The Smallest Measure

Timing is everything. The smallest millisecond can alter the course of a life.

It’s almost as if the universe has an expected daily target for how long I spend in traffic. And 15 minutes can make a world of difference. Thursday I decided I was going to leave by 7 and I was at my desk in 45 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes from the time I park to walk across the foreshore, dodging the homeless, the other workers and the crazy Cape Town drivers, 2 life risking crosswalks and waiting for 2 different lifts. Cape Town is a colorful city and you never know what you might see. 

But then when I left work at 5 it took an hour and a half to get back home. 20 min vs 80?? It’s insane. And Cape Town is all on a hill. Waiting in traffic can be vertical. Other than the foreshore, which was reclaimed from Table Bay. It’s flat. However the position of the sea, the skyscrapers and the mountain create crazy wind tunnels.

It’s been a busy week.

Sunday I baked a pork loin in low carb sauce. I made zucchini fritters and fried cabbage to go with it. It was a nice combination. 

I also made a Banting lasagna for Monday. It was delicious! I used the Real Meal Revolution recipe.

It turned out a bit soupy as I added too much stock, but it was still yummy.

There was enough for me to have some for lunch the next day. I’m always happier taking a small portion of something I cook myself.

On Tuesday I rushed home to shower and fancy up as that evening Retha and I attended an Xtraordinary Women event. 

We have been a part of this group for years, but neither of us are as involved as we used to be. It was lovely to see all the familiar faces. 

It was great hearing Sonja Kruse speak about her travels.

It was held at the CPUT campus Granger Bay Hotel School. Such a stunning venue.

There was a buffet so perfect for Banting. There were baked chicken breasts, beef stroganoff and veggies on a buffet. I just avoided the rice and I was fine.

The following day after work I went to David for Body Reactivation. I have been having some real anger outbursts and feel irritable and even aggressive. It is maybe menopause related, hormonal, or I’m just a irritable young woman who has turned into an even grumpier middle aged woman. Or it’s being Virgo. Who knows. Anyway, we worked a lot on that suppressed anger. I felt like this when I went in.

Well, not like a man. Just with my spine all collapsed. Unless the hormones affecting me are testosterone and then maybe that’s Freudian that I picked that pic! Ha!

I came out feeling like this.

Straight and light and regenerated. And female. ;D

I got home late so I needed a quickly prepared dinner. I had some chicken which needed to be eaten. So I put the chicken breasts in a casserole dish, piled on a packet of baby spinach, topped that with sliced mushrooms and then poured on a mix of half a tub of marscapone mixed with chicken broth. I baked it for 45 minutes – half the time covered with foil. I sliced a block of mozzarella and topped it for an additional 15 minutes. 


I served it with cauliflower mash. It was delish and the chicken is so tender when cooked like this.


Uni campus protests have been going on here all over the country.  Every day we hear about sewage poured in halls, art destroyed, people beaten at sports events, the list goes on. Meanwhile, to those trying to get an education it’s a challenge.

Thursday Caitlin and I made the chorizo, spinach and egg dish again. I had Parmesan out and so I grated a bit on the chorizo. Don’t do that. It made it stick badly. Oops.

It was still tasty. The spinach just went a weird texture. 

I had a few zucchini which needed to be eaten so I sliced them, tossed in olive oil and put on a baking tray. I loved them.

On Friday we went to the bank and paid off our mortgage. Norm had money sitting in the bank in the UK and the 23:1 exchange rate meant we would be mad not to bring that cash in as the interest rate increase and the SA economy hurtling towards junk status makes me uneasy.

We decided to go out for dinner to celebrate as Caitlin was out with friends and Lily is in George for a wedding this weekend. We went to Pescarne just 5 minutes from us in Hout Bay village. It was brightly lit up, full and looked really vibey.

We got a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Professor Black from the Warwick estate.

We tried to keep carbs and sugar low, so for starters we shared the halloumi at R59,

and the Springbok Carpaccio, serving described on the menu as ‘rocket, parmesan, balsamic reduction, olive oil for R59.

I was disappointed that the halloumi was breaded and fried as it is lovely simply grilled and it is not Banting if fried in veg oil and breadcrumbs. It was also incredibly salty. But it was tasty, it just could have been better.

The carpaccio was only ok, primarily due to the ‘Parmesan’. I’ve never had commercially prepared ‘parmesan’ like that with carpaccio, it should be slivers of nice fresh REAL Parmesan cheese not dumped preservative laden stuff from a shaker. 

For my main I fancied prawns. I ordered the 12 Queen Prawns at R149. I opted for veggies as my side. 

Norm went for the fillet steak, 350g at R179 and wow what a steak! 

The service was impeccable. The mains were both exactly what we wanted. We had a great night.

We didn’t have a late night as Saturday was a busy day. Pixie was seeing the Chiro so I had to be in Noordhoek at 9.30 a.m. And then I came home, made breakfast and got ready. Caitlin, Norm and I headed to Cape Farmhouse Rocks in Scarborough about 1.30 as the concert was supposed to start at 2 and we wanted a seat under cover. 

We went via Chapmans Peak Drive.

We came into Scarborough just after 2.

     The Cape Farmhouse venue is a cool old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. They put on concerts in the summer. Families and pets all arrive, kids roaming round in the grounds, dogs trotting along after them. We arrived and the place was quiet, but that meant we got a seat at the front, a cooler of wine and an ice bucket quickly.
We messed round being silly waiting.

And waiting.


The bands were late starting, it was well after 3 before they got going.
First up was Mr Cat and Jackal. I enjoyed them, they were quite theatrical. They had a cool, eclectic, vaguely ska meets folk sound.

The dude stage left played so many instruments. Lots! The singer also played accordion as well as guitar.

 They were followed by The Rudimentals. They were brilliant. I danced myself silly to their music. They play reggae and ska. They get national radio airplay.

The last band up was Grassy Spark a local band from Cape Town suburb Grassy Park. They are very cool. A high energy ska sound.


Everyone was up dancing and it was such a fun day.


There is always a cool mix of people there.

We took the coast route home via Misty Cliff and the Cape Point coast.


The sun was setting en route.

Such a gorgeous drive.

We stopped for dinner at Spiro’s on our way for takeaways. I feasted on ribs and halloumi (neither breaded nor salty). 

We slept late today. My darling made me a late brekkie.

I’m lying round watching trash telly. Later I’m making dinner but for now I’m catching up on some much needed rest! All in all I’ve had a fabulous weekend.

I hope you have!

What Doesn’t Kill You

Our family have now been on the Banting diet for 6 weeks and there are many noticeable changes in our bodies. The obvious one for me being the 8.5-9kgs weight lost, but we all have noticed other things, loss of cellulite, stomach bloat going, our dry hair and skin is better, my joint pain went, the swelling in my hands and feet went away.

There were some unpleasant things such as intense thirst which luckily eventually went away, tiredness and headaches were an issue for a few days. But mostly, I felt great. 

On Sunday we went out for Valentines dinner and decided to enjoy the food and not follow Banting. 

We indeed enjoyed the food, it was amazing. But my body reacted rather viciously to the first instance of sugar it had encountered in 6 weeks. I had an upset tummy both that night as well as the following day, my feet and hands swelled and my joints hurt so badly. To me it seems like a reaction to something, chocolate or sugar or gluten or whatever that may be.

However we jumped back on the horse the following day, I cooked dinner but it was very late when finished and we ended up eating at almost 9pm.

I sliced up some aubergines and baked them on a tray in a single layer til mostly cooked. I chopped up a yellow pepper, lots of garlic and an onion and fried in butter. Once cooked I put it in the blender with a tin of tomato and puréed it. I fried a chopped up packet of bacon, then when brown added a chopped punnet of mushrooms, then added a bag of spinach and the puréed pepper mix. I let it simmer a bit then layered the tomato mix with the eggplant. I topped it all with mozzarella and baked.


It was delicious. If you want veggie just leave out the bacon and add coconut oil.

Tuesday I hosted our book club. There were 6 of us and I decided not to stress myself. I asked Norm to shop and I just carved up 3 woollies roasted chickens, sliced 2 loaves of fresh bread, steamed some broccoli and made a giant salad. That meant all I had to avoid was the bread and all I had to ‘cook’ was the broccoli.

It was Chris’s birthday month so we celebrated with an apple crumble and custard. Luckily I’m not a fan of either so I resisted. I didn’t even have a glass of wine, I stuck to water.

The next day I gave Cordelia the leftover breads, pie and custard.

All week I had the same breakfast of full fat yogurt with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a few mixed nuts and cinnamon. My lunch the following day after book club was a bit of salad and chicken. I tend to take a small lunch.

Wednesday night I was home quite late and Norm just grabbed a takeaway from Spiro’s. We had grilled chicken kebabs, tzaziki, salad and grilled halloumi so bar the occasional bit of sauce on the chicken we were Banting compliant.

 I had my manicurist coming round to my house on Thursday after work so I left the office a bit early. I enjoy our sessions, gossiping, laughing and getting a pedicure in the comfort of my home with my dogs milling about. 


Luckily they went to the groomer on Thursday. They were filthy, stinky and tangled. No matter how often we groom them it’s not enough. I asked Norm to take their pics when they were clean as by the time I’m home they are a mess. 

He tried bless him. Norm’s animal pics are as bad as my food pics.


He said they kept moving.

After Vanessa left I just threw together some bits and pieces for dinner. I asked Norm to get pork chops but he was too busy (aka forgot). I made my friend Guy’s stuffed gem squash recipe. I steamed some gem squash, cut them in half and scooped out the seeds, then put the squash and full fat cream cheese into the blender til smooth, then added chopped crispy grilled bacon and stuffed the empty shells with the mixture topped it with cheese and popped them in the oven. I made a huge pan of red cabbage, frying it in butter and lots of balsamic vinegar and then putting a bit of boiling water over to make sure it cooked through. 

Friday morning I woke to a fine drizzly mist of rain. And lots of clouds.


We had our usual Friday Mexican salad for lunch and we got quite wet walking over town to the Icon building. The rain is badly needed, the ground and plants are struggling. 

That night Lily had her friend Talia over so we rented Pan and ordered pizza. Norm and I got Banting bases but the girls got normal bases. I just ordered cheese and tomato and jalapeño and at home I fried onions, chorizo & green olives and then popped it all in the oven as the cauliflower bases don’t hold the heat for the journey home.

It was a lovely family night in, the cooler misty weather meant snuggling under blankets.

Saturday I had no commitments and opted for a pajama day. We watched a few movies, messed about on our iPads and Norm worked.

Pixie and I played frisbee.


I made us a Banting brunch of chorizo, onion and cheese omelettes with fried tomatoes. The sky was overcast all day, misty and occasionally a bit of rain,

Lily had to open a new bank account and while out she popped into Pep Stores and got the cutest fake Converse for me. Only R99!



Norm popped down to the shops and got in some things for dinner. I fried a mix of red and green cabbage. I cut up 3 pork fillets into bite size chunks and sliced up a huge punnet of mushrooms and fried them both in butter. I fried an onion and an orange pepper in a separate pan and once cooked I popped them in the blender with a container of double thick cream and paprika and liquidized. I then added to the browned pork and mushrooms. I left it to simmer for 15 minutes. I just stir fried the cauliflower rice and served it all with plenty of the creamy sauce.


Trust me it was a million times better than it looks. 

Today we got up about 9 and had a slow morning. We eventually made it to our fave venue The Riverway Cafe for a late breakfast. 


I love the charming decor such old world charm!


I had the Eggs Benedict with Banting bread.


Norm had scrambled egg & Banting toast.


After we finished eating we did a run round Pic n Pay and a full shop at Woolworths. We were going to the harbour as I wanted to get Banting pizza bases at the market and some fish to cook on the grill at the fishmonger but the traffic was queued back for miles! We decided to give it a miss and headed home.

It’s a gorgeous day today and I didn’t want to spend it in traffic.


Tonight I’m going to make a lasagna for tomorrow’s dinner and a pork roast in my slow cooker for tonight. I’m really enjoying my lazy weekend. Next week is going to be busy.

I’m attending the Xtraordinary Women Networking Awards Gala Event on Tuesday. It’s formal and I hope that now I’ve lost weight I will fit nicely into one of my existing dresses. I certainly have no chance to shop. 


The following night I see David to have my body re activation session.  Keeping working on clearance of my deeper issues

I’m also very excited about going to Cape Farmhouse next Saturday as we are going to see several very funky local bands.

It should be brilliant! 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I hope your week is full of fun.

Return of My Heart

I sometimes feel as if my life is just an endless round of the same activities, my own personal Groundhog Day.

Wake at 6, up at 6.30, try to leave by 7 (but always leave later), spend ages in traffic, walk to my office, work for 9-10 hours, walk to car, drive home, cook dinner, eat, watch a bit of telly then pass out.

I do have an amazing view while being annoyed by the road works.

It could be worse. So then I try to flip that feeling of monotony to a place of positivity.

I’m so grateful for a safe journey back and forth to my work each day and for my reliable air conditioned lovely little Rhinomobile. I’m grateful I have a safe place to park and that I don’t have to pay out of pocket every day and have to wander round for ages looking for street parking, I’m grateful I have a loving family to cook for, I’m grateful for my warm, dry home and functional kitchen (it’s pretty ugly but I won’t let that dampen my gratitude). I’m grateful for a job in this economy. I’m grateful to have that routine!

I’ve stuck with Banting, resisting the random craving but mostly coping fine.

Sunday I never made it to the shops, instead I enticed Caitlin to stop on her way home. I found a yummy recipe on this Facebook Page and adapted it. 

I layered chicken in a glass dish, then a layer of sliced mushrooms, then a packet of washed baby spinach. I mixed about 2 large tablespoons of cream cheese with a cup of chicken broth and poured it over. I baked for 40 minutes then added mozzarella on top and baked about 15 more minutes. To go with I made cauliflower mash and topped with mozzarella and baked it. It looked a right mess but it was very tasty.

Monday we had no proper food in the house so creativity was required. I just put together the last odds and ends. I made ‘tacos’ using gem lettuce as shells. We chopped bacon, mushrooms and peppers and fried them and made lots of guacamole and chopped tomato.

We had 1 sweet potato so we sliced it and fried the rounds in coconut oil. We made fritters with the last of the zucchini and cheese. It was tasty and filled a gap and complied with our low carb attempts. It meant no take away and that’s an improvement.

I have a new breakfast I’ve been eating all week as I was getting fed up with all the fry ups. It’s too much to have that much in the morning then lunch and dinner as well. This week I have had a container of full cream yogurt, sprinkled it with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and cinnamon. Yummy. 

Tuesday I stopped at the shop and got some food in for me and the girls. Shopping is so quick with Banting as I mostly hit the ends of the shop: the meat, the veg and dairy. Most of the stuff in the middle of the shop is full of sugar.

That night after I got home from the shops I took Cordelia home and then I made my own pork meatballs. I bought minced pork and put garlic, red pepper, onion, celery and coriander into the blender, then after finished I added to the minced pork along with 2 eggs and a sprinkling of almond flour then made into little balls and fried them in coconut oil til crispy outside and nicely browned. 

I heated zucchini noodles and coconut cream, steamed broccoli and served the pork meatballs on top.

That night I popped beef stew meat into the slow cooker, added vegetable stock and seasoning and left it on overnight. The next day I steamed gem squash and served the stew in the squash. I fried mushrooms in butter and made brussel sprouts.  It was a great way to serve the stew and all went well together. 

Thursday the dogs were home alone while we were working and either they or the wind triggered the alarm and the security company kept ringing so I left work at midday and went to work from home. It was hot but I put on my fan and enjoyed my view. 

My poor dead grass.

The next night I fried chicken and chorizo then when brown I added a tin of tomato and some fat green olives and grated fresh Parmesan on top.

I fried mushrooms and then threw in a bag of spinach. 


I took the left over gem squash and puréed it with cream cheese. It all went so well together. The sweet creamy squash was a perfect balance to the earthy spinach and spicy acidity of the chicken and chorizo. 
That night our illustrious *cough* leader President  Zuma gave the South African State of The Nation Address. The promises are the same empty platitudes. We are in a crisis, the water supply infrastructure is in dire need of reworking, we are in a nation wide drought. Our electricity grid is unstable, the entire electrical infrastructure has not been properly maintained for 20 years and there is no visibility of plans for proper support and development or regeneration. The Rand is at its weakest ever. We need a leader. Zuma Must Fall.

Friday night we had Josh down and he offered to get pizzas so I had a Banting base one I just got cheese and tomato and then cooked my own chorizo to go on top.

Saturday I had to go into the CBD to get my hair done. It’s so relaxing and a necessary evil unless I want to grow out my zebra stripes. I think once I retire I will go my natural colour and let the grey come thru.

This week Norm has been in the UK. I’ve missed him lots. He’s such a supportive husband. It’s a lot to do both our chores when he is away, but luckily the girls help. Lily feeds the dogs in the morning. We feed raw so chopping up chicken feet and lungs when first awake is a challenge. 

When Caitlin is home she helps with dinner. She also does the evening dog feed most of the time. I make sure we humans get fed and keep the house in check.

Last night the girls, Josh and I were all home so I made zucchini noodle pasta with prawn and chorizo in a creamy tomato sauce. I fried chorizo with a yellow pepper, an onion and 2 chopped chilies. Once done I threw in a tin of chopped tomato, a squidge of tomato paste and half a tub of creme frais. Once that was warm I added in the woollies prepared zucchini noodles and my thawed cooked prawns from Woolies. Heated it through and left the noodles al dente.

We just relaxed and watched movies Saturday night. While we were sleeping it rained a bit as we woke to a wet garden, however it was rapidly soaked up as the sun rose in the sky.

I headed out to the airport to collect Norm this morning at 11 and then we stopped on the way home in Constantia at Greens for lunch as neither of us had eaten.

After we ordered our food Norm disappeared into the little deli shop next door and came back with some beautiful Valentine flowers for me! 

He is so sweet.

Neither of us fancied a warm, heavy breakfast as it is quite a humid day so we both opted for a Caesar salad, minus the dressing. 

I had the bacon Caesar. 

The bacon was very inconsistently cooked, some bits almost raw and some bits perfectly crispy. I was disappointed in the lack of anchovy. I avoided the breadcrumbs and the rest was suitable for Banting. 

Norm had the Chicken Caesar. He polished it all off and we chatted and caught up with each other’s week.

The dogs were over the moon with excitement when they saw Norm. Navajo was crying and whimpering while galloping with delight. Panda hasn’t left his side. 

They had a nap after Norm had a shower and changed from his winter clothes to shorts and a T-shirt.

Norm brought me so many presents from the UK. A new cover for my iPad, my Ghost perfume which is only sold in the UK, Touché Éclat concealer by Yves St Laurent, a James Bay CD and 3 books for me to contribute to Book Club as I’m hosting it on Tuesday. We found out it’s the wrong City of Bones but too late. Oh dear.

I’m so spoiled!  It’s hard when your fave beauty products are either unavailable or incredibly expensive.

Our actual Valentines celebration was booked for 7, a dinner at Massimo’s in Hout Bay. It’s 5 minutes from our house. They put on a gorgeous Valentine’s menu.

For tonight, Banting be damned. I had a night of whatever I wanted.

It was fab having my honey home.

We had Eagle’s Nest Sauvignon Blanc from a vineyard just up the road. It was quite tart but nice.

I love that they have a proper pizza oven. 

And they show old school movies on the wall.

To start I had the melanzane parmigiana. This is a dish I make often and will always order if on a menu. I love it. Theirs was amazing.

Norm had the ‘Opera’ which was melon and Parma ham.

For my main I had the beef and spinach lasagna which was massive!

Norm had the artichoke ravioli which was amazing.

For dessert Norm had the tiramisu.

I had the brownie and ice cream, it was delicious. Like – amazing! 

We left feeling stuffed and satisfied. We had a really wonderful coffee and headed home. 

Norm is snoozing on the couch again. I’m happy to have my nest intact again.

Keeping it Spicy

Last Sunday it got up to 33 degrees but as I took Saturday off from cooking due to the heat I had a lot of cooking to do. 

I popped a small gammon in the slow cooker. Usually I cook my gammon in coke, brown sugar and pineapple but none of those are allowed with Banting. Instead I coated it in mustard and olive oil and then topped it with vegetable stock and cooked it til tender. I wanted to have it for lunches and snacks.

Norm had bought some lovely hake earlier that week which needed to be cooked so I cut them into pieces, dipped in egg and breaded by rolling in a mix of almond flour and coconut. I steamed mixed veggies and added a bit of coconut cream and curry. I roasted crispy sweet potato wedges in coconut oil to go with.

The third meal I cooked on Sunday was to go in the fridge for Monday, I made the family fave Banting cottage pie. I was so glad I only had to heat it as I had another traffic nightmare spending 1.5 hr on a 20 minute trip. I came home and had a swim to cool off, it was so hot again it was 33deg C.

My cottage pie with caulimash and cheese was divine. I made a salad topped with Parmesan shavings and avocado to accompany it.


Tuesday I got up at 6am to avoid the stop-go traffic jams but got stuck in it on the way home so only got home exhausted at 7pm so we got takeaways from Spiro’s again. We avoided chips and instead of the sweet, sticky ribs I craved chose to go with the chicken kebabs and we shared an order of grilled halloumi with their Greek salad.

I awoke from a dead sleep at 4am due to the heat. I eventually became aware my fan had stopped. At first we thought it was that the electricity had run out but Norm noticed the plugs were on and was kind enough to go down to get my downstairs fan to stand in til we could get a new one but I struggled to get back to sleep and my alarm went off at 6. 

Wednesday again I sat in traffic for hours. At least I have great views.


Photo credit.

I came up with a new meal, I cooked woollies chorizo and mushrooms in a knob of butter and then removed them from the pan and browned chicken breasts in the leftover spicy oil. I put it all in the oven, but next time I won’t bother precooking the chorizo so much as it will cook enough in the oven. I will just cook it long enough to cook out the oils to brown the chicken. We just served it with red cabbage which I cooked in butter and balsamic til a good crust formed on the bottom of the cast iron pan then added a bit of boiling water to soften the cabbage and get a nice sauce by scraping the bottom.


There was another fire, it started in Glencairn then moved to Fish Hoek Wednesday and Thursday.


I made a sort of gumbo out of the last of the roast gammon, chorizo, mushrooms and prawns and served it with zucchini spaghetti. It looks a mess but was so tasty! 

Friday night Lily and Caitlin had bought tickets for Norm and I to see Rodriguez at the Grand West Arena as a birthday gift. Lily and I snapped a selfie before we left.


If you have never heard of him then you must watch the entire documentary Searching For Sugarman. It is a touching, melancholy film and gives insight to why when the crowds yelled ‘we love you’ he yelled back ‘it’s mutual, you gave me a life’ which was such a goosebumps moment.


The show was opened by Alice Phoebe Lou. A local Cape Town girl with the delicate face of a fairy and the voice of an angel.

Crowds make me twitch and the show was sold out. There were more drunken Afrikaans people there than I have seen in one place ever. The group next to us were all very drunk and incredibly loud. Several people asked them to keep it down. The girl in the seat directly next to me clapped out of tune and incredibly loudly, you know that loud deep clap that sounds like someone clapped your ears?  Unfortunately she sang every song the same way. She also took a non ending stream of photos and her phone made a loud ching every time it snapped a pic as well as flashed a bright light and she held it with arms extended so it sat right by my ear. She was the only person in the stadium jumping up and down and dancing. It was chilled music not trance FFS.


My last nerve snapped when her hands went high and started swaying widely, going all the way right and all the way left which meant they constantly moved across my face. I shoved them hard back in her direction and told her to wind her neck in as she was the most annoying, attention seeking woman in the world.

When she heard my accent she went mental. 

“I’m going to take out a restraining order on you. You don’t even belong in this country, get out, go back to where you belong” and a long, spittle fueled litany of slurred drunken nonsense shouted at me throughout the best song with my back turned to her. I got fed up eventually and said “enough now child shut up”. The people in front of us also asked her to shut up. This was a red flag to a bull. She went crazy, screaming, shouting, cursing. I finally shouted, “enough, shut UP!”

Eventually Norm and Caitlin stood up and moved me down to sit by Lily. 


I could still hear her shouting and at one stage she got into another fight with the people in front of her. Caitlin said for a bit the silly cow was crying. Five minutes later she was loudly singing again. By the end her husband had left.

Barring that nonsense we had a great night.

We were home very late and starving as we didn’t have time for dinner so we just had some cheese and seed crackers. It was well after 1am when we finally passed out exhausted.

I had to take Pixie to her doggy Chiro in Noordhoek for 9.30 and rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and dressed and left. I came back and made brunch for us.

I made zucchini fritters topped with fried eggs, tomato and avocado, it was delicious.

The girls had gone on the Franshoek Wine Tram tour and then had parties after so were not in for dinner.

Norm is so busy dealing with work issues so I was alone but did not want to fall off the Banting wagon due to laziness so I threw together some dinner with what was in the fridge. 

I used the remaining zucchini mixture and made more fritters. I cooked chorizo and prawns in chili and tomato and served it on the fritters.  

We had done a quick shop at Spar and bought a different brand chorizo than Woolies and I wasn’t keen on the new brand. The texture was more like a hot dog than a pepperoni. I like the pepperoni texture the Woolies brand has. This is lovely. 

I just chilled at home with the animals, so I rented a film I knew no one else would enjoy. I chose A Walk In The Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.

Nick Nolte looks rough. Like high blood pressure and gout kinda rough. Robert Redford hasn’t aged that well either, all that 1970s sun worshipping messed with a lot of fair skinned people. But he looks like he’s in good physical shape as opposed to Nolte.

It was average at best. It felt too midlife crisis self-indulgent. Don’t bother.

Today I’ve woken to howling wind, we even got a little drizzle last night. It’s pleasantly cool for a change. I’m feeling very lazy but want to go and do a shop. I would like to put a pork roast in the slow cooker for Sunday dinner. But I’ll see if I make it out of the house!