I have no idea whether George Ezra fans have some collective term for themselves ala Gaga and her Little Monsters, but if they don’t this is as good as any. It has a slight religious adorarative quality about it. 

George doesn’t seem to be huge in SA, I mentioned to several people that I was going to the concert and they had no clue. Once you say ‘that guy who sings the Budapest song’ they all know who he is, but our family have been fans since we saw him perform at Glastonbury in 2013 during one of our “Glastonbury in Africa” evenings enjoyed via Chromecast and our giant telly. We bought his EP when Norm went to the UK shortly after. It’s one of my car CDs for when an annoying song plays on the radio or that eejit DJ comes on after DJ Fresh. 

Understandably I was very excited to see that George was coming to SA. We bought tickets for me, Norm and Caitlin and as usual we opted for the VIP level, referred to as “Premium” by Seed Experiences. The prices were Standard – R575 ex. booking fees (an additional R60 per person!) or Premium* – R865 ex. booking fees (an additional R60 per person!). We paid R2685 in total. 

The tickets never said it wasn’t a seated venue and I just assumed it was until we got the pre-concert info mailer. It said that blankets were allowed to sit on but if you brought chairs you might be asked to move to the side.

Ummmm…what?! I paid almost R900 to loll about on the grass? Hell no. Due to my hip replacement that is impossible. 

The mailer provided an email address to contact re disabled facilities so I sent an email, 24 hours later I had no reply so I sent a follow up mail.

I waited all day again and the night before the show I tweeted them and they had a frazzled sounding young man ring me. He said my chairs would not be a problem. 

Off we went on Saturday about lunch time and headed to Durbanville Racecourse. Our Premium tickets provided “access to priority parking, separate entrance, exclusive bar and ablutions.”

We drove to the Premium parking and indeed, entrance was quick. The layout we were given as a map was this.

The stage was the sticky out bit of that orange bit and I was between the …ummm wait. … Actually I’ve done my own version with my own labels.

We placed our seats on the periphery of the tent and sat down to get our bearings, Norm went to explore the drinks options available and Caitlin went to find her friend.

They came back bearing a delicious summery raspberry cider and pulled pork sandwiches on thick fresh ciabatta dripping with a crispy coleslaw. We happily munched and enjoyed the warm summer sun. 

Norm told me we were not in the premium seating, we were in general seating, he pointed out the premium seating was way behind the tent and you could not even see the stage. Caitlin also said that everyone was being served in the premium bar area, she had to wait for a queue of people in blue armbands. Hmmmm…..

After we finished eating I went off to the ladies. The premium tickets came with “exclusive ablutions” according to our tickets, so I was surprised that no one checked my armband. There was a long queue as a result, I spotted blue arm bands as well as the premium. There was supposed to be a separate male and female facility but the female side was locked up shut. The other side only had half the loos working as most would not flush. I queued for ages and when I got in the attendant said sorry they are all closed. I told her I didn’t care, I paid almost a thousand rand and I am about to pee my pants. It was going to be either a sink, a bush or a locked loo. Her choice. So she opened the door. 

I again tweeted the organizers to say it’s ridiculous that the VIP seating was miles away and 70% of the toilets are out of order. They tweeted back that they were sorting the loo but no comment about the other shitty seats. 

From where we stood in the general seating at least we could crane on tip toe to see.

The next band on was Beatenberg a local South African band. They were excellent and the quality of the sound and acoustics was faultless. Kudos to the sound engineers. 

After they finished a lot of people rolled up their blankets and disappeared, some just stayed but stood. We kept our seats but once George started singing we moved in to be under the edge of the tent with our chairs. The sun was setting and it was cooling off a lot. 


People crowded closer and closer, pushing shoving and generally being annoying. I have a real issue with people pushing me, it makes me mental. 

A girl wedged herself in my space and then a very tall guy and his girlfriend wedged in so close in front of me my nose was against his back. I thought he was just snapping a pic and waited, but the camera came down and he stayed right there so I tapped his shoulder and asked “are you actually going to stand right here in my face right on top of me?” And he said ‘yes’. WTF?? I asked again and he and his girlfriend both said “yes”. 

I saw red. 

I shoved them both so hard they literally flew. They were skinny and surprised, so I had the advantage. I then moved forward in front of them and they started shouting. I ignored the annoying wee girl and just moved her out of my face and got up in the guy’s face and when he stepped toward me Norman then tapped him and just wagged his finger in a “I suggest you avoid my crazy/helluva mean wife or I’m not responsible for your safety” and they looked back at my face and then back at Norm then shuffled away backwards, hands out in surrender. 

Enough people saw this that I had a great time with no further annoyances. Crazy occasionally works in my favour. We stayed for the encore and walked out to his closing notes.

We did enjoy it but I can’t do general admission or no seating again, it’s bad for my blood pressure. I won’t do another event by seed experiences as I feel they ripped me off badly for the “Premium” surplus cost. It was a load of nonsense. If not for that I wouldn’t have had a bad taste in my mouth. 

George was his usual laid back charming self and engaged the crowd, telling cute little tales between songs which demonstrated why he is so successful at telling them when they are put to music. The musicians and artists were brilliant, the weather was perfect, the food excellent, the efficiency of the event planners and staff on the ground was great. The only complaint is the tiered pricing for a very flat level of experience. 

Coffee Al Fresco

This week flew by even though I’ve reduced my hours at work. I’ve been so good about cooking every night until the weekend (no way I’m cooking all weekend). The Chicken dish I made last Sunday night turned out beautifully somewhat to my surprise. It was a complete invention and I worried the coconut milk would overwhelm it, but I forgot to buy sour cream and had to make a plan.

My food photos are dreadful. 

Oh well. 

Trust me it was better than it looks. I made mash and steamed broccoli to go with.


I made Mexican one night. I did cheese quesadillas and crispy potato wedges cooked in coconut oil. 

You can’t find refried beans in SA so I buy tinned sugar beans and add taco seasoning and blitz with a bit of water. Simple, easy meal.

We had a tomato and bacon pasta one evening but it would have been better without the bacon, I bought Eskort brand instead of Woolies. But the sauce was divine. I blitzed a red pepper, half an onion and a tin of tomatoes and it simmered away while everything else cooked. 

We had one night of a simple meal of baked potatoes in sour cream with pick n pay brand crispy bacon crumbled on top, mushrooms fried in butter, corn on the cob dripping in butter, and braised red cabbage and it was delicious.

I cooked every night until Friday and on Friday Norm was keen on Ragafellows except I was so tired I just wanted my jimjams and some chocolate. He offered to collect take outs for us and off he went. 

Lily and I both had the Bertram, this is a delicious beef patty, chorizo pulled pork, rocket, tomato. It comes with basil pesto but we both asked them to hold it. It really was so nice, the pulled pork juicy and the burger moist. 

We spent Friday night just playing games and watching rubbish on Telly. Saturday I knew I was in for a busy day. I woke at daybreak as always and lay in bed relaxing, it was a stunning, sunny warm day. 

Caitlin had booked us into Clay Cafe to paint. The concept is that you choose a piece of raw clay which you paint. You leave it and they fire it in the kiln. I’ve blogged about our many visits, previously. We love it there. It’s a stunning view and a chilled vibe. 

 Caitlin had her friends drive through to Hout Bay.


Caitlin, Lily and I met up with them and Retha. As always Retha made about 6 adorable little cat bowls in the time it took for me to paint 1 jug rather badly. 


But we enjoyed it as always. 

Not sure what’s happening with my sleeve or why I look so demented. 


I double booked my day, so I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted but my pitcher turned out ok. It will look very different once fired. 


I had to be at the hairdresser for 12.30 in the CBD so I rushed off to Mop Hair and had a cut and colour and then headed back to Hout Bay. Caitlin was out with her friends that night so Norm, Lily and I decided to go out. 

We fancied prawns so we went to Pescarne. As it was such a beautiful evening they had the side doors all open. There was a singer named Derek with a guitar slung round his neck and a backing track. It’s a small intimate venue and was very upmarket when it opened. Since the new owner took over it has become more casual. 

Let me just state that I’m the most awkward of people when it comes to social interaction. My idea of hell is being trapped in a dodgy cocktail bar with an oily lounge singer cruising around serenading the patrons while staring deep into their eyes. It’s different if you choose to see someone perform, not when they sneak up on you. 

Did I mention it’s my idea of hell? 

Well we have no pics of us as we made a point of getting out as quick as we could. It wasn’t fast enough to evade Derek. We even got up and moved as far away from him as possible. Derek walked up to our table despite our very obvious avoidance of any eye contact. He said “I can tell you don’t want to be disturbed…….”

Now who starts an interaction like that? If you can tell someone doesn’t want something, then don’t do it! 

He then asked us our names and what kind of music we liked via his Madonna-esque headset while lightly strumming his guitar. Lily, being a sweet young lady, answered him with ‘Beach Boys’ to which he curled his nose! We eventually muttered enough in his general direction to make him go away. Lily told us we are rude, but come on! 

We watched many people come and eat then go quickly. It was horrid. No one lingered.

Lily and I had gone for the prawns, but Norm doesn’t eat them, so he ordered the Hollandse Biefstek and Lily and I ordered 12 Queen Prawns. We ordered all 3 with chips.


As always the prawns were divine. However 3 portions of them arrived.  By this time what with the combination of Derek and Norman’s order being wrong, I had a very grumpy man. 

Eventually his steak arrived. 

It was R169 and 250grams in weight. It was average according to Norm. Oh dear.
We didn’t have dessert, we legged it out of there. 

We popped to the shop for chocs and headed home and rented a film. We watched Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. It was quite funny but I love them both. It was slightly cheesy but on a sliding scale of CheezWhiz to Derek it was bloody brilliant.

Sunday Norm and I had a lazy morning and headed to Fish Hoek at noon as we had seen a cute little bistro table and chairs advertised on our local bric-a-brac page. We ended up buying it. 

We then stopped off at Steenberg Village to do our shopping and we popped into Vovo Telo for some eagerly awaited sustenance. I ordered the pulled pork piadini but they were out. Instead I quickly re selected and ordered the Corn Hotcake which is described as: Served with 2 poached eggs, crispy coppa ham, roasted rosa tomatoes basil pesto and fresh rocket for 60 rand. I didn’t notice it had pesto when I chose it but luckily it wasn’t too lavishly covered.

I enjoyed the corn fritters it made for a nice change. The poached eggs were more well done than medium, but I’m not concerned enough about an egg yolk to send it back. It was an interesting twist on the traditional version. So far this ranks at best as 4th in my Great Eggs Benedict quest. 

Norm had the Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich which had rocket and tomato and it was on a panini.

We were seated next to a large table with several very badly behaved children who danced round our table singing a loud song. The parents were oblivious until the kids stood on the chairs of the empty table next to us, shouting at the tops of their voices while leaping off said chairs. It was causing me dyspepsia. I’m too old for such nonsense. 😉

We did our weekly shop and headed home where I unpacked the shopping while Norm set up my table and chairs on the upstairs balcony.

It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. A place to have my morning coffee or read a book in the sun. And it’s heavy enough to not go flying in the crazy Cape Town winds. 

Sunday afternoon I made a curry to have for dinner on Monday and left it to simmer. Sunday night I made a cottage pie, Brussels sprouts and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. It was delicious if I say so myself. 

It was such a pleasure to come home to my curry simmering in the slow cooker and all I had to do to complete it was boil some basmati rice and fry some poppadoms. 

The weather is improving and tonight I kept it simple and toasted a fresh ciabatta and made a sauce of mushrooms and sour cream. We fried some halloumi cheese, braised some red cabbage and made a sort of open sandwich with fresh baby spinach leaves. It was so divine. 

I’m looking forward to this weekend, the week is already half way to George Ezra 😉


Recently I’ve had conversations with several people about self worth or related topics. Some people need to feel emotionally rewarded in some way by their job, for example being in healthcare would give you a feeling at the end of your day that you helped an ill or recovering person. Some people need to see visible evidence of their efforts. For example, if you are a bricklayer you will be able to see an additional few rows of bricks at the end of your day. And then some people are just driven by financial rewards. They will do anything for money. These can be anyone ranging from your average meth head sex workers to your suited and smiling business consultant.

I’ve been two of these roles, and no, sex worker is not one of them. When I finished high school I wanted a job I could travel with and I followed my guidance counselor’s advice and somehow ended up studying radiography and I worked in Georgia, Tennessee, California and Johannesburg South Africa. I couldn’t get qualified when I moved to the UK so I did several temp jobs until I ended up in Birmingham England and got a job for British Gas as a call center agent. 

I detest phones. I have a squeaky voice like Minnie Mouse and a slow as molasses southern accent. No one can understand anything I say. Even when I make a concentrated effort to say ‘wahhturrr’ instead of ‘waaaaatahhh’ I still get confused looks. And no water.

I digress. 

At British Gas I made a point of always moving on, getting new skills, getting as much training as possible until I became first, a business analyst and then a data quality specialist and then a data migration manager and then I was head hunted by an international consulting house. I was brought on in hope they won a specific contract and when they didn’t they made me redundant. 

So I spent 6 months there at an obscene salary, and I only went on a single project. I then was made redundant at a point when I was desperately homesick for returning to South Africa and my children, and it gave me the perfect opportunity and cash payout to do so. 

I’ve been lucky to not be without a client my entire time here in Cape Town and to make a decent salary while doing so. Don’t get me wrong, it’s about a quarter of what I made in Europe and probably even half that with the current exchange rate of 20 rand to the pound. But we get by.

So when other people in IT complain that they are not satisfied by their jobs I cannot relate. I don’t get my feeling of self worth from my job. I get that from within. My job is just my job. I want it to pay well. 

I don’t mean that I would want to clean sewers or even be back in healthcare. I enjoy what I do and I’m good at it. But I won’t lie, it’s the cash that drives me.

What gives you your sense of self worth? Does your job give you satisfaction or is it all for the money? I’m very interested in hearing your views.  


The Quest 

Today I continued in my quest for the perfect Eggs Benedict. We decided to move our Saturday shopping trip to Sunday rather as that means the week’s dinners have 1 less day to age as we do find that Pick N Pay’s veg tends not to last as long as Woolies. 

Yesterday was such a lazy day, the most strenuous activity I indulged in was showering and washing my hair and changing into clean PJs, 

Lily brought a divine lemon meringue pie home for me.

She got it from the Hout Bay Harbour Market from the Cinnamon stall. 

It was delicious! Yum. They were about R30 each.

As mentioned we tried Mimmi’s and I decided on the Pavarotti which is tomato, mozzarella, Bolognese sauce, parmesan shavings for 110 and a potion goes to the Sunflower Fund. 

Now that’s a pizza. 

We watched a few movies, one with Hugh Grant as a sleazy teacher starring with Marisa Tomei. I like her and he’s still hot. Much more so without the floppy hair. Him not her. We all cosied round the heater.

Today we got up late and left about noon. We needed a clothes dryer as the constant rain means we have washing draped all over the house to dry. At least my exercise bike is finally getting some use.

So we managed to find a simple wooden one at spar. Then we went to Deli Delish for brunch as we had heard they changed ownership. The last time we went was New Years and it was horrid. 

The place was buzzing with people, we nabbed the last table. 

We had a delicious cappuccino. Norm ordered the SCRAMBLED EGG & BACON ROLL WITH BBQ SAUCE at R49. Described as “Nostalgia breakfast. Scrambled egg & bacon served on a lightly toasted ciabatta. Wrapped in paper for easy eating. Add extra jalapeno for bite.”

It wasn’t wrapped in paper and Norm certainly did not want jalapeño but he seemed to enjoy it.

I ordered the PROSCIUTTO BENEDICT at R69. The menu described it as “Traditional eggs benedict served with crispy prosciutto shavings.”

Well, I certainly would not call it traditional by any stretch. 

It was basically poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, it was delicious hollandaise however. The pancetta was very crispy and could only be eaten with my hands. You could not get a fork in it. I asked for medium eggs and they were soft and runny, exactly as I wanted. 

However it was not eggs Benedict. But it was delicious regardless. 

We finished eating and ran over to Vodacom to try and sort out my bill, with no luck. We then popped in to swap the jeans I had bought Norm. We then did our weekly shop.

Tonight I made barbecue pork chops, gem squash, Brussels sprouts and a bit of corn.

I made soy sausages for Caitlin. I have also made a creamy chicken and mushroom dish for tomorrow night’s dinner. I browned the chicken and mushrooms and then added some cream of mushroom soup and a tin of coconut milk. I fried an onion, a yellow pepper and lots of garlic and then blitzed it all so Lily didn’t see the onion then added that to the mix, it’s simmered for several hours. Tomorrow I’ll make some mashed potato and steam broccoli to go with it. 

We all feel so much more energetic eating healthy home cooked food. Back to work tomorrow. I feel so much more in control of my life. I’ve sorted fresh fruit and yogurt for my breakfast and made a pork sandwich for my lunch from my leftovers. It saves me a fortune on inedible rubbish from my work canteen. I hope I have the determination to keep it up. 

Enjoy your week everyone. Xoxo

Having It All

I was so organized this week. I cut down my overtime with an aim to bill only 45 hours a week. Having shopped on the weekend meant I could create a dinner for us every night and no need for take aways! 

As Monday was a public holiday I had cooked Eggplant Parmesan in advance, all it needed was baking in the oven about 30 minutes. Norm and the girls really enjoyed it. 


Instead of joining them to eat it I went to bookclub with the British girls. It was at Catherine’s home in Tokai so we all trundled across the mountain in Dawn’s giant SUV. 

We celebrated Dawn’s birthday with a delicious dinner made by Catherine, and a chocolate cake and some bubbles.

When the ladies came to my place they had to pass through a mob of about 30 men marching through the township

There has been a huge issue with gangsters in Hout Bay and often the gangs are made up of kids. There has been so many people stabbed, robbed, assaulted and terrorized. The African way of justice is usually an eye for an eye, but for some reason the elders have allowed these boys free run of the IY community. Apparently no more.  Word on the street is that the families who have hidden the criminals will not be allowed to do so.   

  The leaders have been dealt justice. I hope this brings some peace to our valley. 

Meanwhile, we keep on with our daily routines. It was lovely having healthy yogurts and fresh fruits for my breakfast every day and each night we cooked.

Norm has been slowly working on my refurbished unit. It’s coming along nicely. 

Wednesday it poured with rain and I walked in it in my new leather jacket. I was not impressed. I then came home and Caitlin and I made dinner with the bits and pieces not cooked from our previous meals. We braised the last head of red cabbage, boiled a wee bit of corn each, roasted the last few tiny sweet potatoes and made carrot fritters. We made up a sauce for the fritters out of warmed up frozen peas, fresh avocado and sour cream put on blitz. It was creamy and delicious. Much better than it looks. 🙈

Again on Thursday I trudged through rain and arrived home sodden. It’s impossible to use an umbrella in Cape Town. 

I came home latish due to traffic build up from the weather and the girls were out. Caitlin was climbing again and Lily met friends but were home for dinner later that night. I made a big pot of mac n cheese, but I put in one of those little veggie stock pots by Knorr.

I also added the remainder of the sour cream. It was the most delicious cheese sauce I’ve ever made. I topped it all with a thinly sliced block of mozzarella and melted it under the grill. It was divine. 

As it was a 4 day week it rattled by fast! Friday night Lily had friends over to stay and they went out to Woodcutter’s Arms and Caitlin was out with friends. Norm and I decided to stay in, the weather is misty and cold and rainy. We got take aways from Ragafellows and cosied up on the couch. And that was exactly where I’ve stayed all day today too! 

Tonight we are trying Mimmi To Go which is Massimo’s new take away. We have watched a few movies and lots of crime channel shows, the rain is still pelting down and I am so grateful for my warm blankets and dry home. Even Navajo is snuggling up. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 


It’s amazing how much more one can achieve with just one extra day of weekend. We had a long weekend in honour of Women’s Day. I took this from Wikipedia as they explained it better than I can: “National Women’s Day is a South African public holiday celebrated annually on 9 August. The day commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20 000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s pass laws that required South Africans defined as “black” under The Population Registration Act to carry an internal passport, known as a pass, that served to maintain population segregation, control urbanisation, and manage migrant labour during the apartheid era. The first National Women’s Day was celebrated on 9 August 1994.[1] In 2006, a reenactment of the march was staged for its 50th anniversary, with many of the 1956 march veterans.”

Sunday my friend Retha and I went to Blue route Mall to hit the sales and have a bite to eat. Retha was lucky and got some great buys. I bought some bras and I bought a pair of jeans for Norm.

We stopped by Primi Piatti for lunch. We had the garlic focaccia bread and a delicious Napoli sauce for dipping.


I then had the Caesar salad with crispy bacon, Cos lettuce tossed in Caesar salad dressing with boiled eggs, anchovy, pecorino shavings, & garlic croutons. It was delicious.it was R52.

Retha had the carbonara pasta at R60. Crispy bacon & pecorino folded with an egg, a dash of cream & spring onion,

We had cocktails, a good chat and a lot of laughs.

I came home and pottered about the house. I watched a few old movies and enjoyed being able to relax. Last night I again cooked for the family. Lily flew to George for the weekend and Caitlin went climbing but everyone was home for dinner.

I made grilled pork chops in teriyaki, red cabbage and roasted sweet potato and chunks of carrots in the oven. 

It was a real mommy meal. 

Today both girls had to work. Norm and I were up early as the house was awake and as a result were both so productive. Norm sanded my new cupboard. The wood under that brown crud is stunning, 

He also finally hung my new African fabric lamp shade.

Here is the before and after for comparison. 

I scrubbed my kitchen, did the dishes and made a eggplant parmigiana for tomorrow night,


It looks and smells yummy! I’m at book club tomorrow but the family will enjoy it. It’s one of the girls favorite dishes.

For tonight I reheated the chilli con carne and made spicy mushrooms for Caitlin and beef for the rest of us. I had crispy corn and soft flor tortillas and creamy guacamole and salsa, I also boiled corn.


Norm had a bee in his bonnet about my shoes. He counted over 90 pairs of my shoes and laid them all out end to end. 

Ok, ok, I get the message. The Scots are masters of subtlety.

So I’ve culled about 20 pair and tidied away my sandals for winter, 

We have achieved a lot and eaten home cooked food. Now we are back to work tomorrow. Hope you had a good weekend xx

Arnold & Ruby

We had such a productive day. Mzudomo arrived bright and early and while he was busy in the garden with great assistance from the Pomeranians, we set off to Hout Bay to hit the shops. I’m just so fed up with takeaways so we vowed to be more organized and do a weekly shop.

Before we did our shop we popped into The Riverway Cafe for a cappuccino and some breakfast.  

It was a stunning sunny winter day so we sat outside. 

I ordered the Old Arnold, this is Eggs Benedict and I chose to have mine with crispy bacon.

The Hollandaise was not too lemony, it was very light. The muffin was nicely crispy and the bacon was cooked perfectly. My egg was beautifully soft. I really enjoyed it. It was R65.

We shopped at Pic and Pay and as usual had no menu plan, I just selected what looked nice. 

We brought home all of the shopping and packed it away, then we headed over to Main Road to try and find a unit for our bedroom. We need it to put the Telly on and Norm needs some storage space for his office gubbins. 

We were so lucky that the very first place we stopped was Ruby’s Cottage in Bergvleit. They have a warehouse of un-refinished pieces and a showroom of beautiful pieces that have been beautifully restored. We wanted a piece we could refurbish and found the perfect thing.


We will sand it back to the raw wood and then stain it, we will try to get it a similar colour to our bed. We will get new hardware and it will be unrecognizable. 

And now I will get my dressing table back as the TV is taking up that space. 

Tonight we just decided to relax at home. For dinner I made a rather yummy pot of chili con carne. To go with it I made crispy potato wedges. We topped it with cheese and sour cream.

Tomorrow is National Woman’s Day so I’m going to lunch with Retha. It’s a long weekend in SA and I will enjoy every moment of it! 

Last Sunday we attended the Harry Peacock and Friends Jazz Event at Spiro’s.


We had a lovely day, and it was spent with lovely people.


We ordered lunch while we enjoyed the music. I had Spiro’s Platter for One, on at R135.00 which contained 2 garlicky Tiger prawns, 6 mussels in a creamy lemony sauce,  fried calamari, served with fat homemade chips.

Norman had a beef burger. It came with a gorgeous mushroom sauce and fat chips. 

Our friend Mel had the calamari salad.

Cyril had the peri-peri chicken livers.

We had a nice relaxing day and on our way home we drove along the beachfront.

The seaweed was a bit out of control, but it is still so stunning and I feel so blessed to live here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!