the Opera. We saw  ‘Rigoletto’ at The Artscape. It is the classic Verdi opera but presented from an African perspective.


Just Wow. 

The stage had a large screen at the back of the stage where we had sight of various clips or of the filming being done on stage by the mobile camera men.

The cast all appeared to be predominately local with the lead being played beautifully by Metropolitan Opera regular Fikile Mvinjelwa. The singer who portrayed Rigoletto’s daughter Gilda is Noluvuyiso Mpofu and she is both beautiful to watch as well as exquisite to listen to. It is the last time she will appear in Africa before she launches an international career. She is the actress who is seated in the above  photo. The actor who played Sparafucile is in the red suit, he is persuaded to murder Gilda by his sister Maddalena who was played by the actress in the red dress. She was in love with the Duke and the interactions between the actors were very sexually charged.

Lukhanyo Moyake sings the role of the Duke of Mantua and has a naughty twinkle in his eye as he sexily mesmerizes all of the female members of the cast. His voice is fabulous and his combined with Noluvuyiso’s voice was absolutely magical. I feel privileged to have seen this cast in this show. 

A solid 5 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We got home late after three acts, so I went in to work a bit late on Friday. I was quite busy trying to get out a deliverable which is our subject for a workshop I will be facilitating on Monday. Traffic up Table Mountain has been a nightmare all week and so I decided if I’m going to sit in traffic I may as well have a sea view. I went via High Level Road and cut through Camps Bay. 

Caitlin was still in George Friday so Norm and I were solo, we were exhausted so just had a quiet night at home and ordered Thai take aways. I had chicken satay and wontons. We just watched a bit of telly and had a lazy cozy night with our pups. They went to the groomer this week so are far less stinky.

Saturday we were at Retha for a braai so we had to shop for bits and pieces. I also picked up this cool plant. I love succulents. 

We also stopped at Tanya Seeber and bought Norm some nice new reading glasses and popped by Allegria Cafe for brunch.

I had Eggs Benedict. 

Norm had scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms. 

When I got home I made a platter of deviled eggs for the braai.

We headed round to Retha about 7 and the fire was already lit but as there were so many people it took ages to cook all of the meat. I have a food poisoning phobia and always ask for my chicken to be incinerated so my charred kebabs always come off last.

But I don’t die. 
The wind was howling insanely so we all wrapped up warmly. I hoped the crazy wind might bring some rain to our drought ridden country. But no such luck.

Retha surprised me with the cutest coasters in my favourite colour and they all say sweet little phrases. The funny thing is that Norm and I had been lamenting the dreadful state of our coasters at home just that day and then I arrive to a random surprise gift of coasters! My psychic connection to Retha never fails to surprise me.

We had a fun night and before we realized it was midnight. 

Today we are having a quiet relaxing day. Caitlin is back from George and I made brunch. 

Later I am making a Sunday Banting roast dinner. I’m roasting a fat chicken, making fondant sweet potatoes fried in butter and red cabbage. 

And so begins week four of reign under Twitler. It delighted me to hear that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned this week. He should still be tried for treason in my opinion, but no one cares about my opinion.

One of the funniest protests I saw this week was the “Rumps Against Trump” mass mooning organised at Trump Towers.


Image credit.

The new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Head Scott Pruitt is yet another highly protested appointment made by this upside down president. It’s like putting a fox in charge of the hen house. he is a disastrous choice and could make the changes he has repeatedly sued the EPA over. Insanity. 

Speaking of insanity. Twitler held a completely unhinged ‘press conference’ which was so far from being a press conference, but I have no idea wtf it should be called, a lecture? A rant? The ravings of a lunatic? 

It is scary that he is in office, it’s even scarier that those idiots who put him in office are still drinking that koolaid. 

Image credit.

Candles and The Glen

It’s only week 3 in the New Russian Federation of America and yet it seems like it has been years. This week alone we had Rep Elizabeth Warren being told to sit down and shut up. She dared to call racist Sessions exactly what he has portrayed himself to be. 

We also had The Furher throwing a tantrum about his daughter’s Made in China tat failing in sales at Nordstrom and other retailers and as a result being pulled from their list of designers.

Hitting this family of bloodsuckers in the pocket will be an effective approach. You can download this app if you want to join this form of financial protest.

The resistance carries on with some other successes, such as the Muslim ban being halted by the US courts. My favourite lower scale protest this week was against the religious lunatic Betsy De Vos who bought herself the role of US Secretary of Education. The image below shows the list of palms that were greased.

This week she saw the public opinion of her up close and personal.

The crazy is strong all over the world. Great chasms are appearing in friendships and families due to differing political beliefs.

Anywayyyyy. Life goes on.

My ears have been blocked for ages, I hoped that when my Celtic flu finally cleared up that I would be able to hear properly again but no such luck. So last Sunday I decided to try candling my ears to see if it unblocked them. (Excuse my Sunday no make up face.)

It didn’t unblock them for some reason, normally it works like a charm. But it is a relaxing process anyway, I seldom just lie still with no diversions.

Sunday evening we decided to get a curry from our fave curry house in the village. It tasted delicious but I awoke in the middle of the night feeling very ill and ended up vomiting up what felt like gallons of curry. (TMI?)

I had meetings booked that morning and I was facilitating a workshop so I did not feel I could stay home in bed despite feeling rather rubbish so I trudged off to the city to work. I left work about lunch time however and came home to crash. When I got home I discovered that Caitlin was also feeling ill, so it must have been the curry we had. Norm was fine and he had chicken korma and Caitlin and I both had the prawn curry.

I went to bed and napped and felt better later that evening after I woke. Norm made us dinner. He had shopped for the week and he cooked pork chops, gem squash, pumpkin & asparagus for our dinner. It was yummy. I’m very spoiled.

Caitlin’s friend Annie was down from Johannesburg for a few days this week and she stayed over on Tuesday night and we made Mexican food.

We made a salad and baked provolone cheese for crispy fake-taco shells. Caitlin made chunky guacamole and I fried onions and peppers. All 100% HFLC and delicious.

The garden wall has been plastered now and the bright pink bougainvillea is in bloom.

I am feeling less stressed now that I am not posting every link and article I see about Trump on Facebook but instead I am trying to share just mostly the piss take pics.

However I did get very annoyed due to blatant ignorance and misogyny that happened closer to home. I recently left a local FB group for people in my village due to sexism and glorification/normalisation of rape culture. A guy posted a link to an article about a preacher who had his clergy perform sex acts on him which he claimed would purify and heal them. One of the comments from the group admin regarding why they did not remove the post was that it was ‘not rape, there was no force involved’ as he laughed along with the original poster. Just because a woman (or child) is not forcibly tied down and physically overpowered when abused does NOT mean it is not rape. It has been proven that people will obey a person in a position of power either out of fear or out of a desire to appear cooperative–even when acting against their own better judgment and desires.

Those sorts of comments just propagate ignorance and normalise rape culture. This study which was done at Berkley explains the psychology behind the normalising of extraordinary behaviours. It also helps one to understand how people can continue to support what is blatant insanity on the part of Twitler.

I often forget that South Africa is so different to the US in so many ways. This week I  had that brought home to me when I complained on social media about my neighbour’s house alarm which goes off constantly. (I do mean constantly and sometimes it goes on for hours at a stretch.)

In the U.K. and the US your alarm is usually linked to the police. In SA most people subscribe to a security service provider, like ADT. We subscribe to Deep Blue. However most homes here have walls around our properties for security as well as large dogs so when the alarm goes off the security company usually only walks around the perimeter looking for visible signs of entry. They can’t reset the alarm unless you give them a remote. We don’t trust anyone with our keys or remotes so we have to make sure someone in the family can get home to turn it off if it is triggered. The police will only be called if the security company has determined that a crime is in progress or has already occurred, thus reducing the number of calls requiring one of our limited police to attend.. They usually rock up at some stage but it is nothing like the police in the US or the UK.. I have been burgled in the UK – they found the perpetrators and located my stolen car. Here the police are just too understaffed to have capacity to deal with minor common irritations like trespassers or break ins. When we had a break in they took days to dust for fingerprints.

Wednesday I came home a bit early so decided I would cook dinner. Norm had bought some new carb clever noodles from Woolworths which I wanted to try.


He had thought he grabbed 2 packs, but he grabbed a ‘regular’ noodle instead, and as there were 3 of us I cooked both packets. That also helped reduce the risk that they tasted of cardboard and we ended up starving, but they were really good!

I fried chicken and mushrooms in coconut oil, then once cooked I added in a tin of pureed tomatoes and a container of cream, added some chili powder, cumin and garlic and various other seasoning and then heated the noodles and chucked them in. It was very tasty!

The South African State of the Nation Address was on Thursday and our rather dodgy president called in the Troops to protect him. Much like Trump he is very unpopular due to his unethical and fraudulent dealings.


Little did we know that Zuma would pretend to be Mariah and rock up an hour and a half after he was scheduled to address parliament. The disrespect made the other parties rather angry and a fight ensued when the leader of Parliament used security to forcibly evict the EFF.

This is so embarrassing for SA as a nation. The president gave his same old speech of bullshit and cover ups.

Traffic around the CBD and especially around Parliament is grid-locked due to all of the arrivals of the blue light brigades for the entire week of SONA as they have rehearsals etc. Us normal people just must get out of the way. Therefore I decided to rather just work from home on Thursday. I just set up at the dining room table so I can see my mountain.


Just as well I did decide not to drive in as there were several fires which resulted in even more traffic delays.


Norm went to buy milk and came back with bones for the beasties to try and keep them quiet.


They were very happy.


As I was busy working he also fed me (probably to keep me quiet too.)


He is great at looking after me.

I normally lay out my clothes at night so as I don’t disturb Norm as I leave for work about 6.45am. However I didn’t do so on Thursday and I grabbed what I thought were grey shoes and when I got to workI realized Ihad on a grey top, black jeans and brown shoes. It made my matchy match Virgoness cringe every time I looked down.

 It was so hot and humid on Friday. We just stayed in and had a relaxing night.

We had a girly lunch booked at Constantia Glen on Saturday . I had booked weeks in advance as I wanted the same table we had on my last visit. However when we arrived they had no note about the table I was promised and took us to a very crowded area surrounded by people. The table I booked was occupied. Instead they then they offered us a table on the other side which was quite acceptable and remote. 

The downside of that was that sometimes we were completely ignored. The restaurant was up the hill from our table.

We had a gorgeous view. 

When we complained we had to listen to the waitress make excuses about how she has a big table of twenty and blah blah blah. When she was aware of us she brought lovely food. We nibbled on the cheese and charcuterie platter.

We then ordered the beetroot, goats cheese and walnut salad. 

 We all had salmon. Two of us had the open salmon sandwich. 

The other 2 had salmon ribbons.

We had lots and lots of wine. I had far tooo much. But it was a gorgeous afternoon. We had a lot of laughs and got into some deep conversations. 

I had so much wine that I was locked in full on party mode. Retha and I decided to get a lift with Nicola to Simonstown and meet her friends for a party. Norm had dropped myself and Retha and Alison and was supposed to return to collect us, but I forgot to tell him we moved on so when the vineyard closed he was a bit concerned. 


We arrived to a view that was gorgeous.

We moved over to drinking Gin and Tonic. This was our worst decision and today I am paying the price. 

Late that night we staggered down the hill to the village and went to Cafe Pescado on the main road. We had been going for hours and needed to eat something to sober up.

I had mussels which were delicious. 

Norm phoned about 10pm to ask what was I doing and where was I and I persuaded him to come and collect us. It was a long way. Bless him he is too good to me. 

When he collected us he told us Mr Toad came back again! 

Today I am just lying on the couch in the recovery position. I think I broke my liver.Try not to make much noise please. 

Build That Wall! 

The week in LaLaLand is over. No harm, possibly a few fouls. I did try, and mostly succeeded, in keeping my anxiety under control. I’m aware that the new alt-right who are in charge of the White House are hitting hard and heavy early with the hopes of protest fatigue setting in and the normalization of alternative facts and repression to overcome the resistance. There will be no breather before the storm, the storm was launched full throttle straight out of the gate. 

One thing we didn’t expect to see was Arnie terminating Twitler’s arrogance and narcissistic rants with this video.

This was my reply on Twitter.

So I have also had a few rants and raves, but I kept it to Twitter mostly. I think that will be my approach. To separate my social media profiles into different agendas. 

It has been another week that just disappeared before my eyes. 

On Tuesday night I put a beef roast in the slow cooker overnight and made a delicious pot roast for Wednesday’s dinner. I just steamed green beans and made fondant sweet potatoes when I got home that evening.

The following night I fried mushrooms in butter and added the remaining shredded beef roast and a container of cream. I chucked in the remaining green beans and served with mashed cauliflower and gem squash. 

It was very tasty. 

I’ve been busy taking pics from my balcony for friends who are making collages for Valentines.

A cute idea! One of my Covet fashion house girls made one for me.

Our new garden wall is up and the pesky tree removed.

This pic was taken on Thursday, on Friday they plastered it. They will let it dry and come paint it once dried. It looks bare without the tree, I think I will plant a bush or maybe another Bougainvillea there. We can train it to run along the wall and give a nice bit of colour and curb appeal. Another renovation project almost complete. 

Friday night we wanted a relaxed evening in and so we just got ribs and burgers from The Kitchen Takeaway in Hout Bay, they have amazing food. 

I had a lazy Saturday morning but Norm pottered about in the kitchen doing bits and pieces of tiling and trim and around 3pm we headed off to the Hout Bay Harbour to meet Norm’s friends who were over from St Andrews in Scotland. We met them upstairs in the bar at Mariners Wharf

The view is stunning. 

We had a drink then we took Steven and Karen up to Chapman’s Peak to show them the view. 

We then drove back to Hout Bay beach and were lucky to get a lovely table at Dunes. Dunes is a busy restaurant directly opposite the beach.

We had a great view and managed to get some shade as it was very hot,

I had salmon roses to start and they arrived quickly and were fresh and delicious. 

For my main I had fried calamari strips and Norm had grilled Patagonian calamari tubes. 

I tried a bite of Norm’s and they were tasty, the lemon butter was divine. My fried calamari strips were tender and the batter was crispy and not oily, it was really nice. 

Karen had the mussels which I didn’t take a pic of but I did sample and they were delicious: huge, plump and juicy, and the serving was very generous. I will try these next visit. I also tried one of Steven’s ribs but they wer no patch on the Kitchen Takeaway’s. They were dry and chewy. But based on the brilliant service from Blessing, our waiter,  as well as the starters and the other three mains I would give our meal there a good solid 4 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We left there and went to Woodcutters to catch the rugby but it was rammed. We grabbed a table out in the beer garden and had a coffee. 

Steven and Karen had a taxi booked for 830pm so we eventually took them back to the harbour and saw them off. 

That night we found Mr Leopard Toad back in our lounge. Norm had snapped a pic of Mr Toad 1 and Mr Toad 15 and it is definitely the same bloody Toad. 

Check the marking right rear flank. This time Norm drove him far away. He now is on a bit of green still in our neighborhood but it’s a lotta hops away. 

We are having a pajama day today. The most strenuous thing I’ve done is make brunch.

I cooked eggs scrambled with cheese, and served with avocado and tomato and delicious salty Joostenberg organic bacon from Oakhurst Spar. 

Norm is having a snooze and I am watching fluff on TV and drinking iced coffee in the heat. The dogs are having naps and it’s lovely and quiet, exactly how a Sunday should be spent.  

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Choose Peace

From the time I woke on Monday I avoided anything political. I usually wake before my alarm goes off and I grab my phone and check my social media accounts and my Covet Fashion results. I’ve played Covet for years but I don’t spend cash on it like some women who allocate a budget each week for it. I would rather take my family out with the cash I would spend on paper dolls but I do find it relaxing and continue to play it.  I have made some great friends from the game as well.

Anyway, I digress.

On Monday I avoided Facebook and just updated my status. Everything else on my timeline was toxic other than a few friends who seem to be on a similar place as I am – heart sore and in need of a mental break. I know that this is the plan of the Fascists in charge of the US government, to keep pushing the boundaries until the resistors are too tired to carry on resisting and become numb to the pain. I am not down, I am just resting. I will continue to resist – maybe I should limit it to one of my social media platforms? I will decide on my approach once I feel a bit more balanced.

I drove to work with minimal swearing and did not overtake anyone. I made an effort and talked myself down off the precipice when I threatened to derail.

I facilitated a workshop that lasted all day. I had to rehash the same stuff yet again as it was a different audience. But I just kept calm and didn’t lose my cool too much even when people were being annoying.

And believe me, they are always annoying to a rapid thinking Virgo. Luckily I work with a very clever bunch of men and women. Much more clever than I am as a general rule.

Anyway…again I am rambling.

One of the Executive Orders that the Furher has signed this week has a parallel to my own life. We are building a wall. 🙂 However it is not to keep out any refugees, it is to keep in my dogs! Our wall had started crumbling as there was a tree whose roots were slowly pushing it over. We have had our friend Cyril come and knock down the wall, dig out the tree and it’s roots and then he will build the wall back (minus said tree of course).

The top photo is looking down from our house and the second is looking up from below our house.


They have put in a temporary fence to keep the doggies in after they stop building at night, however it is not sturdy enough that it would keep any humans out. On Tuesday the doggies saw a gap and made a run for it. Navajo stood aside keeping an eye on the builders and Panda just danced around them hoping someone would feed or pet him, but Pixie pegged it down the hill as fast as her stubby little legs would take her. Norm eventually caught her but she loves escaping. When she runs away she will stop periodically and glance over her shoulder, waiting for you to catch up and then zoom! She is off again, laughing at your annoyance.

Monday evening I had booked for a group of friends to go to a Music Pub Quiz at Woodcutters Arms in Hout Bay.


We collected Retha on the way and our friends Scott and Karen met us there. (P.S. WTF is that guy behind me and Retha doing? Is it a magic trick? Did doves fly out of that napkin? Is he surreptitiously smoking a pipe? Some crack? Drinking from a brown bag? What IS going on? And why does Norm look so cross? And what am I looking at? So many questions.)

us quiz.jpg

We called ourselves ‘The Five Horsemen (and women) of the Apocalypse’.

Scott sings and plays guitar so we hoped he would be our secret weapon and great at music quizzes. It turns out we are all as rubbish as each other, but we had a lot of laughs. It is so frustrating to be able to sing an entire song but have no clue what the name of it is! For example, Steve Miller was one of the sounds of my high school years. Therefore I was able to sing the entire song from ‘I’m a picker, I’m a grinner, I’m a lover and a sinner. I get my loving on the runnnnnn.’ all the way to ‘I really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree.’ But could I remember the name? No. (It’s ‘The Joker’ for those who may be planning a quiz anytime soon.)

The pub offers a limited menu on a quiz night. We ordered a few bits and pieces.

I love their jalapeno cheddar cigars, these are chopped jalapenos and cheddar wrapped in a thin phyllo pastry. They are just divine.


Several of us had the Scotch Eggs. Norm is mad for these and Scott is also of a Scots background so he was ever so excited to try them as he has not had them in a very long time. They are hardly common faire in South Africa.


Three of us had the Chicken Caesar burger which was a chicken breast with bacon, cheese, an egg and Caesar dressing on top. It was yummy!


We finished up around 10:30pm and Retha’s godson had just arrived into the village on the bus and unfortunately it is not safe on our streets for a young lad walking alone with an iPhone in his pocket so we raced across to collect him and take him home, dropped him and Retha and headed home.

Tuesday Norm did a grocery shop and made us all dinner. It was so yummy and low carb, high fat. It is a simple and quick meal. He wrapped chicken breasts in streaky bacon, steamed some gem squash and broccoli and voila!


I put a beef roast in the slow cooker overnight so that was dinner for tonight sorted.

Every day I walk through the city and notice new people living or sleeping on the streets. There is a spot which is a bit of open ground that is over an underground car park. The city has put large bolts sticking out of the top of a little protruding box that gives air to the car park. I wondered why they would do so as it looks rather dangerous if you were to fall onto one of them. I had also noticed that it seems to be a gathering spot for the homeless. One day the ground around the box was covered in human faeces, another day there were many empty boxes of cheap wine lying around the base of the box.

This week it finally clicked. There will be warm air coming up through the vents, that is why it is a gathering spot as the nights are very cold in Africa, even in summer they can be brisk. The winds from the sea in the foreshore can be fierce. The bolts are put there to stop people sleeping on the boxes.

I can’t imagine what that must be like, desperate for a warm place to lay your head. I am so grateful that I do not have to worry about a safe, warm place to sleep.

My blessings are many.