Back In Black

One of the few advantages of so much load shedding is that it gives me a legit excuse to go out for dinner. Not that I’ve ever needed an excuse, but still, it’s nice to be legit. 

We are in the middle of being load shed as I write this, at least WordPress is still available. We are without power from 10.00 to 12.30. The daytime outages are not so bad, unless you have a gardener in and an electric lawnmower and strimmer as we do, but he can just do the beds. Our garden is small but it is over full of plants and the trees badly need trimming. We gave Mzudumo that direction when we first moved in, but he decimated the vines and ground cover and bushes so I would rather get a landscaper in to do a proper cull for the winter. 

It is still a lovely view, that’s the back of Table Mountain in the distance.


And that’s Navajo our Swiss Shepherd contributing to the demise of my grass.

I do love him, but owning him is a bit of a culture shock for us Pomeranian People.

This is Prince Panda. My shadow who sleeps on my pillow.


And our old girl Pixie, the matriarch of the pack, just chillin’ by the pool.

Pixie and Mzudomo are great buddies, he tosses her up in the air and cuddles her and their ritual is that on arrival he settles down and has a smoke and a cup of coffee and grooms Pixie. We never asked it to be part of his tasks, he asked us for a brush and ever since they have a communal adoration session accompanied by grooming. It’s too sweet. 

As you can see, there is quite a size difference between my boys. 

We bought Navajo to train as a protection dog after our armed invasion, but his training has been rather sporadic. He is not keen on new people, he is very cautious and sometimes even aggressive. But with the family he thinks he is another Pomeranian and wants to sit on you and cuddle. He’s a beautiful boy. 

Navajo has unfortunately taken a strong dislike to Mzudomo. We have to keep him inside as he goes insane if Mzudumo comes near the house. Yesterday Mzudumo knocked on the door into the pantry from the garage to get car detergent and Nav lunged at him so I grabbed his collar just to pull him back, thinking he is bluffing and all bark and snarling teeth like always. But when Mzudumo turned to walk away Nav leaped past me and nipped Mzudumo on the back of his leg. He barely broke skin and Mzudumo didn’t even feel it, but still it is worrying in one regard and brilliant in another. 

Bad as we must keep him locked up when Mzudumo is here to keep him from biting again, but great as it confirms I can count on Nav defending me should the need arise. 

Saturday morning Norm took Caitlin to the airport. She flew to George for a long weekend to see her Dad and brother and Amber. Some of their other girlfriends are also in town so they are having a get together. 

Afterwards Norm came to fetch me and we went for brunch at The Riverway Cafe.

We were starving and asked if they would still serve breakfast and when given the thumbs up, ordered The Kitchen Sink which consists of 2 eggs, bacon, a beef and coriander sausage, fried mushrooms, beans, fried rosa tomatoes,toast. Everything except the kitchen sink. 

It was beautifully presented. Love the heart shaped cutting board.


But the details are always special with anything at Riverway. The array of stunning baked goods. Even when photo bombed by sexy Spiro husband to the owner, the lovely Julie. 



 The sugar bowl looks like you may have inherited it from your late Aunt Agatha. A proper heirloom. 

I could barely put a dint into all that food. I gave Norm a lot of it and I just had the toast eggs and bacon with a bite or 2 of each side. It was delicious.
We had a few errands to run, I needed my new glasses adjusted and we needed to go to the chemist and do a food shop. I bought a couple of pairs of leggings as boot weather is just starting and I love boots and big baggy tops. 

We came home and relaxed a bit and spent the afternoon doing bits and pieces until the electricity shut off at 18.00 but luckily the light was just fading and we had plenty of candles as that was the thing on my list which I forgot 😦 

The electricity was to be off until 20.30 so we decided to go out and get dinner. I had to get ready by candlelight so who knows how I looked. I still don’t. 

We headed to Pescarne as we heard they have a generator and I knew they had this special on.


It was nicely lit up which was so welcoming with the majority of the village in pitch blackness. We saw some friends outside eating and had a quick chat then we were seated sipping cocktails. 

I ordered the Queen Prawns special, 1kg at R199.

Regular readers will know that my only issue was the lack of lemon butter so I was thrilled that they had changed from the sharp dips they served the prawns with last visit and actually drenched it in a lemony butter which was divine! Great move, I hope they keep that up. Again I gave my chips to Norm and just focussed on the prawns but still couldn’t quite finish them. But I gave it a good go. 

Norm had a 350 gram fillet with chips.

 We really enjoyed it all and both of us had a delicious meal. 

Lily and Josh got home late last night and today they have driven back to George. We are waiting on the electricity to come on so we can watch a movie or something, I am still in my pajamas. It’s going to be a laid back mellow one. I hope you enjoyed yours.

Painting in the Dark

On Saturday morning Lily drove back to George to spend her last week as a lady of leisure with Josh and Norm arrived home from his trip to the UK on Tuesday. We were all very pleased to see him as we missed him and it also means one more body to share the load of our household!

Sunday night we had another night of load shedding so no electricity from 8-10.30pm. After our busy day exploring Hout Bay Harbour, Cait had gone on a mountain trail run with Navajo who arrived home sweaty and filthy but happy as could be. It was his 1st venture off trail and he was a bit nervous but eventually started to have fun.

After they were home we had a quick simple dinner of a toasted cheese before the power went off and then we played scrabble by candle light.

Monday night Caitlin and I cooked the lovely piece of yellowtail we had bought on Sunday from Fish4Africa. I cooked organic spinach and made cauliflower mash from our box of goodies from Harvest of Hope.


It tasted much better than it looks. It tasted like only freshly caught fish can taste. This is less than half of the yellowtail fillet, the entire piece cost about R118 and it could have fed about 3 people. We were so pleased that our entire plate of food was either grown or caught so near our home. Not only healthy for our bodies but a reduced carbon footprint? Try not to be blinded from the glow of our halos. 😀

Tuesday I was very happy to have Norm home, but as Lily was in George and Caitlin was at the cinema we had a quiet night in, he was exhausted from traveling. 

I had an appointment for body Reactivation after work on Wednesday and on my way home was stuck in roadworks for 2 hours. It’s a beautiful view but I can’t last 2 hours without a wee. I was ready to jump out and shove the stop sign up the dudes rear once I saw that there were only 4 cars waiting on the other side. How many brain cells does one need to realise that if there is a 2 hour tailback on one side of the roadworks and a random smattering of cars on the other side it might make sense to open the side with the tailback for longer? No? Apparently not. By the time I got home it was almost 8pm and I was starving and exhausted. 

Thursday we were due again for load shedding and I had Vanessa my manicurist coming to the house at 5 for my monthly pedicure. We hoped to be done by 6 when the lights were due to go off but we didn’t. She was just starting to polish my tootsies when the power cut. We ended up surrounded by candles and a lamp while Vanessa painted my toes.

Only in Africa. 

We couldn’t cook, so we sent Norm off to try and find some food. He ended up at Massimo’s which is just around the corner. I chose the ‘John Wayne’ – pulled bbq beef, smoked mozzarella, jalapeno chilies, red onions. It was amazzzzzzing!  

Caitlin chose the Mafiosa – garlic butter, mozzarella, pancetta, Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, basil for R115. 


We ate in the dark, a few candles and lanterns so we could function. 

There is no loadshedding scheduled tonight, Lily, Josh and Caitlin are all here. It’s lovely having them here. Nothing beats time with those we love. 

Old Becomes New

Living in a tourist town and having such a constant stream of visitors I thought I was familiar with every bit of Hout Bay. Today I discovered several delights I hadn’t yet experienced. We had spotted a lady selling her outside seating, cushions and table on the Hout Bay 2nd hand site. We loved the cushions and got 16 of them for R900. They were all made up by a seamstress as opposed to shop bought. They are beach themed and look perfect with our furniture.


We are thrilled!

Since we had to go and collect these on the harbour side of town, we decided to stop at the Hout Bay Harbour.

 We parked up and walked to Muriel’s Munchies and ordered 5 Queen Prawns and chips for R129 and Calamari and chips for R85 (that’s off memory as I can’t find their menu online).

We climbed up to the balcony on top of the building and settled in. 

Our food arrived quickly. The views are so fantastic I didn’t take any food pics. But the view is so stunning you can see why?

The calamari was tender, the prawns large and really fresh and the chips the perfect consistency for dousing with the plentiful vinegar. Just divine. It was so affordable and the portions perfect for lunch and it was piping hot. The prawns were done in a garlicky butter which we dipped our chips in.

It was such a warm beautiful day today. 

After we finished lunch I got a soft swirl ice cream and Caitlin got a milkshake and we took a walk to the end of the pier.


There were lots of seals.



Afterwards we stopped at Fish4Africa and bought a big bag of frozen prawns, perfect to have in the freezer to chuck into creamy pastas or stir fries, and 2 large pieces of yellow tail, one to freeze and one for tomorrow night. 

We had never been to Muriel’s, or to Fish4Africa and we have never walked on the pier! We don’t take advantage of the magical affordable places right on our doorsteps. 

I’ve had a lovely day! 


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I am so lucky to live in a fishing village where we can get amazing fresh seafood. My daughter Caitlin has just become pescetarian (eats only fish and seafood, veg and dairy.) The rest of us have sort of followed suit just as it is simpler.

We have had a week of Pescetarian Heaven.

I had such a brilliant Mother’s Day. I have a fat lady painting obsession and my girls got me a cute little serving stand and a lovely pyramid shaped storage box. I love them both!

The gifts and the girls :).


My daughters booked lunch in one of my fave venues in one of my long standing most loved villages, Kalk Bay. This little village has a lot of memories for me; I have been going there since I first moved to SA in 1990.

I have many memories of drunken dancing to Ska music at The Brass Bell.

And memories of many shopping adventures there as we take every overseas visitor to Kalk Bay. It is also where my son, daughter and I all got tattoos before the tattoo place closed down there.


It was a cool shop and it is a shame it closed. I love my tat!

We drove along Chapman’s Peak Drive, one of the world’s most beautiful views.

kalkbaychaps kalkbaychaps2

We arrived a few hours before our lunch booking and had a wander through the art galleries, jewellery, knick knack, clothing and antique shops that make up Kalk Bay high street.



Caitlin chose a few things for her birthday and I bought a gorgeous lapis lazuli ring for myself at Oh So Boho.

I have a lapis necklace and earrings already to fill my Virgo matchy matchy syndrome.


We had Caitlin drop the car at the harbour parking but had her first drop us at the far end of town, so she parked and then came to join us, we hit all the places we walked past and then we were thirsty and we stopped at Cape To Cuba for a cocktail. I love the décor there and the view right out onto the sea.



After our cocktail we continued our walk to Live Bait which is part of the Harbour House building, it is on the pier right next to the fishing boats hauling the fish in and we get to eat it!


We ordered far more than we could consume as it was 2pm and we were starving. We ordered the seafood platter (at R300 or so, it was on the specials board), the platter of prawns @ R145, the masala dusted calamari at R95.

The platter has a crayfish, a piece of fish, mussels, prawns, rice and chips.

kalkbay seafood

It was all divine!! We feasted like kings.

Afterwards we were so full that we had to take a walk down the pier to digest a wee bit before we got into the car for the twisty mountain journey home.


We had the obligatory photo op at the end of the pier on the lighthouse.



We came home and watched movies and that night we had cake for dinner as we were too full for proper food.

That is our story for dessert but no dinner, OK?

Monday passed in a work filled haze and we made a vegetarian Mexican dinner of porcini mushrooms peppers and shallots made into burritos for dinner that night.

Tuesday was Caitlin’s birthday and we got her some workout clothes and a onesie and a case for storage with cute owls on it.

She was keen on trying the Pescarne seafood platter I had raved about on my previous visit since new owners took over.

She kicked off the night with a cosmo, it took 2 attempts to get this right, the first was pure booze! But in the end it was OK.


My daughters are so stunning.


Lily had the  Baby seafood platter at R165 which consists of a piece of hake, prawns, calamari and mussels in sauce.


Caitlin and I shared a platter of 8 King Prawns @ R189 and a platter of 12 Queen Prawns, @ R149.

caitbdayprawns caitbdayqueenprawn

We came home and had a bit of carrot cake Lily had made, I made the cream cheese frosting. It was yummy.

It has been lovely having both girls home this week, we have had a wonderful week. They went out last night to celebrate Caitlin’s birthday with her friends and I stayed in and chilled.

Lily is driving back today to George for a week, but will be back next weekend.

Life goes on!

I have another very sore sty in my eye, back on drops and no make up again. I have had to chuck out 3 lots of make up now, this is getting expensive.

Hence my desire to relax and do nothing this weekend and try and get some energy back, I suspect I am very run down if I keep getting these infections?

Anyway off to have a wee nap 🙂 Enjoy your weekends.

Waltzing Mathilda

I was invited to attend the Theatre Dinner Evening at The Mount Nelson Hotel last Tuesday with my friend Retha. 


It’s a new concept for the hotel I understand and is held  at Planet Restaurant every Tuesday evening from 5 May to 9 June 2015. The evening is priced at R450 per person. 

‘The Summer of 1946’ is a play which has been written by Alexander McCall Smith and directed by Nicholas Ellenbogen. It’s musical theatre which is my favorite genre. 

We were shown to a little conservatory type room off the main restaurant for bubbly and canapés on arrival and then we headed into the restaurant for 7pm. 

The stage was set up in the centre of the restaurant and the 3 courses were served to align with the 3 acts. 

There were 2 starters to choose from, either chicken liver parfait with a pear chutney served with a warm brioche, or roasted cauliflower soup with toasted almonds. 

I chose the chicken liver parfait. 


The chicken liver was light and smooth but it was rather a big portion so I could not finish it. I am not sure what all the little bits are other than the pear chutney but I found the sweetness of the extras to contrast rather strongly with the richness of the chicken liver. A new experience for my taste buds. 

Retha is allergic to garlic and told the waiter this when she sat down, but he only came to say that both starters had garlic when he was actually serving the starters. He asked if she wanted a beetroot salad which she declined and said ‘just bring me something, just not a beetroot salad or anything with garlic.’ He came back with a stunning looking salad Caprese.


So many places never seem to be able to cope with a surprise like that but the kitchen rallied and Chef Rudi saved the day.

While eating our starters we watched the 1st act of the play which was a woman’s perspective on seeking a suitor and a spouse in 1946. I suspect if I had to adhere to the restrictions put on women in that era I would have ended up as a trouser wearing cat loving overweight lesbian who smoked a cigar.



For the main we had a choice of Chicken Chasseur or Kob Meunière and I chose the Kob. I would have been happy with either they both looked divine. 



The fish was lovely, plump and moist and buttery. It was on a bed of long stemmed broccoli and baby potatoes. It was so delicious.

Again one of the ladies at our table was vegetarian and the kitchen brought her a lovely looking dish of gnocchi. They were very accommodating. 

The 2nd act was the bloke’s perspective of trying to find a wife. The lead actor was a young handsome fella who played the saxophone and had a lovely singing voice. 


The dessert was warm apple cobbler with orange blossom ice cream and english custard cream. 


I loved the crispy edges of this dish but it was rather large so I just nibbled round the edges like a menopausal mouse. There were little pots of very thin creamy custard, more like what we call creme anglaise in Europe. I liked it as I am not a fan of pouring cream over my desserts. But I do like custard and this was closer to custard than cream in flavour. 

There was a lot of spice in the apple – maybe allspice? I am not a spice fan so I avoided the middle of the cobbler. It was so large I could be happy with munching the crispy edges. 

We watched the third and final act while  we were having our dessert. I really enjoyed the 3rd act as it was full of madness and frivolity.  So much madness that I turned to the woman next to me and asked her if the fish had been infused with acid or was she also seeing women dressed as a penguin and a lion. 


It was a bit random, maybe that was supposed to represent Cape Town? Lord knows, I was lost but I enjoyed it. 

We were working the next day so didn’t linger for coffee, we headed home to Hout Bay.  We stopped off in the ladies and had an attempt to take a selfie as we thought it funny we both ended up wearing Cruella Deville-esque black and white. We were not very successful in getting a nice pic. 


The next day I had an appointment to see David King for Body Reactivation and floated home all relaxed. I had thought Norm was cooking as he said he shopped but I somehow ended up cooking most of it. He had bought a lovely piece of hake and we cooked that with mash, cabbage and mushy peas. It was rather delish if I say so myself. 

We are working to a deadline due next week so work is hectic. I’m so exhausted when I get home. I was glad at least Norm was here for support this week. We have also had a few bouts of load shedding as well which is not easy to cope with. Thursday we had no electricity that evening so Norm got us takeaways. We knew Cassarechio has a generator so he picked up a pizza. I couldn’t Google the menu and fancied a change and the owner Jorge made it up specially for me. 

Friday night Lily and Josh drove down from George and their friend Mike also stayed over so we ordered burgers for the boys and kingklip for Lily and I. We just relaxed at home.


Today my friend Annette and I had bought a coupon from Daddy’s Deals for a facial, mani and pedi 90 minute treatment at Beauty Magic in Parklands. We would never normally go so far but for 200 bucks it was a bargain! I pay more for a mani usually. We had the treatments and chatted the whole time. 

After we decided to go to Maestro’s On The Beach for lunch, despite the bad experience we had last time. The view is what always drags us in. 



And the cocktails.


But the fact that they allow people to smoke outside despite the law meant we had to move tables. We both ordered the chicken schnitzel with chips. 


We enjoyed the food as we were starving. But after we finished we tried many times to get our waitress’ attention even asking another waitress to get her. No luck. We gave up and just went to pay at the front. Our plates were piled up by then, my worst pet peeve is not having the plates cleared. Shocking service.

So many venues just cruise on their location and don’t care about the food or service. We have the same syndrome in Hout Bay. 

I think that is our last visit there! Anyway. 

Tonight Caitlin and I cooked. We made kohlrabi and carrot fritters, baked aubergines, green beans and grilled halloumi. It was divine. I made an avocado and yogurt sauce for the fritters. All the veg were grown locally as part of the Harvest of Hope project.


It’s been a lovely week and tomorrow is Mothers Day so we are off to Kalk Bay for the day. I hope your Sunday is fab. 

9 Lives

What an odd week I’ve had. Norm has been away since last Sunday. It’s so hard to do everything on my own. Usually we ask Lily to be here but this is her last week to be in George as she starts her new job soon. She is going to be working for a concierge company. Caitlin promised to help and we made a plan.

We feed our dogs raw organic meat, mince, fish, sardines, lungs, tripe, hearts, chicken feet and all manner of things. It’s revolting but has to be done twice a day, at 7am and pm. As I get up early and try to be out of the house by 7am we agreed Cait would do the morning feed and I would do the evening. 

We asked Cordelia to be here by 8.15 so Cait could be in to work by 9, and we made sure I was home by 5 to meet the dog walker. We booked a guy who works  nearby and he took Nav for a good walk as he is too strong and undisciplined for Caitlin to handle. Cait took Panda for a little trot round when she got home. It’s getting dark so early now she can’t go far, I then threw ball for Pixie so she got tired out. 

So we made plans and it worked, we coped. I am very busy at my client as our project is nearing go live. 

We even cooked, I made a lovely little pork roast. I made organic home made slaw, a baked potato and I roasted porcini mushrooms with the pork which I coated in fresh local honey before baking. 


We ate watching Telly and after I had eaten about half I stretched my legs and my plate slid down my legs, the dogs lunged in and grabbed bits of pork and dashed off. Even if I wasn’t too germophobic to not consider applying the 5 second rule it didn’t last that long! 

Tuesday night I had bookclub to attend. It was hosted by Mel who lives in Constantia so I got a lift with some of the other Hout Bay ladies. We had a delicious dinner and a little birthday celebration for our friend Catherine. As usual we had a laugh. 

Wednesday was the monthly Hout Bay Women’s Gin Club meeting at Massimo’s hosted by Tracy Orione, co-owner with her husband Massimo.

We were greeted with a delicious lemony cocktail sponsored by Inverocche Distillery and at the tables we had what seemed like copious amounts of wine sponsored by  Hout Bay Vineyards. I had the Sauvingnon Blanc and Caitlin had the Merlot.

But I loved these! 


Photo credit to Tracy Oriane.

There were quite a few women attending again. This month we were listening to a woman who works as a volunteer at Hout Bay high. The entire school is in desperate need of funds but there is also a young girl Phosiza who has qualified for a martial arts competition in Johannesburg but needs to fund her flight, meals and hotel and also a bit of pocketmoney. 


We raised a bit for her and a few of us also paid into the school account. I hope she can go. If any of my readers would like to donate the details are:

Account name: Hout Bay High School Banking Details

Bank name: Standard Bank Constantia

 Account no: 071735720

 Branch Code: 051001

 Account type: Cheque Account

Even 10 U.S. dollars is 100 rands when converted. If you do deposit please would you make your deposits with Phozisa Nqenqa’s name and your name as references – thank you all again for your generosity!! 

I was so hungry I didn’t take any pics of the food but we had some gorgeous starters, and I hope I can remember them, I’ll copy what I can from the menu. We started with gorgeous fat black olives and ‘Between The Sheets’ Focaccia – stuffed with cream cheese & gorgonzola. This was crispy outside and creamy inside. Wonderful. Some rounds of grilled Aubergine sandwiching thick slabs of Massimo’s home made fiordilatte mozzarella which were divine. Bresaola – air dried sliced beef, parmesan shavings, rocket & extra virgin olive oil. Tuna carpaccio – with rocket, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper & lemon juiceCalamari – deep fried, served with homemade aioli. We were given what I think was a Misto Platter with Parma ham, felino salame, Salpicao Portuguese salame, mortadella, fiordilatte mozzarella with basil pesto, goats’ cheese with roasted garlic, gorgonzola, tomatoes, vegetable giardiniera. There was fresh baked bread and a lush salad. My fave was the little parcels of mouth watering Parma ham filled with creamy mozzarella all baked to crispy, creamy perfection. 

The waitresses were very attentive even noticing that Caitlin hadn’t eaten anything from a few courses which were meat based and serving her extra vegetarian courses. 

The pizzas then started coming, 1st a Mafiosa – garlic butter, mozzarella, pancetta, Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, basil. I loved that so much. The pancetta was crisp and the sauce creamy.

We then had Alba – garlic butter, Taleggio cheese, cooked Parma ham, mushrooms, truffle cream followed swiftly by a Tricolore – roast garlic, cacio cheese, zucchini ribbons, fresh tomato, chili (no tomato). 

By then we were both tired so we headed home. 

Thursday was double Mexican day as it was pseudo Friday as Actual Friday was  a public holiday. The boys and I walked to Tortilla Mexican in the drizzly rain for lunch. I had such frizzy hair but the city felt fresh in the rain. As we ate my colleague said how he threw a cat off a roof to test the 9 lives theory. Wow. 

Then that evening we had Burritos for dinner. I used my leftover pork and Cait used porcini mushrooms and we both added the organic peppers, shallots and chili we get weekly. 

Luckily I love Mexican food. 

Friday I took Caitlin and her friends to the airport to fly to Port Elizabeth and then drive a bit further to visit Kichaka a stunning 5 star game reserve. They saw all manner of amazing animals 



She said she felt like a princess. I’m glad she had fun. 

When I took her to the airport it luckily worked out that Norm was arriving home from Namibia. We came home and Norm had to go right out to work. I hung around as my son Trevor and his girlfriend Amber came down to go to Park Life Festival

I enjoyed Massimo’s so much that we decided to get pizzas and just stay in and relax on Friday as everyone was tired from traveling. We had 4 different ones to try- the Regina – tomato, mozzarella, ham & mushrooms, Alba – garlic butter, Taleggio cheese, cooked Parma ham, mushrooms, truffle cream, and a half and half of Mafiosa – garlic butter, mozzarella, pancetta, Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, basil and half John Wayne’ – pulled BBQ beef, smoked mozzarella, jalapeño chillies, and red onion. They were delicious. I intend to swap my allegiance from Cassarechio. 

Early the next morning I saw a whatsapp message on our neighborhood group which said a cat had been injured. I suggested they post a pic and when they did it looked so much like Lola. I woke Norm who got up and took me round, but thankfully once we saw the stripes on its face we knew it was not Lola. Norm took the body to the vet but the cat wasn’t chipped. Poor kitty.  

Yesterday after I dropped Trevor and Amber in Greenpoint I went on to get my hair done at Mop Hair on Bree Street.

Then I came home and Norm and I went to one of our faves Papino’s for a steak.


We had the usual fave Hollandse Biefstuk which is Pan-fried beef fillet with mushrooms flambéed with brandy. It’s R160 and comes with gorgeous al dente fresh veg. We had chips with ours. As always it was divine. 


Norm collected Caitlin from the airport and dropped her friends in town then he had to go to join the project he’s doing at the moment. Trevor and Amber drove back to Wilderness. I’ve just been relaxing. 

Tonight we are enjoying the last of the long weekend. I hope you did too!