Road Rage & Root Canals 

This Sunday has been so much fun but oh so busy! And very different than my lazy day last weekend. Last Sunday I ended up cooking a roast chicken, red cabbage, a spinach and avocado salad and lovely little sausages. For a last minute throw together from Spar it was delicious. It also meant I had left over chicken that week for work lunches.

I was glad to have the food for lunch on Monday when I spent 12 hours away from home, I left at 7am and returned home at 7pm. I was exhausted. But being prepared with chicken, salad and red cabbage meant I could stay low carb.

We made a plan on Tuesday to go again to view the ceasarstone and quartz slabs for our new countertops for the kitchen renovation project. Norm collected me from work early and off we went to Northgate. We finally decided on the colour Java from the Cafe Quartz line.

This is it in the warehouse.

And this is the close up view from their website.

We then went off to see the company that is doing the paint effects on the cupboards. This is the effect I want below (but not the colour), where another base colour shows through the top coats to look aged. Ours will be a pale creamy yellow with the brown base coat to match the counter tops.

We got home so late that night that we decided on takeaways from Posticino in Hout Bay. I had planned on cooking but it was too late, instead I decided to make the sauce for cottage pie to sort out dinner for the following night.

The only problem is that I was so tired that I fell asleep and burned the meat sauce. Oops. I salvaged most.

The next evening I made the rescued meat into a caulimash Cottage pie. It was nice and did not taste burned luckily.

The local news has been full of the ongoing #FeesMustFall Protests and the estimated tally of the cost of the protests is R600million damage.

If the president and his cronies were not wasting and embezzling or misappropriating so much money there would be plenty of government funding for university fees.

I had one of my top 10 most terrible days on Thursday. It started when the door which we lock between upstairs and down wouldn’t open when I tried to leave for work at 6.45am. There are two bolts and one was jammed, so the key would not go in at all. I woke Norm to assist and I was just starting to panic when Norm managed to get it open.

Then once I got to work I had a very stressful day. On my way home I was driving along a 2 lane road when a large truck drifted into my lane, so I gave a quick hoot to make sure the driver knew I was there. Next thing I see the driver swerves  left and tries to ram me! I stopped and he then stopped in front of me, blocking both lanes and he exited his truck. He heads back towards me and I quickly raise my window and he starts punching my car. I just said “Dude, you are crazy. Get back in your truck. You are such a big man to attack a woman.” This last sentence was like a red flag to an under-endowed bull and he took down his zipper of his shorts, removed his penis and thrust it against my car.

That will show me, right? What a psycho. I am glad the police do not use this approach as a traffic control measure.

I felt all panicky but I got away from him. I had taken antibiotics for the dentist to zap any bacteria the dental work might release and I am so phobic and then this guy attacking me had my heart racing. I started to wonder had I been given some antibiotics I was allergic to or was that just adrenaline? Which in turn made me panic further!

When I turned into my suburb I looked up and saw the psycho had followed me! I rang Norm via my bluetooth and took a wrong turn so he wouldn’t know where I live. I then carried onto the dentist, feeling stressed. I had a cleaning done and the dentist saw me after. He said the root in my tooth had to go and he ended up doing a root canal. He was so gentle and patient with me – and I tried to get my body to stop the adrenaline flow.

What a horrendous bloody awful day.

The good news was that Norm had shopped and cooked my fave meal of fillet steaks.

The bad news was that my teeth hurt and steak is not an easy journey to travel.

I took forever to eat it but it was delicious. The steak was cooked perfectly, he made brussel sprouts, asparagus and mushrooms in a cream sauce to go with it. It was so divine.

I’m a lucky kitten.

I work with a guy who has a birthday the day after mine and get this, he had a bad tooth and had it pulled the same day I had my dental work! Like it was National Virgo messed up tooth day.

Friday I came home and chilled in the sun on my new lounger and the Poms fought to share it with me.

It was such a stunning day so I moved outside on the balcony and played my Covet Fashion game.

My Friday night was full of my favourite things. Norm picked up a take away curry, we watched X factor, I finished off with some Amarula on ice and was in my happy place.

My best of the XFactor that night was Sada Vidoo, the Living Doll.

Absolutely bizarre and fabulous.

Saturday Pixie and I had to be up and away early to go to the Chiro in Noordhoek.

Afterwards Norm, Caitlin & I went off to Earthworx Garden World and spent a small fortune. I’m trying to get the garden looking nice for summer. We then dropped off the plants for Mzudumo and Norm.

Then Caitlin and I went for lunch and to do some shopping for Operation Shoebox. We each had a little girl and a little boy to buy for. 

This is what I got for my two. The boy likes orange so he gets an orange shirt,  truck and transformer/robot boy thing. The little girl likes purple and almost everything is purple. She got a dolly, jump rope and Princess dress up goodies. They each get a shorts and top outfit, a set of pajamas which can be worn as play clothes too, socks, underpants, sandals, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and facecloth,, crayons, coloured pencils, a coloring book with stickers, popcorn, sweets and a box of juice. 

We were starving so had lunch at Woolies Cafe. It took forever.

I had the corn fritters with bacon, avo and a poached egg.

Cait had the chicken burger without the bun or chips.

While we were out the men planted my new flowers as a screen by the pool.

We chose wild iris or ‘Dietes bicolor’ as its properly called. They have thrived on the other side of the pool so hopefully will also like it here too. They are a bit sparse now but hopefully will multiply.

At the back in the large pots we planted proteas. I hope they get enough sun.

We also got a few bits for dinner. I pureed Caulimash and gem squash with creamed cheese. I fried peppers with chorizo & mixed it all together and topped with cheddar cheese and served it with crisp fresh green salad with lots of avocado and a bit of crispy pork belly.

It was divine.

For weeks I have been looking forward to Foxcroft opening in Constantia. I booked online weeks ago when they published the pre-booking link. So easy!

It was full of people and a great buzz outside as it was a sunny stunning day.

The inside did fill up. It’s beautifully done.

There were huge koi in the fountain.

We settled in.

We ordered Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc. We both had the squid starter which was divine!

I had the beef ribeye. It was R 220 and came with Duck fat chips, cep sauce, carrot puree, baby carrots, & brussels.

I asked for pink, not bloody and it was perfect.

Norm had the Slow-cooked Lamb’s Leg with white bean hummus, smoked garlic, black olive, minted potatoes at R195.

For dessert I had the Elderflower Doughnuts with Litchi milk ice, raspberries. It was so yummy! It was R65.

Norm had Compressed Strawberries with Toasted croissant at R70.

He loved it.

The service was amazing, the food was faultless and our day was pretty spectacular.

We finished with a coffee and came home to relax a bit then Norm took the dogs for a walk then we went off to Retha’s for a braai. We took along the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I had won recently and finished that off.


It was a fun evening but I am rather tired today! It’s hard work having fun 🙂 I hope your weekend was fabulous. xx

One for the money, 6 for the show

This week has been busy but productive at least. Norm spoiled me and was such a brilliant support. I really am so lucky. I couldn’t work the hours I do without his help in keeping the house running. 

On Monday he made dinner for us as Cait was staying the night at Wes. He made baked teriyaki pork fillets with gem squash, salad and broccoli and it was so yummy.

Panda got nothing. Little minx. Look at his tongue hanging out.

On Tuesday after work I went to Camp’s Bay Theatre On The Bay with the girls from my book club. 

I rushed out of work and Norm made a dinner before I left of baked chicken and mushrooms in cream with steamed asparagus. It was yummy and just what I needed before a night out.

Norm and I collected Chris and we met at Dawn’s place and she drove us girls into town. We met the other girls for a drink in the bar at the Theatre.

As it was my birthday recently I got lots of goodies from the girls. 

We had front row seats and were so close to the cast who, according to the website were Earl Gregory (JOSEPH, JC SUPERSTAR, CATS, SWEENEY TODD) as JOSEPH, Bianca Le Grange (BLOOD BROTHERS) as the NARRATOR and Jonathan Roxmouth (SWEENEY TODD, PHANTOM, CATS, SUNSET BLVD, JC SUPERSTAR, A HANDFUL OF KEYS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) as the PHAROAH.

I loved the actor who played Pharoah. That could be some skewed aberration of my Elvis obsession. He was hilarious and had a fabulous voice. His dance moves were few and effective and his costume too funny. 

The girls and I laughed so much. Joseph’s father looked like a smug teenaged Jerry Garcia in a nightgown. The actor playing Joseph was very talented. The majority of the brothers in the cast were so incredibly camp. They were very talented and almost all very beautiful to look at, but oh so camp. In a fabulous way, not an unappealing way. There was just a whiff of a drag cabaret around the production.

I loved it.

You could tell that some of the brothers were properly trained dancers who were just singing and some were singers just trying a bit of dancing. Some of the brothers could gyrate their hips better than a fresh young chicken on a podium looking for a blesser / sugar daddy. 

All of the costumes were brilliant. Except the narrator. The narrator herself was actually beautiful with a lovely voice but they styled her in a dreadful white polyester outfit of horrendous proportions. 

It’s funny, after watching every musical production that comes to town you start to recognize the actors.

After the show we took part in a pic with the cast. I find it a bizarre concept that in SA the cast pop out to the lobby to pose for photos with people. But it’s fun! We had a random old lady take it and she cut Dawn off entirely. I am laughing so much my chewing gum shows.


Apparently I locked Lola out when I left as she was highly annoyed when Caitlin got home.

Oops. The next morning I had to be up early to go to a workshop in Canal Walk for a new client. But I left a bit early to go and meet the guy from the company who is making our cupboards. We agreed on things like what type of fittings and doors I want. He did a mock up of the design. He got a few walls wrong and we updated it but I didn’t get new pics.  So it is 99% like this.

On the way to meet the kitchen cupboards guy I had a call from my client receptionist to say I had flowers at reception. I told her I wasn’t working there that day and could only come later. That meant I had to detour through and pay to park in the city during rush hour. The flowers were an apology from Momentum Health for their recurring incompetence. Trust them to annoy and inconvenience me when trying to be nice. 

They are sweet flowers.

As a result of my flower detour I got home late and so we all had gorgeous take aways from Posticino. I overdid my carbs that day as I had chicken parmigiana with Napoli sauce and a side of spaghetti. It was so yummy.

I was at the Century City offices again on Thursday. We finally got our direction and I produced a document. I went home early before the motorway got terribly busy. I worked from home for a few hours to finish the document. 

Retha messaged that afternoon to ask if I wanted to come to dinner. Norm had a Neighborhood Watch meeting and dropped me there by Retha at 6. Our friends Andy and Alison also came.

Retha’s new housekeeper can cook. She used to work at a Mexican restaurant and she made chilli con carne and chicken in a spicy sauce.

Retha made nachos to go with. 

Andy came prepared to be bartender and made margaritas to go with our fiesta.

Ooooo they were divine.

We chatted and laughed and stayed far too late. As a result I decided it was pointless going into the city at 7 so I worked from home the next day. Norm made me a gorgeous lunch of cheesy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and creamy avo. I had a few teleconferences and did some analysis and finally finished up at 5. That evening  Norm fancied a curry so Cait and I were forced to indulge his whim. *sigh*

I’m kidding no one, Caitlin and I love curry. It was not as good as it usually is, the prawns were tiny and my rice undercooked. But it was still delicious. 

We had a relaxed night in and a long lie in on Saturday morning. I had several coffees in bed firstly when Norm returned from feeding the dogs and then another later when he returned from letting Mzudumo in. I finally emerged from my giant cozy bed full of pups and cats at lunch time. It was the perfect day for being lazy. It was biting cold and there was a mist settled in over Table Mountain.

A perfect pajama day setting. 

We had date night on Saturday and we had dinner at Grill Under the Milkwood  in Hout Bay.

We both had the Baby Calamari starter. 

Mine was fried, very tender but there was a bit of oil in the plate. It came with tartar sauce. The squid were not as small as usual, the same issue we have had at another place where we also normally order baby squid. Must be something not in the water. 

Norm had his grilled. It was in a lemony sauce. 

When we arrived we knew we maybe wanted the fillet. But after we definitely decided what we wanted the waiter tells us they are out of fillet. FFS. Tell your customer what is off the menu when you deliver said menu. I was in the mood for steak so decided to risk the Surf and Turf: a sirloin steak topped with 4 prawns. It was nice. I’m just not a huge sirloin fan. 

Norm like myself only really eats the lean tender fillet cut usually, so he decided to order the Chicken Cheddapamerella which was Medallions of chicken fillets topped with a cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheesy sauce. 

Our bill was R750 for starters, mains and a bottle of water and a bottle of Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc from the Warwick estate. Service was great other than the fillet issue. The place had a nice buzz, as did I after the Professor kicked in.

As today was Sunday we had lots of errands to run so we got up and away by 10. We did lie in until we needed to get dressed even though we were all awake.

In typical Cape Town style the weather turned the opposite direction today was gorgeous, sunny, bright and boiling hot! 

We headed over to Gelmar Tokai and got a small prep bowl basin and tap for the kitchen but they were out of the double basin sink we wanted for the scullery. We got a tap for it however and they say they will phone if they can get the basin for us. I think we will contact Franke directly. 

We also found some handles I fancy. I have several tall pull out larders so they need a wide handle. As we have the stainless still cooker I think the pewter is a nice middle ground between shaker simplicity and modern appliances. What do you think?

We need over 40 so the cost matters as they quickly mount up once multiplied. We just need 3 of the wide one at R72 luckily. We could then use either the small round knob or the shorter or of the style in the bottom of the collage. They are similar prices.

We also got some swatches to take to the painter tomorrow as examples of the colour I want for the cupboards. 

I’m aiming for the soft buttery yellow of an Aga.

We then went for a late breakfast at the wee Cafe Lacomia at the back in Builders Warehouse as we were ravenous.

I had a delish latte.

And a mini breakfast.

We then bought odds and sods such as things for the pool and some seeds to plant then headed home. We stopped at spar and I got some things to make a spinach salad and a whole chicken which I’m currently roasting. I’ll probably fry some red cabbage to go with. 

We had a wander round the garden and lots of things are now blooming.


Norm is out walking the dogs, I’m going to finish dinner and then it’s time to relax and enjoy my last few hours of weekend. I hope you have enjoyed yours. ❤️

The case of the disappearing sparrow

We have been blessed with another stunning day in Cape Town. We pottered about getting our back garden ready for spring and summer. We planned what to do at the back and finally decided on putting in a wooden deck. 

Panda enjoyed the sunshine.

We emptied all the pots and filled them with new compost. Next weekend we can go buy plants. 

Only my fuchsia and one other little shrub survived the cape winter.

Last Sunday was also a warm sunny day and Norm and I again just pottered about. Pixie found a shady spot to park off and chill.

Norm was a busy bee, with Panda shadowing his every move. 

These grasses are dying off, we are going to dig them up and put some lilies there. We need this section of the garden to screen the pool from the gate and street. 

Navajo loves us being outside and he stayed close behind little Panda.

Sometimes he gets too close.

That night I cooked pretty much everything left in the fridge. For dinner I made stuffed gem squash. I cooked the gem squash then scooped them out and mashed the squash with 3/4 of a block of full fat cream cheese. I crumbled in crispy bacon and baked.

With it we made fondant sweet potatoes, spinach and mushrooms fried in butter and red cabbage which I parboiled then fried in butter and balsamic. It was so delicious and all low carb.

I threw all the other vegetables left from that week’s shop and some cream and stock into a pot and made soup. Once the veg was soft I used the stick blender to purée it.

This week the local news was full of various items that caught my attention. There were  2 more mining deaths in a zama zama mine. These are illegal mines so are usually highly unsafe. People desperate for money will ignore safety and risk their lives. This after the recent deaths of 11 people from another mining accident only 4 months or so back. 

I myself have had a busy, stressful week. I kicked off a new project and had 2 workshops. I’m the PM so I facilitated. 

Almost knocking over 2 pedestrians was probably the peak of my stress levels. I was turning off of a busy road and was watching for cars coming on the road I was crossing, but when I turned right the sun blinded me and I looked up to see two young people leaping out of my path. I nearly had a panic attack as I’m sure did they. My heart was thumping! 

Speaking of which, I had an appointment with the Momentum nurse this week to take my blood pressure but she couldn’t find the building. The name of the company where I work is in giant red letters high on the building and the building is very tall. You can’t miss it. So after 10 trips up and downstairs, multiple dropped calls and with me talking the ditzy mare in like a bloody air traffic controller she tells me she can’t find free parking and that as she has no handbag she will not be able to come in and we must reschedule. So that was 40 minutes of my day and lots of stress wasted, it was so unprofessional.

So I rescheduled and stated I wanted a different nurse. Then Friday rolls round for the next booking. Twenty minutes later I phone the number they gave me except it goes to a different nurse. Then their office rings me back and says the nurse is downstairs. Down I go to find no nurse. 

Back to my desk and ring the call center. They are baffled. They don’t know where she is.

My phone rings and it’s the nurse. She says that she is definitely downstairs. Off I go to reception again. By this time my blood pressure was very high. Surprised? 

Cait was so sick from food poisoning that she had a miserable weekend away last weekend and wasted her money. Not only that she missed 3 days of work! The venue which served the food that gave them food poisoning has offered them a ‘replacement weekend’ away though which is at least something. 

Unfortunately for her I made one of her fave’s – Mexican style food – while she was still on a diet of toast and broth.

I made home made salsa with red onion, tomatoes and coriander. I made cheese tortillas and fried some yellow peppers and onions. I made mince with lots of spice and homemade guacamole. It was so yummy.


Crime is still bad here and safety is risky in general. We had two young girls hit by cars in separate incidents in our village this week. One young mother of 24 died. A 15 year old survived. Then we hear repeatedly of attacks on our Rescue and Ambulance teams. 

Living in SA means I have a safety check list I follow every time I go out. The door into the garage from the house is opened and locked from inside. I get into the car, roll up the windows and lock the doors and only once I’ve started the car do I open the garage door. I back out and close the garage door and then open the gate. I make sure both the garage door and gate close. My bags are locked in the back before the garage is opened. I carry my bags strapped to my body when walking across the city to the office. I hold a can of pepper spray in my hand. All these things are second nature and part of my routine now. 

At home the alarm is always on and we have slam lock doors. 

We were saying this week how we missed Belfast and being able to walk about the city at night safely. Stumbling home from our local. We really look forward to going to visit our old stomping grounds and meeting up with our old friends. We have two nights in Belfast during the end of year holiday we have planned. I’ve discovered a few old friends on FaceBook this week. Hopefully we can have a reunion of our crowd from 1997-9 I think it was!

I had one of those “Only In Africa” moments this week. I stopped for petrol and this dude at the petrol pump was hogging both of the pumps on one side. This is the tiny two pump station above Camp’s Bay. The reason he took up so much space was that he had put his car up on a jack in order to ensure he could fill the tank completely.

He then repeatedly shook the car and dripped a tiny bit more petrol in repetitively. It took forever. Meanwhile the queue went out to the street on the other side for the two available spots. It was ridiculously selfish and pointless. But somehow amusing.

The other newsworthy item in SA is the investigations into state capture. State capture is a type of systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a state’s decision-making processes to their own advantage through unobvious channels, that may not be illegal. The Gupta family seem to influence many decisions and tenders in SA.

Thuli Madonsela is also investigating Zuma for breaching executive ethics code as part of a state capture case. The skeletons will all come rattling out now.

Norm cooked roast pork fillets for him and I on Tuesday as Cait still wasn’t eating. We only ate one of the fillets however so the following night I cut up the remaining fillet for our dinner then I cooked yellow peppers and sliced mushrooms then added the pork and cream. I made fondant sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli and fried mushrooms.

Thursday I had Vanessa round to do my pedicure. After she left Norm got takeaways from Spiro’s. It was late and we had no food really. 

Friday night we had a takeaway Curry. I shared prawn curry with Cait and shared palak paneer with Norm.

Panda is very keen on me dropping some of it.

I had a Facebook memory from a year ago pop up so I made a comparison pic of me then and now. I’ve lost 23 kgs, or 50lbs depending on which you prefer. 

On Saturday morning at 6am Norm’s alarm went off. He just said oops and went back to sleep but I was then awake. And feeling murderous. 

To make up to me he bought a lovely chaise lounge for my bedroom online. Now that he has moved his office to Lily’s old room I have a lovely big window where it will be perfect.

We went to Northgate on Saturday. As the gardener was here we have to leave the garage door open and so we locked the door from the garage that goes into the house. Except Caitlin’s day had derailed and she unexpectedly came home and couldn’t get in. We viewed the granite and ceasarstone for our countertops. I liked these below. I am going to have pale cream with a drop of yellow painted in a shabby chic style on the cupboards. The floors are terracota. 

I can’t decide if I prefer no pattern or a lovely natural pattern. 

We went out to Papino’s for dinner. We had our usual hollandse style steak cooked in brandy and mushrooms.

I ordered naughty onion rings. Oops.

We went home and watched nonsense on telly and I had my Banting ice cream. Yum.

We woke to the dual disasters of a bomb going off in Chelsea NY and a maimed bird in my lounge.

The Bird was missing lots of feathers but seemed in shock and as if he was maybe even injured. Norm thought it wouldn’t last.

Bizarrely it disappeared. He put it in the garage in a basket and it is nowhere to be found. It had a resurrection. Hopefully Lola didn’t damage him as he must have flown out!

We had a lovely productive day. The weekend was relaxing as well other than Caitlin’s dramas. But these things happen.

We got to narrow down the counters, this week we go see the painters and the cabinet makers then we will order the units. I’m so excited to have it ready before my mom arrives! 

This week I start a third project for a new client this time. I’m also going to the theatre and making kitchen plans. It’s going to be a busy week!

He would walk 500 miles

I had such a fabulous birthday weekend where I ate everything from cinnamon rolls to Orange Cake. I threw Banting under the bus and as a result I gained 2kgs of my weight back. Oops. To be honest it was worth it. I already felt so dreadful from the low blood pressure I didn’t notice any symptoms of carb flu. However Caitlin and I tried to be Banting compliant while Norm was away in Italy this week. 

He was home for Sunday’s roast chicken dinner and then flew out late Sunday evening to Turin. 

Monday I made a sort of Banting pasta using the shredded leftover roast chicken. To that I added fried peppers, onions, red chilli, mushrooms and bacon then threw in the previous evening’s leftover chopped long stemmed broccoli and zucchini zoodles and a container of cream and some chicken stock. It was rather delicious.

I also made a lasagna sauce for the following night. On my way home from work on Tuesday I popped into our local Spar and got some zucchini. Lasagna used to be a special occasion dish but we have been having it almost every week. I made up the dish using real ricotta and thick slabs of mozzarella alternated with the thick, rich, bacony, beefy tomato sauce and thinly ribboned zucchini.

Wednesday Caitlin was dying for a Curry so she treated me to dinner from The Indian Oven here in Hout Bay. Norm was supposed to be home that evening very late. 

However he ended up having a total of 40 hours travel from the time he arrived at Turin airport to come home. There were no planes taking off from Turin as none were available. None of the planes could land the previous night so no flights were available the next morning. Norm ended up in London unable to see his family as he was in transit there unexpectedly. He took this crazy zigzag long trip to get home to me. ❤️

He made his trip to Turin last only 1 day so I was not alone as Caitlin was going away on the weekend.

For those readers who don’t know me personally I should explain why the obscure blog title and the personal reference to the Proclaimers. 

The Proclaimers are from the same little tiny corner of Scotland as my husband Norm and their most well known song is this one.

True to his compatriot’s song lyrics Norm would do anything for me, I can always depend on him. 

As can he always rely on me.

Unless it involves my needing to drive at night as I can’t see. So airport drop offs are a problem, for security issues we avoid public transport for any airport drop offs. We keep all info about him being away off of social media as we have had several break in attempts when he was away. We have had so many other catastrophes occur when he is traveling. It’s insane. Like the wolves are waiting at the door for my guardian angel to be distracted then BAM they bite the kitten on the tail.



My new boots arrived this week. I love them. I had thought they would be leather based on the price and the online pic. Never mind, I like them and they seem well made.

My birthday lilies are blooming and smell divine.

While Norm was away the animals were all behaving so oddly. They don’t get walked now that our dog walker has moved to Constantia. 

I had 5 clingy animals everywhere I turned.

Little Panda just looked miserable and sad without his darling Daddy. He even snuggled Caitlin whom he normally treats with typical Pomeramian Prince-like disdain.

Norm finally made it home late on Thursday morning. He went home and had a bit of sleep while I worked. Later when Caitlin and I got home he offered to treat us to takeaways from Spiro’s. I wanted tiny squids or grilled fish but they were out of both, so instead I decided to get a double meze portion of crispy chicken wings and some zucchini ribbons, with that I added a bit of salad. We like that we can be mostly Banting and get good value at Spiro’s.

Pixie had her evil eye on those wings.

Wesley and Cait went away for the weekend so Norm and I were free and single all weekend. 

Friday we were home on our own but tired, so we indulged in another curry even though I had just had it on Wednesday. There is a new owner at our local curry house Norm discovered. I hope they keep it all the same. I hate it when someone takes over a successful venture and changes it beyond recognition. So far so good with the Indian Oven. We really enjoyed it.

Saturday I had to be up and out so while I showered Norm made us a delicious breakfast. 

That is his plate, I had soft boiled and only 1 egg. It was delish. 

I headed out to my hairdresser Leandra who works out of Mop Hair in the city. I had quite a bit cut off, it looks much healthier.

I popped round to Retha’s new cottage on my way home as I hadn’t seen her all week. We sat enjoying the view and catching up. I like that we can discuss Pierre as if he just popped out for milk and will return any minute. By that I mean I can say to her that I could feel him communicating with me at certain points and she understands. She can speak openly about her feelings and I listen. Anyway, Retha and the kitties are settling in. 

That evening Norm and I popped out to dinner to Primi Piatti in Constantia. I was very naughty and had a few strawberry margaritas. 

To start I had the Caesar Lettuce wraps at R65. Baby cos leaves filled with crispy bacon & grilled chicken; topped with boiled eggs, croutons, anchovy, pecorino shavings & Caesar dressing. Served with garlic-rubbed crostini but I didn’t eat that. The dressing is non Banting. But there isn’t toooo much. *justifies naughty behavior*

Norm had the salad caprese. Bit blurry eh. It was dark.

For my main I had the Filletto al funghi: Flame-grilled beef fillet tournedos, served sliced on a bed of mashed butternut with a mushroom, green peppercorn, brandy & mustard sauce. It was divine.

Norm had kingklip masala. Kingklip pan-fried with mushrooms, sherry, cream & garlic. Served on a bed of sauteed fresh spinach & caulimash.

I had a nibble and it was a fabulous piece of fish.

We headed home and watched The Jungle Book

The Disney version was my childhood fave and growing up I pretended to be Mowgli while mooching around my 20 acre childhood estate with my dogs.

Today we have pottered around doing nothing much. I watched Notting Hill again, I love it. Norm scrubbed the bathroom walls and I cleaned the kitchen but we did nothing strenuous. 

Caitlin came home from her weekend away rather upset. She and Wes both had food poisoning on their romantic weekend away and spent it sick in bed. They even saw a doctor they were in such pain. Bless them. 

I have enjoyed my lazy weekend. I needed it. My new project kicks off next week so I will be very busy!