Wedding Bells and Saxophones

On Friday we had a team workshop at our head offices in Canal Walk. We spent the day planning our next phase of work. We then had drinks in the offices to say cheerio to Rhona who is moving to the UK.

We just had a chilled evening at home on Friday as we knew we had a busy weekend planned.

Saturday we had a relaxed morning and late afternoon headed over to our friends Karen and Scott’s wedding.

It was held at the school where Karen teaches as they were on a tight budget. But they managed to make everything look very nice and it was a lovely day. We met some people that I have ‘seen’ and chatted to before on twitter so it was nice to put faces to twitter handles.

Karen looked stunning and it was just such a joy filled day. They are such a lovely couple. They have 6 children between them small to young adult with Karen’s oldest 2 being mothers themselves. Karen has 2 beautiful grandchildren, very near in age- the best thing ever for cousins. There were lots of family members and friends who have been there since the 1st tweet up where Karen and Scott met. We both really like Karen and Scott, sound, sincere, honest, no bullshit people. I wish them every happiness.


We had drinks and a delicious meal prepared by Karen’s daughter, and chatted for a bit then headed home as Lily was on her own at home.

Today we went to another of the Jazz events at Spiro’s and my friend Caroline joined us.

They played lots of familiar tunes and we had a lovely relaxing day.


I was in the mood for something different so I ordered pork chops. Or so I thought. I was served my food and thought they seemed a bit small and looked more lamb than pork, but there were 5 so thought that amount would be fine. But then I tasted one and remarked that it tasted like lamb as well. Then Caroline drily said ‘that’s because you ordered lamb’. Hmm. That explained that then. I’m not a fan of lamb. Especially chops. But I ate them. They were moist and tender and to people who like lamb they are probably amazing. To me, well, they were lamb. Bleh. Not to the chops, just to eating lamb in general. I might have enjoyed them more could I pick them up and gnaw on em. Silly me.

For dessert Caroline had a massive slice of lemon cake.

It was delish.

I had a Dom Pedro and we stayed til the last song and headed home.

Lots of people were up dancing- even Spiro did a wee turn. He’s quite the wee mover.


I love Hout Bay.

We had such a brilliant weekend. Such fun.

I hope you did too?


Puppies and Powers

The last week has been both incredibly stressful and incredibly amazing.

Last Sunday while out walking my husband and our dogs were attacked by one of our neighbour’s dog. Our dogs were on leads, walking on the road. Their dogs were off lead and ran out of their own garden and their big dog picked up my teacup Pomeranian in his mouth an started shaking him and slamming him on the ground.

Norm then kicked out at the dog to get him to drop Panda, and the dog then bit Norm.


The owner eventually notices what’s going on and comes out to drag off his biggest dog, but not until he had done major damage to Panda pup. Here he is when the vet shaved him the next morning. He also knocked out all of his front teeth which the vet can do nothing about really.


These dogs are a nuisance. They come down to our gate and harass our dogs through the gate, trying to nip them, and this is causing our dogs to then fight. They have chased our domestic worker down the road trying to bite her and they have tried to attack our dogs while on lead before as well.
If you have a dog known to be aggressive then why would you allow it to roam the streets?!

The vet said that the shaking had pulled loose the skin from the muscle of his abdomen. As it was so soon they couldn’t see how much damage so they put in a drain.


Panda came home and we put him in Cait’s room on the wee dog bed with a sheepskin (fake. Calm down.) cover. He slept until late evening and he started moving as if sore and whimpering.

We rang and the vet said he could have anti inflammatory meds which helped a bit.

He spent a few days just lying and looking half alive. The vets at Penzance were brilliant and had him come in every morning to be checked. They said he had a wee bit of infection as the drain was blocked but we just hoped the antibiotics got on top of it. He started feeling feverish to me one evening and the next day looked like he was near death. The infection was bad and the vets had to open him and do a proper curettage of the damaged tissue.

He was raw all under his wee leg as well from the other dog’s teeth. He was one unhappy miserable looking dog. He had stopped eating when feverish and went 3 days without eating at all. In a 3kg dog that can be fatal. They dehydrate so easy. The vet gave us some horrid looking goop the dogs loved the smell of and he ate that from a dropper. To be fair we gave him no choice. Eventually I made him an organic chicken soup, boiling it til it fell apart, then removing the chicken and boiling the carcass until a broth I could drain. It is very healthy. He built up his strength and moved back into our room and is mostly back to normal. He nearly died when he was so infected. He looked so miserable. And so flat. Scary stuff cos I adore this boy.


Now he is jumping round and looking almost normal. What a relief.

On Saturday I went to my friend Karen’s hen night.

I was a bit late as Norm had been called out to deal with one of the volunteers. Eventually I rocked up to join the girls who were already in full swing. We had a few shots. This is a springbok, creme de menthe and amarula cream.

We had caramel vodkas and all sorts and made Karen do all manner of naughty, silly, hen nighty things. .


We had a guy offer himself up as the entertainment. We had no choice really. He fancied himself as an exotic dancer. He was neither exotic nor a dancer.

But he was funny.

There was a random fisherman sitting alone at another table in the pub. He was working a puzzle and had nothing to drink so I sent him a pint. He came to thank me before he left.

Actually now I wonder if I made up the bit about him being a fisherman. Maybe it’s the striped top and beanie. Maybe he is just cold.

The blokes and our itineraries clashed as we never left our original pub The Toad In The Road a cute old fashioned proper pub. I’ve blogged previously about the brilliant burgers at the sister restaurant Toad In The Village

The music was brilliant. Or we were drunk and easily pleased.
Or both.

The men had been all over with Scott the groom doing karaoke while dressed as a woman, dress, wig, make up and all.

We had such a great night and such a laugh. In fact, I don’t remember leaving! They are such a fabulous couple, they met on Twitter, fell in love and have built a lovely blend of children, young adults, grandchildren and everyone seems to be happy. All it takes is love. I look forward to watching them finally tie the knot.

I spent Sunday recovering and didn’t get out my pajamas. The phone line was down for 4 days so no internet, hence the length of the blog, ha!

I have alluded to issues at work and my desire to leave. All I’ll say is that my issue has been resolved. I resorted to doing a wee bit of majik. A nice bit. A protective over myself spell. To stop anyone harming me.

Now things are perfect. We have a proper project manager and things are looking positive. I’m not leaving now. I’m happy again.

Once again I tapped into the power of my ancestors and it did me favours.

My power is returning in many ways I feel untethered. Wings open, ready to fly. I must just trust the Universe and my ancestors will catch me.

Land of Dinosaurs and Delinquents

Everyone still felt a bit down about Robin Williams as the weekend rolled round. I was happy that Norm was coming home as he had been away for work and a lot more responsibility falls on me when he is not around to share the household tasks. It takes a village to keep our house running it sometimes seems. Managing staff, kids, dogs, cats, as well as the feeding and walking of the aforementioned furry creatures – on top of an hour and a half of my day allocated to travel to and from the city and a very stressful work situation and sometimes I feel I may snap. Norm helps to keep me balanced and able to cope with all of my stresses.

We were booked in to see Days of the Dinosaur which was on at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in the CBD. It is very near my office so we made a transport plan for Norm to get a lift in with the girls and drive me home in my car, but we still had 3 cars in the city. The show has been touring the world for years. We first saw it in London I think – it was a long time ago. We also saw it in Atlanta when home visiting my Mom one year. It is usually held in a museum, and I think that makes for a better atmosphere. There is a little 3D movie now which is new, we never saw that at our other visits. Our family are fascinated by dinosaurs. I used to read to my kids about dinosaurs when they were tiny. My son Trevor had a huge bin of them and took one everywhere he went, he loved them the way other boys loved cars. When we attend this sort of exhibition we always read all of the details on the signs, talk about how big they would have been and discuss the places we have been that they were discovered. We made it an expedition of discovery. The models are just fabulous. They breathe and even their heart beats.


And of course, we acted silly.


We had such a giggle. We were squashed into a sweaty little tent to watch a 3D film at the end of the tour. But when we sat down Norm’s seat had something icky on it and I made some remark about a dinofetishist in a raincoat. I’m glad Caitlin’s beau Vic can tolerate our bawdiness. The last time we were out was the circumcision discussion. The film wasn’t much of a plus to the show and it was full of screaming children.

After the tour we walked up to Col, Cacchio for pizzas. In my opinion, they have the best pizzas in the city. We all had cocktails. Yummy strawberry daiquiris.
I had a half and half pizza:
SMOKEY BABE which sounds bizarre but in reality is heavenly, is Asian deboned Smoked Ribs, Red Onion, fresh Corn, Spring Onion, Mint and Coriander. A whole one costs R115.
And the other half was the NACHO LIBRE which consists of Jerk Spiced Chicken Breast Strips, home-made Guacamole, Tomato Chilli Salsa (freshly chopped), fresh Coriander and Sour Cream. It goes for R99.

But I wolfed it down before I could treat you to a pic. Instead here is a pic of Caitlin and Vic. They look good together 🙂 it’s nice to see her smiling.


We came home and Peggy slept over with Lily. They have been friends since they were in primary school. Too sweet. We had a Mindy Project marathon. We love this actress, Mindy Kaling, she is very funny and so talented.

Saturday was all planned out, I had a late lie in at least, but was up by 10 and out for an half hour of torture at the laser clinic then Lily and I went to Constantia for lunch at Kauai and a wander round the shops. We had wraps but the chicken tasted odd, ‘fake’ as Lily called it. More tofu than chicken texture. I picked it out. Bleh. The smoothies are yummy there but always a bit overwhelmingly bananaish for my taste buds.

We then went off to Meltz. They are having a huge sale. They have been bought by The Hub so I hope they continue to have the same level of bargains. I got 2 ponchos, sweater wrappy things for next to nothing, a pair of lovely grey boots, and 2 cardigans, one long black one which I suspect will become my best friend, and one bright turquoisey one which will be great for work. As a big girl there is often nothing in the sales which fits us as there is not enough stocked in the first place. Buyers obviously don’t analyse the purchasing trends and stock accordingly the following season.

I’m such a geek.

We went home and Lily’s other friend came over and they all dressed for a superhero party. How cute are they?

All Glamazons in training as they all are very tall.

Caitlin had her friend Sam over to stay for the night and Norm and I had a date, so off we dashed to Papino’s Restaurant in Hout Bay. It is one of our faves, the food is always consistently delicious, the portions are generous and the prices reasonable. They have been around under different ownerships for 30 years.

Norm and I often have exactly the same meal here, it is always so gorgeous we don’t want to miss it. So again, we had the fillet steak. It didn’t say the weight but it is close to 250-300grams in weight I’d guess. ​it was R135.

Main dishes are accompanied with fresh stir-fry vegetables and a choice of Baked Potato, French Fries, hand cut Portuguese Chips, Mashed Potato or Rice.

We also ordered a side of delicious butter fried mushrooms. I had a baked potato, but instead of sour cream I had a wee bowl of what appeared to be salad dressing, but it was yummy! I forgot to take a pic before I mashed it all together, but trust me it was delicious. The meat was tender, perfectly cooked, the vegetables were perfectly al dente, the sauce rich with flavour, the potato nicely cooked. I adore those wee mushrooms.


We were really enjoying our evening out together and a nice bottle of crisp Du Toitskloof Sauvignon Blanc.

20140817-124206.jpg the wine was so perfect for a hot summer night! I don’t care that we were eating red meat! I say eat and drink what you like.

I have had a variety of dishes here, all were delicious. I think they also have some of the best pizzas in Hout Bay. But we are very blessed on the pizza front!

While finishing our wine we noticed a boy screaming at the door. He was about 3 or 4, hard to say. He was loud and obtrusive. We kept looking for his mother, she appeared to be outside having a smoke. Then she came in, glass of wine in hand and dragged the noisy kid off.

A few minutes later he is back with his brother, they are racing around the restaurant, screaming at the top of their lungs, at one stage wrestling on the floor with the small one lying on the floor, grasping his brothers ankle while being dragged across the restaurant. After it got to such a volume that we actually could no longer converse Norm went off and told the boys to pipe down as they were in a restaurant. By now it was about 9pm so I have to ask what was a small child DOING in a restaurant? It was too late for him, no wonder he was miserable.

We decided it was too noisy to tolerate any more so decided to skip dessert and coffee. We asked the waitress about the kids and she said their mom is the owners friend. I hope she brings in a lot of revenue to make up for what they lose from people leaving early. I question parents who let their kids run riot just for their own bit of peace, do they have so little awareness or do they just not care?

Luckily it didn’t ruin our evening we just stopped for ice creams for us and our girls and came home to relax with a bottle of wine. Unfortunate for that mom she had to take those wee hooligans home.

When we stopped for ice creams a guy in dreadlocks pulled up, windows down, Caribbean music blaring. Norm and I danced through the car park, I high fived the driver as he cheered us on.

Just another day in Africa.


Cheap French Tart

It’s been a week of bad news. They do always say bad things come in threes and in this case ‘they’ are right!

First, I had confirmation they didn’t have a role available for me at the company I was keen on where I went for the interview. But they said they liked me and would contact me should a role suitable for my requirements become available. Whatever that means. Hey ho. I sent my CV out in response to a few adverts. We will see what comes up.

Second, I got the trade in offer for my Peugeot. It’s a 2l 307CC with low mileage and insurance value is R95k and they will only offer R30k! Feck that. I need to sell it privately. So I’ll be buying my new car all on loan.

Third. Robin Williams. He was so loved. I’m so heartbroken for his children left without their father. This is the tweet Zelda sent after her father died.

Just heartbreaking. Zelda just turned 25 yrs old last week. Similar age as my daughters. Terribly sad the black dog won.

But life for the rest of us goes on. We move forward.

I’ll put my car on some website and hope I don’t get murdered while selling it. This is South Africa after all. That shit happens.


I’ll hit up some recruiters on LinkedIn and check some websites. In the meantime I have a job, however intolerable. I have a family, I have a stunning home. I have a wonderful husband.

I have to just keep focussing on those things and not let the bad things in my life overwhelm me.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I was lucky to have 3 lunch dates this week! My financial investments guy popped by to update me on things on Monday, Thursday my friend Di was in town dropping off her Cushi’s at Spree. She messaged me and I popped down to meet her, then Norm messaged me Friday to say he was in town and could he take me for lunch. I felt very spoiled! It makes the day so much more bearable to get out of that office. We have a wee cafe right round the corner and I can pop out, eat and be back at my desk in half an hour so it is perfect.

Friday I had been told to be on stand by that evening as we were doing a data load and as the BA I have to do the testing. Luckily the team got the data to me early and I had a bit of help from the other BA and managed to get away just after 5. As we are not extracting we shouldn’t be working over but I’m not the lead or PM so not my circus…I am just the monkey,

Norm and I had an evening on our own as the girls were out but as we were both tired we ordered in take aways from Spiro’s and just chilled out watching nonsense on Telly and playing on our iPads. The animals were happy to have us home. It’s cosy staying in with my hubs.

We had decided to hit the Ford and the Nissan dealers on Saturday morning so we hopped out of bed and headed off to town.


We stopped at Jason’s Bakery for a takeaway chocolate croissant for our breakfast and went to the Nissan dealer to check out the Juke. They have one in the range I want but it’s a manual. I want an automatic. I’ve always had a manual, but going up and down mountains is doing my head in. I wanna cruise and not shift! They put my lovely lil Peugeot onto the racks to check her out, and took down the info on what I want. They will email me the details of the deal they are willing to make. We then ended up surrounded by protesters on a march. Apparently there were about 3k people there, it was quite intimidating but the vibe was non-violent, just intense. It was the march in support of Palestine, ‘United For Gaza’.


We then managed to take a back road to get to the Ford dealer. He had a nice lower range of car on the court in the colour I want, dark grey.. But it’s a bit basic. The Juke feels fancier but it’s lots more expensive.

Here’s a nice vid showing both.

juke vs ecosport

By now the march was trailing off.


The salesman seemed to steer me off the idea of an automatic, the fact the Ford Ecosports have a 2-7 month waiting list pretty much knocked them out the running. I like the look of the juke I must say. Very sporty.

We had a few random bits we needed so stopped off and did some shopping at Constantia Village. While there I saw a woman shop lifting in Pic n Pay.. I told the manager who kept an eye on her but ultimately she left without being approached by anyone. Nice. We all pay the price of her theft,

We then decided to stop for a sandwich on our way out of the shops as it was late afternoon. A new place has opened, or else the old place freshened itself up. But the menu is also new and I don’t remember the name ‘Tiffany’s’. It’s cream and turquoise, my favorite colours.

I suspect they called it Tiffany’s just so they could say ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ on the menu.


We ordered a coffee and a soft drink and they took ages to arrive. We ordered sandwiches and fries and then waited about another 40 minutes for those to arrive. Mine was minus fries. So off she went to get more. I had ordered a roast beef wrap only to be told they stopped doing wraps as they kept tearing. Okayyyyy. I ordered it on a baguette and as it was so simple I was surprised it took so long.

It was overwhelmingly coated in huge blobs of pesto. I didn’t notice it had pesto written in the description or I would have asked for it without. It wasn’t nice, but then I detest pesto. The meat was gorgeous however – tender and pink. It was great. The bread was fresh. But overall I would not recommend this place. The function of a shopping mall cafe is to stop, eat, shop, go. You don’t want to linger for an hour to get a basic sandwich.


We decided to do date night Saturday night and booked at our fave burger joint Ragafellow’s. We stopped on the way to order pizzas for Norms volunteers and Norm went in to order but when he came outside to get his phone the phone started to ring. It was Caitlin saying the prepaid electricity had just ran out. I tried talking her through logging onto my iPad, realised there was no wifi then realised I had left my phone charging at home, so talked her through that. But we had a crapberry bad connection and I could barely hear her. So we kept losing connection. It was impossible. We agreed to go and get a voucher at the shop and after he sorted the pizza order we shot off to the shop, got a voucher and sent the number for her to enter.

Crisis over we went off to Ragafellows, by now we were about 25 minutes late for our booking. But as we are regulars we assumed we would get a call if there was an issue. We walked in to be told that our table had been given away. We were so looking forward to a bit of stress free relaxing this was the last thing we needed. But the chefs wife was the host on duty and she made a plan and made up a table, but it was right by her desk and the door so she promised to move us when possible. We ordered and started on our cocktail and wine and then a table opened up.

We moved to a lovely corner for our usual starter of fish croquettes and crispy calamari. Gorgeous as always.


We then had our main, I had the 200g fillet and Norm the 300g fillet. The 300g is R149 with sauce, smashed roast new potatoes, and a few roast veg bits.


Mine was perfectly cooked and incredibly tender. A beautiful consistency. I liked that it comes with a sauce in a cute wee bowl. Comparing this in price to Peddlar’s On The Bend for example, where the fillet is R165 for a 280g, plus an additional R19 for a sauce, the value to me is clearly better at Ragafellows. For us the additional value is it’s closer. And owned by wonderful people. So tick, tick tick of the boxes!

We skipped dessert and stopped off for Magnum bars for ourselves and Caitlin. We came home and relaxed.

Today we were booked into Quentin’s at the Oakhurst Barn. We have tried to get there 3 times, the 1st my friends car was broken into, the next my other friend couldn’t make it, then we were unavailable. Finally today we made it, but almost didn’t as we were greeted at the door by Quentin who looked at his clipboard and said we had only booked for 3. We told him we had booked for 6, but my daughter wasn’t with us so it would be 5. He seemed a bit panicky and said they were booked solid. A waiter came up who checked the list and said we were indeed booked for 6 people. Phew. Glad someone knew what was going on! We were seated and our friends arrived soon after. It was great to see them, it’s been ages since I saw Caroline.

The Sunday lunch is a carvery.

I chose the mussels and they were nice. I could have eaten twice as many as I had but they were tender, not chewy and the sauce was really nice. The bread was heavy and warm and delicious. It almost had a slightly sweet element and we smothered it with the slabs of room temperature butter from a dish on the table. It’s so pleasant to not have frozen butter ripping your bread to shreds so well done on that one whether intentional or just luck of having such a beautiful stunning winters day.

For main it’s all set out on a table and you go up and serve yourself or they serve some things. There is a roast of the day, today was a tender, perfectly cooked beef roast and roast chicken complete with a nice sagey stuffing. As sides there is big fluffy Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, roast sweet potato, creamed spinach, peas and carrots and a delicious rich gravy to top it off. The menu said cauliflower cheese but there was none when we went up. It was all perfectly cooked, the portions ok, I would have liked a bit more meat however. The other issue was that it was a bit tepid in temperature by the time you shuffle along the queue and get seated. Personally I would have people stay seated and let them choose the starter and dessert and just serve people consistent plates of food at their table. More like the Sunday roast at Treetops at Silvermist I liked that set up.

But the food was nicely seasoned and well cooked.

You went up to queue 3 times, once for each course. So up we went for dessert.

I detest trifle so I chose bread and butter pudding and thank you baby Jesus it didn’t have raisins. Raisins are the work of the devil. Who was the first person who was so hungry they said ‘I’ll just eat these grapes which have dried in the sun to a hard withered tick like object’. Yum. Makes me shiver.


I digress.

The bread pudding was slightly burnt and black on the edges and there wasn’t much custard on the go for me but they topped up by the time Norm was being served so I have taken the blog pic of his, it looked more appealing. It tasted ok, but the burnt bits were too hard to crack with a spoon,

I thought it needed a bit more flavour. As Norm sad it was more bread than pudding.

Anyway I will go back on an evening so I can try ala carte as I saw scallops which are my fave thing. I liked the decor it is stunning.


I had a great weekend and I’m trying to be positive on the work front that something shifts there. I’m sending out my cv and hoping for a bite soon. Hopefully this week I will buy a new car. I’m feeling ready for change.


99 Problems

This week has had more than it’s usual share of highs and lows. Wednesday when I was going to see my Osteo, my car finally decide to just give up and refused to climb Table Mountain. In fact it started to slip backwards. On a blind curve. Lovely. Luckily there was no one behind me and I just let my car drift back from the spot it broke down to a bus loading zone and hoped no buses came along. I rang Norm who came to meet me, this time he couldn’t manage to manipulate the gears to get it moving like he had the previous week when it broke down. This time it was not going anywhere. We phoned for a tow truck and settled in to wait. Well I did at least, Norm whipped out his Neighborhood watch high viz vest and set about directing traffic. I can lie for hours staring at nothing but he has to be busy. He also loves playing cops. He’s so cute.

The car was left for diagnosis and repair. I got it back tonight, R11k bucks later. FML. Oh well hope it is now safe to drive, I do still want to trade it.

On Thursday I had a job interview with a consulting firm so Norm drove me there. They have a few different roles which would suit me, another telco migration, setting up a MDM practice and just generic BA roles would all be a perfect fit for me. I have a few friends there so it won’t be like a completely new start with a building full of strangers. Fingers crossed they make an offer. I’m ready for a change. I need a change. Of all of the roles I have applied or interviewed for this one feels the most right. So fingers crossed please!

After work early on Friday we had leaving drinks for our technical lead Colin who is going to work for another company. As we work mostly with blokes and have them organising our outings we ended up at the Beerhouse for our drinks event.

The Beerhouse pride themselves on having loads of different varieties and many different brewing countries of beers available, their logo says 99 beers. Which of course triggered me to go into drunk parrot mode and repeat ‘I got 99 problems but a beer ain’t one’ over and over in what I am sure was a very annoying manner. We had a charming waiter who was from an African French speaking country, he made some quip about something sounding better in French to which I responded with the usual idiot phrase of “Comment allez vous” to which he rattled off a string of actual proper French, leaving me sitting with my mouth open. Guess he is not a local fella. He was full of flattery, possibly not realising I was not the one holding the company credit card!

We had a variety of snacks there, they do a beer and snack pairing which I found very cute. What goes with chilli corn nuts? Well a Belgian blonde of course! Why not hope she is holding a beer while you are ordering? Really you should have a devils peak something or other, but don’t mess up my nonsense with beerfacts.

We had the flammkuchen which is a sort of pizza crust /toasted pita sort of thing with a variety of toppings. It was really nice, but we were given a variety of combos chosen at the whim of our wee French waiter. I’m not a huge blue cheese fan and they all seemed to have it. Or maybe it was goat cheese but it was strong and overwhelming but overall they were very tasty. We also had a few plates of the giant onion rings and some of the snacks. Our MD had this thing:

I can only drink so much beer so a colleague and I went against the flow and had a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. A small bottle cost R140 so it was not cheap! Glad the boss was paying.

They have tasting options as well they even have charts to guide the novices. The vibe is picnic tables and easily wiped down surfaces, always a good idea in a beer house. I loved the idea that they have a happy hour and if you go onto their twitter page and pick up the password, you can go to the bar and get a free pint until the designated 5 barrels for the day is finished.
It was really vibey and busy and full of energy as is most of Long St, so we stayed much longer than intended. Rhona gave me a lift home so at least Norm got a break from going back and forth to the city. Bless him.

Saturday I had an appointment to continue with laser torture. Luckily there was only an hour of torture booked. Afterwards Lily and I went to the village to run errands. I bought a cute little bracelet for my friend Barbara’s birthday party that evening. I loved it so much I may go back and buy one for myself. If you are ever looking for a present in Hout Bay for a budget then pop in to Colours, 021 7900677. It is located just next to the coffee shop ‘Caffeine’ and is chock full of lovely things. I can always count on this shop for when I have a budget of under R200.

We then popped into the sale at Pic n Pay and I got a new top and sweater to wear out that night to the party, and I managed to get a gift for everyone in the family in the sale and a nice cushy knit cardi for me. We walked out with a giant bag of bargains. Don’t you love sales?? And as a rubenesque woman it’s infrequent the sales have my size left! This made it extra special.

We then went for lunch at Deli Delish in Hout Bay down near the beach. I have not been there since they changed ownership, not out of protest or anything dramatic, I just haven’t been on that side of town during lunch for a while. I would never have known they had changed other than having seen it on FB and the previous owner was always very visible. If the new owners were on site I didn’t notice them and they didn’t ask if we enjoyed our meal which the previous owner always did. That personal touch is always good.

But the place seems the same, they appear to have painted the interior a nice soft colour, and they took down some of the darker art which I never liked that was on the walls previously, so it seems nice and bright.

The menu is pretty similar but there are some new dishes on offer. We decided to get 2 different sandwiches and share them. We ordered the chicken breast and the beef. Both of them came on ciabatta which was just lightly toasted.
Seared soy basted beef with fresh rocket, feta & pepperdews on a toasted ciabatta.
Lightly crumbed chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato & sweet chillinaise on toasted ciabatta.
The chicken sandwich was a large breast, lightly fried and not at all oily. For those unfamiliar to the term chillinaise it is a mix of mayonnaise and sweet chilli dip. It’s a magical concoction indeed.

The beef was thin slices of incredibly tender and juicy roasted beef. Really divine.

I’ve always been a fan of this wee spot and it was nice to see it has not really changed from a taste POV. It was nice to spend some time with my lovely daughter as well so it was a fabulous afternoon, even with the hour of hair zapping torture!

I had bought the girls a new hair curler thingy and Lily offered to let me be the guinea pig, she dragged me outside to get the light so she could get a decent photo. What do you think?

We were heading out to Somerset West for my friend Barbara’s birthday party. It is a long haul for us from Hout Bay, about an hour or more drive each way, so we considered staying over so that Norm could have a drink, but we didn’t like to leave the girls on their own all night so decided rather head through early and then head home early. Just as well because Lily was home on her own as Caitlin was out with her beau to a sailor party, she looked very cute in her sailor gear.

The party was held in a Baseball club, it was a great venue for a party as it had a kitchen, bar, room for dancing and plenty of space. There were several DJs and the music was very good. Norm and I had a bit of a dance outside all alone on the balcony which was probably a lot more fun than it sounds.

We headed home about 11 so we had a good night but still got home at a reasonable time even with the drive. Lily was sleeping on the couch in front of the telly but of course my singing put an end to that! She said she thought I was going to be annoying but I instantly fell asleep.

I woke on Sunday to my alarm telling me I had 1 hour to get to my lunch date. I jumped out of bed in a panic and messaged my friend Annette who was driving us out to Simon’s Town. She confirmed our departure time and I was still on schedule, luckily my curls from the night before were somewhat intact so I put on some comfy clothes and headed out with Norm to my friend’s house. If I had known Norm and his volunteer were off to Cape Point I would have had them drop us and collect us so Annette could have a few glasses of wine but I did not know and wasn’t thinking clearly once I did know but maybe it was just as well as our lunch turned into sundowners and we left after dark. That is the problem with old friends, so much to chatter about and it can derail rather quickly. Or slowly in this case!

The view there is stunning but it was a bit too windy to dine outside.



We had such a lovely spread of food prepared for our lunch. Nicky has always been someone who could take an old bit of newspaper, a bag of glitter and a cardboard box and somehow turn it into a stunning place setting, she just has that flair. Actually she is too classy for glitter, it would probably be ground up bits of seashells from the Seychelle’s or imported bits of china. But not from China, darling. You get the point.


We had some gorgeous individual wee pies, shredded lamb and mushrooms in a thick, rich dark gravy, roasted butternut squash with a bit of chilli or curry spices sprinkled over and oven roasted brussel sprouts done with bacon. As we had a no show we split that pie between us and gobbled it up too! As always the table was beautifully set.

In fact my hasty pic doesn’t do it justice. Hungover and starving I didn’t want to waste time messing about. I just got stuck in as I was starving.

For dessert we had a cake which was banting approved in that it had no flour. I can’t remember what it was called but it was yummy – it was covered in pomegranates and drizzled in cream.

We then moved off to sit in the corner of the kitchen on the comfy banquette seating and had coffees and chocolate and then somehow ended up going back onto the wine again!

We all were in George at slightly different but overlapping time periods, so some of us know each other better than others but we are all never at a loss for words. We laughed, we gossiped and we set the world to rights. We noted that the constants are myself and Nic and wine, the only fluidity is which of the other women shows up. We always have a great time talking for hours, regardless of who is there!

Then Annette and I cruised round Chapman’s peak, it was stunning even in the moonlight, the lights from the bay reflecting off the sea.
I went home to my lovely family and my naughty pets and was thankful for my friends, my family, my career and all of the fun I have. Not a bad life for an old broad 🙂