Winter Chills

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, but work has me so exhausted that I haven’t had the energy to go anywhere interesting enough to want to tell you about it. On Tuesday I had promised Norm that I would go to Spiro’s open mic night but by the time I finally got home after a 2 hour round trip drive and 9 hours or more at work the weather was icy cold and it was pouring rain. All I wanted was a blanket and my pjs and to veg out in front of the Telly.

Lily went to work on Fathers Day but Caitlin made us all delicious maple and sugar apples and French toast.

And that evening Caitlin made us all a dinner of organic veggie bits and pieces. 


Fried potatoes and garlic, fried onions and  sautéed cabbage, fried mushrooms, and fritters made of carrot and kohlrabi. It was delicious. 

They also had shopped for lots of goodies for Norm for Fathers Day. He received lots of things he loves like a bottle of wine, chocolate chip cookies and quality street chocolate as well as things he needs like warm winter socks. He was very pleased.

My back was still a bit fragile at the beginning of the week and luckily the girls stepped up and fed us. Particularly as it’s month end! Lily made pork chops and I made up a sauce of mustard, Heinz tomato sauce, dark soy and maple syrup. We made fried potatoes in coconut oil, mushrooms, and organic locally grown cabbage and spinach sautéed together.  It was so yum. 

The next night Cait made a mix of things from our last box from Harvest of Hope was not only tasty but it was also a beautiful looking meal. 

She made a flavoured couscous, roasted organic locally grown butternut and porcini mushrooms, stir fried spinach with lots of garlic and topped with crumbled feta and sun dried vegetables. The couscous was much larger than the finer version we  normally buy, it was like risotto and normal couscous had a baby. It had the creamier consistency of risotto somewhat. The sweetness of the roast butternut and the bitterness of the spinach were a perfect balance. It was like a winter version of a salad. 

My back steadily improved and I had to park in my work sponsored car park and walk rather than pay R100 a day to park nearby. We still started early and worked late averaging 46 hrs a week minimum. I’m tired.

I did nothing last night except eat pizza and snooze on the couch. It was divine.

Today I slept in and then Vanessa my lovely manicurist came and gave me a pedicure while I wore my pajamas. Panda sat in my lap. Navajo was very curious about it all. 

I’m wrapped in a blanket watching ‘stupid way to die’ videos or whatever it’s called and playing games on the iPad. Happy kitten am I. 

Norm is out again trying to help some lady who was robbed. It wasn’t a HBNW call. He saw it on social media where someone prioritized bitching on Facebook over phoning Watchcon. Else he might have been more effective hearing over the radio had she phoned when she saw it instead of 45 minutes later when he saw it by chance on FB. People amaze me.

When we are home on weekends he spends a lot of time popping in and out on radio calls. I feel it’s something that makes him happy and a way to payback what they do for our valley. 

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. I hated she was so far away. I’ve bought some pressies for her online but can’t tell you about them on the off chance she reads my blog. Soon, my precious. I’ll share all. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 😘❤️❤️


Gender has become such a high profile subject lately and people are being exposed to terms they never knew, much less were exposed to in everyday media. With former manly sports hero and legend Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transitioning on reality TV and coming out as transgender and appearing on the Vanity Fair cover looking stunning and amazing, thus starting a lot of conversations that would never have happened otherwise. Bruce was such a symbol of manhood and so familiar to the public, it brought it into people’s perspective whether they liked it or not. 


Or the gorgeous Laverne Cox, the first transgendered woman to be nominated for an Emmy, she was nominated for her part on Orange Is The New Black. She is everyone’s darling at the moment. A real stunner and a good actress. I didn’t know she was transgendered as the show was a bit underground in South Africa.

But now she is just slightly overshadowed by the amazingly glorious creature Ruby Rose who has recently joined the cast of OITNB. Is that a recognized abbreviation? Dunno. Should be.

Anyway, Ruby identifies herself as Gender Fluid. She looks like she was made in a lab by a group of mad lesbian scientists. She slips seamlessly between identifying as male 

and female 

genders or even as genderless. 

This video below is a real work of art. Please watch. It is so worth it.)

I think all of these areas of discrimination are all bubbling to the surface of our reality, peeling off the earth like an onion layer by layer. I feel all of these conflicts generate such negative energy in the universe. If only we could accept others based on their level of humanity rather than the colour of their skin, their gender, sexuality, their religion or any area people feel justified in judging another person. 

Will these things bubble up and expose their chaos as they are now, but eventually settle and become a non-entity in a few generations from now? One can only hope. 

On a more frivolous note, my mom finally figured out how to email a photograph on her iPhone. She has built a fairy garden, how cute is this? I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it. 

I so badly want to make one but will it hold up in the Cape Town rains and south easter gales which blow? I’m willing to give it a try to see!  

However it will be a bit before I can garden, my back is still so fragile. I drove to work on Friday but parked right by the office, but there was no parking attendant at 745am when I arrived. And they had finished when I left at 6pm. There were 2 homeless dudes who harassed me for money but I refused to pay them but they really hassled me until I threatened to take their pic and send it to the city, I hate leaving or arriving when it is dark.

I was on standby today but didn’t get phoned to go in so have just relaxed at home. Norm and I are going to get a curry and rent a film as the girls are out at a friends for an evening of board games. 

I hope you all have a good one. 

Back It Up

This week passed in a blur with me doing overtime every day.  We are developing a new Business Rules Engine and testing as we develop, we are using an agile methodology so it’s a constant cycle of change! It’s hard to manage.

I even worked today, I was in the office by 8am and worked until just after 12 when I sped off up Bree to Mop Hair which is the latest place I’ve loyally followed my lovely hairdresser Leandra. It’s a beautiful airy space. I knicked this pic off their Facebook page. 

I had a cut and colour done and enjoyed a long head massage from Thembi. 

Afterwards I gave Thembi a lift from the city back to Hout Bay. We have even more roadworks now with the road from the forest side also on a stop go system  (that’s the Constantia side for you local saffas).  This means sitting still for long periods in our key crime and hijacking area. This also means traffic everywhere and impatient taxis and others driving rudely. On Friday on my way home a taxi was driving on the wrong side of the road towards me as I came into our village. Simply because he didn’t want to wait for the traffic. 

Last night at 10pm Retha and I sat for ages in a queue of cars, the guy in front of us fell asleep! We had been to an event in Kloof Street in the city, it was a 3 month pop up shop for The Pause Room. They have such stunning things I could have spent a fortune! 

I bought some things for my daughters.This sugar bowl reminds me of the angel wing tattoo Lily has on her back.

I also bought a lovely turquoise platter 

and a big ceramic mixing bowl with a chocolate chip cookie recipe scripted on the side. I was very pleased with my purchases. 

Afterwards we decided to try eating at the Chinese restaurant which owned the underground car park we had finally found a space to park in. When we walked in it was completely empty. We hesitated as we didn’t think a lack of clientele was a good sign, but they seemed so eager to see us that I didn’t have the heart to leave them standing there expectantly, clutching their sticky black pleather menus. We later realised there were loads of people behind a big divider, some party or something. So someone must be paying their rent! 

We ordered prawn egg rolls and duck and pancakes for the 3 of us as Retha had also invited Rosemary. It’s always nice to meet new people. We all chatted away. We ordered noodles with veg, sizzling beef and Kung pao chicken. It all appeared at once.

It wasn’t great. It was tasteless and bland. But it filled a gap. We didn’t want a late night as we all had been working long hours, so we didn’t linger. 

Lily had some girlfriends to dinner on Thursday night so on Wednesday evening she and I cooked 2 meals. It’s fun cooking together, I just wish I was better equipped. We cooked pork chops in a mustardy sauce for that night and for her girls for the next evening we cooked a bit pot of chili. She made guacamole and nachos to go with the chili and one of the girls brought ice cream for afters.

Tonight I was booked to go to my friends birthday dinner in town, but after I had been sitting at the hairdresser for several hours I stood up and I bent forward to look into the mirror to put on my lipstick. When I tried to stand up again my back clicked and then suddenly I could barely walk. I came home and tried to stretch it out but no luck, it’s out of alignment and I’m in such pain. I’ve taken 2 mega strong pain tablets and I just hope it relaxes overnight. If not I’ll phone my back guy. 

It’s very sore. 😿

I’m glad I’m off work tomorrow and then Tuesday is a public holiday, it will be lovely to relax. Wish my quick healing please? 

Have a great weekend! 😘

Just A Number

Winter is well and truly here. It’s been peeking through sporadically but it’s rained and been so cold all week. It’s impossible to use an umbrella due to the hectic winds in Cape Town. Even with a hooded raincoat one gets drenched getting to and from the car. 

Winter is not pleasant. 

And then we have days like today which are sunny and gorgeous and warm. Sometimes you have all that in one afternoon. 

Work has been so busy with there not being enough hours in the day to achieve all of the tasks we have on our project plan. I leave around 7 am in the dark and come home about 7 pm in the dark. 

There are roadworks all along my route so it’s a nightmare. 

With all of these stresses it was a relief to go to Body Reactivation and have David work out the tightness in my shoulders. 

We were pretty good about cooking this week. We did get pizza from Massimo’s one night when we all got home late. Lily started her new job this week as a Concierge and is having training. 

We had bookclub this week at Camilla’s who made us a lovely dinner and we celebrated Melanie’s birthday with cake. It’s always good to catch up with the girls as life is too busy to see everyone. 

My son Trevor and his girlfriend Amber came down from Wilderness on Thursday night and Norm shopped so we did fish cakes for the pescatarian girls and chicken sausage and mash for the carnivores with tart red cabbage, green beans and gravy made from the sausage drippings. 

The weather turned for the better on Friday and Trevor went to the American embassy to get his passport renewed. He was born in Los Angeles, California so is an American citizen but has permanent residency in SA. The rest of us all went off to work. Friday evening the kids all used Uber Taxis to get to Sgt. Pepper on Long Street and said the pizzas are the best they have had! I must put them on my list of places to try. I love that my kids are pals and like to party together. 

Norm and I treated ourselves to a curry from Indian Oven in Hout Bay. We love their food and always have the same thing, I have Prawn curry and Norm has chicken korma and we share the divine spinach dish saag alloo. Their naan is thin and crispy and garlicky. 

Saturday was Trevor’s birthday and he got a stack of presents when he woke. 

He was given a special gaming mouse and mouse pad, a shirt, a board game, a card game and some other cool gifts, he seemed to genuinely like them all. 

After he opened his presents and recovered from the night before a bit, everyone got ready as they were off to Hint Hunt. According to their website ‘HintHunt® is a new simple and fun live escape game, designed for small groups of 3-5 people. You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a tiny room. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time! Else … you could be trapped inside forever! During this engaging and challenging game team members truly live and breathe in union for an hour.’

The kids loved it. 

That evening we booked in to my fave place, Ragafellows for birthday burgers. 


We had a variety, from the vegetarian burger to various beef burgers and we were all very pleased with our food. We had the little onion petals as well which are to be recommended. For starters we got a couple of portions of the crispy calamari to snack on. 

We had a lovely evening.




We didn’t want a late night as we wanted to play Avalon, one of Trevor’s new presents so we asked for the bill.  Next thing we know they brought Trevor a birthday treat. 

It was yummy we all had a taste. 

I had made a rich chocolate cake which we ate that night, but we ended up just slobbing out  and not playing a game but it was so nice having us all together. Norm popped out on a Neighbourhood Watch call but wasn’t too late getting home. 

Today it was again such a stunning day and we all slept late then went for brunch at The RiverWay Cafe

We all woke starving and happily devoured our food. We had a good mix of things from the menu. 


In order below, Caitlin and Amber had the smashed. Trev had the Kitchen Sink, Norm and I had the Retro roll which was delicious. 

Lily had the Old Arnold with Bacon. She thought the hollandaise to be perfect, light and creamy. Not stodgy like some. She is a fussy wee madam so if you please her you are doing well. 

We had a delicious meal and the kids hit the road home to the Garden Route. It is so special that at 29 my boy wants to spend his birthday with family. Maybe it’s the cake!? 😽 I don’t feel old enough to have a child his age. 

Again I end my weekend feeling oh so blessed. 

I have a beautiful family.


 I have a job that pays well which I enjoy and a gorgeous home. Life can’t get much better. Except for a few grandkids ….that would be the cherry on the cake. But until then I’ll just keep counting my blessings.